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Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away Upright Vacuum (NV501)

Because of the increasing small-space living, challenges arise to have compressed appliances carrying out as good as the massive ones. If you are struggling to find handy cleaners easy on the pocketbook, an upright vacuum like Shark nv501 is the thing you’re in need of.

Shark NV501 Review

Upright vacuum cleaners are popular for their compact design and mobile functionality. These are lightweight, easily storable, versatile yet cheaper than canister vacuum cleaners. The motor and suction head are in one unit so the users can clean in one pass and proceed.

In this Shark nv501 review, we’ll be breaking down every feature and details of this vacuum, and see whether it’s worth the price or not. Also, we have pointed out how this device stands out from this line of products.

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Whom is this product for?

1. City dwellers: This compressed device is great for people living in apartments and condominiums with tiny spaces.

2. Asthma/allergy patient: Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology promises to swallow up the dust forever.

3. Back pain patients: It does not require bending for cleaning purpose.

4. To Clean Mixed floors: This versatile product is great for cleaning both carpet and hard floors.

Product Overview:

The Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away is effectively designed as an upright model which can transform into a canister one too. Shark had been releasing multiple lift-away versions, but this seems to be the best one so far. Including a number of upgrades in both features and design, it had already become homemaker’s favorite already.

Shark nv501 comes with a pack of on board tools. Such variety of tools allow you to clean various parts of your home like corners, blinds, side table and even ceilings. A floor nozzle can be attached to the wand for picking up stuff like debris from floors and carpet areas.

It’s an adjustable crevice tool for cleaning corners and a wide upholstery tool for dealing with pet dust and pet hair from clothes and fabrics. You can also consider it a power brush to pull out pet hair and dust. The LED headlights in front help to come across debris located in dark places, such as under the tables, cupboards etc. The head has a pivot to rotate the cleaning brush easily.

The appearance of this vacuum is sleek and smart, yet it is not as costly as the other models. This appliance is often compared to Dyson DC41 having almost same features. Although costing only half of Dyson, this provides you the best services with such a low cost. The plastic body doesn’t only make it lightweight but also a fine look as a whole. The transparent bin is not flimsy like the others rather strong and sturdy.

The motorized brushes allow you to clean thick carpets and rugs efficiently. While cleaning both floor and carpets, the transitions between those can simply be controlled with your foot. Also, it has a wider cleaning path which takes less time to complete the tasks.

Bearing in mind the number of tools and accessories existing on this versatile machine, there were higher chances that it looks unrealistic and gauche. However, the case is just the opposite. It cannot be easier to transform in between upright and canister or to extend it’s wand adding various types of attachments offered.

The machine is excellent as it has a pile of accessories but weighing only 15.5 pounds. It comes really handy in terms of lifting and dragging to every corner of your house.

Highlighted features Of Shark NV501:

  • The main body can be lifted away and can be attached to caddy. This is how you can convert the upright vacuum into a canister at ease.
  • Cyclonic technology retains higher performance even if the vacuum is filled up.
  • HEPA filtration that prevents allergens and dust swallowed in from coming back.
  • It has a power brush for pets, canister caddy, crevice tool & a dusting brush for diverse usage.
  • It can be rotated for best possible maneuverability. The brush roll is best for wood and tiled floors.
  • The extensions can be kept all together in a caddy that makes it a compressed appliance.


  • Long bendable hose with wand making stair cleaning easy.
  • The detachable body makes it easy to carry.
  • Lift away feature with a caddy for easy maneuvering.
  • Happens to be a quiet device.
  • Can clean very well on both normal floor and carpet.
  • Budget-friendly, all-rounder, lightweight and trouble-free functioning.


  • If you pull it too fast, the caddy may tumble.
  • In case of cleaning large rubbles, there might be a slight blow.


Question: What about the filters? When to clean them?

Question: Does it come with the filters?

Question: How is it for allergies? Does it keep the dust inside the cup?

Final Verdict:

We are on the verge of this shark nv501 review. Till now, we have known about all the features, pros and cons and learned about few downsides. The downsides are acceptable as the benefits of the features are sky dominant compared to this price range. What more we can expect from a mid-range priced upright vacuum cleaner? Consumers agree that in terms of performance, this cleaner will hold its own even against the Dyson DC41 – its main competitor. So if you can’t afford a Dyson still looking for that high-end performance, shark nv501is highly recommended for you.

