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Hoover UH70935 3 Pro Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner, Blue, 1.36 Liters Review

Today in the fast-paced life when every single minute counts the need of a high-quality vacuum cleaner becomes the call of time. Hoover UH70935 3 Pro Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner is something which can be pondered upon while making a purchase.

The alluring features and specifications of the product have managed to grab the attention of users manifold.

While having a pet at home is extremely enthralling, the hairs and dirt caused by them bring resentment. But the vacuum cleaner from Hoover could be your ultimate solution to rule out the problems faced while cleaning the mess caused by the pets.​

Hoover UH70935 3 Pro Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

While its suction power can uplift even the stubborn dirt and dust in a few minutes, the specially designed filter can be reused after rinsing it. Getting awe-inspire with it? There is a lot more to get attracted towards Hoover UH70935 3 Pro Pet Bagless Upright. Check it out!

Key Features Of Hoover UH70935 3 Pro Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner:

Some of the vital features of the product which makes it appealing enough to splurge include the following.

  • Wind tunnel 3 technologies.
  • Dirt release cup at the bottom.
  • Reusable and easy to rinse the filter.
  • Automatic winding cord.
  • Multi-floor brush roll.
  • Product weight: 17.8 pounds.
  • Product dimensions: 14 x 13.5 x 44 inches

All about WindTunnel 3 technology:

Although the terminology may sound little complicated, it could make cleaning really effective. The WindTunnel 3 Technology has the power to bring out the deep-rooted dust and debris from the surface. Due to 3 powerful suction channels, there are zero chances of even the unseen hair or debris to remain on the floor or mats and carpets. A home with kids and pets become dirty very frequent and tidying up the whole with perfection is only possible with something like Hoover uh70935.

Dual cyclonic feature:

Hoover 3 Pro Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

This feature enhances the functionality of Hoover 3 Pro Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner manifolds. Due to its presence, the air passes through two different cyclonic stages which otherwise passes through a single chamber.

This helps in filtering the air to a great extent and thereby less chances of any dirt or dust particle to remain in the surrounding. It ensures that you breathe the air, which is completely purified and is free from every possible harmful particulate matter.

Presence of Carbon & HEPA Media:

Another alluring fact which is associated with this product is the presence of carbon and HEPA media filter. While the High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) media is supposed to trap around 99.97% or dirt and dust from the surroundings, the Carbon layer is an odor absorbing one. And the good news is this filter can be rinsed easily and reused once you feel that has become full of filth. HEPA is also considered an effective medium to trap down dirt down to 0.3 microns which are one beguiling feature of this vacuum cleaner.

Add-on of one pet tool accessory pack:

This product is custom made for people who have pets and kids in their home. Pets encompass some of the most dreadful debris which, if left unclean might cause serious troubles in infants and kids. Therefore, it comes along with a rubberized pet tool accessory pack. These accessories could remove pet hairs which are very hard to drag out from the rough surfaces. There is a brush roll as well, which works really well from carpet to hard floors. There is a pet turbo tool as well to clean the stairs and furniture with precision to rule out every possibility of having pet hairs on the floor.


  • There is an automatic cord that gets winded back in seconds packing up the cleaner really fast.
  • There is a telescopic extension wand to make the cleaning process more easier and hassle-free even when there is a need for 12 feet of above floor cleaning.
  • It came along with a 10' Hose and 27' Power Cord.


  • The product is little heavy which is counted as the drawback as people find it difficult to work with during long cleaning sessions.
  • You need to manually empty the dirt cup which sometimes leads to making the hands filthy as well.

Frequently Ask Questions: 

Q: Is this vacuum cleaner adjustable to different heights?

Ans: Yes, this vacuum cleaner is made in such a way that from a 5’ to 6’ tall person can use it without any difficulty. It can be adjusted to different heights due to the presence of height adjusting knobs. This has made this product a perfect one for every household.

Q: How do the brush roll works?

Ans: The brush roll is present, especially to clean the mats and carpets. Some of the debris and hairs of pets are so obstinate that they require special efforts to get removed. Brush roll can be used in such cases. It comes along with an on and off option which can be done with just one press of a pedal. You don’t need to bend or do some extra effort to switch it on or off. Whether you want to clean the carpet or hard floor the brush roll could be your best buddy while cleaning.

