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How To Remove Dog Hair From Clothes – Step by Step Process

For pet lovers, having a pet dog at home is bliss, however, it comes with an inconvenient package of hair flying all over the house. It is a fact to all the pet lovers that if you own a pet dog or a cat, you have to deal with their hair issues, removing their hair frequently from various places of your home, which can be infectious and allergic reactions can occur to your body if not removed. Pet hair removal can be tiresome and stressful, however, some simple and tricks and methods can be very useful in making life much easier when it comes to removing them and they are discussed below:

Dry Sheets

It can come as a surprise, but dry sheet can be useful in removing pet hair besides laundering your clothes. All you have to do is choose a dark colored sheet that is very dry or dries it otherwise, and then just lay the sheet around the affected area of clothing or furniture and rub gently and the sheet will pick up most of the hair around.

Gloves or Sponges

Pet hair can also be removed from upholstery or fabrics using dampened gloves or a sponge. With the dampened gloves, all you have to do is just take the pair of gloves, wear it and just rub the affected area of clothes or furniture with it.

The surface of the gloves will thereby create a tension with the area of the cloth and the hair or fur will stick out in masses and you can rinse it off and repeat the process again and again till you find the hair has been removed sufficiently.​

Hair remover gloves

In case you can't manage gloves take a sponge from the kitchen slightly wet it and squeeze the excess water to give it a dampened feel and roll over the probable area filled with hair and you will notice that the hair is sticking out in chunks and you can rinse it off and repeat the process several more times till you feel satisfied.

Both of the techniques are fairly similar and easy to implement and you can get the best effective results at ease and convenience.

Lint Roller

Using a lint roller to remove the pet hair from clothes or any surface is one of the most convenient ways. It is inexpensive and very easy to use. It contains sticky tapes wrapped around its body that are good enough to remove the small amount of hair that is on your clothes or fabrics that you do not require brooms or vacuums to dispose off.

all you have to do is roll the lint roller over the area that contains hair and the hair will stuck up with the roller in a mass, remove it and continue it until the sticky part does not gel with the hair anymore, change the tapes and repeat it till it is needed, however, the problem is that this handy item cannot be used to clean up the whole mess of floor area at one go it is best suited to clean the hair stuck in the clothes or fabrics.


If you do not have the access, time or patience to carry out any o the above method to remove your cloth and want to clean everything at one go when you usually get time to clean the entire house and you are not constraints on your budget, you can use the best vacuums in the world that you can find from Pet Vacuum Lab and invest your valuable money once that is worth it. There are plenty of specialized vacuums available in the market that not only removes the dirt and dust but also cleans the most stubborn of hair shredded by your pets at home.

These vacuums use the most advanced technologies available that produce powerful and consistent suction to draw out any sort of dirt, dust, and hair as well as removing any sort of allergens that can affect your body and cause severe infections or allergic reactions. These vacuums also contain the best brushes available in the market to grip the hair and dirt well enough to reduce the chance of cleaning the same place twice and giving a thorough clean on the first go.

Other Steps

Apart from the methods and tricks mentioned above to clean and remove the hair from your clothes and furniture, there are simpler tricks that you can use in case you find that your pet has shredded some more hair throughout the day after you have cleaned your house completely and that it is spring time when the allergens cause the most damage, here are some tricks you can use to quickly remove the pet hair from your fabrics, seats or desks:

  • Wet your hand and roll it over the hair containing area you will notice a ball of hair is stuck on your hand rinse it and repeat it until you are satisfied with the cleaning as the hand gets dampened, so the hair gets easily stuck with the hand and can be easily removed.
  • Inflate a balloon and rub it on your pet hair that charge the balloon surface statically and then instantly rolls it over the hair and the hair will stick up with  the balloon and you can dispose of it and repeat it again and again till you are satisfied. 
  • Use a rubber broom to remove the hair from your floor surfaces as it has static bristles that are effective against any surfaces and the hair will just jump onto the brush and can be easily disposed of.

Reduce Hair Removal Beforehand

In order to reduce your pet hair shredding:

  • You can place a clothing in an area that is out of the way from your pets.
  • You can also groom your pets regularly before cleaning your house to remove most of the hair from your pet that they would have shredded otherwise throughout the day.
  • You should also vacuum your house with the best possible pet hair vacuums that you can find at Pet Vacuum Lab, especially the carpets and furniture on a regular basis and wash your rugs and linens and other things that you feel the pets could have come in contact with.
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