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Bissell Pet Stain Eraser Review | Top Notch Stain Remover Ever

If you have a pet, then we understand that he or she might end up staining your carpet. No matter how much you scold the poor fellow, the stain is not going to come off. Instead, we have a perfect solution for such a situation. The Bissell's pet stain remover is capable of removing stains from almost anywhere.

Bissell Pet Stain Eraser

Sounds too good to be true? Well, our Bissell pet stain eraser review is going to show you why we consider this device to be such a marvel and, why should all pet owners have this in their arsenal. We have thoroughly reviewed the product and have provided you with a clear view of what you will get with the item.

Hence, without further ado, let’s begin!

Bissell Pet Stain Eraser Overview

One of the most lucrative features of the item is its superb mobility! It is lightweight and has compact dimensions, which guarantees straightforward maneuvering. Furthermore, its convenient dimension and weight offer effortless storage and, also, permits you superb reach!

It also comes with a durable construction, which ensures that the item is going to serve you for a long time. And, the cordless factor of the item enhances the portability of the item even further! Moreover, the item is powerful enough to remove even the most stubborn of stains with minimum effort!

Not only for pet stains, but the unit can also be used for several other removal operations. Plus, its ready-to-use formula lets you utilize the item without any delay! And, the formula is made in such a manner that it guarantees optimum performance and results whenever and wherever it is used.

In addition to all that, the item comes with several other features that make it a great buy.


The item uses a lithium-ion battery to operate! The battery provides it with a voltage of 7.2V, which makes the device quite robust. Thus, the device can effortlessly scoop up all the stains that might be left on your carpets!

Furthermore, because of the powerful battery, you are granted a 15-minute run time, which is higher than most stain removers.


Bissell Pet Stain Eraser Review
Bissell Pet Stain Eraser Review

You can use the device on various surfaces, including upholstery, carpets, etc. Hence, you can use it on several surfaces without much issue. Moreover, apart from removing stains left from pet vomits, feces or urine, it can remove stains such as tomato sauce, wine, makeup, food, grease or vegetable oil, coffee, cola, etc.

In short, the product is an all removing cleaner!

Additionally, this professional-level stain+oxy easily removes any unwanted stains!

Easy Operations

Unlike conventional stain removers, this one is quite effortless to use! All the control buttons are within your reach and provide an easy to control attribute.

The motto of the remover is “spray, scrub, and suction”! Meaning, the device sprays the formula on the jet, top-notch scrubbers on the head rub and loosen the stains and, the powerful suction collects the stain. Such easy functionality assures effortless usage!


The device weighs around 4.6 pounds, which enables you to move it with ease. And, makes moving the item a much more effortless task! Plus, the innovative and comfortable handles of the product enhances the mobility of the item even further. Besides, due to the size, storing the item wherever you want is a child’s play.

Moreover, the cordless feature of the item grants its superior reach and allows you to reach spots that general removers are incapable of.


All the unwanted estaminets are stored in a detachable container, thus, providing uncomplicated, effortless maintenance, and cleaning.


The product is made from sturdy and long-lasting materials that ensure it is going to last for several years. And it also comes with a sturdy build, which is resistant to water.


Well, it is quite natural to expect that the price of such a high-quality stain remover will be quite expensive. However, when compared to other brandy and expensive removers, the price of this is quite average. Hence, most of you can afford such a fabulous product.

Save a Pet

Save A Pet

An interesting deal is that whoever buys the package, $10 from the cost, is going to be added to Bissell’s pet foundation!


  • Assures uncomplicated usage
  • You can use the item to remove stains from several types of surfaces and can remove several types of stains
  • Comes with a dimension and weight that offer easy mobility and storage
  • The cordless feature doesn’t hinder its reach


  • You might need to change the battery quite often

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often do you need to maintain or clean the device?

Q: What are the weight and dimensions of the product?

Q: Can we use other substances or liquids to clean?

Q: Does it heat the water or solution to clean?

Final Word

If you are looking for a top-notch stain remover that grants several other perks, then this is an excellent choice. Plus, it comes with easy-to-use and user friendly controls. Hence, we assure you if you have this masterpiece along your side, you won’t have to worry about any stains.

Bissell CleanView 1831 Review – Powerful And Multi Cyclonic Upright Vacuum

Bring Bissell - 1831 and have a good day with your lovely pets and kids. Bissell is one of the world-renowned brands claimed for manufacturing good-quality vacuums. With magnetic design and powerful performance, these vacuum cleaners have conquered the heart of thousands of customers across the world.

Today, we will present you with an innovative vacuum cleaner of the brand named Bissell cleanview 1831. With technological expertise and usage availability, the upright cleaner has already hit huge popularity in the market.

Since 1876, the Bissell Team has relentlessly been working to offer you the upgraded cleaning tools. The cleanview 1831 is a unique outcome of such an endeavor. Let’s find; how the particular vacuum can make a heavenly home maintaining the highest standard.

Bissell CleanView 1831: The Features, Functions, Advantages, and Disadvantages

Bissell CleanView 1831

With multi-functional features, the vacuum cleaner performs well on almost floor types like bare, sealed hard, carpet, stairs, low pile carpet, and upholstery. And the manufacturing design has added a new dimension with its overall applications. Let’s have a look at some of its useful features and functions below.

One Pass Technology

Bissell has developed the vacuum cleaner with the rarely used one pass technology. Unlike conventional cleaners, the vacuum generates powerful suction to clean on the initial pass. With the help of innovative brush design, the clean view item eliminates most of the surface debris. Based on the visual test BTP0221, it confirms complete cleaning.

Multi-Cyclonic Suction System

The manufacturer has built the cleaner with the multi-cyclonic suction system to extend the filter performance. It helps to capture and keep the total dirt in the bin, where it belongs. It leaves no pet hair, long hair, dust, dirt, and debris on the carpet or hardwood floors.

Multi-filtration System

The clean view vacuum has a multi-lever filtration system along with an endurable washable filter. It helps to ensure impeccable cleaning throughout the floor. No debris and dust exist on the floor. And as it is washable, you can use it for further cleaning operation. Therefore, you can save your pocket. It keeps household dust and allergens away.

Extended Cleaning Reach

For meeting the extended cleaning need, the vacuum cleaner has a 25-feet power cord, 6-feet hose along with a 13.5-inch cleaning path. It gives you easy access to the hard to reach area. And you can clean the longer destination with the help of a power cord. The vacuuming master has a dirt cup measuring the capacity of 2-liters.

Large Capacity Dirt Bin

Bissell 1831 has a spacious and robust dust bin to hold a large amount of debris at a time. It has an easy opening and emptying bottom basket for hassle-free use. And you get mess-free debris emptying within no time. Therefore, you can save time and energy during the whole cleaning operation.

