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Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away Upright Vacuum (NV501)

Because of the increasing small-space living, challenges arise to have compressed appliances carrying out as good as the massive ones. If you are struggling to find handy cleaners easy on the pocketbook, an upright vacuum like Shark nv501 is the thing you’re in need of.

Shark NV501 Review

Upright vacuum cleaners are popular for their compact design and mobile functionality. These are lightweight, easily storable, versatile yet cheaper than canister vacuum cleaners. The motor and suction head are in one unit so the users can clean in one pass and proceed.

In this Shark nv501 review, we’ll be breaking down every feature and details of this vacuum, and see whether it’s worth the price or not. Also, we have pointed out how this device stands out from this line of products.

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Whom is this product for?

1. City dwellers: This compressed device is great for people living in apartments and condominiums with tiny spaces.

2. Asthma/allergy patient: Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology promises to swallow up the dust forever.

3. Back pain patients: It does not require bending for cleaning purpose.

4. To Clean Mixed floors: This versatile product is great for cleaning both carpet and hard floors.

Product Overview:

The Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away is effectively designed as an upright model which can transform into a canister one too. Shark had been releasing multiple lift-away versions, but this seems to be the best one so far. Including a number of upgrades in both features and design, it had already become homemaker’s favorite already.

Shark nv501 comes with a pack of on board tools. Such variety of tools allow you to clean various parts of your home like corners, blinds, side table and even ceilings. A floor nozzle can be attached to the wand for picking up stuff like debris from floors and carpet areas.

It’s an adjustable crevice tool for cleaning corners and a wide upholstery tool for dealing with pet dust and pet hair from clothes and fabrics. You can also consider it a power brush to pull out pet hair and dust. The LED headlights in front help to come across debris located in dark places, such as under the tables, cupboards etc. The head has a pivot to rotate the cleaning brush easily.

The appearance of this vacuum is sleek and smart, yet it is not as costly as the other models. This appliance is often compared to Dyson DC41 having almost same features. Although costing only half of Dyson, this provides you the best services with such a low cost. The plastic body doesn’t only make it lightweight but also a fine look as a whole. The transparent bin is not flimsy like the others rather strong and sturdy.

The motorized brushes allow you to clean thick carpets and rugs efficiently. While cleaning both floor and carpets, the transitions between those can simply be controlled with your foot. Also, it has a wider cleaning path which takes less time to complete the tasks.

Bearing in mind the number of tools and accessories existing on this versatile machine, there were higher chances that it looks unrealistic and gauche. However, the case is just the opposite. It cannot be easier to transform in between upright and canister or to extend it’s wand adding various types of attachments offered.

The machine is excellent as it has a pile of accessories but weighing only 15.5 pounds. It comes really handy in terms of lifting and dragging to every corner of your house.

Highlighted features Of Shark NV501:

  • The main body can be lifted away and can be attached to caddy. This is how you can convert the upright vacuum into a canister at ease.
  • Cyclonic technology retains higher performance even if the vacuum is filled up.
  • HEPA filtration that prevents allergens and dust swallowed in from coming back.
  • It has a power brush for pets, canister caddy, crevice tool & a dusting brush for diverse usage.
  • It can be rotated for best possible maneuverability. The brush roll is best for wood and tiled floors.
  • The extensions can be kept all together in a caddy that makes it a compressed appliance.


  • Long bendable hose with wand making stair cleaning easy.
  • The detachable body makes it easy to carry.
  • Lift away feature with a caddy for easy maneuvering.
  • Happens to be a quiet device.
  • Can clean very well on both normal floor and carpet.
  • Budget-friendly, all-rounder, lightweight and trouble-free functioning.


  • If you pull it too fast, the caddy may tumble.
  • In case of cleaning large rubbles, there might be a slight blow.


Question: What about the filters? When to clean them?

Question: Does it come with the filters?

Question: How is it for allergies? Does it keep the dust inside the cup?

Final Verdict:

We are on the verge of this shark nv501 review. Till now, we have known about all the features, pros and cons and learned about few downsides. The downsides are acceptable as the benefits of the features are sky dominant compared to this price range. What more we can expect from a mid-range priced upright vacuum cleaner? Consumers agree that in terms of performance, this cleaner will hold its own even against the Dyson DC41 – its main competitor. So if you can’t afford a Dyson still looking for that high-end performance, shark nv501is highly recommended for you.

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