Shark Rocket Ultra-light HV323 Review – Pet Vacuum Lab

What are the few factors that you seek in a good quality vacuum cleaner? Functionality, endurance and of course, the brand value. Talking about the brand value, Shark Ninja is one of those few brands who is paid of the trust we users do on them.

Shark hv323 review

Shark has been manufacturing some of the best vacuum-cleaners and has earned a lot of reputation among their users. Among which, their Rocket series and the Shark hv323 are one of the masterpieces.

From hard floor to soft carpet, large debris to small dust, clear out every edge of your house by using this vacuum cleaner.

These are not the only benefits you get by using the Shark hv323. There are tons of other features to discover in this vacuum cleaner. And today, we are going to give you a complete shark hv323 review.

So, let’s get started.

Who Need This Shark HV323?

Based on its features and use the Shark hv323 is suitable for certain users. You should definitely get one if you are on this list.

  • If you have furry pets in your house, the Shark hv323 is perfect for you. With the TruePet Brush, you can remove the fur without any hard effort.
  • The houses having both hard floor and soft carpet surely need the Shark hv323. You can make both types of floor free of debris with this cleaner.
  • Looking for a vacuum cleaner to clean it all, from floor to ceiling? Well, then you are the right user for the Shark hv323 as it can cover every corner for you.

Product Overview

Don’t leave any corner of your house contaminated by using the Shark hv323. This versatile vacuum-cleaner can grasp every edge of your home by converting itself to a hand-vac.

By transforming into a robust handy vacuum, it delivers amazing suction whenever you need. With the help of a foot pedal, you can quickly detach the floor attachment, and make it reach tight spaces of your house with ease.

Whether it’s a carpet or a hard floor, nothing will remain defiled with the use of the Shark hv323. A hard floor attachment with a dust away feature will inhale all the specks of dust from hard floor thoroughly. And the floor attachment of this vacuum can strongly insufflate large crumbs yet gently surfs through the delicate debris of the hard floor.

On top of that, you can switch this attachment with a pad made of microfiber. And this pad is here to help you clean your carpet without damaging the carpet fabric. Moreover, the microfiber pad is washable, keeping your vacuum-cleaner away from widening bad odor.

Lamentably, the Shark hv323 vacuum-cleaner makes a little noise that may or may not cause disturbance for you. But for some people, even a little noise of the vacuum-cleaner can cause problems. So beware of that before picking this vacuum-cleaner.

Sometimes, even after cleaning with a vacuum, some dust or debris may remain on the floor because you cannot identify them with your naked eyes. In this case, the LED light of the Shark hv323 vacuum-cleaner can help immensely. The light is attached both on hands and on the nozzle of the vacuum. By illuminating your work area, this light will help to spot concealed debris.

Though the LED light is a similar feature with the Shark Upright hv322, the shark hv323 differs from it because of the small powerhead that is attached for cleaning dust off your furniture and stairs also. And by adding a quick dump function, the hv323 saves a lot of time in your cleaning.

You might wonder that does it work well on stairs? Well, as per the user’s concern, it works very well on stairs. And in case you’re using it on a hardwood floor, there is nothing to worry about any scratch on a hardwood floor.

Owing a furry pet will not bother you anymore if you get the Shark hv323. With a motorized brush, this vacuum smartly deals with the pet hair, on any surface. Overall choosing this vacuum will be a smart decision for you.

Highlighted Features Of Shark HV323

  • Get versatile usage with the Shark hv323 by converting it to a hand vacuum. From ceiling to floor, every corner of the home can be cleaned by this vacuum.
  • Convert your vacuum any time by attaching the hard-floor-attachment or the microfiber pad. Either you want to take out some large debris or even small dust, you can change the attachment to do both of the transition.
  • Two types of tool, Pet Multi-Tool, and TruePet Motorized Brush are available in this vacuum. It allows for immaculate pet hair on any surface you need.
  • Compelling LED light available on both nozzle and hand vac. Use this to determine concealed debris from your house through the whole.


