Hoover Cruise Ultra Light Cordless Vacuum, BH52210PC Review

When a house is neat and clean, the worth of it elevates manifold. Isn’t it? Every one of us loves to remain at the place which is clean and tidy. Since cleanliness is not just about making the place look great, but also the hygiene of it increases to a great extent, it becomes extremely essential.

In this fast-paced life when everyone is running out of time, splurging upon one valuable vacuum cleaner seems a feasible option.

Although the market is flooded with numerous brands which claim to manufacture the best vacuum cleaners, the ones coming from Hoover still manage to make a reliable place. The Hoover BH52210PC Ultra light cordless Vacuum is the one which comprises the fascinating features owing to which it becomes the most preferred vacuum cleaner of the time.

Key Features of Hoover BH52210PC:

  • Perfectly designed to clean even the hard to reach places.
  • Easy maneuvering to clean all kinds of floors and surfaces.
  • It is light weighted and comprises perfect dimensions.
  • Can be detached to clean up little specks of dirt.
  • The soft edges of the cleaner pick up pet’s hairs and all sorts of dust.

With these promising features, the Hoover BH52210PC Cordless Vacuum Cleaner has won the heart of people and become one of the best sellers of the time. Using the most advanced technology while manufacturing, this product excelled in every sphere and thereby help in cleaning the place with utmost perfection.

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A house with pets and children is indeed one of those which didn’t take much time to become messy and muddled. This is when a vacuum cleaner from Hoover could become the ultimate savior. Now let us take an insight into its main features one by one and know why should people opt it and none other.


When we talk about the design of any vacuum cleaner one of the most vital necessity is to make it available in hard to reach places for cleaning. The upper shelves, places above the Almira and ceiling fans gather the dust quickly. Since these places are difficult to reach, a vacuum cleaner with a large handle or pole could solve the purpose.

hoover cruise bh52210

Hoover BH52210PC has an extra large pole which makes the cleaning process easier and free of hassles.


While some vacuum cleaners are made only to clean the hard surfaces, some are capable of cleaning only the areas with low pile carpeting. Maneuvering becomes really tough with such vacuum cleaners and this is the reason why looking for a vacuum cleaner which can cater both the functions easily becomes important.

The Hoover Cruise ultra light vacuum cleaner is able to transit from hardwood floors to the areas of rugs and carpets. This makes it suitable for both the parts of the house.

Weight and dimensions:

The most important feature of a good vacuum cleaner is its light weightedness and perfect dimensions. A vacuum cleaner which is light in weight is easy to carry anywhere for the cleaning purpose and you don’t need to push hard to work smoothly. Other than this if the dimensions are perfect and make the vacuum cleaner compact and packed, the ease of working with it doubles.

This Vacuum Cleaner comes with the dimensions of 9 x 9 x 45 inches and weighs just 4.7 pounds, which makes it one of the most suitable vacuum cleaners to work with.


Some of the accessories of the vacuum cleaner are so important that accomplishing the cleaning the work without them becomes really difficult. While some accessories make cleaning easy, some help in giving it a proper storage place. And therefore the ones coming with them become preferable.

hoover cruise ultra light vacuum

Hoover BH52210PC comes along with an upholstery tool and a crevice tool along with dusting brush, battery charger, and one wall mount. While the tools help with a thorough cleaning, the wall mount helps to get a good storage for the machinery.

Due to all these enthralling features, this device from Hoover has made a notable place in the market. But since everything that shines is not gold there are a few cons as well, which are related to Hoover Cruise ultra light BH52210PC Vacuum Cleaner. 

The Drawback

  • People who have used this vacuum cleaner from Hoover have observed that the sweeping head of it is relatively small. Although the cleaning process and quality with the undersized head are not affected, one needs to put a little extra effort to clean a large area. This makes the whole process a bit tiresome.
  • The battery life of this vacuum cleaner from Hoover gets drained very fast. Once you start working with it you can make the place neat and tidy for 3 to 4 hours continuously and after that, the battery would require charging. But since the battery gets recharged from its charger really fast this con can be overlooked to some extent.

Final verdict Of Hoover Cruise:

With these wonderful specifications, this vacuum cleaner surpasses many other competitive vacuum cleaners and thus could be your ultimate choice to splurge upon. Due to its advanced technology, it not only helps in making the place clean and tidy in minimum time but also eases the work to a great extent. Being ultra-light in weight it is easy to carry and works without the messy cords and wires.

So whether the cleaning area is small or large the Hoover BH52210PC Vacuum Cleaner could cater all your needs and give you a neat and tidy place in just a few minutes. Maneuver it from room to room and get rid of every speck of dirt and dust easily.

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Hoover Cruise Ultra Light Cordless Vacuum, BH52210PC Review
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