iLIFE V3s vs. iLIFE V5s

iLIFE is one of the reputed and well-established brands. It has manufactured some amazing technology-led vacuum cleaning devices that are equipped with the latest features. The company manufactures its device and categorizes them into three major series- A series, V series and W series. 

Each series is led with different technology which results in different features. If you are thinking to have an iLIFE vacuum cleaner, here we will provide an insight into their V series appliances and compare iLIFE V3s vs. iLIFEV5s. It will give you a fair idea about the two devices and help you draw the buying decision.

iLife V3s vs iLife V5s - Comparison Table

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From the infusion of some of the most desired features to well enticing price, everything about this vacuum cleaner is appealing. It is perfect for people who own pets. You will find not only diverse cleaning modes but also powerful suction that makes it easy to work with. As if these were not enough, the company has improved its navigation multiple times.

ILIFE V3s Pro Robotic Vacuum

Let us take a sneak peek into some major advantages and disadvantages of the product


  • Pet Hair Care technology- It is equipped with Pet Hair Care technology that sucks up the pets’ hair from all around the room.
  • HEPA Filtration System- There is a HEPA filtration system which is considered the best in vacuum cleaners. They can trap 99.9% of dirt and dust particles.
  • Design- The low profile design ensures that the device can maneuver easily inside the bed, sofa and other furniture to make it clean.
  • Sensors- There are smart sensors which overcome the obstacles coming in the way and avoid bumping or dropping.
  • Programmable- One can easily schedule the device to work even in their absence. Moreover, it has self-docking and charging feature, so the human intervention seizes to a minimum.
  • Hard floor- It works well on hard floors and ensures giving spotless cleaning.
  • Remote Control- It comes with a remote control with which you can command it anytime to start the cleaning process. Also, there is one-touch technology which leads to auto-cleaning.


  • You need to replace its filter once every month as a maintenance procedure.
  • It doesn’t cater to wet cleaning or dry mopping.

Bottom line- In terms of design, this product is worthy and perfect for splurging. The improved navigation, powerful motor, elaborate brushes, and amazing cleaning performance make it one of the best devices of the time. However, the only drawback of changing the filter every month and the absence of wet mopping gives it a stand back.


Although iLIFE V5s also hails from the same V series,t it has a multitude of features which are not present in its counterparts. It is known to make the cleaning session a lot more easy and free of hassles. Something which sets it apart is the inclusion of dry and wet mopping along with the other features like diverse cleaning modes, advanced i-dropping technology, and self-rescue technology.

ILIFE V5s Pro Robot Vacuum

There are four cleaning modes in iLIFE V5s to meet your different cleaning needs.

1. Auto Clean which cleans the area automatically and randomly.

2. Spot Clean that leads to deep cleaning and pressurizing the special dirty areas.

3. Edge Clean so that all the sides of the walls get free from spider webs or cobwebs.

4. Schedule Clean where you can preset the device, and it will do the needful even when you are sleeping or not in the home.

Let us take a glance over its major pros and cons.


  • Multiple cleaning options- The device can vacuum the floor, sweep them as well as a damp mop- all in one time. It means that your floor will get a gleaming effect with just one device at a time.
  • Powerful motor- It comprises an improved and more powerful motor than the other V series vacuum cleaners. It clearly indicates that there will be powerful suction which will pick up dirt, and debris of all size.
  • Pet Hair Technology- For all the pet owners, it is a blessing. You will never see any furs spread all over the floor or get stuck on the tight corners.
  • Smart sensors- It consists of intelligent sensors that will sense the dirt and dust as well as the places to prevent dropping or to bump.
  • Design- iLIFE V5 has a slim design and excellent maneuverability. It implies that the device can glide under the furniture like sofa and beds with no hassle.
  • Automatic features- It can dock to the charging point automatically to self-charge itself whenever the battery drains out.
  • Multiple floor accessibility- It can work well in all types of floor including hardwood floor, tiles, laminated and much more.


  • No compatibility- The only drawback of such an advanced device is the no smartphone connectivity with Wi-Fi or any other mode.

iLIFE V3s vs iLIFE V5s Final Verdict

Every iLIFE vacuum cleaner is custom-made to meet the requirements of users. It is the reason why they are infused with every basic and many advanced features.

However, when taking a look at iLIFE V3s vs. iLIFE V5s, we can easily say that iLIFE V5s is a better version. It is a step ahead from iLIFE V3s when we talk about performance, design and the presence of smart features. The diverse cleaning modes which ensure thorough cleaning, the i-dropping technology for protecting it from drops and bumps along with the super smart sensors that detect the presence of areas with more dirt and dust, iLIFE V5s becomes more proficient and competent.

The only drawback of lacking connectivity with smartphones can be neglected when you are getting so many advanced features in a device.

It’s time to make the cleaning session a lot more friendly and easy. It’s time to get an iLIFE vacuum device and get a spotless and hygienically clean home.

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