Turbo Brush Tool

Bissell has modified the cleaner with the turbo brush tool for quick dirt and debris lifting. With the particular function, the vacuum can smoothly wipe out dust, dirt, and debris from the carpet, hardwood, tile, or marble floors, stairs, upholstery, and interiors.

Lightweight & Extremely Portable Design

Users love the Bissell vacuum because of its ultra-portable availability and lightweight design. Having no turbulence, you can conveniently carry the cleaner anywhere you want. And it lets you pushing paying no more extra power.

Maximum Performance for Carpet & Hardwood Floors

Bissell 1831 performs well on the carpet and hardwood floors. It shows magical performance to pick pet and dog hair from the depth of the carpet floors. At the same time, it keeps hardwood surface neat and clean from dust, debris, and dirt.

Bissell CleanView 1831 Review


  • Multi-level filtration for perfect cleaning
  • Powerful suction for quick and smooth cleaning
  • Easily emptying dirt bin for hassle-free operation
  • 5-stage height adjustment for smooth operation on almost types of floors from carpet to hardwood
  • Lightweight design for powerless carrying anywhere


  • No swiveling can be an issue
  • On excessive stretch, extension hose pipe gets out

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQs

Q: How to take care of the vacuum cleaner?

Q: Can the vacuum finish microscopic irritants?

Q: Can I use the vacuum to clean dirt from rare corners?

Concluding Comment

Bissell 1831 cleanview vacuum isn’t conventional cleaner; rather it’s a technologically sound one to ensure better cleaning performance. It will make you relaxed in your daily cleaning campaigning. No more pain for having a clean and healthy ambiance for 24/7.

With upgraded features and functions, the cleanview cleaner can be your desired cleaning company for the next day. Let’s have a deal with the vacuum master. Let’s enjoy happy cleaning and happy day with the particular item.

Rug Doctor Flexclean Reviews – [Your Floor Cleaner Solution]

A cleaner is a staple of any household. However, the quality of the cleaner is directly proportionated to how much it can clean.

Low-quality cleaners are less likely to clean tough stains while high-quality ones can pretty much clean anything.

Among the high-quality brands, Rug Doctor deserves its reputation. The brand offers plenty of great cleaners, but its Flexclean unit stands out as something very special.

You may have already gone through several Rug Doctor Flexclean reviews to figure out whether this unit is worth its cost. However, with this review, you can get a comprehensive idea on everything you need to know about to make the ultimate purchase decision.

Rug Doctor Flexclean Reviews

Rug Doctor FlexClean

We will be discussing the features of this unit and why they make it so special. Additionally, we will elaborate on the pros and cons of this device to get to know everything there is about this unit.

So, without further ado, let us get into the review.

Highlighted Features

  • Can clean grit, grease, grime, and gunk with ease
  • Works with any surface including carpet and hardwood
  • The floor cleaner solution is versatile enough to clean everything
  • Acts as a mop, steamer and hardwood cleaner at the same time
  • Designed like a vacuum cleaner with superior maneuvering
  • Capable of Deep Cleaning
  • Durable yet light tank
  • Can switch from carpet to hardwood instantaneously

All in One Machine

Many households have to keep multiple cleaning tools to stay clean. Mops and steamers, to name a few. However, if you had something that could act as every cleaning tool in one versatile device, then Flexclean has your back. It uses a unique design to accommodate any surface.

Most Flexclean reviews will mention how effectively it replaces other household tools. It utilizes the All-in-One cleaning solution, which cleans pretty much every surface and stains.

Moreover, it can even take away the residue off of them as well. The ability to accommodate hardwood and carpet surfaces make this model particularly convenient. It even adds features to make this benefit more apparent.

Deep Clean

When using tools like mops, deep cleaning can be excessively arduous. You need to exert a lot of effort into making sure that everything is perfectly polished before you can move on. With a tool like Flexclean, all of that becomes so much easier.

That might be hard to believe since most cleaners can only clean at a surface level. Nevertheless, this unit employs advanced technology to deep clean easily.

Beneath the machine, there is a strong rotating brush that spins at high speeds to eliminate any stain. Along with that, it incorporates powerful suction as well. With their powers combined, deep cleaning becomes a cinch.

Vacuum Cleaner Like Design

Rug Doctor FlexClean Review

Easily, the best thing about vacuum cleaners is its design. They are specifically built to feel easy on the back. The design allows you greater reach with much less effort. When you combine that fact with the powerful deep clean, capable Flexclean, you will get a lot of work done fast.

The vacuum cleaner like design also allows this unit to reach hard to reach areas. All without having to bend over or move your obstacles. With this, a mop becomes obsolete.

Now, you might think that this could make it difficult to reach certain areas. For example, the design does not do any favors when trying to clean the stairs.

That is why Rug Doctor thought ahead and introduced the upholstery and spot cleaning tool. You can use it to clean tight spots as well as walls and shelves. However, you do have to buy them separately.

Extreme Cleaning Capability

This is not deep clean capable of nothing. With its incredible technology, it can clean almost anything. Carpet stains become a thing of the past, and you can easily tackle any pet-related accidents without having to deal with any frustration.

This is thanks to Rug Doctor's inclusion of the All-in-One floor cleaner solution; the go-to solution for any mess.

With the power of this solution and its powerful cleaning hardware, it can easily clean through spills, grit, grease, drink residue, gunk, stains, spots, oil spills, food residue and many more. It is so powerful; it can effectively clean old stains as well.

Carpet to Hardwood Surface Cleaning Switch

Hardwood and carpets need to be cleaned differently. You cannot expect them to clean up the same way. Luckily, this model has the design to clean both. Of course, it does not employ the same methods to clean each surface. Instead, it has a switch to move into each mode.

The switch is located on the base of the machine. It might be a bit difficult to reach, but the speed at which it changes modes is spectacular. The shift is almost instantaneous, letting you immediately get back to cleaning.


  • Is equipped for efficient deep cleaning
  • Usable on all surfaces
  • Can reach hard to reach spots with its vacuum cleaner design
  • It can clean pretty much any mess
  • Replaces numerous household tools for cleaning with just one device
  • Includes a highly effective cleaning solution


  • The nozzle to change from hardwood mode to carpet mode is bothersome to reach
  • Not flexible in terms of the solutions it can use
  • Upholstery and Spot Cleaning tool is sold separately

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use Water and Vinegar as a solution?

Q: Do any solutions from other manufacturers work on this unit??

Q: Can I use this machine without vacuuming?

Q: Can it clean tiles?

Q: How many solutions should I add per gallon of water?


While it does come with a few drawbacks, the model is an overall very solid model. Its versatility lends to its viability as your sole cleaning tool.

So, we hope that after going through the Rug Doctor Flexclean reviews, you can comfortably decide whether or not you should get this magnificent model.

EasyLint Professional Sweater Shaver (Remove Your Bobbles Efficiently)

Are you fed up of seeing your favorite cloth getting pills?

Do you pick out the bobbles in your spare time to make your cloth look fresh?

