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Rug Doctor Flexclean Reviews – [Your Floor Cleaner Solution]

A cleaner is a staple of any household. However, the quality of the cleaner is directly proportionated to how much it can clean.

Low-quality cleaners are less likely to clean tough stains while high-quality ones can pretty much clean anything.

Among the high-quality brands, Rug Doctor deserves its reputation. The brand offers plenty of great cleaners, but its Flexclean unit stands out as something very special.

You may have already gone through several Rug Doctor Flexclean reviews to figure out whether this unit is worth its cost. However, with this review, you can get a comprehensive idea on everything you need to know about to make the ultimate purchase decision.

Rug Doctor Flexclean Reviews

Rug Doctor FlexClean

We will be discussing the features of this unit and why they make it so special. Additionally, we will elaborate on the pros and cons of this device to get to know everything there is about this unit.

So, without further ado, let us get into the review.

Highlighted Features

  • Can clean grit, grease, grime, and gunk with ease
  • Works with any surface including carpet and hardwood
  • The floor cleaner solution is versatile enough to clean everything
  • Acts as a mop, steamer and hardwood cleaner at the same time
  • Designed like a vacuum cleaner with superior maneuvering
  • Capable of Deep Cleaning
  • Durable yet light tank
  • Can switch from carpet to hardwood instantaneously

All in One Machine

Many households have to keep multiple cleaning tools to stay clean. Mops and steamers, to name a few. However, if you had something that could act as every cleaning tool in one versatile device, then Flexclean has your back. It uses a unique design to accommodate any surface.

Most Flexclean reviews will mention how effectively it replaces other household tools. It utilizes the All-in-One cleaning solution, which cleans pretty much every surface and stains.

Moreover, it can even take away the residue off of them as well. The ability to accommodate hardwood and carpet surfaces make this model particularly convenient. It even adds features to make this benefit more apparent.

Deep Clean

When using tools like mops, deep cleaning can be excessively arduous. You need to exert a lot of effort into making sure that everything is perfectly polished before you can move on. With a tool like Flexclean, all of that becomes so much easier.

That might be hard to believe since most cleaners can only clean at a surface level. Nevertheless, this unit employs advanced technology to deep clean easily.

Beneath the machine, there is a strong rotating brush that spins at high speeds to eliminate any stain. Along with that, it incorporates powerful suction as well. With their powers combined, deep cleaning becomes a cinch.

Vacuum Cleaner Like Design

Rug Doctor FlexClean Review

Easily, the best thing about vacuum cleaners is its design. They are specifically built to feel easy on the back. The design allows you greater reach with much less effort. When you combine that fact with the powerful deep clean, capable Flexclean, you will get a lot of work done fast.

The vacuum cleaner like design also allows this unit to reach hard to reach areas. All without having to bend over or move your obstacles. With this, a mop becomes obsolete.

Now, you might think that this could make it difficult to reach certain areas. For example, the design does not do any favors when trying to clean the stairs.

That is why Rug Doctor thought ahead and introduced the upholstery and spot cleaning tool. You can use it to clean tight spots as well as walls and shelves. However, you do have to buy them separately.

Extreme Cleaning Capability

This is not deep clean capable of nothing. With its incredible technology, it can clean almost anything. Carpet stains become a thing of the past, and you can easily tackle any pet-related accidents without having to deal with any frustration.

This is thanks to Rug Doctor's inclusion of the All-in-One floor cleaner solution; the go-to solution for any mess.

With the power of this solution and its powerful cleaning hardware, it can easily clean through spills, grit, grease, drink residue, gunk, stains, spots, oil spills, food residue and many more. It is so powerful; it can effectively clean old stains as well.

Carpet to Hardwood Surface Cleaning Switch

Hardwood and carpets need to be cleaned differently. You cannot expect them to clean up the same way. Luckily, this model has the design to clean both. Of course, it does not employ the same methods to clean each surface. Instead, it has a switch to move into each mode.

The switch is located on the base of the machine. It might be a bit difficult to reach, but the speed at which it changes modes is spectacular. The shift is almost instantaneous, letting you immediately get back to cleaning.


  • Is equipped for efficient deep cleaning
  • Usable on all surfaces
  • Can reach hard to reach spots with its vacuum cleaner design
  • It can clean pretty much any mess
  • Replaces numerous household tools for cleaning with just one device
  • Includes a highly effective cleaning solution


  • The nozzle to change from hardwood mode to carpet mode is bothersome to reach
  • Not flexible in terms of the solutions it can use
  • Upholstery and Spot Cleaning tool is sold separately

Frequently Asked Questions

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While it does come with a few drawbacks, the model is an overall very solid model. Its versatility lends to its viability as your sole cleaning tool.

So, we hope that after going through the Rug Doctor Flexclean reviews, you can comfortably decide whether or not you should get this magnificent model.

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