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Dyson 206031-01 Cinetic Big Ball Animal Upright Vacuum Review

Dyson 206031-01 Cinetic Big Ball Animal Upright Vacuum comes with advanced technology to clean any sort of dirt which may be microscopic pollen and mold particles. It also includes whole-machine HEPA filtration, outstanding suction, little long handle and nine parts to help you clean crevices, upholstery, pet hair, and anything you want.

This bagless vacuum is to clean any mold and fur from carpet and hard floor, and you need not take extra effort to wash or replace the filter. Because this machine has self –adjusted cleaner that easily manages its head to suck the dust and dirt, whereas most of the vacuum filters clog them.

Dyson 206031-01 Cinetic Big Ball Animal Upright Vacuum

You will also get extra tools with this powerful vacuum for tough cleaning and make your home allergens free. Interestingly, this vacuum is useful to clean any stuff where your adorable and beloved pet lies on and mess with its fur.

Features of Dyson 206031-01 Cinetic Big Ball Animal Upright Vacuum

  • Bag less upright vacuum cleaner
  • Cleans both carpet and hard floor
  • Zero filter maintenance
  • Self-adjusting cleaner head
  • Wand and hose help to clean any edge of home
  • Powerful tangle-free turbine to remove hair and dirt

Bag less Vacuum

It is irritating to change the bag full of debris after cleaning the room every time with a vacuum. You will be glad to know that this bag less upright vacuum cleaner is available out there to help you to get rid of this irritating work. This Vacuum is the upgraded version having hygienic dirt ejector to remove dirt and debris. Thus, you will easily clean your sweet home utilizing this upright vacuum without spending extra effort in changing bag.

Self-Adjustable Head

Dyson 206031-01 Cinetic Big Ball Animal Upright Vacuum

This versatile Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal vacuum is designed with a self-adjustable cleaning head. This carbon fiber turbine head like big-ball manages itself during cleaning, so you need not tug it.

It maneuvers smoothly around the furniture, walls and other things and it grabs itself up when it falls over. Whereas, during cleaning, pull the unit carefully over the floors.

Cleaning Brush And Bristle

Several brushes you will get with this vacuum and a combination tool that included bristles on a crevice tool. Here, some brushes with soft bristle are made of fragile material, and some have firm bristle. The soft bristle collects the finest dirt from the hard floor, and stiffer nylon bristle agitates hair and fur from the carpet.

Tall Wand And Hose

The Dyson 206031-01 Cinetic Big Ball Animal Upright Vacuum with advanced technology has a tall wand and hose to help you to clean any sort of things, place or corner portion of the home.

Even you will be able to clean spider web from the ceiling since the tall wand can reach anywhere you want. Its articulating handle rotates at three directions with flexibility depending on the area you will clean.

Dyson 206031-01 Cinetic Big Ball Animal Upright Vacuum

Tangle-free Turbine Tool

This vacuum is superb for cleaning upholstery, chairs, stairs, beds, car interiors, and other smaller areas. This Dyson vacuum has been particularly designed with tangle-free turbine tool which removes long and short pet hair, threads, ribbons, and a piece of fabric, strings and other wastes without tangling, as it has no beater bar for hair to wrap around like traditional turbine tools.


HEPA air filter commits to take odd things out of the air, removing cigarette smoke, pollen, and other irritants. It's contains this HEPA air filter and prevents your home from air pollution. Thus as a health conscious person, you should choose this superb vacuum.


  • Filter-free Cinetic technology
  • Self-righting stability
  • Clean both carpet and hard floor
  • Easy-emptying large bin
  • Containing HEPA filtration system


  • Tough to adjust the suction
  • Generates somewhat noises during cleaning

Frequently Asked Questions [F.A.Q]

Q: How does this vacuum cleanar and which things?

Ans: I was also curious how this Dyson works without a filter. My opinion about this vacuum is it has a lot of excellent features that leave me feeling quite ambivalent about it. Its great effectiveness comes with lack of filter and belt, the clear plastic that you can see the clogs, the way it cleans so close to edges, and easy movement.

It cleans any sort of dirt and particles even pet hair which is allergens. You will also clean your carpet and hard floor. The air movement pulls heavy particles away from the filter so that you need not take extra effort. Cleaning that filter takes about 20 minutes. Basically, it replaces the filter with the purple plastic vortex assembly.

Q: How is this Dyson Vacuum with hard floors?

Ans: It does great in cleaning the dirt from the hard floor. Even tile and laminate floor gets cleaned with this, and it defiantly gets up the pet hair too. This Dyson 206031-01 Vacuum Cleaner maneuvers easily on any surface with a special attachment for floor cleaning only. This attachment locked into the hose and superior on hard surfaces.

How this Dyson 206031-01 Cinetic Big Ball Animal Vacuum Perform?

The Dyson vacuum cleaner can smoothly perform on carpet, upholstery, and tile. This most impressive tool with the carbon fiber turbine head showed effective results in previous cleaning tests. Even without a dedicated motor to energize the brush, it still was able to pick up huge amounts of pet hair, pollen and mold particles on the carpet and hard surface.

This bagless Cinetic Big Ball Animal Closeout upright vacuum with hygienic dirt ejector helps you to pick up surface dirt, soil and debris on the carpet, even it picks up pet hair which is not visible in bare eyes and camera.

However, it has a little snow plowing effect on floor surface but not too much. The snowplow effect only happens when you try to clean big particle.

