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What are the few factors that you seek in a good quality vacuum cleaner? Functionality, endurance and of course, the brand value. Talking about the brand value, Shark Ninja is one of those few brands who is paid of the trust we users do on them.

Shark has been manufacturing some of the best vacuum-cleaners and has earned a lot of reputation among their users. Among which, their Rocket series and the Shark hv323 are one of the masterpieces.

Shark hv323 review

From hard floor to soft carpet, large debris to small dust, clear out every edge of your house by using this vacuum cleaner.

These are not the only benefits you get by using the Shark hv323. There are tons of other features to discover in this vacuum cleaner. And today, we are going to give you a complete shark hv323 review.

So, let’s get started.

Who Need This Shark HV323?

Based on its features and use the Shark hv323 is suitable for certain users. You should definitely get one if you are on this list.

  • If you have furry pets in your house, the Shark hv323 is perfect for you. With the TruePet Brush, you can remove the fur without any hard effort.
  • The houses having both hard floor and soft carpet surely need the Shark hv323. You can make both types of floor free of debris with this cleaner.
  • Looking for a vacuum cleaner to clean it all, from floor to ceiling? Well, then you are the right user for the Shark hv323 as it can cover every corner for you.

Product Overview

Don’t leave any corner of your house contaminated by using the Shark hv323. This versatile vacuum-cleaner can grasp every edge of your home by converting itself to a hand-vac.

By transforming into a robust handy vacuum, it delivers amazing suction whenever you need. With the help of a foot pedal, you can quickly detach the floor attachment, and make it reach tight spaces of your house with ease.

Whether it’s a carpet or a hard floor, nothing will remain defiled with the use of the Shark hv323. A hard floor attachment with a dust away feature will inhale all the specks of dust from hard floor thoroughly. And the floor attachment of this vacuum can strongly insufflate large crumbs yet gently surfs through the delicate debris of the hard floor.

On top of that, you can switch this attachment with a pad made of microfiber. And this pad is here to help you clean your carpet without damaging the carpet fabric. Moreover, the microfiber pad is washable, keeping your vacuum-cleaner away from widening bad odor.

Lamentably, the Shark hv323 vacuum-cleaner makes a little noise that may or may not cause disturbance for you. But for some people, even a little noise of the vacuum-cleaner can cause problems. So beware of that before picking this vacuum-cleaner.

Sometimes, even after cleaning with a vacuum, some dust or debris may remain on the floor because you cannot identify them with your naked eyes. In this case, the LED light of the Shark hv323 vacuum-cleaner can help immensely. The light is attached both on hands and on the nozzle of the vacuum. By illuminating your work area, this light will help to spot concealed debris.

Though the LED light is a similar feature with the Shark Upright hv322, the shark hv323 differs from it because of the small powerhead that is attached for cleaning dust off your furniture and stairs also. And by adding a quick dump function, the hv323 saves a lot of time in your cleaning.

You might wonder that does it work well on stairs? Well, as per the user’s concern, it works very well on stairs. And in case you’re using it on a hardwood floor, there is nothing to worry about any scratch on a hardwood floor.

Owing a furry pet will not bother you anymore if you get the Shark hv323. With a motorized brush, this vacuum smartly deals with the pet hair, on any surface. Overall choosing this vacuum will be a smart decision for you.

Highlighted Features Of Shark HV323

  • Get versatile usage with the Shark hv323 by converting it to a hand vacuum. From ceiling to floor, every corner of the home can be cleaned by this vacuum.
  • Convert your vacuum any time by attaching the hard-floor-attachment or the microfiber pad. Either you want to take out some large debris or even small dust, you can change the attachment to do both of the transition.
  • Two types of tool, Pet Multi-Tool, and TruePet Motorized Brush are available in this vacuum. It allows for immaculate pet hair on any surface you need.
  • Compelling LED light available on both nozzle and hand vac. Use this to determine concealed debris from your house through the whole.


  • Contains various attachments for cleaning every corner.
  • Weight is very light for easy lift over.
  • Provides immense inhale strength.
  • Getting rid of the debris is not burdensome.
  • Requires minimal and effortless maintenance.
  • Compact and can be bunched to store easily.
  • Includes a rugged brush for easily sucking in the pet hair.
  • Rod-Bristles are short for easy scouring.


  • Impairment in the cords may occur easily.
  • Generates a little noise that may cause a disturbance.


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Final Verdict

Whether you want to get rid of a large debris from a hard floor or you want to smooth-clean the soft-carpet dust, in every aspect the Shark hv323 will support you. To keep every corner of your house neat and tidy, this vacuum-cleaner is all you need.

Though there are some minor flaws in this cleaner, its performance and features are surely going to benefit you a lot. Finally, we hope this review will help you to provide you all the information you needed about this product.

Thank you for being through the entire shark hv323 review.

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