Final Verdict:

Sometimes it’s not only about the capability of the product, but also the ease with which you can make use of it. No matter how clean one vacuum cleaner could make your house until you didn’t get satisfied completely with its service, it is not a worthy purchase. So take your time, think and then decide whether this amazing product is your cup of tea or not.

Hoover Platinum Uh30010COM Lightweight Upright Vacuum Review

Hoover Platinum uh30010com Lightweight Upright Vacuum with canister comes with superior cleaning power is one of the best cleaners for those who covered their internal home with carpets.

As this vacuum is quite lightweight, you can use this for cleaning the rooms or even trudging up and down the steps with minimal effort.

Hoover Platinum Uh30010COM Lightweight Upright Vacuum

​Interestingly, this vacuum has two different portions, one of them is an upright vacuum cleaner and the other is canister vacuum. You will find both in the same box.

Upright Vacuum: This vacuum has no hose, attachments, and adjustable tools, unlike regular upright. The dusting brush, crevice tool, bare floor brush, and telescoping extension wand are packed with this vacuum cleaner, but you cannot use these attachments with the upright which has a large, comfortable and easy button handle.

Canister Vacuum: On the contrary, the canister cleaner is small in size, and has a strap that allows carrying it on the shoulder, like a large handbag. This is a fabulous vacuum in cleaning out small spaces such as the inside of a car. It has a two-section telescoping tube and long wand which helps to reach around the house.

Hoover UH30010com Key Features:

  • Powerful portable canister cleans hard surface and ceiling.
  • WindTunnel Technology removes deep down embedded dirt.
  • HEPA bags traps dirt, derbies, dust, and pollen's.
  • Light weight design.


Cleaning Hard And Bare Floor: Hoover Platinum Lightweight Upright vacuum is a great tool for removing the dirt and dust from the bare floor and hard surface. This picks up almost everything that will fit through the inlet. The WindTunnel system is great for carpet cleaning and during cleaning you cannot turn off the motorized brush otherwise it can scratch the hard surfaces.

The canister part of this vacuum consists of a floor tool with a brush which is fabulous in cleaning the dusty area. It is great for tiles especially cleaning the grooves.

Carpet Cleaning: This vacuum comes with WindTunnel system with strong suction from the 5 amp motor and the motorized brush, which is capable of deep cleaning the carpet. You have to switch it from HI for carpeting and LO for rugs because the suction power on HI may lift the rug off the hard flooring. The switch setting is very easy since the power switch is right below the top of the handle. So this vacuum cleaner is preferable to those who are finding something effective in carpet cleaning.

Edge Cleaning: The Hoover Canister has crevice tool which is great in cleaning up corners and edges of home. The Hoover Platinum Upright does also nice cleaning the edge. This cleaner is really impressive with the WindTunnel technology which helps to clean every corner of the home.

Removing Pet Hair: The upright vacuum is fabulous in cleaning up pet hair from bare floor, upholstery, and carpet because powerful suction and a motorized brush pick any hair. You need to clean the motorized brush after every 2 to 3 usages. On the other hand, the canister does have any pet hair removing tool attachment, so you should use the brush on upholstery.

Cleaning Beneath The Furniture: If you are searching for a maneuverable machine, you will get a great impression over Hover Platinum cleaner's ability which can reach beneath the furniture. Its handle to recline flat to the floor that it is easy to clean well under low furniture. So you won’t get anything damaged during cleaning underneath the furniture because this vacuum cleaner comes with soft cloth body.

Easy Control: The Hoover Platinum vacuum is designed with the touch controls that are backlit. You won’t find most vacuums with this feature. So if you want yourself with easy and flexible cleaning, this vacuum cleaner is the great option for easy navigation buttons and operative machine. The led headlight is attached to the backlit buttons and edge cleaning channels with added bristles to clean baseboards and various other areas of your home. There's also a stair cleaning handle which helps you to use the full vacuum on stairs without being overwhelmed.

