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LG LuV350P Kompressor Drive Pet Care Vacuum Reviews – Pet Vacuum Lab

No matter how hard one try, a house which comprises kids and pets become messy, untidy and dirty quite often. People look at various options which can help them get a clean house but the use of vacuum cleaners have been the most pronounced. A good vacuum cleaner which is manufactured utilizing the advanced technology gains maximum applause.

lg kompressor luv350p reviews

The market in today’s date is flooded with various brands which state to make the best vacuum cleaners. But the real dilemma arises when we have to choose the best out of all for the personal use. So today, we will discuss one of the most renowned brands, LG that makes the best electronic devices among which vacuum cleaner are one.

LG LuV350P Kompressor Drive Pet Care Vacuum is one of those vacuum cleaners which have managed to make a remarkable place in the market due to its alluring features. People have loved its services not only because it comes from an authentic brand but also due to the facilities it avail while cleaning.

Key Features of LG LuV350P Kompressor Drive Pet Care Vacuum:

  • The use of Kompressor technology makes it advanced and worthwhile.
  • The drive steering system makes it easy to work.
  • Use of HEPA filters adds to the value of the machine.
  • The design is compact and it is lightly weighted as well.
  • Dust Force + Suction power covers a large area at a time.

With these features and specifications, the LG LuV350P Kompressor Drive Pet Care Vacuum scores maximum points and emerge out as one of the best to splurge upon. Although a number of similar products are present in the market, the brand LG is reliable and trustworthy when it comes to authenticity and versatility in functionality.

Sometimes it’s not just about the functions that a vacuum cleaner can endows but also how much it fulfills the needs of the user. This device from LG takes care of every requirement and is, therefore, one of the best of the time. Let us get in details the major features of LG Kompressor LuV350P and why it should be considered while choosing the best vacuum cleaner for use.

Kompressor® Technology:

 The Kompressor Technology is an advanced and modern technology which makes use of wiper blades to make the surface clean and tidy. With this technology every speck of dirt goes directly into the bagless bin while getting cleaned and this helps in complete eradication of dust without causing any sort of mess. As the debris gets compressed for disposal they go directly to the bin.

lg kompressor luv350p

Drive™ Steering System:

The next wonderful feature of the machine is the presence of Drive Steering System with the help of which an easy maneuvering of the vacuum cleaner is achieved. It makes the transition to the cleaner hassle-free and smooth enough to pass any obstacle effortlessly.

Dual Force + Suction:

This is an enhanced system of cleaning which is present only in LG LuV350P Kompressor Drive Pet Care Vacuum. Due to this wonderful feature a lot of space can get covered in the least time. With Dual Force + Suction technology not only the central airways are utilized to pick up the dirt and dust but also the extra airways present on either side of the device. This ultimately helps in cleaning a wide area in one go.

HEPA Filters:

 If you have HEPA filters in your vacuum cleaner then the chances of the home looking untidy eradicates completely. Since HEPA Filters have the power to pick up even the minutest specks of the dirt and dust, the chances of having a thorough cleaning enlarges. Since LG LuV350P Pet Care Vacuum comprises the HEPA filters, it gives the surroundings free from allergens, microbes, and bacteria as well.

Size and design:

The best thing about the LG LuV350P Kompressor Drive Pet Care Vacuum is its compact design owing to which it has taken a toll on the market for the competitors brand. Weighing around 23 pounds the dimensions of it are 13.4 x 11.4 x 44.3 inches, which gives it a compact and condensed design. This not only helps in easing the cleaning process but also makes the storage of the machine simple.

lg luv350p

Now in simple few points, we’ll summarize why you will love this vacuum cleaner from LG and what are the major drawbacks of it.


  • It cleans 3 times more dirt and dust and thus gives a complete and thorough cleaning.
  • It empties every speck of dust directly into the bagless bin making the work orderly and amicable.
  • It sucks a lot more dirt in one go and thus saves a lot of effort and time while cleaning.
  • Owing to its light weight the handling of the device becomes easier.


  • Since this is one of the best vacuum cleaners of the time the only drawback related to it is the difficulty in getting the replacement parts. However, with a proper handling and use, the need of replacing the parts could become unavoidable.

Closing Thought of lg kompressor luv350p:

When the cleanliness and making the home look neat becomes problematic, only a good vacuum cleaner could become the ultimate savior. Since LG LuV350P Kompressor Drive Pet Care Vacuum comes along with the most enthralling features, it becomes a must-have product of the time. With the power to suck up even the most stubborn hairs of pets due to the presence of an air-powered brush, it makes the home look neat and tidy completely. With a great transition, it can move in all kinds of floors, whether hardwood or carpets and bestow a great cleaning.

So, no matter whether you are having messy pets in your home or naughty kids, the LG LuV350P Kompressor Drive Pet Care Vacuum is going to help you in every case and give a home free from all sorts of dirt and dust. Once you get it be sure of the fact that all your cleaning process would become hassle-free and your home gets enveloped with better hygiene and fresh ambiance.