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How Often Should You Clean Your Home?

It is an important issue of hygiene in the home that how often you should clean your home properly. There are plenty of people who think the spring is the best time to clean whole home, and others think regular cleaning can maintain good health. Spring cleaning is likely the most significant as seasonal rituals. But there are some cleaning works need to be maintained daily and weekly to keep your home fresh and tidy.

Can’t you schedule that which chores should be cleaned how often and after how many days? If you want your home to be hygienic and more presentable, you have to make a routine as per cleaning needs and daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Here, daily tasks include making the bed, cleaning dirty dishes, and sanitize bathroom and kitchen. As a weekly task, you should pick floor mopping, furniture dusting, And monthly tasks should be vacuuming vents, cleaning the dishwasher, cleaning the home appliance, etc.

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​Everyday Tasks:

1. Making Bed: 

Bed Cleaning

A neat and clean bed instantly makes the entire room looks pulled together, creating a subtle vibe of tranquility and competence. Making bed is a daily chore which shows that you care about yourself and your home, and even makes you feel happier. So you should go for cleaning your bed every morning that can do so much to make you happy whole the day with so little effort.

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2. Cleaning Dishes: 

Maybe you've not seen a sink full of dirty dishes after taking dinner and lunch, but it isn't pretty at all. Smells, stains, and odd fungal growth will arise if you forget to clean dirty dishes. Cleaning dishes is a daily household task you have to make the best choice all around. If you can't manage to clean the dishes regularly, you should make sure that another member can wash the dishes easily.

3. Bathroom Sanitize: 

A clean bathroom comes with wiping surfaces daily, and deep cleaning at least once a week prevents illness and infections which affect individuals. Soap scum, bacteria, toilet rings are the name of bathroom grime. So why would you not want to clean the bathroom daily? So should clean the bathroom things which your family uses them necessarily. The five things in your bathroom such as a commode, floor, bathtub, and basin deserve a daily cleaning. A clean bathroom ensures the health and safety of aging adults and children who are housebound.

Weekly Tasks: 

1. Laundry Wash:

Laundry Wash

This is not necessary to wash laundry daily, and many of us take this task as weekly. After passing a busy week, all get a chance to wash their clothes which may be work clothes, school uniforms, soccer practice clothes, sports uniforms, bed sheet, and curtain. If you have a really large family, you may need to up your number of loads a day. Sometimes you can wash some clothes before the weekend to reduce load if you have a large family.

2. Furniture And Upholstery Dusting:

To get the optimum durability of the furniture and upholstery, you have to dust and vacuum them weekly. Excessive dirt and dust require the furniture and upholstery to break down the fabric fibers and shorten the life of them. So you should regularly, which means weekly vacuum with a soft brush ensures this furniture to achieve longevity. Important maintenance factors you can follow 1) main cleaning, 2) stain removal, 3) control of color fastness and precautions for upholstery fabrics.

3. Floor Moping:

Though it is important to mop the floor daily to ensure the health of children and hygiene, it is tough to do this daily. So floor moping you can do weekly basis and feel relax to vacuum any flooring in your home to remove dust to reduce allergens. Wood flooring needs dusting once a week and spray with a wood cleaner to create a cluster and remove the gunk.

Monthly Tasks: 

1. Vacuuming Vents:

It’s important to clean the vents once in a month and replace them if necessary because they get dirty and become jam that is highly flammable and can cause a fire. There are many reasons to vacuum the air vents in the home. As you know that clean vents help to last the heating system longer and provide the air, we breathe at home is cleaner. So vacuuming the air vents is essential to those who need allergen-free air.

2. Cleaning Home Appliance: 

Home appliance consists of an oven, refrigerator, stove, microwave, toaster, dishwasher, etc. these need to be cleaned regularly otherwise they get damaged from using several times.

3. Refrigerator: 

The space behind your refrigerator becomes the dirtiest place due to avoiding. You have to pull out the refrigerator to clean and mop up whatever there is. After that, you should vacuum the refrigerator coils properly and carefully. Such cleaning gives you the refrigerator to prolong use and this task you should do a day in a month.

4. Stove-top and Oven:

Stove and oven are essential appliances for daily life and these need to clean carefully. You may not have much time to clean them weekly but can manage a day in a month. There are a few models of ovens with the self-cleaning option you can find on the market, but some spots of the self-clean option don't reach, like the gunk around door hinges and frames.

You can clean the stove-top by giving enough time through wiping them up with vinegar or soapy water. A little baking soda on a sponge or commercial oven and stove cleaner is much helpful to clean your stove properly.

Final Word: 

How often you should clean your home depends on the purpose of the room, and how frequently you get the house dirty and the members are living. You may try your best to keep the home clean and convince yourself that you will do some cleaning steps daily. In reality, it is tough enough to spend a little more time on the daily cleanup so that you have to follow a routine and schedule as per daily, weekly and monthly household chores. Keep in mind that regular cleaning steps make your home more attractive to others and will show your impressive positive personality.

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