How to Clean Carpet with Vinegar?

Are you looking for a homemade carpet cleaning solution? And do you want to turn the hardest job into the easiest one? Then, this cleaning guide is only for you. Today, we will present you with a researched review on “how to clean carpet with vinegar.”

Alright, vinegar is a common liquid item contained with acetic acid and water. And, you are probably familiar with the particular product in your different daily needs. However, have you ever thought that this might be a perfect solution for your carpet stains?

Yes, over the years, people have been taking advantage of the vinegar solution for their carpet cleaning job. Experts say that it is a naturally versatile cleaning agent for wiping out stains and killing germs from anywhere on the surface.

You know that carpet is highly prone to absorb liquors like coffee, red wine, water, milk, and fat item. And consequently, it leaves visible stains that mar the overall aestheticism of the carpet. With the simple process and lease endeavor, only vinegar can be the right company to remove these sudden contamination.

So, have a close look at the detailed guide to learn the true technique of cleaning carpet with the vinegar solution.

Cleaning carpet with vinegar: Four effective solutions to consider

Cleaning carpet with vinegar

For sure, vinegar is the best solution to carpet stains, but some of the mixes can make it more cost-effective, eco-friendly, pet, and kids-friendly. And you can try them at home with some of the very common ingredients.

1. Vinegar with Baking Soda

The mixture of vinegar and baking is one of the best solutions for carpet cleaning. Baking soda or bicarbonate of soda is smoothly soluble in water. The combination of tough acetic acid and bicarbonate soda makes a perfect solution to beat even the hardest stains of fabric.

Required Ingredients & instruments:

  • Vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Water
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Brush or cloth

The process to prepare the mixture:

  • First of all, add one spoon of vinegar to one liter of water in the spray bottle
  • Then, sprinkle baking soda on the entire carpet for 30 minutes before vacuuming
  • Finally, clean the carpet with a brush or cloth and let it dry

2. Vinegar with hydrogen peroxide

As an oxidizer and disinfectant, hydrogen peroxide is a popular name in the cleansing jobs. And when it comes to vinegar, it offers a wondering outcome to vanish carpet stains. It is an inexpensive and easily available compound. Let’s find the required ingredients and mixing process.

Required ingredients & instruments:

  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Vinegar
  • Paper towel &
  • Vacuum Cleaner 

The process to prepare the mixture:

  • Firstly, pour some concentrated hydrogen peroxide in a spraying bottle and vinegar in another one.
  • Now start spraying vinegar in the stained areas followed by the hydrogen peroxide. And you need to ensure two simultaneous jobs immediately.
  • And then blot the stains with a paper towel but never try rubbing on the carpet.
  • Finally, start vacuuming to dry the area and make the carpet moisture-free.

3. Vinegar with detergent

Dishwashing liquid or soar is a standard cleaning component available in almost household. The reaction between vinegar and detergent creates lots of bubbles, most useful in deleting tough stains and rough soil from carpet.

Required ingredients & instruments:

  • Vinegar
  • Detergent
  • Spray bottle & water
  • A clean absorbent towel and a clean sponge

The process to prepare the mixture:

  • Add the detergent to the vinegar solution along with warm water and keep them into a spray bottle.
  • After vacuuming the affected area, spray the mixture on the surface.
  • And continue dabbing with the cleaning cloth on the stained part until it removes thoroughly.

4. Vinegar with salt & essential oil

The mixture of vinegar and salt is one of the most eco-friendly cleaning solutions. You can try by yourself to wipe stains and germs from your carpet. In no time, it works effectively to remove fresh stains of fruits or other liquids.

Required ingredients & instruments:

  • Salt
  • Vinegar
  • Essential oil & water
  • Spray bottle

The process to prepare the mixture:

  • First of all, add half of a cup vinegar to some water in a spray bottle
  • Then add one teaspoon of salt and eight to ten drops of clean essential oil in the bottle.
  • Now spray the mixture on the stained part of the carpet and keep blotting with the cleaning towel.
  • Finally, vacuum the carpet and let it dry and germs-fee.

A Detailed Guide to Clean Carpet with Vinegar

We would like to go through the detailed guidelines step by step. And we hope that you will follow these steps to have the best cleaning experience with a vinegar solution.


The first and foremost important job is to remove dust, debris, and dirt particles from the cleaning surface. You should make sure that no rugs exist there, because it may mar the color and fabric of your carpet. To do the job, you need vacuuming first with a precise vacuum cleaner.


