Roomba 880 vs 805 : The Comparison

Roomba 800 series from iRobot has introduced some of the best robotic vacuum cleaners at people’s reach. Among numerous models, Roomba 880 and 805 still remains most preferred and convenient cleaners up to this date. Despite being an older model, the satisfactory performance of Roomba 805 keeps it competitive with other advanced models.

And Roomba 880 is indeed the best robot cleaner from 800 series that initiated the further advancement of robotic vacuums.

When your choice gets down to these two, it becomes a challenging task to choose the right one. As they share several similarities from inside and outside, you need a distinctive comparison between these models. With our Roomba 880 vs 805 article, we will give you a detailed comparison of these two which will certainly help you with your decision.

Comparison Table of Roomba 880 VS 805

Product Image



Weight (lbs)


Roomba 880

iRobot Roomba 880 Robot Vacuum



Roomba 805

iRobot Roomba 805 Cleaning Vacuum



Both Roomba 805 and Roomba 880 belongs to the Roomba 800 series and therefore, shares considerable similarities between them. Though Roomba 805 is an early product from 800 series, it still remains one of the most preferred robotic vacuum till date. Meanwhile, Roomba 880 is the late generation from 800 series and there are some inclusions of advanced features.

As both have great acceptance among the customers, you should know the difference between these two while buying. And with our Roomba 880 vs 805 reviews, you will get a good distinctive comparison between them to make your purchase.


Roomba 880 comes with a perfect circular shape, whereas 805 has a slight oval appearance. Though both of them share the same black exterior, the 880 offers a great attraction regarding the design. Apart from that, there are some additional buttons over the surface for 880 than its counterpart in this case.

The arrangement of the buttons is another thing that may catch the attention. The 880 has a better lining of silver color that looks more appealing than Roomba 805. But overall, both vacuum cleaners have a decent appearance and attractive exterior to suit its job.


Although both the models share different sizes, they do share the same weight of 8.4 pounds. Needless to say, the older mechanism contributes to the slight increase in weight of Roomba 805. Despite being a masterpiece from 800 series, Roomba 880 on the other hand, offers less weight regarding its features and additional parts. And with a weight of 8.4 pounds, both of the robots have good portability for sure.


With some advanced features and extra parts, the 880 requires further power consumption than the latter. Not to mention, the suction power represents a good indication of power requirement. Whereas Roomba 880 provides suction of 1000 Pa, the other falls short of 400 Pa when it comes to suction.

Moreover, the running time for 880 is more than the 805, thanks to X Life High Power battery installation. Though Roomba 805 comes with less powerful lithium-ion battery, it is sufficient enough to make the cleaning for a reasonable space.


Both models are programmed to carry the cleanups according to the specified schedule. In fact, the 805 can hold the scheduling for the entire 7 days of the week. Again, one of the most important differences between these two is the remote control feature, not to mention, the advanced 880 holds the facility of remote control which remains absent in model 805.

In addition, there are dust cups to hold the dirt though they are quite small in size compared with hand driven vacuum cleaners. Being members of 800 series, both share similar dust management features and dust holding capacity. In fact, you can get a holding capacity of 0.65 liters with any of the aforementioned models.


Performance is the most important thing that matters for a robotic vacuum. And regarding the cleanup efficiency, both are still among the best choices of robotic vacuums in the market.

Featuring patented AeroForce cleaning system, both Roomba models offer convenient cleaning using the combination of suction, brushing and agitation. With better suction power and side brushes on both side, Roomba 880 is quite ahead of model 805 in cleanup performance.

With iAdapt Navigation technique, both cleaners easily map out the rooms and therefore, prevents collision with objects. In precise and accurate directional movement helps to increase the cleaning efficiency in heavily dirt spots to a great extent.

Containing a high-efficiency filtration system, the 805 can capture about 99% of allergens, pores, and particles up to 10 microns. But with the 880, there comes a HEPA filter that induces another important difference with its counterpart. The advanced HEPA filtration system can deliver a 99.7% cleaning efficiency for allergens and other debris. And the tangle-free counter rotating extractors grabs larger particles to break them down to smaller ones.

Though both models produce suctioning noise to some extent, they never get to the annoying level. And both are programmed to return its base for docking after cleaning and recharging when they get low on battery. Being random cleaners, the models don’t have any particular pattern to follow, yet they provide excellent cleaning performance for both carpets and hardwood floors without missing any major dirt spots. Again, you can achieve a satisfactory dust removal with multi-room cleanups at once.



Roomba 880

Roomba 805


8.4 pounds

8.4 Pounds 

Aero-Force 3-Stage Cleaning



Entire Level Cleaning



Suction Power

1000 Pascal

600 Pascal

HEPA Filter








X Life High Power

Automatic Docking & Recharge



Remote Control



Cleaning Style



Verdict of Roomba 880 VS 805

From our Roomba 880 vs 805 discussions, it is clear that they share more similarities than differences to make the decision difficult. Being available at a lower price, you can settle with Roomba 805 if you don’t want the additional features of Roomba 880. And you can have the best of 800 series with Roomba 880 which will cost you some more money. Whatever the choice will be, you will receive the best robotic cleaning service for the house without a doubt.

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