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iRobot Roomba 880 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Review

iRobot is the trusted vacuum cleaner brand. Navigating the desired location through the sensors is great. Clean up to 3 rooms with the automated command. Find the best “Aero Force” technology to have the deep cleaning surface. The device introduces a superb filter that traps dust and harmful particles completely.

iRobot Roomba 880 review

Get the 3 stage clearing benefits with the 5x power. Therefore; find the hidden dirt from any sorts of a floor. iRobot Roomba 880 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is perfect to clean the furs and other garbage. Just put your command on the device and have the ultimate upshot in no time.

Features of iRobot Roomba 880 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

  • AeroForce Cleaning system to have 50% more cleaning benefits.
  • Generates up to 5x of power and effective filtration system.
  • The double rubber tread designs grab more pet furs.
  • Find the 2 motors to produce enormous power through the device.
  • Get the optical and acoustic sensors to find out the desired area properly.
  • Spinning side brush is to get the edge and close cleaning.

Easy Cleaning

Get the very easy cleaning, just press the clean button and see how it works nicely. Probably, you never think how good it is to perform the operation. Find the self-charging benefits through the device, so it always keeps to clears the dust away.

To get the even cleaning, find here the multiple combinations of agitation, brushing and powerful suction. You’d have the spinning brush here, and the feature is to perform the edge cleaning and also picking the pet hair or other dirt.


iRobot roomba 880 robotic vacuum cleaner review

It is multi-tasking vacuum cleaner what focus on a lot of works a time. It comes up with virtual two lighthouses what directs nicely and gets the location cleaned. The filter features 2 motors what generates tremendous power when going for the action.

Find the low profile design whereas you could run into the cleaner under sofa, bed or any other hidden place. The machine would grab the dirt nicely through its optical and acoustical sophisticated sensors.

Robust Power

The vacuum offers enough battery life and electricity when running into the operation. The powerful 2x battery power along with lithium ion backing accolades the machine as the best one. Get to know that you have aero force technology.

The aero-force 3 stages of multi-floor cleaning and that same filtration system provide the unique benefits to the users. Get here tangle free extractors to have the desired suction and picking high advantages of trash grabbing.

What The Special Hacks Of iRobot 880 Robot Vacuum?

It’s the smart and hassles free vacuum that locates every corner you wish . Furthermore, welcomes improved sensors to go for the operation. Indeed, it takes automatic docks and recharge.

The cleaner is Ideal for the pet since it develops spinning brush and counter rotator system to pick more furs and dirt. Besides, it offers virtual wall mode to reach in the multiple roam, even when you’re sleeping.

It’s built in with best II technology what executes excellent suction. You don’t have to think of missing dirt as the device welcomes highly advanced features to meet that.

Frequently Asked Questions [F.A.Q]

How does this Roomba clean the corner?

Well, this Roomba robotic cleaner is superbly designed, and within the so many features, it introduces spinning brush. This side brush cleans perfectly to the wall side and close corner. Even though, other brands are perhaps unable to clean such a close clear.

It features the bristles and side brush what not only makes the fine particle and takes a massive operation to edges and offer the easy cleaning.

The Drawback

Even though we’ve mentioned a good number of potentialities over the item but at the same time found some disadvantage. Here you don’t find the benefits of cleaning accordingly. For instance, you want to reach the upside of a wall or any furniture but can’t by the way.

Besides, you won’t have the opportunity to trap the more dust at a time. That’s because experienced people claimed that the cleaner is perfect to execute light forms of a task and clears away pet dirt and furs.

Editors’ Recommendations

Alright, probably, you’ve gone through what features and specialty it offers you. Indeed, nowadays you’d find a lot of devices, and interestingly the vendors push you to buy their items. iRobot is a good brand to make that. I’d like to say this model is significant annexation for the device since it offers multiple authentic appearances.

Roomba 880 review

Although some people raise their complaint, the device is not capable of grabbing a large amount of debris. Nonetheless, we say this is best vacuum for pet lovers. Since you know a great variety of things, it annexes for the pet hair. The bristles, side spinning brush a lot more. Don’t pay heed to them to choose for it, as I think your original choice is the loving animal.

We suggest having the cleaner as we’ve got enormous possibilities through the device. The stylish design, superb durability and many things you’d meet to pick the cleaner up. This is unique and spectacular for battery life, find here the best lithium-ion battery and luminous signal to find the hidden trash.


Why not should you taste the device? We show some needs to grab it right now. The superior filtration system, aero force cleaning and overall consumers’ friendly vacuum cleaner it is. There is various customer throw their good reviews for the model. Have the device and enjoy the happy cleaning.

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