HEPA Filter: This vacuum consists of HEPA filter which removes dust, pollen, and microscopic particles. The HEPA bag is able to get 99.97 percent of dirt, dust, and pollens down to 0.3 microns to ensure quality air. This bag is better than the bags made with standard paper. You need no touch to dispose the bag or inhale any dust because it comes with the self-sealing feature.

Hoover Platinum Uh30010COM Accessories You Will Get:

Hoover Platinum uh30010com Lightweight Upright Vacuum consists of some versatile cleaning accessories. Carrying strap helps to carry the portable canister vacuum. The canister cleaner is an effective tool to vacuum the above-floor instead of using awkward hose attachment. Because there are some accessories with the canister– crevice, brush and floor tool plus a 5-foot flexible hose.

Hoover Platinum Uh30010COM


  • Different speed options for different surfaces and hard floor.
  • Lightweight helps to easy use and move around.
  • LED headlight is for cleaning in dim light.
  • Upright is great on short, medium, and long pile carpeting


  • Upright is bit harsh on hard flooring.
  • Very noisy.


1. How does the canister clean?

Ans. The upright vacuum cleaner is the combination of direct air flow suction and WindTunnel technology. Here the direct air, pulls dirt straight up through the center of the machine; on the other hand, the WindTunnel technology makes air flow like a cyclone, using centrifugal force to pick the objects. Along with this well-managed combination of airflow, the Hoover Platinum uh30010 is powerful to clean tenacious pet hair and embedded dirt.

2. What kind of bags need to use with this vacuum cleaner?

Ans. The Hepa Media Vacuum Bag is preferable to use. And for the hand held vacuum if you purchased that - Platinum Collection Type I Hepa Media vacuum bags are perfect.

Final Verdict:

Considering the overall things related with Hoover Platinum uh30010com Lightweight Upright Vacuum With Canister, you will have a positive impression of course over its quality performance. If you eagerly want something that's going to last and have lots of extras to clean your home properly, this is probably the best vacuum for you!

Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Pet Rewind Bagless Corded Upright Vacuum UH70210 Review

The Hoover uh70210 Bagless Upright is a great vacuum cleaner when it comes to clean fine particles and hair from the carpet, floor, and furniture.

This vacuum is a great option to choose if you suffer from asthma or allergies because this cleans any sort of meticulous dust and dirt.

Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Pet Rewind Bagless Corded Upright Vacuum UH70210

It’s a common problem to the pet lovers that their clothes clog pet hair which sometimes irritable and stubborn to clean. In this fact, you need a cleaner that alleviates this problem and removes pet hair as much as possible within a short time of course.

Surprisingly, Hoover’s air powered vacuum helps you to get rid of dirt from deep into the fabric, even removing embedded pet hairs.

Hoover UH70210 Key Feature:

  • Auto on/off brushroll in an upright position for above-floor cleaning and hardwood floor.
  • Adjustable head height for manual vacuum through 5 Position.
  • Folding handle is easy to storage.
  • Powerful suction in vacuuming for all type carpets.
  • It's light weight helps easy cleaning.
  • Extension Wand and a Crevice tool for tight spots.
  • Headlight allows better cleaning in dark spaces. 

UH70210 Performance And Benefits:

1. Charcoal Filter: The bagless Hoover UH70210 model comes with dual cyclonic air system technology which reduces the chance of loose suction during cleaning. Its charcoal filter clogs dirt and dust particles from the airflow without getting quick dirty. Interestingly, this charcoal HEPA filter absorbs odor from the room. So the filter ensures you odor free home easily.

Hoover UH70210

2. Power Cord: This Hoover vacuum cleaner has many features to keep the home owner happy with its cleaning ability. This vacuum comes with long enough power cord which provides plenty of slack so you can easily vacuum a large room without changing plug sockets. Thus you need not worry about the battery running out and automatically rewinds back to its position that you can easily store it.

3. Cleaning Carpet And Hard Floor: The Hoover model has a feature of picking up all the debris that ends up on any hardwood and tile floors. If you have a pet, then know how hard it is to remove pet hair from carpets. Surprisingly, with this vacuum, you will find supplied pet upholstery tool which has rubberized blades on the roller that you can easily remove pet hair.