Well, you are not alone. Piling which is a common phenomenon of appearance of pills or bobbles in the clothes makes them look old and torn. The cloth loses its softness and texture as a whole making it worthless to wear again.

There is an ultimate charm is wearing brand new clothes. Isn’t it? The smell of the new clothes coming right from the wardrobe makes the entire day pleasant. However, once you start wearing, the chances of them getting bobbles after some time also raise. It happens not only after regular use but after certain washes as well.

If you no longer want to remove the lint manually, it’s time to look upon one of the best devices that can do the needful. Here we are talking about Easylint Professional Sweater Shaver that has gained popularity among the people for effectively removing the lint, fuzz, pill, bobble from a variety of clothes.

Easylint Professional Sweater Shaver

Let us take a glance over the key features of Easylint Professional Sweater Shaver and know what makes it unique.

Key Features:

  • Works well with multiple fabrics
  • Comprises 5 watts motor for effective work
  • Replaceable blades
  • Zipper storage case
  • Attractive and user-friendly design

Whether you have an old sweater or shirt that looks awful due to intense bobbles or a new one with light pills here and there, this device will work wonders and make your apparel new and fresh. The best thing is you can use it not only on your clothes but curtains, bed sheets, duvets, drapes, sofas, couches and almost everywhere.

How Easylint Professional Sweater Shaver works?

The power source of the device is A/C adapter and 5W DC motor. There are stainless steel rotator blades that remove the bobbles efficiently without any hassles. The presence of large 2.5 inches shaving head does the entire removal work with perfection. You need to hold the device with its strong soft touch grip handle and stroke it on the affected areas.

On which fabrics Easylint Professional Sweater Shaver works?

As already discussed this device works well on multiple fabrics; you can use it over wool, cotton, linen, Lycra without any fuss. Generally, pilling occurs due to friction caused by intense usage or washing the cloth. Lint occurs quickly if the cloth is of low quality. However, with this device, you can easily get rid of them making the fabric look fresh and new.

You may use it over:

  • Fabrics: wool, cotton, linen, lycra
  • Bedding: Sheets, Blankets, Comforters & Duvets
  • Furniture: Chairs, Sofas, Couches, Seat Cushions, Curtains & Drapes

What is the durability of Easylint Professional Sweater Shaver?

The device is made up of high-grade and durable materials. The sturdy ABS body and stainless steel blades ensure it will last longer and endow effective results with every stroke. Each component of the product is professional, reliable and long-lasting.

Sweater Shaver Easylint

What are the accessories one gets with Easylint Professional Sweater Shaver?

Users will get different essential components like lint tray, 69’ long cord and plug, spare blades, bobble remover, EasyLint shaver, cleaning brush, and one stylish zipper storage case. The carrying case consists of handles to make the device easy to carry anywhere. You will also get one instruction manual to understand how it works.

Extra perks of getting the Easylint Professional Sweater Shaver

It is a premium grade bobble remover device which comes with some additional perks. Some of them are:

  • The shaving head of the device is extra large so that maximum lint came out with each stroke.
  • Lint collector is also spacious enough to collect a good amount of bobbles at a time.
  • The handle has a soft grip for easy maneuvering over the fabrics and effective result.
  • The cord is extra long so that you can work with no fuss.
  • The blades are made up of stainless steel making it durable and efficient.
  • The matte black design makes it alluring and stylish enough to work with.

Being a proficient sweater shaver, it makes a perfect gift to your family and friends as well. Coming in a wonderful zipper case, you can gift wrap it and present it on the occasions like house warming party. I bet your mother will love it.

The size of the device is 13.9 x 8.1 x 4.1 inches, and it weighs just 1.96 pounds. So, overall, compact in size and light in weight it is user-friendly and can be easily handled by anyone. The On/Off switch is right at the handle to make working fun, easy and quick.

Another alluring fact is the presence of replaceable blades. Once the blades become blunt, you can get another from the market and replace the old ones with the new. Apart from this, coming with a 100% money back guarantee Easylint Professional Sweater Shaver is one lucrative product to deal with.

Wrapping up:

We wish one could spell some magic and makes the clothes look fresh and new but alas! Although there are many other ways of removing the lint from the fabrics the one which works effectively and saves your time is Easylint Professional Sweater Shaver.

One can also remove the lint by using:

  • A sweater comb- It is a manual version of electric sweater shaver which consumes a lot of time.
  • A shaving razor- A new razor with sharp blades can also remove the pills to some extent, but if the fabric is thin, the chances of damaging the cloth also raise.

Other than these, if you have plenty of time, you may just start picking out the pills one by one which is, of course, a very lengthy, tiring and boring practice.

So if you are looking for one of the best ways of removing the lint from the fabrics of clothes, furniture or bedding, Easylint Professional Sweater Shaver is your ultimate option. Get one for yourself and renew the fabrics instantly!

Pledge Fabric Sweeper For Pet Hair Review

You love pets but you don’t love the sight of their hairs all over the room, right? Well, you are not alone. Almost everyone who owns a pet cannot tolerate seeing their pets’ hair spread in the floor, stuck to the rugs and glued to the carpets. It is not only awful to the sight but unhygienic and unhealthy as well.

Pledge Fabric Sweeper

It is no surprise that a house with pets is most of the time muddled with their mess. No matter how obedient and trained the pet is, it can’t stop its natural process of hair fall. Seeing hairs on the floor, carpet, sofa and other upholstery are very obvious. Believe me, if you have a pet you have to deal with it.

However, there are a few simple products which can help one get rid of this mess. Here, we are not talking about those big shotguns like vacuum cleaners but simple to use and small product- Pledge Fabric Sweeper.

If you already have a vacuum cleaner and don’t want to spend money on buying another one just for the sake of picking up the pets’ hair, Pledge Fabric Sweeper is just for you. The amazing features of this product will make you awestruck and compel you to get one. The fascinating thing is it is user-friendly and can be used by anyone.

Key Features of Pledge Fabric Sweeper :

  • Useful to remove the hairs from upholstered furniture.
  • Consists of rollers that trap and lift up the pet hairs.
  • Gives effective results very quickly.
  • Easy to empty and reuse.
  • Light in weight and small in size.

With these features, it has gained much popularity and become one of the most usable products for pet owners. Since it can work on multiple surfaces- pillows, sofa, couch cushions, and much more, people are splurging on it.

How does the sweeper look like

It is a small product with dimensions of 4.2 x 8.6 x 3.1 inches. Weighing just 5.3 ounces, Pledge Fabric Sweeper is one user-friendly and easy to access product. There is a plastic holder on the top of the sweeper which is used to hold it while sweeping the upholstery. Although, as per the users, the grip of the holder is tenuous, you can use it until not dragged too hard.