  • Contains various attachments for cleaning every corner.
  • Weight is very light for easy lift over.
  • Provides immense inhale strength.
  • Getting rid of the debris is not burdensome.
  • Requires minimal and effortless maintenance.
  • Compact and can be bunched to store easily.
  • Includes a rugged brush for easily sucking in the pet hair.
  • Rod-Bristles are short for easy scouring.


  • Impairment in the cords may occur easily.
  • Generates a little noise that may cause a disturbance.


Question: Can I wash the filter?

Question: How does it differ from hv322?

Question: What is the power of the suction?

Final Verdict

Whether you want to get rid of a large debris from a hard floor or you want to smooth-clean the soft-carpet dust, in every aspect the Shark hv323 will support you. To keep every corner of your house neat and tidy, this vacuum-cleaner is all you need.

Though there are some minor flaws in this cleaner, its performance and features are surely going to benefit you a lot. Finally, we hope this review will help you to provide you all the information you needed about this product.

Thank you for being through the entire shark hv323 review.


Shark Rocket HV300 Ultralight Swivel Vacuum Review – Blue

The Shark’s new Rocket series produces an ultra lightweight upright vacuum cleaner for the first time. The user of this vacuum can carry everywhere because this ultra lightweight vacuum cleaner is easy to maneuver, and also gives whole house deep carpet cleaning. This fabulous vacuum helps to clean bare floor, stairs, ceiling, and furniture with ultimate control to get in and around obstacles.

Shark rocket hv300 review

Shark Rocket Swivel Ultralight Swivel Vacuum comes with the feature of both a traditional cleaner and a portable handheld device. This cleaner boasts a lift-away feature which will help you to convert the device into a canister design that allows doing high and low cleaning jobs. It’s also designed with Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology, and HEPA filtration to clean dust and allergens contained dirt.

Surprisingly, you can clean all types of surfaces for any types of cleaning jobs, including picking up pet hair, since this upright vacuum has the cyclonic technology to maintain suction power, swivel steering, and a 30-foot power cord.

Key Features Of Shark HV300:

  • Ultra-lightweight makes it convenient to carry everywhere.
  • Usable to clean carpets, hard surface, and upholstery.
  • Advanced cyclonic technology separates fine dirt from the air.
  • Deep cleans pet hair from carpets.
  • Never loses suction or power.
  • Easy to empty the dust container and filter.

Features And Benefits of HV300 Ultralight Swivel Vacuum:

1. Light Weight For Easy Carry:

HV300 Ultralight Swivel Vacuum

As a user of the vacuum cleaner, of course, you will choose a vacuum cleaner, which is portable and easy to carry around.  Shark Rocket HV300 Swivel will impress you with its ultra-lightweight feature. You can use this cleaner as a stick vacuum and when you modify it to be handheld, which means this vacuum is easy to carry and manage around the house during cleaning. Along with this, two capacities you will find it as a normal stick vacuum that means you can store twice as much dirt as in the other vacuums.

2. Extension Cord:

The Shark Rocket Ultra-Light vacuum has a long extension convenient and durable cord which will help you to do the complete day-to-day cleaning. This extension cord comes with comfy rubber hand grip that you can easily stretch this vacuum cord to clean every corner of the room easily. Keeping this vacuum cleaner in daily cleaning activities, you can sweep from room to room without switching sockets or slowing down.

3. Two-Speed Categories:

The Rocket HV300 is designed with 2-speed options which will provide you to choose between two powerful suctions. Simply you can change the speed by switching on its motor without turning off. The first speed option is for picking up dirt from hard floors and under the furniture, and another one is to clean thick rugs and carpets properly.

4. Versatile Floors And Ceiling Cleaning:

The Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Vacuum has another reason for buying is to clean dirt from hardwood floors, rugs and carpets and even ceiling without doing any damage. This cleaner is fabulous to pick up threads, hair, and other stuff which irritate us. You will get a positive impression that it doesn't spray or scatter dirt during vacuuming.

5. Swivel Steering Feature:

The Shark Rocket vacuum comes with a swivel steering feature which makes you comfortable to move it around the house while cleaning the stubborn and hidden dirt from under the crevices.

