Roomba 761 VS 650 – Detailed Comparison

Cleaning the floors or carpet is now an essential requirement to maintain a suitable interior. With the enhancement of new techniques and its continuous influence, there are now robotic cleaners available. And iRobot, an industry leading cleaner manufacturer, has introduced numerous versatile robotic cleaners to encourage more efficiency with greater quality.

Among many of their popular models, Roomba 761 and 650 still remain at top choices, despite being older generations. Both of them are blessed with sufficient features to get you the best performance in first hand. But when you are down to these two, which one you will choose is a big question. Therefore, we got here with Roomba 761 vs 650 comparisons to help you get a more detailed, clearer and distinctive picture of these two hard-hitting robots.

Comparison Chart for Roomba 761 vs 650

Product Image



Cleaning System

Dust Capacity


iRobot Roomba 761

iRobot Roomba 761


3 Stage AeroForce

0.5 L

iRobot Roomba 650

iRobot Roomba 650


3 Stage AeroForce

0.47 L

Regarding Roomba 761 and Roomba 650, each of the models has suitability for fulfilling specific cleaning requirements. Although there are several models featured with advanced cleaning technology are now in the market, these two still remains at the top list of the customers. But to pick the best from these two, you need to understand the similarities and differences between them.

Roomba 761 belongs to iRobot series 700 whereas the model 650 belongs to the series 600. To induce better performance, series 700 is equipped with further state of the art. Right now, we will get you through Roomba 761 vs 650 which will give a detailed comparison to break down these quality products.

Construction & Appearance

Both the models share the same circular construction. Though the size of the 761 is a bit larger than the 650, the larger size holds better technology in this case for 761. The former one contains lees control button that its competitor here.

They have different but attractive appearances to suit your choices. In fact, the 761 has a silver color, whereas, the 650 arrives with a black exterior.

Weight &Portability

As an automated machine, they require less portability than manual ones. But still, you need something lightweight to carry, hold and take somewhere else. Regarding the weight, Roomba 650 has a lighter frame of 11.7 pounds thanks to its smaller size. Meanwhile, the 761 has a bit heavier frame weighing 14.6 pounds.

Despite having different weight, they won’t give you any major trouble with portability issue. As the weights are close to each other, they do share almost the same ease for carriage and transportation.

Power & Battery

The 761 is a 30W unit to produce the cleaning suction whereas the 650 is a 33W unit which introduces a better suctioning. Therefore, the former one requires more energy consumption than its counterparts in this case.

Though cleaning time of 120 minutes is the same for both, they require a different battery and charging time. In fact, the latter one with Li-ion battery needs 4 – 5 hours for a full charging. And the 761 with Ni-MH battery comes with faster charging requiring 3 hours.

Cleaning System

Both of the models share same Aero Force 3-stage technology to clean the debris. This particular technique involves auto, spot and edge cleaning facility which will result in a better cleaning performance for carpet as well as hard floors.

Operational Management

To induce a convenient operational facility for the user, the models have different attachments. There is Wi-Fi connectivity for 650 models through which the user can control the machine using the iRobot App. But this feature is not available for the advanced and comparatively new model of 761.

Apart from that, the 650 has an external display which gone missing for model 761. Though the display doesn’t play a significant role in cleaning, yet it is something that many expect for better control.

But to recover the absent features, there comes remote control facility for Roomba 761. It is absent in 650 and this is why the former model contains fewer control buttons at the exterior surface.

The models have the similar system to clean the dirt from the collector dustbin. All you have to do is open the hatch and take off the debris and dirt from the inside. Not to mention, there is no voice control system for any of these two like the advanced series.

Cleaning Performance

The very first thing is the dirt holding capacity and you will get a slight difference for the models. The 761 has 0.5 L capacity thanks to its larger construction. But the other one is no less with a capacity of 0.47 L.

The latter one provides a bit more suction than its counterpart with further power consumption. This is why 650 holds good for short animal hair or grubby debris. But it can get stuck easily with longer hair and confined spaces.

Through adaptive navigation, the 761 provides a better result in this case. Again, the noise level is surprisingly quieter for 761 than 650. But model 761 may require more passing to clean than model 650.

Both the cleaners are programmed to return the bases over the completion of scheduled tasks or low battery. But scheduling remains a bit easier with 650 with the blessing of the included display.

Verdict Of Roomba 761 VS 650

For an occasional cleaning to handle small-scale debris or pet hair, you can set for Roomba 650. And if you don’t mind with its navigational drawbacks, this would be the best. Meanwhile, to handle a bit larger mess without any manual interpretation, it is better to get Roomba 761.

From our Roomba 761 vs 650 reviews, it may seem that there are greater differences between the aforementioned models. But, the inclusion of individual and identical features makes it difficult to choose the right one. But whichever you will choose, you will receive a satisfactory cleaning at the end of the day.

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