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Handheld vacuums are the most convenient form of cleaning machines that induce a more efficient, versatile and user-friendly cleaning. In case of having the best handheld cleaner, smart customers prefer a multi-functioning model that is rich in accessories and features. Eureka introduces several handheld machines among which 41A and 71B still remain the best-selling and most reliable vacuum for household cleaning. Though they are from different series, both of them share several similarities with a couple of differences.

Not to mention, it becomes quite difficult to choose the right one when your options get down to this two convenient product. Therefore, we got here Eureka 41A vs 71B comparison to make the decision easy for you. We focused on every important feature and their details which will certainly represent a clearer distinctive picture for you.

Eureka 41A vs 71B – Comparison Table

Product Image



Weight (lbs)


Eureka 41a

Eureka RapidClean Step Handheld Corded Vacuum, 41A



Eureka 71b

Eureka EasyClean Lightweight Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, Hand Vac Corded, 71B



Sharing several striking similarities, both 41A and 71B come with a noticeable difference in front side and color in the first place. Though Eureka 41A comes from RapidClean series whereas the Eureka 71B comes from EasyClean series, they have considerable resemblance making the choice more difficult.

Both the cleaners being bagless and corded, these portable and user-friendly products are manufactured for specific applications. In fact, Eureka 41A holds pretty well for cleaning the stairs or angled spaces. Meanwhile, Eureka 71B is more suitable for the plane and flat spaces.

Design & Appearance

The most obvious difference keeping the 41A and 71B side-by-side, are the exterior color and of course, the front cleaning head. But the remaining frame, stretching hose and dirt container are just the same for both the models. In fact, both models have a combination of yellow and black. Not to mention, the RapidClean 41A comes with a more blackish exterior whereas the EasyClean 71B offers a more yellowish frame. Apart from that, there comes a bare floor brush with the 41A at the exterior side which makes the front side different from the 71B.

Weight & Portability

Although the overall dimensions of both models show a considerable similarity, they barely affect the weight. Being a bit compacted cleaner, the 71B comes with a weight of 4.8 pounds which grows about 1.2 pounds to reach 6 pounds when it comes to 41A. Extra attachments for 41A contribute to the weight reducing the portability comparing with 71B. But two extra wheels at the front of 41A induce incredible portability and ease of handling allowing you to clean the angled spaces of the house.

Power Features

Requiring a running power consumption of 6 Amps, the RapidClean 41A offers superb cleaning performance. But the EasyClean 71B comes with sufficient suctioning power, though it requires slightly less power consumption of 5.5 Amps. Again, the length of the included power cord is 25’ for 41A allowing the user to reach further spaces from the plugin. Meanwhile, the power cord length for 71B is 20’. Apart from that, the power hose is 3’ for both the models which are sufficient enough to clean the spaces.

Additional Attachments

There comes crevice tool attachment for both Eureka models to wipe out the dirt from different tight and narrow spaces. The skinny shape, as well as the angled tip of the tool, reaches tight spots to take care of the dust at once.

Apart from that, there comes a specific attachment for 41A naming bare-floor brushing tool. This is quite a narrow but wide enough tool with stiff and short bristles for improved cleaning efficiency. Not to mention, the bristles work well enough to wipe out stubborn and fine dust particles. It also enables the cleaner to take care of grit from tile or hardwood.

Both models contain motorized brush roll or motorized brushing head to carry out the primary cleaning task. This particular attachment comes with a rotating brush to wipe out dirt from carpets. Allowing the brush roll to spot thanks to the on/off brush roll switch, the user can also use it on bare floors with ease.

Cleaning Performance

Regarding the cleaning performance, the 41A offers better efficiency in cleaning different angled structure like stairs. It also works for plane floors allowing the user to take care of the entire house with a satisfactory performance. In the meantime, the 71B may not hold that much good in cleaning stairs but it certainly delivers better performance in cleaning floors.

Both models have a washable filter for the collected dirt, but 41A lacks having a dust cup in comparison to the 71B. Again, there is a 6” wide cleaning path for both Eureka vacuum cleaners. With a more powerful suction than its counterpart, the 41A along with 6” cleaning path induces a higher cleaning efficiency for sure.

Being a compacted version, the 71B lacks some features, yet it offers riser visor which remains absent in model 41A. This riser visor is one handheld attachment of 71B that allows the brush roll to reach deep down of the carpet and also, upholstery to remove pet hair and other debris.



Eureka 41A

Eureka 71B


6 pounds

4.8 Pounds 

Cord Length



Power Consumption

6 Amps

5.5 Amps

Cleaning Path



On/Off Brushroll Switch



Riser Visor



Washable Filter



Rolling Wheels



Dust Cup



Included Accessories

1. Bare Floor Brush

2. Stretch Hose

3. Crevice Tool

1. Motorized Brush roll

2. Crevice Tool

3. Stretch Hose

The Conclusion of Eureka 41A VS 71B

After reviewing, there is no clear winner among these two versatile products. In fact, each of these two models is the best option you can have in its own field. With our detailed review of Eureka 41A vs 71B, you can easily understand their suitability and performance.

If you want something for angled places like stairs that is rich in features in a comparatively lower price, you can rely on Eureka 41A. But if you can manage to settle down with less featured but more efficient cleaner at an affordable price, you can have 71B for your house. 

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