What Is The Working Principle of Vacuum Cleaner?

From all the cleaning stuff invented by modern technology, the vacuum cleaner is the most help providing one, however at home or other places. But whenever the fact comes in mind ‘How does it work?’ most of us often get satisfied with the answer, ‘I switch it on and it starts working’. But have you ever thought how does it really work? I mean the inner construction that makes it run, do you know about it?

Working principle of vacuum cleaner

Well, if you don’t, you should know it in order to get a good one if you are about to buy a new and keep the old one safely stored by knowing it’s working parts and principles very well. However, you probably purchase a vac machine by only thinking about the outer look but to get a good one, selecting the one with good parts is important. And this article will help you to know about the working principle and important parts of a vacuum cleaner to know the A to Z about the device.

Let’s get started.

The Inner and Outer Parts of A Vacuum Cleaner

Before you dive deep to this topic you must get introduced to the parts a vacuum cleaner is made with. After you know the parts well you will not only understand the 50% of its working principle but also it will help you to get clear idea on how to wash and clean them properly. Here are the Vacuum Cleaner parts below.

The Electric Motor:

This part of a vacuum cleaner mainly does the job of starting the device through an electric connection. When you press the ‘on’ button, the vacuum motor gets started by creating the force of sucking the dirt and debris in with the nozzle. Basically, the motor starts with a speedy fan attached to it.

The Nozzle: 

This portion goes over the dirt and debris and pulls them inside the vacuum cleaner with the force of air created by the motor.

The Brush Rollers: 

Brush rollers are normally attached to the nozzle and help to clean more deeply with the bushes it has. Whenever it’s about cleaning carpets and rugs this stuff works great.


Every Vacuum Cleaner has 2 types of filters that keep an eye on the entrance and existence of the air and makes sure it’s dust free. Basically, the first one allows the dust-free air to go inside and the second one releases air outside the device.

The Edge:

The edge of the device is called the ‘Power Head’. You can bring a variety of cleaning style with this part. Just by changing the brush rollers attached to the power head you can clean in different ways.

Dust Collector: 

This is the cup where all the dust and debris your vac machine pulled inside gets collected into. The size of the cup is not that big and so it needs to get changed when it’s full.


With the hose, you can clean with enough space facility. If you want to clean something really dusty and dirty the hose is going to help you accurate.

The Cyclone Technology: 

A vac machine is made with the cyclone technology that makes the device run and sucks dirt inside until the dust collecting cup is full.

The Headlight: 

This is a great feature of the device that helps you to see the dirt of the corners and lowlight places.

The Power Button: 

By pressing the power button you can turn the device on and off as well with a double tap. Most Vacuum machines have a one-button process that works with the double tapping policy, but the digital devices are now having a digital screen of power off and on and control the machine also.

The Outer Cover: 

This is the part with what most people choose which one they are going to go with. Along with the working ability checking that the device looks good is also important. The outer cover can be made of any material and it’s up to your choice which one looks appealing to you most.

The Working Principles of A Vacuum Cleaner

So, you know with what parts the device work. Now, let’s talk about how the entire process runs.

  • The working process of a vacuum machine is to suck dirt and debris by creating a force of air that pulls them inside through the nozzle. You need to attach the power cord to the electric plug point to start.
  • However, to start the device what you have to do is just press the power button. After the device is turned on the motor will get started automatically and it will start running with the cyclonic technology.
  • After that, you have to point the edge of the device over the dirt and debris you want to get sucked and the device will clean them with excellence.
  • If it’s a narrow corner or a dark area you can use the headlight to clean it well. Besides, it gives you the facility to change the brushes to bring variety to the cleaning process.
  • You can suck as much dirt as your dust cup allows. Once it’s full it will stop sucking and then you have to empty the cup to continue the process again.
  • When you are on the process your vac machine will release air that it took to suck the dirt but the air is never dirty and stinky also. Because the two filter works actively to make sure the air is clean.
  • When your cleaning is done you can simply press the ‘turn off’ button and unplug the power cord to finish the process.
  • Wash and clean the device immediately after use to keep it work well for a long-lasting time.

Just the way we suck juice or shakes with straw, the same way a vacuum machine sucks dirt inside. This is the simplest example to understand the working principle of a vac machine. In fact, however old or digitalized the machine is the working procedure is always the same. And the parts are similar in all devices as well maybe with some extra parts or some less.

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