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Bot cleaners are homemaker's new favorites when it comes to effortless and smart home cleaning. In 2019, this specific industry had gained quite some volume. And there are many models and brands that are talks of the town.

In this post, we've decided to pick two of the most convenient models- Roborock s50 vs Roomba 980, and do a head to head comparison of them all. In case you're in a dilemma with these two, this article is just what you need to read right now.

Let’s start-

Comparison Table of Roborock s50 vs Roomba 980 

Product Image



Weight (lbs)


Roborock s50

Roborock S50 Robotic Vacuum and Mop Cleaner



Roomba 980

iRobot Roomba 980 Robot Vacuum



Roborock s50 vs Roomba 980- The Basics

Roborock is the successor version of Xiaomi Mi Robot, which held an outstanding reputation in the market as a home robot cleaner. And Roborock s50 had been made to be more efficient than any earlier releases from the brand and it sports new mopping features as well.

Roborock S50 Robotic Vacuum and Mop Cleaner

You can sweep and mop at the same time with this cleaner. Also, it contains an anti-allergen HEPA filter, which keeps your air healthy. It's washable in a regular manner.

iRobot 980 is, on the other hand, one of the most popular releases among other elder siblings of it- the iRobot 960, 890 and 860. There is a three-stage cleaning process which contains a 3 stage cleaning system and a 10x more powerful motor.

iRobot Roomba 980 Robot Vacuum

On top of that, there are rubber roller sets that are free of the jam or tangle by every means. It makes a perfect tool to clean the pet hair and other similar dry dirt of your home. But that being said, the brushes require quite dome maintenance.

Head to Head Comparison 

At this point in the review, we will discuss a set of features of these two. Have a look-

Mapping Sensor

The s50 from Roborock comes with a mapping sensor of LDS type. On the other hand, the iRobot 980 comes with camera-based mapping sensors.

Noise Level

When we are talking about an indoor cleaner robot like any of these two, the amount of noise created by each comes to consideration. The iRobot Roomba is a bit noisier than the Roborock s50. It produces a noise of 70dB, where the s50 produced noise of 60dB.

The Motor Suction Power

Of course, it's one of the most important features to consider when it's about cleaning bots. The suction power of s50 is more than the Roomba 980. To be specific about the numbers, the suction power of s50 is 2000 pascal and the power of the other model is 1700 pascal. So you can clean faster and more efficiently with Roborock s50.

The Cleaning Area

Another important thing to check out about these robots is the cleaning area. With Roborock s50, you can clean up to an area of 2691 square feet. On the other hand, you can clean up to 1991 square feet with Roomba 980.

The Dust Container Capacity

When your bot cleaner will be collecting the dust and particles, it will require a space to store them on a temporary basis. That's what we are addressing as the dustbin capacity.

The dustbin capacity of s50 is 500 ml, where the same feature gives up a space of 600 ml with 980. So, the iRobot Roomba 980 is the winner over here.

Wet Mopping

When it comes to moping on wet surfaces, things become a little hard for a bot cleaner to deal with. But luckily, one of our two models can deal with wet mopping. And that's the Roborock s50.

On that note, the iRobot Roomba 980 can not deal with wet mopping.

Water Tank

As a consequence of wet mopping, a relevant term appears in which is termed as water tank size. As the Roborock s50 has a wet mopping capacity, it has a water tank of 140ml. As the other model doesn't come with wet mopping capacity, there is no water filter at all.

Floors to Deal With

What sort of floors is applicable to clean with each of these bot cleaners? Well, we will give you an almost similar answer to these questions. As both of the picks are good in terms of quality, they work efficiently on hardwood, vinyl wood, tile, marble wood, ceramic wood, laminate wood, and the tiled linoleum.

The Charge Capacity

None of these models are required to attach to wall outlets and keep operating as long as it's connected. What we mean is, both of them are battery-powered. But the capacity of the battery varies between them.

In fact, the s50 is way more powerful than the 980. The s50 comes with a 5200 mAh capacity battery, where the other one sports a battery capacity of 3300 mAh.

The Run Time

As a very relevant term to the battery capacity, the run time is an important question for any end-user. The s50 would run for 150 minutes of operations with it's the higher battery. On the other hand, the 980 will go for 120 minutes or two hours straight.

So, the winner is Roborock s50.

Charging Time

As the battery capacity of the 980 is way less than the Roborock s50, it would take less time to recharge itself. So, if a quick recharging period is your concern, you can go for the 980.

Roborock s50 Pros and Cons


  • 5200 mAh battery.
  • Wet mopping enabled.
  • Built-in smart navigation map technology.
  • Smart app control. 
  • 2000 pascal suction power.
  • 150 minutes of constant support.
  • Comes with two different versions.


  • The noise level is quite high.

Roomba 980 Pros and Cons


  • Better suction power for improved cleaning.
  • vSlam technology, patented navigation system.
  • 3 stage cleaning system.
  • Multi-surface rubber brushes.
  • Highly efficient HEPA filter.
  • Quite budget-friendly.


  • Runs only 120 minutes.

Bottom Line

So, that was the wrap up for today’s Roborock s50 vs Roomba 980. We’ve demonstrated the basic know-how, the head to head comparison and the pros and cons of both of these models. Considering all of these aspects, it’s up to you to pick up one from these two.

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