Shark Hv300

6. Rocket Storing:

Interestingly, you will get two different options for storing the rocket with Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Upright Vacuum. When you need, you will be able to detach the handheld portion from the base of the nozzle or also lock it into the wall dock. However, you should attach the extension wand with the vacuum if you prefer to stow the cord with the Rocket properly.


  • Having a swivel steering for maneuverability.
  • Ultra-lightweight makes it easy portable.
  • Motorized brush is efficient for carpet cleaning.
  • Extended suction power.


  • Louder during cleaning.
  • No on-board storage is convenient for the attachment.

How does this Shark HV300 Ultra Light Vacuum cleaner perform?

The Shark Rocket HV300 vacuum cleaner is a perfect tool for the homeowners who always prefer a lightweight device to clean entire home. This is capable of vacuuming from bare floors to area rugs and has the advanced cyclonic technology for strong suction power. Its ultra-lightweight will impress you for easy carrying during entire house cleaning. If you want to change the cleaning area from floor to furniture or car cleaning, just put the device into its handheld mode. At a time you are going to own a vacuum with a perfect mix of detail-oriented handheld cleaning and traditional carpet and floor cleaner if you show interest in buying this model.

Extension Tools:

  • Dust cup: the dust cup you will get with this Shark vacuum is used to remove dust and dirt. It is cheaper and alternative to dust bags, and for further use, of course, you have to purchase again.
  • Car cleaning kits: The shark ultra light vacuum has a car detail kit with some miniature attachments. You will get them to clean the crevices of your car leaving it fresh and spotless.
  • Wall Mount: This attachment is used to stick the vacuum for wall mounting. You can easily store the cleaner anywhere in the house by using this tool.
  • Dust Away Brush, Pet Upholstery Tool, and Crevice Tool: The dust away brush tool is a reusable microfiber pad, which is efficient to clear dirt and debris of the house, car, and corner of the office. The pet upholstery tool is very useful to a pet lover for removing pet hair from fabric and carpets. This extension clears any fur or dander hidden in upholstery with its wide mouth and short bristles. The crevice tool helps to bring out the hidden dirt and dust from any appliances and furniture. You also can use it to clean the bathroom, stairs, and even the car.

Final Verdict: 

The shark Hv300 got excellent scores in various tested of picking up animal hair from carpet, and debris from a bare floor. Lightweight is an important feature, which helps to move this vacuum easily from one place to another. The DUO Clean brush roll system cleans both hard floors and carpets. You will be able to clean pet hair from upholstery, stairs, and car interiors with the motorized pet tool attachment. This Shark vacuum makes you easy to clean the home how you want to use it frequently and thus the house stays clean and germ free.

Relevant Resources:

Shark Rocket TruePet Ultra-Light Upright HV322 Review

Upright is one of the best types of vacuum and shark is the renowned brand to originate such types. This Shark Rocket TruePet Ultra-Light Upright HV322 comes up with versatile floor cleaning facilities. The hard floor attachment along with microfiber pads let you pick up the large debris from the surface.

Shark hv322 review

This is good pet vacuum cleaner that introduces motorized brush to collect the pet furs evenly. There you find LED headlight, well trapping system and so on. Moreover, there are more engaging features are available out there to make you hypnotized. Let’s take a closer look!

Features of Shark Rocket TruePet Ultra-Light Upright HV322

  • It’s a light weighed cleaner, only 9 pounds.
  • Get the quick releasing foot pedal to reach anywhere or any tight spaces. Find quick transition to down or above floors.
  • 2-speed settings to reach for bare or hard floors and move accordingly.
  • Deep cleaning attachment, especially for carpet and powerful LED headlight
  • Washable microfiber pads to holds more trash.

LED Headlights

Shark rocket truepet ultra light upright hv322 review

Find the powerful LED lights at the nozzle of your hand to get the desired location and remove small particles to large debris. It identifies perfectly the hidden corner and through its power what sucks the smashed or old particles.

It's the highlighted features indeed. It illuminates the area and finds the desired location. To pick any sorts of dirt or garbage, you’d need the light in fact. To favor the consumers, the brand fixes the light right on a nozzle.

Hard Floor Attachment

Get here hard floor attachment with dust away, so that grabs the dust and harmful particles hard floor. It ensures excellent cleaning whereas other machines are unable. In fact, the cleaners make no loss of suction for that operation.

