How To Clean and Maintain Vacuum Cleaner

Your Vacuum cleaner is one of the best investments you can make for your cleaning purposes. Since it is a precious addition to house cleaning it also needs to be kept clean to maintain a steady performance for a longer period of time and can also save you from some costly repairs in the near future. Here are some steps you can take to keep it clean and safe:

Vacuum Bag

Try to check the vacuum bags on a regular basis to see if it is completely filled or not. Always remember that if the bag is 1/3rd it might be too much for the vacuum to clean efficiently because the air needs to pass through all the collected dirt and debris and the vacuum will have to work harder to clean when the bag is full.

So it is very important to replace the bag at the right time so that the vacuum does not get overworked.

N.B: Make sure the bags are of right shape and size suitable for the model you are using.

Brush Roll

It is very common to find hair and strings wrapped around the brush rolls at all time after cleaning, so always check on your brush rolls or beater bars located at the bottom of your vacuum, that sucks up all the dirt and dust that accumulate in the bags, before or after cleaning.

Use a scissors or fingers to gently and carefully remove any strings or hair wrapped around the brush. It does not have to be spotless, just enough for the brush to suck up the dirt efficiently. Once that is done you can even clean your brush rolls with soap and water to make it extra clean and keep it germs free as it is the dirtiest spot in the vacuum and is always in contact with all sorts of dirt and dust around the house while cleaning.

Vacuum Belts

Try to check the vacuum belts from time to time for tears or damaged areas or to ensure that the belt has not slipped out of place to maintain the efficiency of your vacuum. For more information on how to replace the vacuum belt

Filter and Hose

Clean your filter vacuum often as it is designed to pick up materials that might contaminate the quality of your air indoor. You can rinse it with water and then make sure to dry it before putting it back to the vacuum.

Vacuum cleaner can pick up a lot of things during cleaning, which is big in size and can get stuck to your hose from time to time making it difficult to clean the dirt from time to time as well as making weird sounds, frequently check to see if something is stuck in the hose if so gently push with a broomstick or pulls with a hook made from bent coat hanger to dislodge it from hose o work more efficiently.


Proper maintenance of your vacuum will only help you have a machine that continues to work efficiently as it should. Keeping your vacuum clean and tidy do not require a lot of work and time.

How To Clean and Maintain Vacuum Cleaner
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How To Clean and Maintain Vacuum Cleaner
Step by step process as for how to clean and maintain vacuum cleaner. For good cleaning, you must have to clean your vacuum as a regular base.
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