Pledge Fabric Sweeper For Pet Hair

How Pledge Fabric Sweeper works

As per the direction on the packaging, it works well when you use short strokes on the side to side sweeps. It is essential for the surface to have some resistance. The rolling action of the sweeper and lifting up of the hairs require little tension between the surfaces involved.

The cylindrical halves of the product roll together for 45 degrees of arc. The fur and hairs stuck on the upholstery get trapped inside the handle of the sweeper. As soon as you observe handle becoming full of fur, remove the cylinder halves and empty the accumulated matter. You may reuse it all over again.

How to empty and reuse them

When you sweep the surface, the furs get trapped in the hollow of the handle. The rollers lift and grab all the hairs from the upholstery only to accumulate them on the void of the handle. There are two closures in the handle which can open the empty space where the hairs are getting amass. Once open, empty the device and make it ready for reuse.

The entire work process of Pledge Fabric Sweeper is as simple as it could ever be. No brainers and no extra efforts. All that one need is to sweep it over the surface manually and get rid of all the stubborn hairs of pets.

Here, the interesting thing is it works well with human hairs and small dust particles as well.

Now let us take a look at some of the major pros and cons of it.


  • Easy to use
  • Applicable to multiple surfaces
  • Empty it and reuse
  • No phthalates or other toxic chemicals
  • Convenient and eco-friendly


  • Not to be applied over wet surfaces
  • It should not be used with any liquid
  • Doesn’t work over smooth surfaces
  • The grip of the handle is not very strong

Wrapping up

There are times when you don’t want to spend on buying a heavily priced vacuum cleaner but at the same time want to remove pet’s hairs effectively. It is when something like Pledge fabric Sweeper comes in handy. Excellent in endowing results and highly convenient in use, this is one of the best products for all the pet owners who crave for a clean and tidy space which is entirely free from pet’s fur.

Coming at a very reasonable price, this is a wonderful product what anyone can afford. So, give it a try and see how much it helps in overcoming the problem of a messy house.

Dirt Devil Scorpion Review | This is, By Far, Best Handheld Vac

Handheld vacuums have a separate fan base. Out of so many companies that are into manufacturing handheld vacuums, only a few have managed to make a reliable place in the market. High convenience and great versatility are the key factors which make a vacuum cleaner adorable, and Dirt Devil Scorpion falls under the same category.

Dirt Devil Scorpion Review

Dirt Devil is one of the oldest in the market that manufactures handheld devices. Their vast experience and good know-how have always compelled buyers to trust them and buy their products.

Let us take a sneak peek into the prominent features of Dirt Devil Scorpion SD20005RED and know its potentiality.

Key Features of Dirt Devil Scorpion 

  • Light in weight
  • Powerful suction
  • Corded 
  • Easy to empty dirt cup
  • Removable rinse filter
  • Essential accessories

How powerful is its suction

It is important for any vacuum cleaner to have a powerful suction for a thorough cleaning. The powerful 7 Amp motor in the device with 2.5 ft hose relates to a powerful suction that ensures every dirt and dust will get picked. Whether there are smaller sized sand particles or larger size debris, Dirt Devil Scorpion works like a pro to make the space dirt free.

dirt devil scorpion

How useful is the dirt cup

The capacity of the dirt cup is around 0.45 L which makes sure that it will pick up filths in larger quantity. It will ensure that you don’t have to make many trips in between the cleaning session. It is easy to empty as well.

How long is the cord

Whenever we talk about a corded device, we say that it must have a long cord so that reaching out every corner does not become an issue. With a long 15 ft cord, Dirt Devil Scorpion becomes a user-friendly device. The long cord ensures that you can reach the tight corners, ceiling, curtains, upholstery and every other place with great convenience.

How potent is the filter

The filter of this device is impressive and easily accessible. It is not only easy to remove but also rinse so that you can get a fresh one in every use. It endows a long-lasting performance so that you can easily handle all types of dirt and dust.

What makes it lightweight

Generally, all the handheld vacuum cleaners are light in weight due to their small size. This product with 4.5 pounds falls under the same category. The size of the device is around 13.7 x 6.4 x 8.5 inches that again works in its favor making it easy to carry around anywhere. Moreover, this feature also makes it easy to store without requiring any specific space for it.

What accessories you will get

The machine comes with a Quick Flip Crevice tool which makes the cleaning session effortless. Whether you are going to clean rugs, hard floor, and vehicle or using it in the workshop, Quick Flip on-board Crevice tool will assist in giving excellent results. The attachment hose makes the thing even more accessible.


  • Amazing suction
  • Great versatility
  • Long Cord
  • Light in weight
  • Hose attachment


  • It gets overheated when used continuously.
  • There are no HEPA filters.

What is a handheld vacuum cleaner

As per the name, a handheld vacuum cleaner is relatively smaller in size and portable device. The compact size, yet great usability makes it one of the potent equipment to use for cleaning.

Being, handheld it has certain pros and cons which allure and deter people from buying it. So let us take an insight into the significant advantages and disadvantages of a handheld vacuum cleaner.


Small and compact- This is one of the most appealing features in a handheld vacuum cleaner. Generally, the traditional vacuum cleaners are quite large, and you need to have a special space for their storage. On the contrary, the compact size of a handheld allows you to keep it anywhere.

Light in weight: It is essential that you don’t feel loaded while vacuuming the house. It is when a lightweight device comes in the scene. With it, you can move from one corner to another without any hassles.

User-friendly: Handheld vacuum cleaners are no brainers. They are very user-friendly, and you do not have to face any complications while using. The technical part of the machine is easy enough to be understood even by a small kid.

Perfect for quick cleanups: There are times when the entire house is clean, and your pet just spilled the planter. To clean the mud and to overcome such similar scenarios a handheld vacuum cleaner is considered the best. Who wants to bring out a bulky device when a handheld one can easily accomplish it.

Carry anywhere: Owing to its small and compact size you can carry it anywhere, no matter whether it is corded or cordless. If it is a cordless one, you get more opportunities to perform functions like cleaning of the car, taking it to the beach and clear the sand; take it to the camping and much more.

Easy to maintain: This is another alluring advantage of having a handheld device. While the traditional ones need proper maintenance and upkeep, the handhelds can be easily handled. Since many of them are bagless, you don’t have to spend extra on getting a separate trash holder.

Affordable: Handheld devices come in a surprisingly affordable price range and are relatively lesser than the traditional vacuum cleaners. Although the overall quoted price depends upon its size, features and brand name, they are still quite reasonable.

Who can have a handheld vacuum cleaner

  • The small size of the device makes it perfect for people who live in small spaces. Small apartments, dorm rooms where there is a problem of having a separate storage space can opt for a handheld device.
  • It is perfect for elderly people owing to the fact that they are light in weight and easy to use. Since they are less technical and ‘how to use’ section can be easily understood by anyone even small kids can work with it.
  • People who love to go camping now and then can get this device and carry it with them anywhere. Since they are light in weight doesn’t contribute to increasing the weight of your luggage much. This way you can have a clean space wherever you camp.