The dust away tool is enough to grab the hidden particles and dust. Along with it assures you for not scratching on the floor. This is indeed a convenient appliance for the animal lovers.

Pet Friendly

This is pet-friendly vacuum cleaner what features that attachment and tool. Find here right pet motorized brush what grabs more pet furs rather than other traditional brush available in the market.

The good suction powered cleaner picks dirt and hairs, dispersed on the carpet. Furthermore, it takes them entirely though the motorized tool. It ensures the deep cleaning from any surface.

What Else To Love?

You should not be tensed about reaching the corner or any other hiding place because the device introduces versatile attachment.

Clean your hard floor surface evenly through the tool and it offers gentle pushes when goes for the action. The vacuum is also good to clean the carpet and bare floors.

Powerful dust cup and beautifully designed big crumbs pick the hair and hidden mites along with any sorts of large sizes debris.

What We Don’t Like

Even though there are multiple features are lovable to us, but indeed we don’t like its some appearances. But, assures you that these are not a good indicator to define the product is poor.

Undoubtedly, it’s a pet-friendly device, but we’ve noticed, it doesn’t feature bristles. A bristle is the upgraded version of brush what grabs more furs than traditional tools. But, this upright vacuum offers dust away floor attachment to meet that needs.

Frequently Asked Questions [F.A.Q]

Would it work nicely for cat hair?

It’s a perfect pet vacuum cleaner what performs the great action for any sorts of furs. You would have here the specialized brush what works to grab them from the carpet or bare floors. So no matter what animal you belong, just let the machine drive entirely, and we’re assuring that you’d be impressed with the performance.

Does it pick the large debris?

We’ve mentioned that the vacuum offers great suction. And, here you find, some advanced technology like washable microfiber pads. The pads pick the large sizes of debris. So you don’t to be worried about the suction power. Just grab the device and pick small particles or large debris in no time.

Editors’ Recommendations

Shark Rocket hv322 true pet ultra-light upright vacuum is a real pet-friendly vacuum cleaner. Here you find a good number of features what shows the pure reason why pet loving person should have it. Since this is a lightweight upright vacuum that’s because you’d quickly reach it anywhere and you would have multiple attachments along with hard floor and dust away. Through the tools, someone might pick the large trash.

Ultra light upright hv322

The headlight is highly powerful what finds the hidden garbage. In general, you won’t conclude that features at every cleaner. The brand welcomes the light on the nozzle so that you could use that natural and pure. We always suggest having the features to get complete cleaning. Until you have this then never have the certainty even operation.

The machine is excellent to offer the deep cleaning surface. We just appreciate the cleaner to provide enough suction when you needs. You can move it whenever and wherever you want. There is an opportunity to move it on the carpet and hard or bare floors too.

Final Verdict​

Get the best upright vacuum cleaner from the renowned brand. That’s for sure; you’re going to consume some exclusive benefits like easy cleaning, reaching the desired corner or grabbing more garbages. Find the potential customer reviews and well rating with the device. And, you don’t have to count many bucks to take this best pet vacuum cleaner.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E Review

Shark is nicely designed a pet-friendly vacuum cleaner. This navigator lift-away does some extra for your loving pet. Find the very easy clean method along with deep clean surface. It furnishes lift away method so just press a button then lift it up and reach the hard arena in a second. Get the double taste in a single vacuum. There is multiples attachment what supports the cleaner indeed.

Shark navigator nv356e review

Get the washable microfiber pads and hard floor tool. You don’t have to worry to pick the large debris up. Moreover, it’s pretty nice to take the fine dust from floors. This is lightweight cleaner and decorated with advanced seal technology. Let’s explore more outstanding appearances of this Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional & 2 Microfiber Pads NV356E

Features Of Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E

  • It is such a portable and lightweight vacuum that holds only 13.7 pounds.
  • Designs with dual mood; upright and lift away to get preferred upshots.
  • Dust away floor tools to pick the large or small debris.
  • Powerful HEPA filter that takes almost 100% dust.
  • Active seal technology to protect users from allergens and bad particles.
  • Pet-friendly featured with multi settings in the brush roll.

