Compare Neato D80 vs. D85 | Price and Major Features

Robot vacuum cleaners are becoming the foremost choice of all the houses. Although they fall relatively on the higher price range than the conventional vacuum cleaners, the ease they endow in cleaning is unfathomable.

The market today is flooded with a number of brands that manufacture high-grade robot vacuum cleaners. Neato is gaining popularity among the people who want to have an excellent product that can resolve their cleaning issues. It has launched some of the best models for the customers among which Neato D80 and Neato D85 are the two. Both these devices are equipped with lavish features that ensure thorough and deep cleaning.

If you are wondering which one to pick out of the two, the guide below will help. Here we have compared both the devices and put forward their major features to clear your dilemma. So check it out and find the product of your choice.

Neato D80 VS D85 Comparison Table

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Weight (lbs)


Neato d80

Neato Botvac D80 Robot Vacuum

Neato Robotics


Neato d85

Neato Botvac D85 Robot Vacuum

Neato Robotics


How are they designed?

Both Neato D80 and D85 are D-shaped that works really well especially in the corners of the room. Neato D80, consists of CornerClever Technology that gets close to the walls and corners to pick up maximum hair, dirt, and dust. Therefore, D80 is a better version when it is about the designing and inclusion of advanced technology.

Neato Botvac D80 Robot Vacuum

Are they easily portable?

In general, robot vacuum cleaners move without human intervention. Both Neato D80 and D85 have easy maneuverability. Apart from that, the inclusion of technologies that facilitate mapping the room and spotting the dirt prone areas make them more convenient. They overcome the obstacles and move around in the room with no hassle.

Neato D85 consists of an extra boundary marker feature which is absent in D80. This tool helps in scheming the movement of the device where you get control of the robot in your hands.

How good are the filters?

Neato D80 consists of one high-performance filter. Sucking the large and small dirt particles and making the entire room clean is its USP. However, on the other hand, Neato D85 comprises three high-performance filters. More filters relate to more purification of the air. Neato D85 makes sure that not even a microscopic particle will remain in the room and thereby it will get hygienically clean.

Do they auto-recharge and resume?

Yes, both Neato D80 and D85 have the feature of docking into the charger when the battery drains out. In this way, you don’t have to worry about the cleaning session getting stopped in the middle. These devices can tackle around 3000 square feet of floor space per cleaning cycle.

What are the advanced technologies in Neato robot vacuum cleaners?

Well, Neato is known for accustoming its vacuum cleaners with advanced technologies to make cleaning more efficient and organized. Both D80 and D85 have a set of technologies which makes them the best out of all.

Some of the most useful and advanced technologies used in them are

Patented Neato Technology: This technology is present in both devices. The laser smart mapping and navigation system scans the entire room and maps it. Once the mapping is done, it starts cleaning methodically instead of randomly bumping around.

CornerClever Technology: It is present in Neato D80 wherein cleaning the corners becomes the easiest task to enroll. Unlike other robot vacuum cleaners that are round in shape and not able to collect the dirt from tight corners, Neato devices are easy and hassle-free. Due to their D-shaped design, they offer maximum hair pickup.

SpinFlow Power Clean Technology: This is one of the most useful technologies which is present in both the devices. It combines the precision brushes, and potent suction that makes sure not even the smallest of the dirt and dust will remain on the floor. Other than this, the presence of easy to swap combo and blade brush ensure thorough cleaning. There is precise edge cleaning side brush as well so that not even a speck of dust remains behind.

What are the accessories?

The most important and useful accessory that Neato devices feature are specialized brushes and boundary markers. While the combo brushes precisely work on the floor and corners of the room, boundary marker makes sure you get the control of the device in your hands for its smart movement. While specialized brushed are present in both the devices, boundary markers are present in Neato D85 only.

Some important pros and cons of Neato D80 and Neato D85

Neato D80


  • Good suction and active air filter.
  • Large and useful dirt reservoir which is easy to use.
  • Combo brushes that work well on all the areas of the room.
  • Advanced technologies for effective cleaning.


  • Consist of just one high-performance filter.
  • Proper space is required for docking and self-charging.
  • Battery issues may come with time.

Neato D85


  • Smooth transition to the floor from carpets and vice versa.
  • Three high-performance filters.
  • It is quiet in operation and very powerful.


  • Brushes require regular cleaning for an efficient job.

Final words

Neato is known for bringing the best for the consumers. Both the devices- Neato D80 and Neato D85 are efficient and pertain to intense cleaning sessions. Although both are competent, there are just a few features that mark the difference between the two. As per our comparison, Neato D85 seems to have more advanced features than Neato D80.

Neato Botvac D85 Robot Vacuum

Neato D85 comprises more high-performance filters and advanced technologies than Neato D80. Moreover, an improved battery life, quiet operation, and easy navigation also contribute to making it a high-end device. Therefore, with more cleaning capabilities and efficient work module, Neato D85 seems a better version. However, the final choice will depend on your personal requirements and budget.

Compare Neato D80 vs. D85
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Compare Neato D80 vs. D85
Both the devices- Neato D80 and Neato D85 are efficient and pertain to intense cleaning sessions. We have compared neato d80 vs d85 and put forward their major features to clear your dilemma. So check it out and find the product of your choice.
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