Out of so many handheld devices that you might see in the online or offline market, Dirt Devil comes with some great features. It is a value for money and ensures to give you a great cleaning experience. It will be hard to find a device with so many appealing features in such price tag.

So, if you are really giving a thought to buying a handheld vacuum cleaner, this device could become your one of the best choices to ponder. Use it in the home or carry it anywhere; it will become your best friend while performing the cleaning sessions.

Rollibot BL618 Reviews – Key features, Pros and Cons

Vacuum cleaners hold a special place in every household. Accomplishing one of the most exhausting yet essential tasks of the house, vacuum cleaners are the call of time. Today, when every member of the house is working taking time out especially for cleaning, becomes troublesome. This is when a good vacuum cleaner comes in handy.

What makes robot vacuum cleaner worthwhile

When you finally decide to have a vacuum cleaner, the next question arises as for which type of product will be the best. The market today is flooded with a variety of machines that can fulfill the task but getting the one which meets your requirements is a must.

If you a working person and don’t have time, I will suggest pondering upon a robotic vacuum cleaner will be the best. Some of the features that make robot vacuum cleaner perfect for working families are.

  • They can perform multiple functions
  • You don’t need to be physically present with a robot vacuum cleaner when it cleans
  • They can be scheduled as per the cleaning requirements
  • They perform intelligent cleaning due to the presence of sensors
  • You can use them on all kinds of floors
  • They are accessible with remote controls

These are some of the most alluring reasons that make a robot vacuum cleaner worth to purchase.

If such a device is your cup of tea, we will help you give reviews of one of the best robot vacuum cleaners of the time, Rollibot BL618.

Available in black color this device is one of its kind and helps in making the cleaning session easy for you. The most alluring feature is this is a quiet device that ensures you won’t get unnecessary noise when it works. Whether you have naughty kids at home or mischievous pets, it will work to clean the mess done by them thoroughly.

Essential key features of Rollibot BL618

  • It can perform multiple functions like sweeping, mopping, vacuuming and UV sterilizing the space.
  • The device works well with hardwood floor, floor with tiles as well as linoleum.
  • There are HEPA filters that are supposed to pick 99.9% of dirt, dust, and allergens.
  • It comprises sensors and intelligent cleaning modes.
  • The device is accessible with wireless remote control.

What is intelligent cleaning in Rollibot BL618

Robotic vacuum cleaners are generally equipped with intelligent cleaning modes and sensors. This device is no exception as there are 10 sensors and 4 smart cleaning modes. They help in sweeping, mopping, vacuuming and at the same time sterilizing the floor.

Rollibot BL618

The presence of UV light and HEPA filters ensures that the house will be hygienically clean and remain free from allergens. So it will give cleaning at the macro and microscopic level. It is what called as intelligent cleaning.

Houses with pets are the abode of germs and microorganisms that cause dreadful diseases and illness. Children get the infections easily in such circumstances. Rollibot BL618 with its specialized UV cleaning gives a healthy and safe ambiance to every family member.

What are the state-of-the-art features in Rollibot BL618

The device is equipped with specific features that optimize the cleaning and make it.

5 Wide Range Cliff Sensors

 The sensors contribute to making the device highly intelligent. The evenly spaced sensors not only avoid the obstacles coming its way while cleaning but also prevents it from falling off the stairs.

Versatile Cleaning

 It can accomplish the task in all kinds of surfaces like hardwood, tile, linoleum, carpets and much more. From sweeping, mopping to vacuuming the minute dirt and dust it ensures giving a spotless floor. There are dual rotating brushes that pick up debris and filth of all sizes. High suction is an add-on feature.

Automatic Recharging

 Once the device gets exhausted and left with only 10 minutes of battery life, it returns to the charging station, get recharged and resume cleaning. The charging dock of the machine is competent and prevent overcharging of the device. It can clean 1290 ft² areas for 80 to 100 minutes continuously.

Smooth Transition

Rollibot BL618 transit from hard floor to carpet with no hassles. Bring it on to any kind of floor whether wood, tile or linoleum it will perform its task with much accuracy and precision and suck up the dirt from carpets easily. The detachable bristles clean the tight corners and high suction vacuum up the stubborn dust as well.

No Noise while cleaning

The device is as quiet as an air conditioner, unlike many vacuum cleaners which makes much noise. The frequency of sound is just 65 dB.

Does Rollibot BL618 has double filtration

Yes, there is an easy to clean dustbin with double filtration feature. The two filters are:

1. Micro-filter trap- It traps all the bigger particles of dust, dirt, and debris.

2. Air filter trap- It filters all the air particles to make the ambiance hygienically clean. The allergy causing pollens and tobacco particles are trapped by this filter.

How long Rollibot BL618 can be scheduled

One can schedule automatic cleaning for up to 7 days in advance. The best part is it can be controlled with wireless remote control. You may schedule, start, stop, steer, pause, and switch between 4 cleaning modes with its help while just sitting at a place. It is a user-friendly device that can be worked upon by any member of the family.

Rollibot BL618 Reviews

With the weight of just 7.7 pounds and dimensions 13.4 x 3.3 x 13.4 inches, this affordable and highly efficient machine is one of the best to splurge. The unique features and alluring cleaning modes viz., auto clean, edge clean, spot clean and schedule cleaning makes it apt for working families and big houses.

The pros and cons of the device


  • It consists of intelligent auto cleaning
  • Cleans hard to reach places with no hassles
  • It offers an edge to edge cleaning
  • The battery life is long
  • Its performance is ultra quiet


  • There is the need of cleaning the dustbin regularly for more efficient cleaning
  • It must be completely charged before starting the work.


Rollibot has brought many vacuum cleaners in the market in which some of them are highly efficient and worth every penny. Rollibot BL618 is one of them which offers every desired feature and fulfill the requirements of people. Equipped with auto-return and self-charging capability and anti-drop and anti-collision feature it becomes one of its kinds and worth to buy.

Bissell PowerForce Helix Reviews –

Right now, vacuums are coming in different shapes, styles sizes having various features. Thus, getting the best one for you is to be tricky. To get you out of the troublesome confusion, we have chosen Bissell PowerForce Helix vacuums that come with powerful and budget-friendly cleaning facility. Through quality assurance, Bissell PowerForce gained popularity among smart intellectuals.

There are many available Bissell vacuums to choose from and we picked the top 3 which can match your lifestyle and living conditions as well. After performing several tests and prolonged research, we came with top 3 Bissell powerforce helix reviews. There are certain limitations to each one, yet provides quality and excellence to keep your house clean. Keep going down to get the best one to use for having a tidy home.

#1. Bissell PowerForce Helix Turbo Rewind Bagless Vacuum, 1797

Our Bissell powerforce helix reviews start with this dependable vacuum. You can keep the house clean at the best level using this unit. If you can handle the dirt without variable suction or indicator, this is likely to give you optimum satisfaction for sure.