Dual Mode

Shark navigator lift away nv356e

The machine is such a portable and handy cleaner what’s also features with double mood. Get the upright and lift away facility, so that grab the actual benefits and move the device accordingly.

In fact, to offer portable cleaning benefits, the device design detachable canister. Along with that, you’d find ultimate flexibility to use the dual mood. Indeed, it’s 2 vacuum cleaners in a single device.

Superb Brush roll

Find the great brush roll for the machine. Through the tool, you could easily have the desired result. It clears away unwanted pet hair, scattered on the carpet or hard floors. The cleaner is best to suck them evenly. There is an excellent system to switch off the brush roll when you don’t feel a need to wash in the carpet or somewhere. Its crevice brush indeed what finds the garbage from hidden corners.

Advanced Technology Of Shark nv356e

This shark navigator vacuum uses advanced technology. Get the proven sealed technology that works for anti-allergen. The person who sufferers from allergy should grab the cleaner since it clarifies to keep you away from dust and mites. Furthermore, get the dust attachment to clean the fine dust and pet hair too. Likewise, discover hundreds of surprise through the machine.

HEPA Filters

Get the special HEPA filter to trap 99+ dust. Through all procedures, you don’t have any chance to get the suction loss. The filter is highly crucial for the safety as it retains all harmful particles. The brands, who don’t promote it, never be able to make a productive cleaner. Leave your tension to the filters and have the safe atmosphere.

Frequently Asked Questions F.A.Q

Is It Pet-Friendly Vacuum?

Undoubtedly there are a real number of features are available for pet. The brush roll is excellent because it helps to remove the pet hair dispersed on the carpet. Unless you have it, then it’s so tough to eradicate them completely. Moreover, find the shutoff button so that you’d easily transfer the device from carpet to bare or hard floors. The shark annexes this different brush to release your worries about uncomfortable hair.

Can I turn off The Brush roll?

That’s for sure; you can shut down the mode since there is an option available to execute the command. As you know, the brush is significantly needed to continue the cleaning of the carpet or even bare floors. Find the two settings with the roll. So never be worried about the turn off, it’s nice and smoothly operative.

Editors’ Recommendation

Even though there are many consumers friendly vacuum cleaners are available in the market, but in many cases, you wouldn’t find the pet-friendly. In conventional vacuum cleaners, you usually execute some sorts of tasks. You might quickly clean the dust from tight spaces, car seats or somewhere. But not possible indeed to clears the stubborn furs away from the unflashy carpet. Then what you do?

Shark 356e

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E welcomes some attachments what let your anxieties release. Especially, the dust away floor attachment is cool to pick the large debris even from hide corner. Furthermore, it features the crevice tool to execute the operation nicely.

Reach every corner through the device, and it designs with dual mood. According to a requirement, you might use it in lift away mood. Consumers highly appreciate the appearance. There you find some special tool to perform every single stuff. For instance, a tool is there to grab the fine dust, and another is for large debris.

The Drawback

In truth, we’re fascinated with the item in where it’s tough to scratch the surface about its bad. People you acknowledge that we’re committed to throwing the factual data. That’s because we had to figure out indeed, what’s not so lovable to us. There is no headlight with the device. Though, enormous features would enlighten you except this one.


Grab the double mood vacuum with affordable expenses. It designs nicely for the pet lovers. Going through the appearances, you must acknowledge that the cleaner is not only to perform some unique stuff, the multiple instead. But, certainly, it takes exceptional care for your pet. Take the device before run short of the stock and enjoy the real taste of pet vacuum cleaner.

Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet NV752 Review

Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet NV752 is one of the best pet vacuum cleaners available in the market. The rotator let it reaches every corner, and through the lift-away technology, you’d clean the upside of any furniture or wall. The motorized and powerful brush ensures deep cleaning.

Shark NV752 Review

In truth, the device annexes mini motorized brush what’s only for a pet, and it clears that hair so evenly. Anti-allergen technology what eases the people living with asthma and also available the desired HEPA filter. If you are a true pet lover, then grab it to discover the large features out there through this best vacuum.

