Lint Roller Alternative – (These Will Work As Good As Your Lint Roller)

We all know how irritating it can be when sometime we are about to hit the door in hurry and find our clothes is all covered up in lint. So you need to take a good care of the clothes which has the tendency to produce lint often. But how can you do so?

Well, the most common answer will be using a lint roller.

Lint roller is great for removing lint from clothes. But there is a huge wastage left afterward. Additionally, lint rollers lose their adhesive ability pretty fast and they become useless afterward. So what can be a good alternative of a lint roller and serve you a longer period of time?

Here is some option you can go for in case you are looking for an alternative to your lint roller.

What is a Lint roller?

A lint roller is a rolling tool that is used to remove any lint or other small fibers from clothing materials. It is basically a roller with one-sided adhesive paper wrapped on a barrel which is mounted on a center spindle.

Lint Roller

Lint roller alternatives:

Rolling pin and packaging tape

You will need:

You can make a DIY lint roller at home which can be an economic alternative of the store-bought lint rollers. Take a rolling pin and wide packaging tape. Take out one end of the packaging tape and add this to the roller pin. Roll the roller to wrap it with the tape. Make sure the sticky portion is facing outward. Your DIY lint roller is done. Roll this over the clothing pieces you want to remove the lint from. The sticky side will pick up the lint for you.

Packaging tape or duct tape

Things you will need:

You can wrap the packing tape on your hand facing the sticky part towards you. Just run your hand on the fabrics and the tape will take out all the lint from it.

You can only use the tape and directly use it to remove the lint if the affected area is small enough.

Use a sweater stone or pumice stone

You will need:

Rub a sweater stone or pumice stone on the fabric. Follow the thread pattern of the fabric and don’t do against it. Don’t be harsh while doing it or don’t go over the same place over and per. But keep it in mind that you can’t use this stone on cotton, wool, silk or satin fabric.


Things you will need:

This one is another easy, economic yet effective way of removing the lint from the clothing. You can get the Velcro from any store and online as well. Wrap the Velcro in your hand facing the rough side upward. Then softly run your hand on the clothing. The Velcro will gather all the lint for you. After that, you can simply use a tape to properly remove them from the cloth.

Pill remover

Things you will need:

Pill removers are electrical devices which are great for removing lint from the clothes. They also come with an inbuilt space for storing the lint. This small and light-weight device will make the job easy for you in the minimum time possible. This doesn’t cause any damage to the fabric as well. Isn’t it a great deal?

Rubber Glove

You will need:

You may still have some rubber gloves you use in the kitchen. Guess what, these gloves can be useful for removing the lint especially the used one. Just put them on and rub your clothes. This will gently remove the lint from the clothes.

Pet fur bushes

All you need:

If you have a hairy pet at the home, then you definitely use a ‘pet fur brush’ to remove the pet fur from your sofa or bed. You can use the same brush to remove lint from the clothes. There are also professional at home pet fur cleaning brush set available in the store and online as well. Also you can use ChomChom roller (World's best pet hair remover). Do give this a try.

Cloth brush

You will need:

Oldie is good. We all have those old-school fuzzy tough brushes at home which our grandparents used to remove the lint from their coat or sweaters. Nothing works as good as these brushes. If you have one at your home, then give this a shot. But remember not to go harsh on the fabric since the brush is too stiff and hard. It might damage the fabric if overdone.

Nylon stocking

  • Nylon stocking

Nylon stocking is another great way to remove lint from the clothes. You can use old nylon as well do get the job done.

Disposable razor or electric shaver

We all have shaving razor at home. And the great news is that you can use this to get rid of the lint from the clothes. Just be caution so that you don’t cut the fabric while doing the job. It is safe to go for a single blade razor.

You can also go for an electric shaver as well. Both will get the job done for you.

A damp sponge or scouring pad

You can use a damp sponge or scouring pad to remove the lint from the clothes. Just gently rub the rough side of the pad or the scouring board to loosen up the lint. Work with the direction of the fabric and don’t be rough.

Hand vacuum

Hand vacuum is another easy and fast way to remove all the lint from your clothes. You can use the regular vacuum that you have at home for this purpose.

Final words

You can always use any of the options mentioned above to replace your lint roller. These are some economic and easy options to remove the lint from the clothes without spending some extra money on a lint roller.

Give these tools a shot and you won’t ever go back to your expensive lint rollers.

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