Bissell PowerForce Helix Turbo Rewind Bagless Vacuum, 1797


  • Item Weight: 14.11 pounds
  • Type of Cleaner: Upright
  • Power Type: Mains
  • Type of Cord Storage: Automated Rewinding
  • Length of Cord: 25 feet
  • Electricity Requirement: 8 Amp
  • Cleaning Method: Dry
  • Path Width: 15” Wide
  • Length of Hose: 8 feet
  • Collection of Dust: Bagless
  • Dust Capacity: 0.3 gallon
  • Floor Compatibility: Stairs & Carpets
  • Color Category: Black, Red & Green
  • Extension Wand: Yes
  • Dusting Brush: Yes

Deep Cleaning through Powerful Suction: Featuring an 8-Amp motor that runs at 120 Volts and 60 Hz, this vacuum provides a powerful suction. It allows consistent rotation of the axial shaft which induces more suction. Through the faster rotation, it can wipe out the smallest dirt from the surfaces. The powerful suction results from a moderate motor which deters the power waste.

Lightweight Design Induces Easy Portability: With sturdy metal construction, it's not only imparts durability but also provides easy carriage. It weight about 14 pounds only and includes a handle on the top. You can transport the frame at any corner of the house thanks to its easy portability. The lightweight designation allows you to carry this unit even at up or down flights of stairs.

Dual Edge Cleaning to Reach Tiny Areas: There comes 15” wide path to take in all the dirt. Apart from that, it also contains a dual edge cleaning technique. With the wide path and advanced technique, it triggers surround suction. If you are having trouble cleaning tiny and dirty corners of the house, the dual edge can help with this. The 15” path with surround suction delivers increased suction.

Bagless Dumping along with the Dirt Cup: It contains one dirt cup at the back having a capacity of 1.0L or 0.3 gallons. Thus, you can go for heavy and longer cleaning sessions. In fact, the dirt cup needs no bag to dump the dirt. Having sufficient capacity, you won’t have to deal with frequent dumping. And the best part is obviously the bagless operation which relieves you from bagging the dirt before dumping.

4 Removable Attachments Provides Grater Cleaning: There are 4 onboard tools you can attach to increase the cleaning performance. It includes dusting brush, turbo brush along with crevice tool and expansion wand. Along with the 4 attachments, you can make a perfect cleaning even for the tightest corner of the house. They can take care of all hairs and other debris from the carpet and stairs as well.


  • Ease to empty bagless design requires no replacement bags.
  • Febreeze filter demolishes odors to freshen the interior.
  • Faster cord storage through the automated cord rewinding.
  • Adjustable settings to work on both hard surfaces and carpets.
  • Covers greater floor area with surround suction in less time.


  • The only basic filtration level is included.
  • The air-driven turbo brush is not very strong.
  • No swiveling head or dirt sensor is present.


You can capture all the finest dirt from the carpet or floor through its superb dirt separation. The best-selling point is its bagless operation which enables you to stay away from the dirt all the time.

#2. Bissell PowerForce Helix Bagless Vacuum, 1700

Along with some incredible features, this enthralling vacuum is a perfect subtle of the first vacuum. Having less weight and less price, you may consider getting this for your house. Despite having some limitations, it would be great to choose for an effective house cleaning.

Bissell PowerForce Helix Bagless Vacuum, 1700


  • Item Weight: 12 pounds
  • Type of Cleaner: Upright
  • Power Type: Mains
  • Length of Cord: 23 feet
  • Electricity Requirement: 8 Amp
  • Cleaning Method: Dry
  • Path Width: 13”
  • Length of Hose: 8 feet
  • Collection of Dust: Bagless
  • Dust Capacity: 0.3 gallon
  • Height Adjustment: Yes
  • Floor Compatibility: Stairs & Carpets
  • Color Category: Black, Red & Silver
  • Extension Wand: Yes
  • Dusting Brush: Yes

Powerful Motor Provides Deep Cleaning: The 8-Amp motor operates at 120 Volts and 60 Hz. To induce a rather powerful suction for the dust. Along with the rotating brush and shaft, it can provide the ultimate cleaning power. Along with the powerful suction, it takes in all the fine particles from the house. Therefore, this unit offers deep as well as a sufficient amount of cleaning for the entire house.

Exclusive Performance through Helix Dirt Separation: It is possible that excess dirt intrusion jams the motor. To prevent this disturbing shortcoming, this unit includes a system of helix dirt separation which keeps the motor smooth all the way. The dirt separating process keeps the motor shaft safe from particle stickiness. Thus, the dirt can’t get out of the cup which keeps the motor clean to suck greater particles and debris.

Dirt Cup Requires No Replacement Bag: There comes one dirt cup to hold the sucked dust at the back portion. With a capacity of 1 L, it holds pretty enough to store all the dust. The best part is its bagless operation which requires no additional bags. You can make larger cleaning with the reasonable capacity of the cup. Without any replacement bag requirement, it induces ease, comfort and hygienic dumping of the dirt.

Enhanced Cleaning With Surround Suction: Having double edge cleansing technology, it allows you to reach the furthest corner. The technique, in fact, imparts surround suction to enable a bit wider path. Through the advanced technique, you can make appropriate cleaning for tiny spaces and corners. For the reduced path, surround suction encourages more space coverage.

Multi-Level Filtering System for Debris: This device contains a basic filtering system which enables a proper storage for the dirt. Not to mention, the multi-level filter provides a good system to keep the interior from getting affected. It is true that it is not very effective like HEPA filter, yet provides some convenience regarding safety and smoothness of the motor. It also helps you to capture pet hair with ease.


  • Lightweight construction delivers easy maneuverability.
  • Powerful suction holds good enough for pet hair removal.
  • Included bare floor setting allows cleaning for hard surfaces.
  • Easy to assemble and maintain with washable filter.
  • Increased versatility through the wider head and a longer cord.


  • Shortened hose along with the extension wand.
  • The power cord is quite smaller than other models.
  • Automatic rewinding of the cord is unavailable.


Being an updated version of 1240 vacuum, it comes with advanced technology and comforting modifications. Along with improved suction and allergen control, you will get a coherent house to live in.

#3. Bissell PowerForce Helix Turbo Bagless Vacuum, 1701

This peculiar vacuum comes into the market to conceal the drawbacks of the 1700 model. Having a slight modification, this unit has the cheapest price and lightest weight among the 3 so far. You can choose this for moderate house or apartment to enjoy the utmost comfort through its prominent cleaning system.

