Roomba 618 vs 650 : What Is The Difference?

For having a convenient, flawless and economic option of automated vacuuming, you can ultimately rely on Roomba products. With continuous modifications, there are too many models to choose. Among many others, model 618 and 650 from 600 series still remains as popular and effective choices.

For a cheap and effective choice, you can narrow down the list to Roomba 618 and Roomba 650. But getting the one from these two seems quite difficult as they share several similarities as members of 600 series. Along with our Roomba 618 vs 650 article, we will make the task easy for you by providing details of their features and performance which will help you to make your decision at once.

Comparison Table – Roomba 618 vs 650

Product Image



Weight (lbs)


roomba 650

Roomba 650



Roomba 618

Roomba 618



Though both are kind of old and come with almost the same features, you will definitely need to get an elaborate and distinctive picture of these two ergonomic vacuum cleaner. And they're selling at current market reveals their popularity well enough, though Roomba 650 is way ahead of Roomba 618 in terms of selling and popularity.

Despite being members of much successful Roomba 600 series, Roomba 650 contains some minor upgrades that lack in Roomba 618. Going through our Roomba 618 vs 650 reviews, you will certainly get a clearer difference which will help you to make the ultimate choice with ease.


There are slight differences in terms of design and construction for both models. Roomba 618 design may not hold that much attraction for home decor, whereas Roomba 650 has a quite superior design. Again, the former comes with an oval-shape and the latter provides a perfect circular shape.

Flaunting sleek aesthetics, both of the models have metal alloy body which imparts great durability. Apart from them, their low-profile construction offers easier accessibility, though the former has a little higher height.


For a robotic vacuum cleaner, portability may not seem to be a big issue. But ease of carriage for any product is a good characteristic. And regarding that, these versatile 600 series creations come with 11 and 11.8 pounds of weight. With less difference and convenient weight, you will get satisfactory portability for sure.


All the robots from 600 series come with Lithium-ion battery, although their charging time and power consumption rate can be different. Regarding the charging time and running time, both the models share complete similarities. A full battery recharge requires about 3 hours whereas it will give a run time of 1 hours or so.

Automatic docking of the robotic cleaner is one versatile feature. With both of the models, you can have this useful feature to enjoy continuous recharging and cleaning. Though recharging as well as resuming the vacuum will require manual effort, you can have quite an ease of operating thanks to the self-docking of the robots.


Being an older version with almost outdated technology, both the Roomba models consist of simple ruling sets for effective navigation. In fact, using Roomba Bounce technique for 500 and 600 series, they offer anti-collision, cliff and dirt detection, virtual wall and mapping facilities.

Anti-collision is the main feature of Roomba Bounce at which they set a straight path for cleaning. If they hit an object, they set another new line for moving. This feature is available for both Roomba 618 and Roomba 650.

In case of approaching stairs or high undulations, the sensors will trigger the stopping of the robots. Meanwhile, the virtual wall prevents the entrance of the robot in a specific room portion. This feature is absent in the former one and both the models lack having the mapping feature.

System & Tools

Along with patented 3-stage cleaning, both models share similar cleaning system which involves loosening, picking up and therefore, suctioning to wipe out the dirt. Needless to say, the robots are designed to provide diligent cleanups for the floors.

There are filters to take care of the dirt, debris, and allergens from the floor, regardless of its type. But neither one comes with advanced and more effective HEPA filter which makes the cleaning efficiency objectionable enough.

Cleaning Performance

Both the models are compatible with common floor type like hardwood, carpet, tile and even bare concrete floors. Through a quick encounter to the assigned environment, both cleaners come with optimum cleaning performance thanks to multi-surface cleaning brushes.

Containing intelligent sensors, the models will experience zero collision and drop-off. The sensors also help to pick up the debris in a whole. But Roomba 650 offers better cleaning efficiency with its ability to pick up almost any kind of dirt.

With a 0.4L capacity dirt bin for the models, they hold good enough for small cleaning. Though this much capacity is quite lower comparing with modern and advanced cleaners. You will definitely require multiple cleanups for the bin while cleaning a large room.

Providing multiple brushes like the flexible brush, side brush alongside with the main spinning brush, you will experience further cleaning. These contribute to proper cleaning of edges and sides of the running line resulting in better cleanups.



Roomba 618

Roomba 650

Cleaning System

Patented 3-Stage Cleaning

Patented 3-Stage Cleaning


15.5 x 5.5 x 17.5 in

13.4 x 3.6 x 13.4 in

Automatic Docking






Filter Cleaning



HEPA Filter



Indicator Light



Remote Control



Virtual Wall



Included Accessories

1. Edge Sweeping Brush

2. Multi-surface Cleaning Brush

3. Some Minor-type Brushes

1. Spinning Side Brush

2. Flexible Brush

3. Bristle Brush

Verdict of Roomba 618 vs 650

At the end of our Roomba 618 vs 650 reviews, you may have found the models quite similar in terms of system, tools, and performance. At present, numerous advanced cleaners come with more features to meet customer satisfaction.

With a bit advanced modifications for the aforementioned old vacuums, Roomba 650 is more preferable than Roomba 618. In fact, Roomba 650 still remains at the top of the customer choices thanks to its controversial design and suitability. If you want to settle with average cleaning performance available in a lower price tag, you can rely on Roomba 618.

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