Hoover UH70935 3 Pro Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner, Blue, 1.36 Liters Review

Today in the fast-paced life when every single minute counts the need of a high-quality vacuum cleaner becomes the call of time. Hoover UH70935 3 Pro Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner is something which can be pondered upon while making a purchase.

The alluring features and specifications of the product have managed to grab the attention of users manifold.

While having a pet at home is extremely enthralling, the hairs and dirt caused by them bring resentment. But the vacuum cleaner from Hoover could be your ultimate solution to rule out the problems faced while cleaning the mess caused by the pets.​

Hoover UH70935 3 Pro Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

While its suction power can uplift even the stubborn dirt and dust in a few minutes, the specially designed filter can be reused after rinsing it. Getting awe-inspire with it? There is a lot more to get attracted towards Hoover UH70935 3 Pro Pet Bagless Upright. Check it out!

Key Features Of Hoover UH70935 3 Pro Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner:

Some of the vital features of the product which makes it appealing enough to splurge include the following.

  • Wind tunnel 3 technologies.
  • Dirt release cup at the bottom.
  • Reusable and easy to rinse the filter.
  • Automatic winding cord.
  • Multi-floor brush roll.
  • Product weight: 17.8 pounds.
  • Product dimensions: 14 x 13.5 x 44 inches

All about WindTunnel 3 technology:

Although the terminology may sound little complicated, it could make cleaning really effective. The WindTunnel 3 Technology has the power to bring out the deep-rooted dust and debris from the surface. Due to 3 powerful suction channels, there are zero chances of even the unseen hair or debris to remain on the floor or mats and carpets. A home with kids and pets become dirty very frequent and tidying up the whole with perfection is only possible with something like Hoover uh70935.

Dual cyclonic feature:

Hoover 3 Pro Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

This feature enhances the functionality of Hoover 3 Pro Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner manifolds. Due to its presence, the air passes through two different cyclonic stages which otherwise passes through a single chamber.

This helps in filtering the air to a great extent and thereby less chances of any dirt or dust particle to remain in the surrounding. It ensures that you breathe the air, which is completely purified and is free from every possible harmful particulate matter.

Presence of Carbon & HEPA Media:

Another alluring fact which is associated with this product is the presence of carbon and HEPA media filter. While the High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) media is supposed to trap around 99.97% or dirt and dust from the surroundings, the Carbon layer is an odor absorbing one. And the good news is this filter can be rinsed easily and reused once you feel that has become full of filth. HEPA is also considered an effective medium to trap down dirt down to 0.3 microns which are one beguiling feature of this vacuum cleaner.

Add-on of one pet tool accessory pack:

This product is custom made for people who have pets and kids in their home. Pets encompass some of the most dreadful debris which, if left unclean might cause serious troubles in infants and kids. Therefore, it comes along with a rubberized pet tool accessory pack. These accessories could remove pet hairs which are very hard to drag out from the rough surfaces. There is a brush roll as well, which works really well from carpet to hard floors. There is a pet turbo tool as well to clean the stairs and furniture with precision to rule out every possibility of having pet hairs on the floor.


  • There is an automatic cord that gets winded back in seconds packing up the cleaner really fast.
  • There is a telescopic extension wand to make the cleaning process more easier and hassle-free even when there is a need for 12 feet of above floor cleaning.
  • It came along with a 10' Hose and 27' Power Cord.


  • The product is little heavy which is counted as the drawback as people find it difficult to work with during long cleaning sessions.
  • You need to manually empty the dirt cup which sometimes leads to making the hands filthy as well.

Frequently Ask Questions: 

Q: Is this vacuum cleaner adjustable to different heights?

Ans: Yes, this vacuum cleaner is made in such a way that from a 5’ to 6’ tall person can use it without any difficulty. It can be adjusted to different heights due to the presence of height adjusting knobs. This has made this product a perfect one for every household.

Q: How do the brush roll works?

Ans: The brush roll is present, especially to clean the mats and carpets. Some of the debris and hairs of pets are so obstinate that they require special efforts to get removed. Brush roll can be used in such cases. It comes along with an on and off option which can be done with just one press of a pedal. You don’t need to bend or do some extra effort to switch it on or off. Whether you want to clean the carpet or hard floor the brush roll could be your best buddy while cleaning.

Final Verdict:

Sometimes it’s not only about the capability of the product, but also the ease with which you can make use of it. No matter how clean one vacuum cleaner could make your house until you didn’t get satisfied completely with its service, it is not a worthy purchase. So take your time, think and then decide whether this amazing product is your cup of tea or not.

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