Why Does My Dog Shed So Much Hair?

It is a natural fact that all dogs shed their hair. This prolific matter varies from dog to dog types, weather, food habit, and so on. Say German Shepherds shed year-round, but even shed-resistant dogs such as poodles often shed their hair. Weather and seasons are serious reasons when a dog sheds much and excessively. Besides, the overall health of a dog is also an issue of much hair fall.

Ways to Control Dog Shedding

It is a matter of tension when you find your dog is shedding more than the usual amount may have critical health issues. At this time you need to take steps to cure your beloved dog in reducing hair shed.​

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​Reasons Behind The Dog Shedding

Year Round Shedding: There are different types of dogs, some dogs shed a lot, and some don’t. If your healthy dog sheds a lot regularly, identify the type before and then take proper steps to get rid of such excessive shedding.

As a pet loving owner, you should know that some dogs shed all the time. Such shedding you have to take an as normal thing like part of the life. There is nothing but proper cleanliness can save your family from dogs shedding. This occurs year round and will find their hair all time on your clothes, sofa, and around the house.

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Some examples like Poodles and Yorkshire Terriers have hair shafts with longer life spans and shed not much. But Labradors and Huskies belong to a shorter hair shaft life span, and they do greater hair shedding round the year.

Shed Seasonally: During the spring season, some breeds shed their hair excessively but may also occur in the fall. Seasonal shedding happens across the whole body of the dog and appears every year on a cycle. You should not take it as a serious matter -- it’s natural and can be maintained through daily grooming with any decorating tool or rake like the furminator.

​Temperature Changes: For example, dogs like Bichons and Shih Tzus have less undercoat, so they shed less when the temperature gets unfavorable to them. Because some dogs are sensitive that they may shed their hair in low or high temperature. However, dogs like Newfoundlands and Malamutes have heavy and thick fur that they need proper temperature. And basic brushing is important for both coat types.

Health Problem: Sometimes your dog's health condition can cause shedding problem, so you need to ensure good health of your dog. According to many animal health experts, excessive shedding can occur due to skin problems, endocrine diseases, nutritional or vitamin deficiencies, and other metabolic disorders. If you doubt anything like this, don’t waste time and contact your veterinarian to identify the main reason and get rid of such shedding. So you should get regular vet visit and feed healthy food.

Allergy Problem: Excessive shedding may occur because of an allergic reaction to food habit or medication. Single ingredient in a kibble or canned food can cause hair loss as allergy problem. Sometimes shampoo and soap for dog bathing might be for hair loss if these are not suitable to them. So be careful of the products and food for your pet dog before using.

Hormones: if your dog faces any thyroid imbalances then it may be a reason of hair shedding. Most of the dogs have hypothyroidism as a common condition which is treated with medication. Like this issue, the over- or underproduction of testosterone, progesterone, and estrogen may cause much shed more than usual. Besides, the dog loses some hair during pregnancy and lactation as usually. But when you get your dog with excessive shedding, you must visit a vet.

Skin Disease: Mange, mites, dermatitis, ringworm, and bacterial or fungal infections also cause of dog hair shedding since they love to live in dog skin and damaged scalp and hair root. Proper treatment for skin condition can resolve the fur shedding issue.

Ways to control dog shedding

  • It is not possible to stop shedding completely, but proper take care and medication can minimize shedding. As the hair is dog's natural self-cooling and self-warming mechanism, the owner should be conscious about dog health. Sometimes the hair shaving of the dog helps to get back hair abnormally, but this is a bad idea because hair keeps the dog warm.
  • Routine grooming is an effective way to maintain dog health. Proper and regular brushing or combing helps to remove loose hair before shedding on the carpet, bedding, and upholstery. This also prevents from forming mats on dog's coat, which is harmful to the skin.
  • Brushing over fur coat helps to proper blood circulation naturally and produces healthy oils throughout the hair coat. This reduces heavy shedding. You will find some useful tools out there which are effective for easier brushing like Furminator that can work wonders.

Final Verdict

To all dog lovers, dog hair shedding is a disturbing thing there is no doubt. You need to clean your home properly and become tired and irritate too since the dog hair is the threat of your family health, especially during shedding season. So considering all things, you should give right treatment to your beloved dog after knowing the main reason of excessive hair shedding.

Why Does My Dog Shed So Much Hair and Ways to Reduce Dog Shedding.
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