Hoover Spotless Vs. Bissell Spotclean

Two most popular names in the vacuuming industry are Hoover and Bissell. Both are well-known to manufacture high-grade vacuum cleaners. However, there a few points which bring differences between the two regarding the design and cleaning performances.

If you are wondering whether to invest in Hoover or Bissell, the content below will help. Here we have compared the two potent products from these two reliable brands- Hoover Spotless and Bissell SpotClean. Check them out and make the best decision.

Hoover Spotless VS Bissell Spotclean (Comparing Table)

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Hoover Spotless

Hoover Spotless



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Bissell Spotclean



Different Between Hoover Spotless Vs Bissell Spotclean

Cleaning performance

How well a vacuum cleaner cleans the space is all that determines its usefulness. It is essential that the cleaning performance of the equipment is superlative.

Hoover Spotless endows convenient deep cleaning. The device is believed to spray the water, scrub the space and efficiently remove the stains and spills. It works really well on all kinds of mess ranging from pets’ fur or hairs to everyday mishaps.

Bissell SpotClean, on the other hand, utilizes powerful suction to remove spots, stains and stubborn dirt. The power pack cleaning combines different activities like string suction, scrubbing and cleaning with the help of professional cleaning solution and tools.


Weight is one of the most important features to consider when you are getting a vacuum cleaner. While heavyweight devices can make you feel tired soon, lightly weighted ones are always easy to carry and clean large spaces with little efforts.

Bissell SpotClean weighs around 16.4 pounds and has the dimensions of 10 x 14 x 14 inches. On the other hand, Hoover Spotless is just 9 pounds with the dimensions of 9.7 x 13.9 x 15 inches.

Bottom Line- The lightweight and compact size of Hoover clearly indicates that it is far better than Bissell to carry around and accomplish the tasks. Nine pounds weight is easy to work with on different areas and carry to different rooms or upstairs.

Power cord length

The longer is the power cord, the better it is. You can work with the device easily without changing the switches now and then. It saves time and efforts and also makes you feel less tired.

The cord’s length of Bissell SpotClean vacuum cleaner is around 22 feet while it is 14 feet in Hoover Spotless.

Bottom Line- Bissell scores more here with the longer cord. You can switch it on at a place and work as far as 22 feet with no worries due to its long power cord.


Accessories ease the cleaning work. Generally, the vacuum cleaners come with a few extra tools to make the cleaning session effortless. These tools become essential when you have to clean hard to reach places. Moreover, they also reach below the furniture for thorough cleaning.

Bissell SpotClean comes with two major tools- 3-inch stain tool and 3-inch stair tool. Both of them help in removing the stubborn stains from the floor or upholstery. Other than these, it also comprises one trails size bottle of deep cleaning formula. All three of these products make the cleaning more efficient.

Hoover Spotless comes with a multipurpose tool along with a trial bottle of pre-teat gel and cleaning solution. These help in getting rid of hard stains and make the place thoroughly clean.

Bottom Line- Both the devices comprises essential tools as well as the cleaning solution. So on the basis of tools, you can get any one of them and get the things done.

Tank Capacity

The tank is one essential prerequisite for any vacuum cleaner. The larger is the tank, the more dirt it can hold. It means you don’t have to run frequently to throw the dirt and empty the tank.

Bissell SpotClean comprises one tank, and Hoover Spotless comprises a dual tank system. It means that there will be two separate tanks for two different purposes. While one tank will hold the clean water, another one will keep the filthy one. So what makes them different here? Well, it is the tank’s capacity. Bissell’s tank is bigger with the size 96 oz. The tanks in Hoover are 51 ounces (clean water) and 36 ounces (dirty water).

Bottom Line- The bigger tank of Bissell scores more as you will go farther between the refills. However, at the same time, two separate tanks of Hoover makes the work organized but go have to make multiple trips for refilling.

Self-cleaning technology

If any device is equipped with self-cleaning technology, it naturally gets an upper place. It is because you don’t have to worry about its maintenance.

Hoover Spotless comprises a self-cleaning hose. It prevents the development of odor by automatically flushing off the dirt and debris. All that you need is to plug the hose into the cleaning port on the back and turn your device on. It will flush out the dirt and filths, is any, keeping the device clean and fresh. It will not let the device to omit awful odor later. Bissell is not equipped with any such feature.

Bottom Line- Hoover Spotless with a self-cleaning hose, grabs more points.

Final Words

When it comes to cleaning, it is crucial that the device comprises most of the features to ensure better and thorough cleaning. In some aspects, Hoover seems better like in self-cleaning technology, dual tank system, and lightweight. Likewise, Bissell gives the impression of a better version when we consider features like cord length, tank capacity, and powerful suction.

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So, all that you need is to know your preferences and then make the right choice. While spotless cleaning is the primary vision, you can’t escape the importance of lightweight. However, if you still want us to suggest one device, we will recommend you to get Bissell.

With the larger tank size, longer power cord and greater suction it can fulfill the basic requirements without making you feel tired after the cleaning session.

Pick the one which impresses you the most and makes the most out of it. Choose wisely!

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