Bissell PowerForce Helix Turbo Bagless Vacuum, 1701


  • Item Weight: 11.9 pounds
  • Type of Cleaner: Upright
  • Power Type: Mains
  • Length of Cord: 25 feet
  • Electricity Requirement: 8 Amp
  • Cleaning Method: Dry
  • Path Width: 15”
  • Length of Hose: 8 feet
  • Collection of Dust: Bagless
  • Dust Capacity: 0.3 gallon
  • Height Adjustment: Yes
  • Floor Compatibility: Stairs & Carpets 
  • Color Category: Black, Blue
  • Extension: Yes
  • Dusting Brush: Yes

Deeper Cleaning along with Powerful Suction: Like the previous ones, it also delivers a suction powerful enough to keep your house clean. In fact, the faster rotating shaft works over 8-Amp and 120 Volts to produce sufficient suction force. Being sufficiently powerful, it enables deeper cleaning even for a prolonged and intense cleaning session. The rotary brush also contributes to wipe out the finest particles from the floor.

Helix Dirt Separation Induces Better Performance: Along with an included system of advanced helix dirt separation, it induces further performance. This system blocks the path of the dust to get into the motor and allows consistent cleaning all the time. Having helix dirt separating system, you will receive a constant level of suction. It deters the motor interior to capture dirt and thus, keeps the motor functioning like the new one.

Effortless Dumping of Dirt with Bagless Operation: To store the sucked dust, there is a dirt cup of 1L capacity on the rear portion. The most incredible thing is you can dump the dust directly from the cup without requiring any replacement bags. Sufficient storage allows complete cleaning for the house requiring only once or twice dumping. As you can directly dump the easy empty cup, you won’t have to handle the dirt at all.

Greater Coverage Area through 15" Wide Path: Regarding the configuration, the main difference between model 1701 and 1700 is the suction path. While 1700 provides 13” path, this 1701 comes with 15” wide path to suck the dirt. Being 2” wider in hose length, you can make quick cleaning for the greater area. Though 15” path may not reach some tight places, yet it delivers excellent and enhanced suction for sure.

4 Onboard Attachments for Increased Cleaning: To customize the cleaning in a more effective way, you will find 4 additional attachments onboard. These attachments include an extension wand, crevice tool with turbo and dusting brush. Along with these attachments, you can have better control over the cleaning process. Though there is no facility to control the suction, you can take care of almost every corner of the house.


  • Exclusive system of performance with helix dirt separation.
  • Washable multi-level filter requires no replacement of the filter.
  • Powerful suction reaches the tightest corners with ease.
  • 5 surface height adjustments for cleaning taller surfaces.
  • Soft bumper with carrying handle delivers greater portability.


  • The basic filtration without HEPA prevails.
  • No on/off switch to trigger the brush rolling.
  • The onboard turbo brush is less effective.


This unit produces much less noise than the previous 2 and is quite renowned for its quiet operation. Being highly suitable for hardwood or hard floor surfaces, you can rely on this maneuverable device.

Final Verdict

There is no doubt that you will find plenty of models which can give you the best possible service. Their limitations and other drawbacks may confuse you to choose from. But the most incredible part of the aforementioned 3 is their user-friendly features at a budget-friendly price. We can assure you that you will get few matching vacuums at their prices.

Our effort to narrow down the long lists of helix vacuums came into light after tremendous analysis and tests. You won’t have to worry about its quality, reliability or performance either. We hope that you can find the most suitable one from our Bissell powerForce helix reviews which will give you immense pleasure in cleaning your home.

ChomChom Roller – World’s Best Pet Hair Remover

Spending life with a pet- cat or dog, pet hairs are a daily fact of life. Pet hairs can be found on your couch, sofas, beds, blankets, carpets and many other places in your house. You might be using some lint removals like sticky tapes that roll or other adhesive type cleaners that can’t be used times after times.

But this time, we have something that will definitely snatch your attraction, ChomChom roller, world’s best pet hair removal that you can use over and over. Simply moving the roller back and forth on your house is enough to track and pick all the hairs spreading on your room. There is no adhesive, power source or sticky tapes needed to do the job. So it is user convenient and definitely worth giving a shot.

ChomChom Roller

Whom is this product for?

Those who are fond of choosing a permanent solution to a certain job, this ChomChom Roller is for you. No matter what pet you have, and we will be talking about it here:

Cat Owners

For cat owners, this can be a smart choice as cats love to spend their leisure on blankets, couches or on sofas. As we frequently use those items and it is kind of annoying to get a cat hair whenever you sit on them. ChomChom roller can easily pick up those hairs and keep it clean quickly.

Dog Owners

Dog owners keep their pet with them wherever they can, mostly they ride on to cars. So, to keep your car seats clean ChomChom roller can be an easy solution.

Other Users

There are some other pet owners we see nowadays, like- Rabbits, Birds, Monkeys and other small furred animals. This ChomChom Roller is good at collecting their hairs too. Even if your house members have a little bit more hair fall than regular, this one can be an exceptional solution.

Product Overview Of ChomChom

First of all, we will talk about its design, which attracted me when I took it in my hand. It has a white colored gorgeously finished body that is well shaped and feel handy when I used it. It weighs only 6.7 ounces that makes it easy to carry and for me, this is enough to choose this one over bulky vacuum pet cleaners.

ChomChom Roller Pet Hair Remover

After that, it comes about the durability of this pet hair remover. It is made of hard plastic and you can feel the premium quality while using it. The handle is perfectly molded with some grip on it. When you are finished using it you can hang to a smallholder as there is a little hole at the end of the handle.

Talking about the internals of this roller, we see some red webbings that actually attract all the furs it come across. There is a powder mixed into it that helps to do so. Moreover, the powder is like never-ending, it works like new even after using it more than 30 times. There are no adhesive or sticky things that make it reusable. It doesn’t need any electrical power source too, so it is more energy efficient than any other pet hair remover.

At the end of the overview, we will talk about the accuracy of this pet hair remover. From the feedback of the consumers, it is known that this ChomChom Roller works 85 to 90% accurately. On the other hand, it is quick and easy to use. Therefore, if you are short in time, follow these four steps: firstly, roll it in short strokes at back and forth; press the indicated catch on the handle and open the chamber; remove all the hairs and finally you have a clean surface. All these steps talk less than a couple of minutes.

Aaron Muller the founder and CEO of ChomChom roller has explain you the tricks and tips of Cleaning. 

Don’t you think it is worthy of your money yet?

Highlighted Features of ChomChom Roller

  • Best lint roller for that covers almost 7 inches large area at a time
  • It weighs only 6.7 ounces so you’ll never feel stress while carrying
  • Just press the handle to open up the hair collector
  • No need to wash it just clean it with a damp cloth
  • It is reusable and it works like new even after 30 or more usage
  • Comes with a cleaning powder inside the roller
  • It has the highest accuracy in terms of picking pet hairs


  • Most accurate pet hair cleaner from upholstery and clothes among all tools
  • Easy to use and quick to pick hairs
  • It is easy to clean out the hair collector
  • Reusable for as many times as you want
  • Comes with a sturdy structure
  • It's noiseless comparing to a vacuum or tape cleaner


  • On first use, it takes time to get hang of it
  • Back and forth rolling gets tiring if used for a long time
  • It doesn’t have agile roller head


Question: Is this roller washable?

