Compare Of Shark NV500 VS NV501

Manual vacuuming needs to be performed quickly and Shark is a provider of many outstanding upright cleaners for your arsenal. Among numerous cleaners of Shark, NV500 and NV501 still remain on top choices. Thanks to their flexible, user-friendly design that you can easily afford. When your choice gets down to these two, you will certainly face a challenge to pick the most suitable one.

As both models are from the same series, they have lots in common in terms of features and functions. Therefore, you need to get good detail of the models that will provide their distinctive picture. And with our Shark NV500 vs NV501 article, you will just get that. Breaking down the important features, it will help you to reach a suitable decision regarding the choice for sure.

Comparison Chart – NV500 vs NV501

Product Image



Weight (lbs)


Shark nv500

Shark nv500



Shark nv501

Shark nv501



The Shark NV500 is commercially known as Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away Upright Vacuum and the model NV501 is referred as Shark Rotator Professional Upright Corded Bagless Vacuum.


Having red appearance along with similar exterior shape, both cleaners share a good resemblance at the first place. Though the size of the models comes with a bit different. The former NV500 comes with a smaller size whereas the latter NV501 has slightly larger dimensions.

In fact, the lifting handle for the NV501 is longer than its competitor. With a longer handle, it allows comfortable handling and passing of the cleaning machine. It has no major influence in performance, but the latter is quite easy to handle.


Despite having a smaller size, the NV500 has a weight of 21.1 lbs which falls to 15.5 lbs for NV501. Not to mention, the 3-in-1 system combination for NV500 contributes to the higher weight. The 3-in-1 system has additional parts in the system increasing the weight. Thus, the NV501 is more convenient in terms of portability. Therefore, the latter one is easy to carry and handle than the former model. But it may not seem very difficult with the NV501 as well.


All the models of Shark Rotator series have a power requirement of 1200W and these two are not any different either. It is true that power consumption is quite high for the models but both of them offer powerful vacuuming suction with the cord.

Apart from that, both machines include a reasonably long hose that makes the operation easy and helps to reach narrow corners. In total, there comes a 30’ long power cord to support the machine from the power source. With longer cord, both the models allow the user to cover quite a large space at once.

Dust Management

With an XL-capacity dust collecting bin, both models offer reasonable cleaning session each time with the cleaned bin. There is 1.3-quart capacity for dry cleaning whereas it provides 3.1-quart capacity for overall cleaning. Again, both models come with HEPA filtration system and anti-allergen technology to wipe out the maximum portion of dust. They can catch up to 99.9% of allergens through proper filtering ensuring a healthy cleaning for the ceilings and floors.


The 3-in-1 model NV500 comes with 3 major cleaning facilities naming lift-away pod, canister and upright position. The best part is you can trigger any of the aforementioned ones without the slightest trouble. Meanwhile, the 2-in-1 system for NV501 offers multilevel dust filtration facility along with convenient storage for the dust.

Featuring swivel steering technique, both the models offer great cleaning efficiency around the corners and confined spaces. The indicating headlights also help to simulate and control the operation with optimum effectiveness. Through ‘Never Loses Suction’ technology, you will get a consistent powerful suction for both models.

With the provided standard power brush, the NV500 can deliver intense and deep cleaning to wipe out the stubborn dirt from the carpet. This ergonomic feature remains absent in Shark NV501 providing less intense cleaning for the floors. But it offers multi-angle cleaning which reduces the amount of required passing for the cleaner. Not to mention, you may need to go for several passings for the former NV500 as it lacks this feature.

Although they share a similar cleaning path and suction, NV500 offers better performance in terms of user control and maneuverability. Also, this one can be easily turned into a vacuum canister. And having a storage facility, you don’t need to dispose of the dirt before every cleaning session with NV501.


There come to some attachments for both models to increase the vacuuming performance. With the NV500, you will get straight nozzles, canister caddy, crevice tool, and standard power brush. Meanwhile, the NV501 comes with straight nozzles, canister caddy, and crevice tools along with multi-angle brushing.






21.1 pounds

15.5 pounds

System Combinations



Dust Cup Capacity

3.1 quarts

3.1 quarts

Premium Power Brushing



Power Cord Length



HEPA Filter



Standard Power Brush



Multi-Angle Cleaning



Included Accessories

1. Canister Caddy

2. 12” Flexi Crevice

3. Multi-Tools

4. Straight Nozzle

1. Dusting Brush

2. Larger Turbo Brush

3. 12” Crevice Tool

4. Canister Caddy

Verdict of Shark nv500 vs nv501

Reviewing the details of our Shark NV500 vs NV501, there is no clear winner yet both are winners when it comes to performance, reliability, and price. If you want to have an intense and deep cleaning for the floors, you can get the NV500. Apart from that, you can take it to clean if you have a deal with pet hair removal.

In the meantime, you can settle with NV501 for a thorough, convenient and larger space cleaning. With several advanced and upgraded tool attachments, you will experience a satisfactory performance without a doubt.

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