Hoover Platinum Uh30010COM Lightweight Upright Vacuum Review

Hoover Platinum uh30010com Lightweight Upright Vacuum with canister comes with superior cleaning power is one of the best cleaners for those who covered their internal home with carpets.

As this vacuum is quite lightweight, you can use this for cleaning the rooms or even trudging up and down the steps with minimal effort.

Hoover Platinum Uh30010COM Lightweight Upright Vacuum

​Interestingly, this vacuum has two different portions, one of them is an upright vacuum cleaner and the other is canister vacuum. You will find both in the same box.

Upright Vacuum: This vacuum has no hose, attachments, and adjustable tools, unlike regular upright. The dusting brush, crevice tool, bare floor brush, and telescoping extension wand are packed with this vacuum cleaner, but you cannot use these attachments with the upright which has a large, comfortable and easy button handle.

Canister Vacuum: On the contrary, the canister cleaner is small in size, and has a strap that allows carrying it on the shoulder, like a large handbag. This is a fabulous vacuum in cleaning out small spaces such as the inside of a car. It has a two-section telescoping tube and long wand which helps to reach around the house.

Hoover UH30010com Key Features:

  • Powerful portable canister cleans hard surface and ceiling.
  • WindTunnel Technology removes deep down embedded dirt.
  • HEPA bags traps dirt, derbies, dust, and pollen's.
  • Light weight design.


Cleaning Hard And Bare Floor: Hoover Platinum Lightweight Upright vacuum is a great tool for removing the dirt and dust from the bare floor and hard surface. This picks up almost everything that will fit through the inlet. The WindTunnel system is great for carpet cleaning and during cleaning you cannot turn off the motorized brush otherwise it can scratch the hard surfaces.

The canister part of this vacuum consists of a floor tool with a brush which is fabulous in cleaning the dusty area. It is great for tiles especially cleaning the grooves.

Carpet Cleaning: This vacuum comes with WindTunnel system with strong suction from the 5 amp motor and the motorized brush, which is capable of deep cleaning the carpet. You have to switch it from HI for carpeting and LO for rugs because the suction power on HI may lift the rug off the hard flooring. The switch setting is very easy since the power switch is right below the top of the handle. So this vacuum cleaner is preferable to those who are finding something effective in carpet cleaning.

Edge Cleaning: The Hoover Canister has crevice tool which is great in cleaning up corners and edges of home. The Hoover Platinum Upright does also nice cleaning the edge. This cleaner is really impressive with the WindTunnel technology which helps to clean every corner of the home.

Removing Pet Hair: The upright vacuum is fabulous in cleaning up pet hair from bare floor, upholstery, and carpet because powerful suction and a motorized brush pick any hair. You need to clean the motorized brush after every 2 to 3 usages. On the other hand, the canister does have any pet hair removing tool attachment, so you should use the brush on upholstery.

Cleaning Beneath The Furniture: If you are searching for a maneuverable machine, you will get a great impression over Hover Platinum cleaner's ability which can reach beneath the furniture. Its handle to recline flat to the floor that it is easy to clean well under low furniture. So you won’t get anything damaged during cleaning underneath the furniture because this vacuum cleaner comes with soft cloth body.

Easy Control: The Hoover Platinum vacuum is designed with the touch controls that are backlit. You won’t find most vacuums with this feature. So if you want yourself with easy and flexible cleaning, this vacuum cleaner is the great option for easy navigation buttons and operative machine. The led headlight is attached to the backlit buttons and edge cleaning channels with added bristles to clean baseboards and various other areas of your home. There's also a stair cleaning handle which helps you to use the full vacuum on stairs without being overwhelmed.

HEPA Filter: This vacuum consists of HEPA filter which removes dust, pollen, and microscopic particles. The HEPA bag is able to get 99.97 percent of dirt, dust, and pollens down to 0.3 microns to ensure quality air. This bag is better than the bags made with standard paper. You need no touch to dispose the bag or inhale any dust because it comes with the self-sealing feature.

Hoover Platinum Uh30010COM Accessories You Will Get:

Hoover Platinum uh30010com Lightweight Upright Vacuum consists of some versatile cleaning accessories. Carrying strap helps to carry the portable canister vacuum. The canister cleaner is an effective tool to vacuum the above-floor instead of using awkward hose attachment. Because there are some accessories with the canister– crevice, brush and floor tool plus a 5-foot flexible hose.

Hoover Platinum Uh30010COM


  • Different speed options for different surfaces and hard floor.
  • Lightweight helps to easy use and move around.
  • LED headlight is for cleaning in dim light.
  • Upright is great on short, medium, and long pile carpeting


  • Upright is bit harsh on hard flooring.
  • Very noisy.


1. How does the canister clean?

Ans. The upright vacuum cleaner is the combination of direct air flow suction and WindTunnel technology. Here the direct air, pulls dirt straight up through the center of the machine; on the other hand, the WindTunnel technology makes air flow like a cyclone, using centrifugal force to pick the objects. Along with this well-managed combination of airflow, the Hoover Platinum uh30010 is powerful to clean tenacious pet hair and embedded dirt.

2. What kind of bags need to use with this vacuum cleaner?

Ans. The Hepa Media Vacuum Bag is preferable to use. And for the hand held vacuum if you purchased that - Platinum Collection Type I Hepa Media vacuum bags are perfect.

Final Verdict:

Considering the overall things related with Hoover Platinum uh30010com Lightweight Upright Vacuum With Canister, you will have a positive impression of course over its quality performance. If you eagerly want something that's going to last and have lots of extras to clean your home properly, this is probably the best vacuum for you!

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Hoover Platinum UH30010com Lightweight Upright Vacuum With Canister Review
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