Final Words

This vacuum offers the basic job of cleaning so well you will notice after using. There is no dirt sensor that tells you when to clean the filters in using this filter-less cleaner. Some of the vacuum cleaners out there wind their cords, but this one doesn't do that, though.

Interestingly you will find a tools storage feature with this vacuum. Even with its graceful design, this Dyson 206031-01 Cinetic Big Ball Animal Upright Vacuum Cleaner has space to keep several attachments. You can store brushes and the crevice tool on the unit, making it easy to grab the vacuum and start cleaning right away.

Dyson V6 Animal Cord-free Vacuum Review

Dyson is the trusted name for a vacuum cleaner and leads to offer the best one for pets. It usually features a powerful motor, ergonomic brush, and stunning design.

offers more brush bar for the great cleaning process. In fact, there is no cord available, so it's entirely hassling free cleaner.
Dyson V6 Animal Cord-free Vacuum

The powerful battery ensures, up to 20 minutes of constant operation with no loss of sections. Most importantly, get the mini motorized tool what’s so powerful to grab stubborn pet hair. Find the handheld operative mood to clean the desired spaces accordingly. Furthermore, there are a good number of appearances out there to surprise the users.

Features Of Dyson V6 Animal Cord-free Vacuum

  • Cord-free vacuum and instantly trigger release process.
  • So many additional tools to perform tougher stuff.
  • 20 minutes of great suction, only for cleansing
  • It’s a light weighted vacuum with versatile moods
  • Exclusive motorized tool to remove pet hair.
  • Very easier to clean and change the suction heads.

Cordless Vacuum

You don’t have to face any cords’ hassle. It's totally cordless cleaner what performs well and let the users use accordingly. Just drag around the tight machine spaces, car seat or upside of the furniture and get the excellent results. Through the entire process, you can quickly target the area. Rather, you’d use it as handheld moods. It’s considered the best one who is not eager of using the disturbing cord.

High Suction

The battery is highly influential of the device what ensures 20 minutes of great suction. Plus, it’s pretty sure that there is a little chance of losses. The model confirms the battery uses its energy only for cleaning instead of other petty stuff. Don’t even think of charging quality as the devices itself perform the fade free suction process. Enjoy the entire operation through the specific running time.

Dyson V6

Motorized Tool

The cleaner is superbly designed with mini motorized tool what’s considered as the best equipment for the pet vacuum cleaner. The nylon bristle of the machine cleans dirt, or large debris from carpet or bare floors. Indeed, it’s not applicable to the pet, but you’d use it to other spheres. Just swap over the tight spaces, car seat or under the furniture and get the shiny looks everywhere.

Cleaning Attachment

Find the right drive cleaning head what features with an excellent ergonomic brush. The brush bar ensures complete cleaning rather than other traditional categories of the brush. In fact, the cleaning head drives sophisticated operation through the bristle. When it executes, then grabs all the furs evenly. The head confirms proper sucking even from the hard floors to carpet. No matter the stubborn pet hair sticks to the carpet as it takes away nicely and secures hygiene.

What Else The Specialty

Dyson V6 Animal Cord-free Vacuum

It’s perfect tool to remove the fine dust or hidden mites from the hard floors. The machine clears away the dirt or tiny particle evenly.

Hover over the device whenever you want. It’s so light weighted, so lift it up or make that down or even put the stick and make the handheld mood.

It’s cord-free, and there you find many extra tools executing some hard stuff. The each device is designed to perform a particular task.

From grabbing affordability to dust trapping, all tasks go for systematically through this advanced technology supported pet vacuum cleaner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need More Additional Tools?

You don’t need going into other tools since all required attachments are available with the cleaner. You’d discover the each one to execute the distinct task. For instance, you’d have cleaner head to pick up the small particles and powered brush to enhance the speed. Plus, there are so many extra tools to make the tougher task easy and comfortable.

How Powerful Suction It Provides?

Alright, as you know this is a cordless vacuum cleaner. You may have to operate the device through charging. But, it’s pretty certain that battery is highly secure what offers 20 minutes of continuous cleaning. Besides, it provides fade free suction, and for sure all the charging capacity only works for operation. So never be tensed about sections’ capability.

Why We Love This Vacuum?

We’ve got stunned to explore the enormous appearances of the device. It fulfills consumers demand in a word, and that’s because they’ve thrown potential reviews. In fact, the vacuum is designed to offer optimal facilities for the pet lovers. You’d get here nice mini brush what sucks the stubborn fur evenly. Furthermore, the tools work excellent for the carpet and bare floors too.

Indeed, there are so many brands what make vacuum for a common task, individual instead, but it does. We love its varied moods. You may have to clean the ceiling and also under the furniture. Just turn it into a handheld mood, and operate the device to preferred place. Additionally, the machine furnishes so many attachments tools what’s designed to perform an individual task.

By all accounts, this is animal-friendly cleaner that welcomes many tools or attachment to remove the hidden mites or pet hair. And it welcomes more brush bar what’s entirely appropriate for the picking up large hair debris. So it’s your pleasure that from now on don’t have to worry for the unhygienic and filthy atmosphere at the room.

Final Verdict

If you’ve gone throw the focused appearances then certainly got the message indeed why should you grab that. It’s consumer oriented and very simple to clean the entire surface. In truth, the device is perfect for all sorts of things like bare or hard or above the carpet. So we must recommend having the Dyson V6 Animal Cord-free Vacuum to ensure superb cleaning at your loving home.