Answer: I don’t recommend you to wash it, but you can clean it easily with a damp cloth.

Question: Can I buy it to clean my couch and cars? Will it be appropriate?

Answer: Of course, I’ve cleaned my car with this cleaner and it works finely on couches, beddings, and furniture too.

Question: Will it pick human hairs with furs?

Answer: Yes, it definitely will.

Final Verdict

No matter what you have used before for cleaning your pets’ hair, you have to agree, this one is unique in design and cleaning technology. It is noiseless and there is no need for additional accessories to make it work. You can simply pick it up and roll over the place you want to clean.

ChomChom is known as the world’s best pet hair remover because of its efficiency. It doesn’t require any power source but works more accurately than any other products in this range. If you were looking for a lifetime solution for your pet’s hair removal from your beddings, cars or furniture, go for this one without any hesitation.

Though it takes time to cope-up with this product as it requires rolling back and forth. But the performance will amaze you for sure.

Hoover FH11300PC Review – Pet Vacuum Lab

We become annoying when seeing the spot and strain on our favorite and expensive carpet or upholstery and are tensed about how we can remove properly. Okay, there is a solution. Hoover brings the FH11300PC Spotless portable carpet and upholstery spot cleaner which has a stain, spot, dirt, mess, etc. cleaning feature.

Hoover fh11300pc

Why will you choose it? Well, few gadgets you will find on the market that has a specialty to remove the spot and strain from carpet, upholstery, stairs, car seat, and hard floor.

Hoover has another product CH30000 PortaPower Lightweight Canister Vacuum cleaner, is good to clean a huge area of home or office with 2.2 horsepower motor and using both tools will make you a smart one.

Lightweight of this cleaner will help you to clean everyday stains, spills, and even hard to remove and stubborn spot. However, its self-cleaning hose is great to remove dirt and bacteria too. Using only water and cleaning agents will make you more convenient to do such irritating cleaning task within minutes.

Key Features of Hoover FH11300PC:

  • Superb to clean any stain and irritating spot
  • Suitable for upholstery, carpet, and car seat cleaning
  • Its Dual Tank Technology cleans dirty water
  • Having antibacterial protection to clean bacteria, mold, and mildew
  • Very convenient with lightweight and portable

Why Will You Choose This?

You want to buy a vacuum cleaner for a house cleaning purpose but confused enough that which specialized vacuum cleaner can fulfill your cleaning need. If you become irritated at daily carpet, upholstery, and stair cleaning task then Hoover fh11300pc can pacify you for sure. Besides that, this cleaning machine has some impressive features will make you a fan for sure.

Easy usability: You will find this Hoover Fh11300pc vacuum device very easy to clean only using detergent and clean water. How is it possible? Okay, to use it, you have to simply plug in the machine, turn the switch on, and then hold its spray nozzle over the stained area. To get rid of deeply set dirt or stain of the cloth, you need to vacuum more than twice through this process.

Hoover fh11300pc

Moreover, with the help of this cleaner, you will have old carpet with a fresh and plump look through going over the worn-out sections on the carpet from a different direction. So after having such easy experience, any user will say that this vacuum cleaner is superb to use.

Lightweight and Portable To Carry: Lightweight and portability make the Hoover fh11300pc more attractive to the buyers. From the easy cleaning point of view, users always want such a vacuum that they can carry it everywhere to clean every corner of the home like Hoover c2401. Here Hoover produces portable cleaner ensures this credibility as the strongest selling reason.

Whether you want to clean the stain from carpet, stairs, or upholstery, this vacuum will give you everyday stain free home. So don’t hesitate to remove any spot or dirt made by your pet or children, take the vacuum and clean your required thing whenever you want.

Dual-tank System: Hoover always tries to produce excellent vacuum with the latest technology. Hoover, fh11300pc comes with a Dual-tank system which grabs customer attention and users won great cleaning machine to make the home neat and clean. Now, what is the dual-tank system you may want to know? With this technology, the vacuum cleaner has two separate tanks, one is for clean water with a 51-ounce capacity, and the other is for dirty water with a 36-ounce capacity. Both tanks are transparent, ensures the users to monitor the dust and dirt. And of course, after each use, both tanks need to be cleaned and washed before storing.

Great to stain remove: Stain in the carpet or upholstery is a usual thing and tough to be cleaned certainly. On the top of you have pet and children to make mass in the home. So what simple think can help you out to make the home neat? Well, Hoover brings Spotless carpet and Upholstery vacuum cleaner is great for stain and dirt removing whether you have worst stain or grease on furniture or carpet. So take the stain as a part of your life with this stain remover vacuum cleaner.

Powerful Suction: A carpet clean, worthy vacuum machine should have powerful suction and been designed for stain clean specialty. Fortunately, Hoover produces a vacuum cleaner with powerful suction for stain and spot cleaning purpose from carpet and upholstery. This portable vacuum cleaner needs only cleaning solution to loosen the dirt and stain from the carpet so that it can suck them easily.

As we know a powerful suction does not only loosen the dirt and stain but removes the excess solution and water that the carpet gets dried faster. So don’t bother anymore with harsh winter, mud, sand, and the daily mess made by your kids and of course beloved pet, because Hoover fh11300pc comes with such a powerful suction if you won a single one.

Extension Tools: Besides removing spot and stain so politely from carpet and upholstery, Hoover fh11300pc vacuum cleaner comes with some extension tools to give more efficient clean. Most important one is deep cleaning Rubber nub that provides deeper enough and thoroughly clean. This tool includes antimicrobial materials which will help you to have easy cleaning effort against mold, bacteria, and mildew.


  • Self-cleaning technology to have stainless carpet and upholstery
  • Compact and portable
  • Helpful to those who have kids and pets
  • Easy to clean it after every use


  • Having the possibility to leak
  • Good not for floor cleaning

FAQ & Troubleshooting

Question: What things I need during cleaning besides this Hoover fh11300pc?

Ans: Anybody can utilize this machine for removing the stain from carpet or the desired thing only using warm water, but not hot water, with a cleaning agent. And it can help to somewhat faster dry.

Question: Can I use this to clean car upholstery?

Ans: Yes, you will be able to clean the car upholstery with this portable carpet cleaner, and for this, you need to have a hand tool that is designed specifically for the car.

Final Words

Hoover brings this FH11300pc Spotless Portable Carpet & Upholstery specialized stain removing technology for those who have a budget shortage and do the daily spot cleaning task. Since this vacuum allows you to have carpet and upholstery longer life, then don’t hesitate to own a single one. Besides, it’s convenient, and portable cleaning activities will give you an easy carrying opportunity around home properly and of course if you have stubborn kids and pets. So get this Hoover vacuum cleaner and find deep and hygienic clean home.

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