Mini-Motorized Brush

Get the mini motorized brush attachment that mainly works for pet hair. The attachment confirms picking every hair to large debris. Furthermore, the sophisticated brush ensures the deep cleaning over the surface. The brush picks up scattered pet hair from a bare floor or on a carpet. Moreover, the brush sucks every dust or mites completely. It offers clean and hygienic floor. The tool is great annexation for this shark vacuum cleaner.

LED Headlights

Navigate the desired location and pick the dust from every hidden corner with this high powered LED lights. The device keeps it on the nozzle so that you might have the opportunity to switch off or on at the blink of an eye.

Even though almost all brands offer LED lights with a machine, but this shark rotator is spectacular providing powerful one. It’s for sure; you’d never have to miss the last dirt. It’s better to pick dust from hardwood floors through LED light as most of the time it’s tough to identify them.

Shark rotator truepet nv752 review

HEPA Filters

The cleaner furnishes HEPA washable filters. In most cases, you’d not find that technology with the other machine. Who don’t designs the unsealed HEPA filtering process, there is an enormous possibility to get attacked with allergens and dust what leads to asthma.

The best seal technology along with HEPA traps is perfectly secured with allergens. Lock the inside up and get an ultimate safety. The dust confinement ensures the security for clean and fresh breaths. No chances to get infected with a dust allergy. Leave your worries to the improved sealed technology and keep enjoying the benefits.

Superb Controlling

Shark NV752

Find the great governing power through the device. The cleaner provides fingertip control system on the handle. You can operate it accordingly and have the great opportunity to move it to hardwood floors or bare floors. So clean the unwanted pet hairs from carpet or anywhere and after performing, easily go for another cleaning with pleasure.

Furthermore, find the best swivel steering technology what lets you enjoy superb control. The machine provides excellent operation when lugging around in a room. Per se, there are more built-in features you’d discover to enjoy the best upright vacuum cleaner for a pet.

Features Of Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet (NV752)

  • 3 vacs in machine upright, canister and powerful lift-away.
  • Motorized brush to reach in every corner and hidden arena
  • Washable microfiber pad along with excellent HEPA filtration system
  • Superb mini brush, especially to remove the stubborn pet hair
  • Genie attachment along with powerful LED light to navigate the right area.
  • Advanced seal technology to provide fresh breathe and safe eco.
  • Fingertip control to change the place accordingly.

The Special Benefits Of nv752

Find the various moods with this best pet vacuum cleaner. Discover upright, high lift away and above floor atmosphere.

Get many attachments like sophisticated floor attachment to pick the large sizes of debris. Plus, dust away tool to pick dirt evenly.

The brush pattern is very beautiful whereas you’d find a motorized brush, dusting brush and overall this device enhances deep surface cleaning.

Shark rotator truepet nv752 reviews

Discover the ergonomic designs so that you might use it as a requirement. Just think and let it perform for upside with lifting or above floors.

Editors’ Recommendation

There are too many things what attract us to love the pet vacuum cleaner. Indeed, we’ve found enormous qualities those make the cleaner spectacular. Indeed, the device furnishes with multiple floor attachments so that users may have different choices to execute cleaning up a process. Moreover, the machine uses to clean dirt from under furniture, tight spaces and so on.

We love the powerful LED headlights. It's indeed superbly designed on the handle. You’d easily navigate the corner to find tiny to large debris. Usually, it seems no dirt on your hardwood floors but when switching on the lights then discover that a lot of furs in scattered way what spreading the allergens. Except shining it on, you could probably never find the unhidden large dirt over the floor.

We love the technology of the shark nv752 rotator powered lift-away TruePet bagless vacuum. Here you find the fingertip control features as well as HEPA filtration process that keep air fresh and ensures pure breathing. Additionally, we are affectionate to its steering what promotes with excellent advanced features.

What We Don’t Like

In fact, it’s hard nut to crack to figure out its flaws, but we’re picky and want to put you in the right zone. Indeed, you’d find very authentic consumers’’ reviews who suggested grabbing the items, in particular for pets. But some users complain that its maneuverability is not up to the mark.

Final Verdict

If you’re truly finding any pet vacuum cleaner with affordable expense then never delay grabbing this Shark Rotator NV 752. Indeed, its handy features and advanced technology add extra value for the items. We recommend having the cleaners as it’s not only to execute the common stuff along with a lot more.