While vacuuming, make sure that you are operating your vacuum cleaner back and forth or in all directions. It will eliminate all forms of dirt & dust and allow you to focus on removing stains from your carpet.

Making a Vinegar Solution

Now, you need to prepare a vinegar solution with the components above, whatever you like. You can make a concentrated cleaning solution with baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, detergent, and salt. Although these are harmless solutions, you should apply them to the limited space before spraying on the whole carpet.

Never try any harmful chemicals to avoid shrinking and damaging the fabric and color of your carpet.

Scrubbing the Carpet

Get started blotting on the stained regions with a soft sponge or cleaning cloth. You should continue rubbing to eliminate visible spots, invisible germs, and odors. Vinegar has an incredible ability to diminish bad odors. You can take advantage of scrubbing on the carpet.

Scrubbing the Carpet

Never forget dipping the sponge into the mixture in the regular interval. And continue the job in the linear motions to the direction of your nap. It may take time to go through the entire carpet. So be patient and complete the process as per directions to get the best outcomes.

Rinsing the Carpet

You should never forget this particular step of the cleaning process. You may take it as the final stage where you must rinse out all the solutions. Otherwise, it can leave serious stain and fabric damage to your carpet. Water is the only solution to eliminate the cleaning components.

You can do the job in the running water with a hose pipe taking the rug outside. Spray water until no solutions exist on the rug. If you do the job indoor, you can use a cleaning cloth. Dip the cloth in the clean water and rinse at the similar motion of applying the solution.

Removing Excessive Moisture

Unless you wipe moisture out of your rug, it can cause bad odors and even new yellow stains. That’s why; this is one of the most crucial steps ever we narrated here. The professional suction machine can be a proper solution to the issue. If you don’t have anything like that, you can apply some natural tricks and techniques.

Hang your rug in a suitable place wherever you do prefer. But never let it fall down to avoid breaking or tearing off. A famous window cleaner can be another solution to remove water from rugs after rinsing. It’s a little bit time consuming but works better to protect carpet from bad odors, mildew, and mold.

Drying the Carpet

Although you have removed excessive moisture, it requires drying the rugs. It would be much better if you can do the job under the sunshine. Never forget checking that both of the parts have been dried equally and properly. It may take your time and labor.

If you cannot take your rugs outside for drying, you should open the window and let some air circulate. And to hasten the job, use some fans to the carpet. It can be a great idea to dry up the rugs indoor, having less effort.

Factors to Find before Starting Cleaning Carpet with Vinegar

Carpet is an integral part of the home aestheticism. And it is certainly an issue of worth investment. You would never like to damage your favorite rugs for cleaning purposes or something like that. So, have a close look at the following precautious issue before starting cleaning with the vinegar.

Types of Stains

All stain substances are either acidic or alkaline. In this case, you need to understand what the vinegar solution is suitable for which substances. Experts opine that alkaline solutions suit acidic stain, and the acidic mixture is vice-versa.

Vinegar is highly acidic that contains 2.4 pH levels with antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Therefore, it would be a perfect choice for alkaline stains caused by pet urine and red wine. And you wouldn’t get a good result using vinegar on the acidic properties like soy sauce and ketchup.

Carpet Fabric

You should take carpet fabric into your account to clean with vinegar. From expert research, we find that the vinegar solution is not applicable to the carpet fabric made of natural fibers, wool, and silk. It can permanently deface carpet color and fabric.

Cleaning Technique

How much success will you get from vinegar? It remarkably depends on the cleaning method, whatever you are applying. For example, to remove wet stains, you should use cleaning cloth and fresh water. To get the maximum results, just blot the stained rug with a diluted vinegar paper towel.

No Rubbing

Never try to rub on the dry stain. It can damage the overall appearance of your carpet. You can gently scrape off the residue on the dry stains. And ensure that you are using water-diluted vinegar for carpet cleaning.

Answers to Some Common Questions

In our research, most of the users have some frequently asked questions that are quite valid in this niche. Let’s find some of them.

Q: Will vinegar damage the carpet?

Q: Why should you choose natural solutions?

Q: Should I remove pet hair before cleaning?

The Final Verdict

We consider the total care of your carpet. After that, we have presented you with this researched review to have a healthy and stain-free rug indeed. We hope that if you go through the stages mentioned above, you would be able to ensure flawless carpet cleaning with vinegar. Happy Cleaning!

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