Hoover UH70210

4. Automated Beater Brush: This cleaner has an adjustable and automatic Brush Roll that is smooth in moving over any floor or upholstery. You only need to set the vacuum head down to the floor where you want to the brushes roll to clean. Foot-Operated On/Off pedal of this machine disengages the brush roll after cleaning, and it doesn’t fling dirt and debris in the vacuum head.

5. Manageable Handle: Vacuum UH70210 is designed based on that consumers can get optimum benefits from vacuuming. This vacuum has a foldable handle which stands out from the crowd, and it is easy to store after vacuuming. You are also able to clean any corner of the room even ceiling by managing the height of vacuum wand.

6. Indicator Light: Another feature of the vacuum is the system indicator light that is to alert when the filter needs to clean or replace. This maintaining feature helps you that you can use the vacuum for a long period.

Accessories You Will Get:

1. Air-Powered Pet Hand Tool: You will find an Air-Powered Pet Hand Tool with this vacuum. If you have any pet animal, getting this tool you will be glad enough because this tool helps to pick up pet hair from carpet, covered stairs, and upholstered furniture. The accessory has rubber blades which are to lift hair from the surface that the vacuum can pick it up.

2. Upholstery Brush: This brush is effective to loosen hairs from the sofa and then you can clean them by simply sweeping.

3. Crevice tool: One of the accessories you will own along with this vacuum is the crevice tool. The vacuum helps you to clean the crevices with 12-inch extension wand. This tool gives great result in the cleaning of walls and other off the floor spaces around the house.


  • Washable filter is easy to access and clean
  • Attached headlight to clean dark edge and under furniture
  • Having powerful suction does not loose
  • Allows disabling brush rotation.


  • The hose is too short to stretch a little further
  • Sometimes the vacuum overheats.

Frequently Asked Question:

Q: Can I detach the canister easily?

Ans: The canister is fully detachable. This vacuum cleaner has a latch that detaches the canister at less effort.

Q: Does this really consist of HEPA filter?

Ans: Hoover’s this vacuum cleaner has high-quality HEPA carbon filters that absorb harmful allergens.

Should I Own A Hoover uh70210 Vacuum Cleaner?

The Hoover T-Series UH70210 is affordable to all and has some impressive features. After cleaning with this vacuum, I must say that there are enough reasons to get great impression over this brand.

Nowadays, people love to have a pet animal which may be cat or dog. It is a bit tough to keep the home free from pet hair. There are many options of pet vacuum cleaner out of the market. This Hoover Bagless Upright Vacuum contains all features that a pet vacuum cleaner should have.

Its extension tools for a pet are helpful to clean out all the hair embedded in your carpet and bare floor surfaces. Just think that you are going to have an electrical vacuum which will clean every corner of your home and furniture, upholstery, carpet, hard and tiles floor. So don’t think much and go for this fabulous vacuum cleaner.

Final Words:

The Hoover is a renowned company as all know and it produces a vacuum for consumers that they can get maximum benefits. If your home has floor-to-floor carpet as well as pets and wants a vacuum at an affordable cost, the Hoover UH 70210 is a great choice. Of course, it is a top rated vacuum when it is the tool to remove pet hair and carpet cleaning, and with its built-in HEPA filter, which keeps any allergies at bay.

Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, BH50010, Review

Hoover is the favorite brand to make consumer-oriented and eco-friendly vacuum cleaner. And, this Linx cleaner does have required appearances. It's a cordless vacuum with high powered battery. Get the best wind tunnel technology to remove the dirt and large debris from the surface and any sorts of a floor.

Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, BH50010

It’s exclusive for the pet and features brush-roll on and off method so that you might quickly switch to the desired floor. Find the fingertip power control to maneuver it nicely. Get the battery fuel gauge to measure the last battery life. This Hoover vacuum cleaner introduces edge cleaning facilities to reach in the corner and closed area. Hope, the device meets your desire.

