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We become annoying when seeing the spot and strain on our favorite and expensive carpet or upholstery and are tensed about how we can remove properly. Okay, there is a solution. Hoover brings the FH11300PC Spotless portable carpet and upholstery spot cleaner which has a stain, spot, dirt, mess, etc. cleaning feature. Why will you choose it? Well, few gadgets you will find on the market that has a specialty to remove the spot and strain from carpet, upholstery, stairs, car seat, and hard floor.

Hoover fh11300pc

Hoover has another product CH30000 PortaPower Lightweight Canister Vacuum cleaner, is good to clean a huge area of home or office with 2.2 horsepower motor and using both tools will make you a smart one.

Lightweight of this cleaner will help you to clean everyday stains, spills, and even hard to remove and stubborn spot. However, its self-cleaning hose is great to remove dirt and bacteria too. Using only water and cleaning agents will make you more convenient to do such irritating cleaning task within minutes.

Key Features of Hoover FH11300PC: ​

  • Superb to clean any stain and irritating spot
  • Suitable for upholstery, carpet, and car seat cleaning
  • Its Dual Tank Technology cleans dirty water
  • Having antibacterial protection to clean bacteria, mold, and mildew
  • Very convenient with lightweight and portable

Why Will You Choose This?

You want to buy a vacuum cleaner for a house cleaning purpose but confused enough that which specialized vacuum cleaner can fulfill your cleaning need. If you become irritated at daily carpet, upholstery, and stair cleaning task then Hoover fh11300pc can pacify you for sure. Besides that, this cleaning machine has some impressive features will make you a fan for sure.

Easy usability: You will find this Hoover Fh11300pc vacuum device very easy to clean only using detergent and clean water. How is it possible? Okay, to use it, you have to simply plug in the machine, turn the switch on, and then hold its spray nozzle over the stained area. To get rid of deeply set dirt or stain of the cloth, you need to vacuum more than twice through this process.

Hoover fh11300pc

Moreover, with the help of this cleaner, you will have old carpet with a fresh and plump look through going over the worn-out sections on the carpet from a different direction. So after having such easy experience, any user will say that this vacuum cleaner is superb to use.

Lightweight and Portable To Carry: Lightweight and portability make the Hoover fh11300pc more attractive to the buyers. From the easy cleaning point of view, users always want such a vacuum that they can carry it everywhere to clean every corner of the home like Hoover c2401. Here Hoover produces portable cleaner ensures this credibility as the strongest selling reason.

Whether you want to clean the stain from carpet, stairs, or upholstery, this vacuum will give you everyday stain free home. So don’t hesitate to remove any spot or dirt made by your pet or children, take the vacuum and clean your required thing whenever you want.

Dual-tank System: Hoover always tries to produce excellent vacuum with the latest technology. Hoover, fh11300pc comes with a Dual-tank system which grabs customer attention and users won great cleaning machine to make the home neat and clean. Now, what is the dual-tank system you may want to know? With this technology, the vacuum cleaner has two separate tanks, one is for clean water with a 51-ounce capacity, and the other is for dirty water with a 36-ounce capacity. Both tanks are transparent, ensures the users to monitor the dust and dirt. And of course, after each use, both tanks need to be cleaned and washed before storing.

Great to stain remove: Stain in the carpet or upholstery is a usual thing and tough to be cleaned certainly. On the top of you have pet and children to make mass in the home. So what simple think can help you out to make the home neat? Well, Hoover brings Spotless carpet and Upholstery vacuum cleaner is great for stain and dirt removing whether you have worst stain or grease on furniture or carpet. So take the stain as a part of your life with this stain remover vacuum cleaner.

Powerful Suction: A carpet clean, worthy vacuum machine should have powerful suction and been designed for stain clean specialty. Fortunately, Hoover produces a vacuum cleaner with powerful suction for stain and spot cleaning purpose from carpet and upholstery. This portable vacuum cleaner needs only cleaning solution to loosen the dirt and stain from the carpet so that it can suck them easily.

As we know a powerful suction does not only loosen the dirt and stain but removes the excess solution and water that the carpet gets dried faster. So don’t bother anymore with harsh winter, mud, sand, and the daily mess made by your kids and of course beloved pet, because Hoover fh11300pc comes with such a powerful suction if you won a single one.

Extension Tools: Besides removing spot and stain so politely from carpet and upholstery, Hoover fh11300pc vacuum cleaner comes with some extension tools to give more efficient clean. Most important one is deep cleaning Rubber nub that provides deeper enough and thoroughly clean. This tool includes antimicrobial materials which will help you to have easy cleaning effort against mold, bacteria, and mildew.


  • Self-cleaning technology to have stainless carpet and upholstery
  • Compact and portable
  • Helpful to those who have kids and pets
  • Easy to clean it after every use


  • Having the possibility to leak
  • Good not for floor cleaning

FAQ & Troubleshooting

Question: What things I need during cleaning besides this Hoover fh11300pc?

Ans: Anybody can utilize this machine for removing the stain from carpet or the desired thing only using warm water, but not hot water, with a cleaning agent. And it can help to somewhat faster dry.

Question: Can I use this to clean car upholstery?

Ans: Yes, you will be able to clean the car upholstery with this portable carpet cleaner, and for this, you need to have a hand tool that is designed specifically for the car.

Final Words

Hoover brings this FH11300pc Spotless Portable Carpet & Upholstery specialized stain removing technology for those who have a budget shortage and do the daily spot cleaning task. Since this vacuum allows you to have carpet and upholstery longer life, then don’t hesitate to own a single one. Besides, it’s convenient, and portable cleaning activities will give you an easy carrying opportunity around home properly and of course if you have stubborn kids and pets. So get this Hoover vacuum cleaner and find deep and hygienic clean home.

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