Roomba 877 VS 890 – A Head to Head Comparison

If robot vacuum cleaners fascinate you, you have landed just at the right page. Getting a robot vacuum cleaner means making your life easy. With it by your side, you don’t have to worry about the cleaning of your house and making it neat. It is the reason why people love to splurge on robot vacuum cleaners no matter whether they fall on higher price range.

When we talk about robot vacuum cleaners, iRobot from Roomba takes all the attention. Roomba has launched different versions and models of their robot vacuum cleaners. Being technically advanced and endowing all the desired features, iRobots are worth a purchase.

If getting a high-quality robot vacuum cleaner is in your list now, the content below will help manifolds. Here we have come up with a comparison of iRobot Roomba 877 vs iRobot Roomba 890. You will get detailed information about both and can make a buying decision.

Roomba 877 VS 890 Comparison Table

Product Image



Weight (lbs)


Roomba 877

iRobot Roomba 877 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner



Roomba 890

iRobot Roomba 890 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Wi-Fi Connectivity



Why iRobot Roomba 877 and Roomba 890 makes a good choice?

The 800 series of Roomba is worthwhile because of the following reasons:

  • It comprises all the desired features that make the cleaning easy.
  • The use of advanced technologies like AeroForce makes them superlative.
  • There are super-efficient filters.
  • It is highly convenient and has a user-friendly interface.
  • Robot vacuum cleaners in the 800 series are less expensive than their counterparts, yet comprise all the alluring features.

Let us take a sneak peek into the features which are similar in both iRobot Roomba 877 and iRobot Roomba 890.

iAdapt Navigation- It is highly essential for a robot vacuum cleaner to have an excellent navigation system. Both Roomba 877 and 890 comprise two sensors which easily find out their way overcoming all the obstacles coming in the path. Mapping the entire room and understanding which parts of the room require intense cleaning makes them highly appealing. Both make sure to make a smooth transition in tiles, hard floors, and carpets and pick up all types of dust and debris thereby become perfect for all surfaces. The suction power of both Roomba 877 and 890 is very high that automatically adjusts according to the surface.

AeroForce High-efficiency filters- High-grade filters are highly essential to make the environment and air clean and hygienic. The presence of high-efficiency AeroFilters allow big as well as minute particles to suck up efficiently without getting a release back. The best thing about these filters is they are company’s own due to which they become highly effective and useful. They are reported to suck up 99% of particles of size as less as 10 microns.

Scheduling- This is one of the most exciting features of any robot vacuum cleaner. You can schedule the vacuuming sessions in iRobot Roomba 877 and iRobot Roomba 890 and let them do the needful whenever required. All that is required is to program the cleaning sessions of your home in your device and let it do the work. The presence of configurable cleaning schedules up to seven times per week makes them impressive.

3-stage cleaning- Both iRobot Roomba 877 and iRobot Roomba 890 utilizes 3-stage cleaning that makes the floor as well as carpets neat and spotless. In the first stage, the counter-rotating tangle free brushes pick the debris of different size. Next, works on removing the particles from the wall like spider webs and other hanging filths. The third and the last stage involves sucking up every dirt and dust from the brushes and depositing them in the dustbin.

Now let us take a glance over the features which differentiate iRobot Roomba 877 and iRobot Roomba 890.

1. Barrier

iRobot Roomba 877- This device comes with a virtual lighthouse which is efficient for fulfilling two purposes. The first one is working as a virtual wall, and another is as a beacon for cleaning. You may put it either on the virtual wall mode or lighthouse mode. While the former one act as a barrier in preventing the device from passing the invisible line, the later one will make sure that each room is spotless before moving to another.

iRobot Roomba 890- This device comes with a Dual Mode Virtual Barrier with the help of which you can set it on a virtual wall mode. Once established, it will confine the areas which are sensitive or comprises immovable products and doesn’t require vacuuming. Place where you have kept the food trays or pet’s water bowl are also included in these areas.

Bottom Line: Seeing the features of both, it seems iRobot Roomba 890 is more effective than iRobot Roomba 877. The reason behind is the extraordinary Dual-Mode Virtual Barrier which makes sure that none of your valuable products will damage. Moreover, with the virtual mode, you can restrict specific areas in the room.

Roomba 890 Check Latest Price

Roomba 877 Check Latest Price

2. Remote Control ability

iRobot Roomba 877- You need to have a remote control for operating this device. Although operating so far is easy and accurate and the vacuum cleaner can perform tedious work with no hassles, you need to buy a remote control to access.

iRobot Roomba 890- This device is highly feasible when it comes to remote controllability. It can connect to the Wi-Fi network of the house. All that you need is to download the app, configure your device and the vacuuming schedules and command it where and when to clean right from your smartphone. The best part is it is compatible with Amazon Alexa as well.

Bottom Line: Clearly, due to greater compatibility and attuning to virtual assistants like Alexa, iRobot Roomba 890 scores more points here. Moreover, who wants to buy a separate remote control like in iRobot Roomba 877 when you can work right from your tablet or smartphone?

3. Runtime

Both iRobot Roomba 877 and iRobot Roomba 890 comes with recharge and resume feature. It means once out of battery or completing their task; they will automatically return to their charging dock and get recharged. While the runtime of iRobot Roomba 877 is 60 minutes, it is 90 minutes for iRobot Roomba 890.

Bottom Line: With the difference of 30 minutes, iRobot Roomba 890 scores more here. Although 60 minutes are enough to make an extremely dirty room spotless, 90 minutes runtime will make sure that not even a single spot will be left.


Considering all the features, it is evident that iRobot Roomba 890 is a better and modified version in the 800 series of Roomba vacuum cleaners. From the virtual assistant capability to more runtime, better cleaning ability to great vision, iRobot Roomba 890 is definitely a must-have robot vacuum cleaner in the 800 series of Roomba.

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