Kenmore 31140 vs. Kenmore 31150

Kenmore has launched many amazing vacuum cleaners and home appliances for users. It is one of the most trusted names in households for a long time. Whether it is about the quality, performance or convenience, there is nothing in which Kenmore devices have not proved their worth. Manufacturing highly efficient vacuum devices for the past 70 years, Kenmore has improved its technology multiple times to bring technology-led, customer-oriented vacuum cleaners in the market.

Here, we will take a glance at the two most potential vacuum cleaners from the brand- Kenmore 31140 and Kenmore 31150. While both of the devices have a set of unique features, there are a few which make them different from each other. So let us dig around each one of them and see their potentialities and features that differentiate.

Kenmore 31140 vs 31150 : Comparison Table 

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kenmore 31140

Kenmore 31140



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Kenmore 31150



How powerful is the motor

Kenmore 31140- With dual motors and a great suction Kenmore 31140 features an incredible air power. It implies that it will suck up almost everything from the floor. Whether you are dealing with the pet hairs or the mess done by the kids, it will ensure a clean and spotless place instantly. The debris of every size will get trap inside it. Power Flow Technology adds to the worth of the device even more.

Kenmore 31140 Pet & Allergy Friendly Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Kenmore 31150- It has an amazing suction power which comes due to the presence of 3D Inducer Motor. This extraordinary motor is believed to combine the power of three motors to bring high efficiency in the work. It gives 20% more air power than its counterparts without losing the suction due to the presence of a Beltless Inducer Motor. Power Flow Technology enhances competence even more.

Kenmore Elite 31150 Pet & Allergy Friendly Beltless Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Bottom Line- A powerful motor signifies the potency of the device. Since both of them are equipped with Power Flow Technology, their efficiency cannot be doubted. However, Kenmore 31150 consists of a 3D motor with the power of three motors making it a better version.

How long is the cord

Kenmore 31140- The cord length of Kenmore 31140 is 30 inches. Although 30 inches is quite a lengthy one, you might need to change the plug now and then if the room is quite big. It might become a little uncomfortable after a while when you start exhausting.

Kenmore 31150- The cord length of Kenmore 31150 is around 35 inches. It means that you will have more ease in cleaning spacious and large rooms. You will not require unplugging and plugging again and again, and it helps in accomplishing the task fast.

Bottom Line- Kenmore 31150, being 5 inches extra in cord length is giving an additional reason to splurge on it. If you have a large space to clean you can do that in one go. Covering larger spaces without the need for unplugging definitely make things hassle-free.

What is the difference in weight

Kenmore 31140- This device is around 19 pounds in weight and is quite light when it comes to upright vacuum cleaners. Moving it around the house is easy. However, if you have to work upstairs or downstairs, you will need to pick it up.

Kenmore 31150- Kenmore 31150 is 20 pounds which makes it just one pound more than its counterpart. Easy to glide over the rooms by small push, this device can make cleaning session hassle-free.

Bottom Line- With just one pound, it doesn’t make a huge difference in weight. Both of them are easy to move or glide around the house for convenient cleaning. The drawback of picking it up for taking it upstairs is in both of them. So, weight doesn’t show any significant difference between the two devices.

How well they perform

Kenmore 31140- Due to the presence of two powerful motors, Kenmore 31140 has a wonderful suction. It can pick up dirt and debris of almost every size. Moreover, you can adjust the brush to vacuum different kinds of surfaces. It comes with an extra brush for extra efficient cleaning.

Kenmore 31150- With Kenmore 31150, you can work on the hard floor as well as carpets and rugs. People who have pets in their home can finally get rid pets’ furs which usually spread on the floor or get stuck in the carpets. The extra setting for pet owners does the needful. Other than these, it also comes with an adjustable telescopic wand which can reach the tight corners of the room to remove the dirt and dust thoroughly.

Bottom Line- When it comes to performance, Kenmore 31150 is a better version due to the 3D motor, powerful suction, and multi-surface cleaning. So if you are a pet owner and fed up of pets’ hair all around, get Kenmore 31150.

How efficient are the filters

Kenmore 31140- This device consists of triple HEPA filters which are so far considered the best in vacuum cleaners. It can trap dust and dirt as small as mini microns in size. HEPA filters are best for people who are allergic as it can also trap allergens efficiently. Certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, no one can doubt its authenticity. There is a HEPA cloth bag where all the dust gets accumulated.

Kenmore 31150- Kenmore 31150 also consists of triple HEPA filtration system which is typical to the brand Kenmore. It is also certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. With the efficiency to pick up the smallest of dirt and dust, it makes the ambiance of the room hygienically clean. People allergic to dust can go for this device without any dilemma.

Bottom Line- Both the vacuum cleaners comprise HEPA filters. Therefore there is no significant difference between the two in this feature. With an excellent filtration system, you can go for anyone to get a hygienically clean house.

Additional features:

1. Both the devices come with three extra attachments. These are-

  • A combination of dusting and crevice tool for baseboards and tight corners
  • A telescoping wand helps you reach up to 10 feet to those awkward corners
  • A Pet Handi-Mate(R) eliminates pet hair and dander

2. Kenmore 31150 consists of Infrared Dirt Sensor which means it can see the dirt which is not visible to your eyes. This feature is absent in Kenmore 31140.

3. There are 5 height adjustments in Kenmore 31150 so that different types of surfaces can be worked on efficiently. On the contrary, Kenmore 31140 has only 4 height adjustments with LED lights that illuminate the way for clean surfaces.

Final words

Upright vacuum cleaners have always been one of the foremost choices of people. The level of convenience they endow is unfathomable. Moreover, they are easy to store as well.

When it is about Kenmore, you don’t have to give a second thought but buy its device instantly. It is one of those brands which people trust and do not hesitate in buying. When we compare the two wonderful vacuum cleaners- Kenmore 31140 vs. 31150 we can clearly see that Kenmore 31150 is more efficient and useful in many features. From the basic features like a powerful motor and a long cord to unique ones like the dirt sensor, Kenmore 31150 has scored more points.

So, now that you have understood both the vacuum cleaners and implicit their working module, it’s time to grab the one which meets your requirements the most.

With Kenmore, you will never disappoint!

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