How to Remove Pet Hair from a Sofa or Any Fabric

Pet animal as our family and friend live aside us for removing our loneliness and giving amusement. That they can move freely, we need to share our room, bed, sofa with them at friendly attitude. Though we know that bring the pet animals up is an unhealthy thing for us especially for baby, but we love their presence so much. Their fur and unhygienic presence are the reasons of asthma, lungs bronchitis, and dry cough and so on.

During spending time with them, we forget that our clothes get their unhealthy hair which is difficult to see by bare eyes. To lead an amusing life with your beloved and adorable pet, what you should do after considering you and your family health? Definitely, you are thinking about to keep your home and yourself clean from their hair. But how? So take a look some tips to remove your pet hair from the sofa and your clothes.

Without Mechanic Help

1. Using Rubber Glove: It is tough to clean pet hair from your favorite sofa because its hair is stuck badly and not able to be cleaned with normal cleaner. There is an easier technique in case of pet hair cleaning with the help of rubber glove.

Simply rub your gloved hand over the surface where the hair is supposed to be through circular motion, up-down, and back-forth and find the bulk of hair like yarn ball.

Applying this way, you will find your pet hair-free sofa within few minutes without taking many hazards at all.

Hair remover gloves

2. With Sponge Mop: We all have sponge mop in the kitchen to clean the counter and stove. With the help of this, easily you can clean your sofa and your cloth too. Dampen the sponge mop and rub over the place where pet loves to stay much time, and you will get the place cleaned.

3. Sellotape Technique: If you are tensed enough about cleaning the pet hair from sofa, carpet, or bed, using sellotape can also be a good solution. There is rare home where sellotape is not available. So take the tape roll and stick the adhesive side of the tape over the fur-covered area and finally get rid of pet hair.

4. Using Fabric Softener: You will get surprised after knowing about cleaning the pet hair by using fabric softener sheet. This sheet is to clean the dirty cloth, but now you will use it to clean pet fur from the sofa. You have to mist the surface area by fabric softener and wash it with water. Then get the sofa free from pet fur.

5. Rubbing a Balloon: Balloon is popular to all especially to school going children. This balloon is also effective in cleaning the pet hair. In this case, you have to rub the balloon over the object which tends to get the pet hair. Rubbing the balloon creates a static charge and attracts the hair from the objects. By this simple process, you will get your favorite sofa and clothes free from stubborn pet hair forever.

Mechanical Techniques

handheld vacuum

1. Vacuum Cleaner: In the market, various types of vacuum cleaners are available to clean the sofa and the pet hair. Such appliance has powerful suction and turbine tool to clean the fur from sofa, carpet, and clothes.

So spending a few money in buying such vacuum cleaner is well worth if you want to keep your home safe from pet fur ever.

2. Handy Roller: This is an inexpensive tool to remove the fur. To de-hair the entire living room such as to clean your sofa, take the handy roller and get rid of unhygienic fur.

3. Fur Remover Electric Brush: This is a quick cleaner to clean the fur from the entire home. You will get two benefits from such brush if you purchase one. The both sides have two types of bristles. One side is to clean the fur from furniture, and the other side is to brush your dog’s coat and take off the loose fur before getting stuck with your sofa and clothes.

4. Furminator: The tool is popular now in the market. It is one kind of pet hair vacuum cleaner. Buying this tool, you will find it as a powerful, efficient, and effective tool ever because it gathers all loose fur from pet body before dropping out over the furniture and fabric. So if you can use it properly on the pet, you will get the family free from fur.

To Remove the Fur from Fabric

1. Anti-Static Spray: There is available the anti-static spray in the market, in various brands, to remove pet hair from fabric. Simply spray on the fabric which is full of disgusting fur, rub with the brush and get the cleaned it easily.

2. Fabric Steamer: If your pet hair gets stuck with a woolen fabric, it’s more difficult to clean, quite impossible with a normal wash. In such case, you have to take fabric steam. Take the fabric to the steamy bathroom for a few minutes, then clean the fur with cloth’s brush. Here the steam helps the fabric dampen to bring out the fur at an easy effort.

3. Lint Roller: This is an easier tool to remove pet hair from your classy and beautiful fabric. Before wearing the cloth, use the roller thoroughly over fabric and simply get it hair free.

4. Using Clothe Dryer: Before washing the fabric which is full of fur, you need to use the cloth dryer to lose the fur because it sucks them into the dryer lint trap easily.

5. White Distilled Vinegar: During washing the fabric what’s stuck with pet hair, you can use white distilled vinegar. Because vinegar gets the fur soften and relaxed, then finally you will be able to remove them through washing.

How to Control Your Pet Hair at Home (Info-graph)

Ultimate Guide to Control Pet Hair at Home - Pet Vacuum Lab

Final Verdict

Being a pet lover and concerned about family health, you become in a fix and need to take many precautions, such as maintaining the pet clean, regular vaccination, always keep the home clean and so on. Because of improper care results in your family illness, so you must follow the above techniques to keep your home clean, and hygiene forever that family and your pet may live happily with each other.

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