Features Of Hoover Linx BH50010 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

  • Powerful lithium ion battery along with wind tunnel technology for superb cleaning.
  • Multi-floor moving opportunity within a minute through useful brush roll.
  • Fingertip control and cyclonic filtration system.
  • Get the wide cleaning path and benefits of executing significant coverage within short time.
  • Easy and hassle free dirt cup without touch the single particles.

Wind Tunnel

Hoover linx cordless stick vacuum bh50010

Get the wind tunnel facility with the cleaner; probably it’s not available to other sorts of a device. The tunnel attracts small dust or even large debris to its path. From the appearance, you should have the best opportunity to clean the entire surface.

Don’t even think of deep down dirt since the device clears away evenly. The stick vacuum finds harmful particle from every hidden corner and sucks then through high power tunnel technology.

Cordless Vacuum

The Hoover introduces this as a cordless vacuum with premium quality supported a battery. Even though, it’s a cordless device but generates excellent power when running into the action. You’d get here the fade free pure suction.

Find the cyclonic technology with the cordless machine to have the great filtration process. Keep yourself hassle free from having an outlet through the machine. You won’t have any sorts of problem to lug around here and there. Get the upright benefits along with fade free suction through the particular device.

Powerful Battery

Find the 18-volt lithium ion battery that originates high power during operation. The battery voltage is just stunning what only performs to operate cleaning instead of other tasks. The interchangeable battery with the superb charger let you feel comfortable during clean away.

To check the remaining battery life, there is an exemplary procedure available here. You can measure the fuel gauge to identify when to remove the battery and in as well.

Hoover linx cordless stick bh50010 vacuum

Edge Cleaning Process

Find the edge cleaning process through the beautiful device. The system provides final cleaning. The machine finds the dirt and dangerous particle from the wall or hidden area. It offers more bristles rather than another device so that you could pick the pet hairs.

The vacuum is pet-friendly what picks more dirt and pallet rather than other prosaic cleaners available in the market. Furthermore, you could reach the points easily under furniture or any covered place. It’s a low profile base cleaner whereas you’d have the counter edges and cleaning benefits under legs and furniture.

What Is The Special Hacks Of Hoover Linx Cordless bh50010?

It’s a pet-friendly vacuum cleaner that welcomes more bristles to clears the furs away along with grabbing them nicely rather than others.

This cordless vacuum introduces promoted technology so that consumers have ultimate benefits. Meet the wind tunnel as well as cyclonic technology.

This Hoover vacuum provides sound operation through the powerful battery. Indeed, here you find two powerful motors and they generate enough strength to suck the dust into the accessible path.

Frequently Asked Questions [F.A.Q]

Is it well for Hardwood Floors?

Indeed, it’s so good to perform a robust action over the Hardwood floor. Don’t even think of scratching; it picks the fine dust and large debris from that floor. Picking the pet hairs from that sort of floor is nice. The wind tunnel of device sucks them evenly and offers polished floor as always.

Editors’ Recommendation

Hoover linx cordless bh50010

Hoover is the trusted brand that originates user-friendly product and vacuum cleaner is its best annexation. As we’ve mentioned earlier, there are so many affairs we desire for the cleaner. It's a multi-tasking cleaner and most importantly better to perform the pet issues. If you’re truly animal lovers and a bit of tense about their furs, then we say just try the product right now and see the upshot in no time.

Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, BH50010 comes up with advanced technology. Here you’d discover more improved features like cyclonic and wind tunnel technology and the bristles brush that cleanse more evenly and fast. Plus, such features are just perfect for the pet. Find the superb clearing opportunities since it manages edge and excellent suction.

The Drawback

This cordless vacuum already has gained a significant number of potential consumer reviews. Since you know, we are committed to sharing out the authentic view of the product, and that’s because we’d say that its worth too much to the people who are stylish and also pet-friendly. But we don’t like its maneuverability indeed.

Final Verdict

Anyone who wants to be stylish and desires for having the fade free suction might grab this vacuum. There are a lot of versatile appearances available to offer you the ultimate cleaning benefits. So don’t think much about this Hoover cleaner, pick it up and ensure the superb clearing at the intimate atmosphere.