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Hoover Commercial Lightweight Backpack Vacuum, C2401

Vacuuming the home is a regular household chore, especially you have a huge room for everyone, and it’s a boring and a bit tough task of course. And sometimes it is irritating to carry the heavy vacuum cleaner during cleaning. So, to feel convenient and relax in cleaning, you may want a vacuum which will give you comfort cleaning and easy carrying along with proper vacuuming! Then I must recommend you Hoover Commercial Backpack C2401 vacuum cleaner which will give you easy carrying with lightweight backpack feature.

Hoover C2401 Review

This Hoover Commercial c2401 is a lightweight vacuum with only 9.2 lbs and has a chiropractor designed harness that allows you good back support with shoulder straps. Moreover, Hypercone HEPA filter, reusable dust bag, and long wand you will have with this vacuum cleaner for cleaning purpose. Interestingly, its top dome lid is adjustable, and the set of accessories along with the vacuum are very helpful to clean the carpet, bare floor, Venetian blinds, and a wall.

The Key Features of Hoover C2401:

  • Built-in blower is for versatile cleaning and maintaining the home
  • A reusable commercial cloth bag with the paper option allows using for several times
  • Chiropractor harness makes sure safe carry while vacuuming
  • Compact form is to clean tight spaces
  • The long hose can reach the extended area

Who should choose this product?

  • For those who do frequent cleaning
  • People are suffering from asthma or allergy
  • Bothered by loud sound
  • Love to use the reusable dust bag
  • Want to have the vacuum with HEPA filter

Benefits And Usability

Easy Carrying:

Hoover commercial lightweight backpack vacuum, c2401 is easy enough to carry while vacuuming. This vacuum comes with a shoulder strap which is made of chiropractor is very supportive of holding on your back tightly. Using a traditional vacuum cleaner, you need to hold the hose with giant structure everywhere you clean and become a mess with cleaner, dust buster, and other tools.

Hoover Commercial Lightweight Backpack Vacuum

It is true that you will find some good quality vacuum cleaners out there, but Hoover c2401 is not like them which need to pull around the whole area and once make you bother in furniture cleaning. So, for cleaning tasks with this vacuum model you only have to carry the 10-pound load on your back like a bag you are carrying with some books. That’s it! Then choose this lightweight vacuum cleaner like a backpack instead of traditional one.

Reusable Cloth Bag:

Many people get to mess with that the Hoover commercial c2401 shoulder vac pro backpack vacuum whether bagless or not. Well, as the main feature, this vacuum cleaner has a reusable commercial dust bag that is made of cloth liner.

However, this dust bag can carry up to 6.4 quarts of debris, and you can simply dust them anytime only clear its dome lid properly. So don’t be bothered anymore with vacuuming. Now use this vacuum cleaner with just push a button and get a simpler cleaning process than before along with amazing cleaning performance.

Powerful Suction:

You are so busy that can’t afford enough time to vacuum your home properly. Don’t worry anymore. This is a bit dreamy but true that the Hoover commercial c2401 shoulder vac comes with a powerful suction motor with 8.5 amp which can produce 120 cubic feet per minute and easily carrying ability make the cleaning task complete in a few sessions.

These sessions are uninterrupted, and its 50-feet cord will give you freedom of cleaning, and if you need, you can fold it easily. Interestingly, the cord is detachable, and you can replace it anytime. The suction motor gives quite vacuuming that you need not worry if you have old age people and children.

HEPA Filter:

HEPA filter is a common feature of the vacuum world. Before buying any vacuum cleaner, just ensure of having HEPA filter feature. The Hoover c2401 vacuum has HEPA media base hypercone filter that is quite washable and replaceable of course.

This type filter is so good for those who are suffering from allergy, and asthma.

Hoover Commercial Lightweight Backpack Vacuum, C2401

This vacuum cleaner with the help of HEPA filter can remove any small type part and particle from air as in dust mites, pet dander, mold spores, pollen, even tobacco smoke, and so on.

This modern filtration comes with two types; one is the external motor filter which does weekly remove and clean the dust, and the other is a HEPA filter that removes and taps the dust and debris from the air. So feel free to keep the home air clean if you use Hoover backpack c2401 vacuum cleaner regularly.

Accessories and function:

You will get number of essential attachments with Hoover commercial c2401 like

  • Crevice tool
  • Dust brush
  • Turbo floor cleaning tool
  • upholster cleaning kit and
  • Metal wand with 38"


  • Easy carrying as backpack system vacuum
  • Quite cleaning operation
  • HEPA filtration
  • Great to clean hard floor


  • Reusable dust bag is a bit messy to use
  • No storage to keep the long cord


Q1. Is it great to clean under a large bed with this Hover backpack c2401 vacuum model?

Ans: Yes, this vacuum model is quite great to clean tight, high, or low places smoothly. But regular cleaning with this may cause a bit irritating because the dust bag is small and need to clean every time after vacuuming.

Q2. How much weight are this machine and possible to easily carry?

Ans: This vacuum is around 9.2pounds that is not too heavy to carry on the back because of having a waist strap. The easy carrying ability makes it possible to clean upstairs and downstairs in a couple of hours by an old age person. So this Hoover c2401 got a place as a powerful and wonderful vacuum cleaner.

Final Words of Hoover C2401 BackPack Vacuum:

For those who have back pain and waist ache, the Hoover commercial c2401 Shoulder Vac pro backpack vacuum cleaner is right option to own one, because anybody and any aged person can use it with comfort and smoothness.

This cleaner is fit to clean any narrow passageway, small space, hard floor with easy effort, but a bit discomfort you will feel clean the carpet. The amazing part is the HEPA filter which can carry around 6.4 quarts of debris. This filter can clean the allergens like pollen, dust mites, pet dander and so on that you can get a fresh environment for you and your beloved family.

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