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Devices that can take your workload are bliss. Vacuum cleaners hold the foremost place in this category and therefore are the first choice of all. However, at the same time having the best device becomes necessary to get the best outcome.

Dyson has brought different models in the market which are worth every penny. Today we will compare the two most potent Dyson vacuum cleaners viz., Dyson DC35 and Dyson V6 and find out which one is worthiest. So let us bring the limelight into each feature and discuss the potential pros and cons.

How well are they designed

Generally, people seek for design which is ergonomic, user-friendly and easy to handle. Fortunately, both Dyson DC35 and Dyson V6 fulfill the requirements as they consist of upright design. The major pros of the design are:

  • These are easy for people suffering from back pain as you don’t need to bend.
  • Center of gravity is towards the grip which makes it light in weight and easy to handle.

The only difference between the two is their height and color. While Dyson DC35 is silver-blue and 44.1 inches in height, Dyson V6 is white with the height of 46.4 inches.

How about the portability

The lesser is the weight, the better is the portability. Isn’t it? Here Dyson V6 scores more points with the weight of just 4.5 pounds. While on the other hand, Dyson DC35 weighs little more measuring to be around 4.8 pounds. Both of them have a slim design which eases not only handling but maneuverability as well.

Some of its benefits are:

  • One can carry the device anywhere with no hassles.
  • Cleaning the curtains and ceiling will not be a matter of concern.

Both of them are perfect for people having back pain; however, Dyson V6 is slightly better than its counterpart.

How well they clean

A vacuum cleaner is worthless if its cleaning capabilities don’t meet the requirements. If we talk about how well they clean, we have to ponder upon their features. Some of the features that are common in both Dyson DC35 and Dyson V6 are:

Root Cyclone Technology- Both the devices are equipped with Root Cyclone Technology which is patented technology By Dyson. Using the centrifugal force to remove the stubborn dirt and pushing them directly to the dustbin is what makes the devices alluring.

Li-ion battery- This is one of the most powerful batteries which constantly endow the desired power to the devices to perform the task with high precision. The plus point is it requires less maintenance than other batteries.

Attachments- Both of them comes with a variety of attachments that enhance the usability and cleaning performance. They not only make the vacuum cleaners versatile but also perfect to clean different places with utmost perfection.

Convenience- Both of them are readily convertible into handheld devices by detaching the wand to clean tight corners, cars, below the furniture, carpet, curtains and every other thing.

Now let us find out the features that make Dyson DC35 and Dyson V6 different from each other.

Brush- Dyson DC35 comprises motorized brush. It easily picks up the minute dust particles from hard floors and carpets. On the other hand, Dyson V6 consists of direct-drive head spin and push brush bristles that can take out most stubborn and deeply embedded dirt with no hassles.

Dyson V6 scores more point here with the ability to easily remove the hard to eradicate dirt and dust from all kinds of surfaces.

Charging time- The lesser is the charging time, the better is the device. In this aspect, Dyson DC35 takes 3 and half hours to get fully charged. While on the other hand, Dyson V6 takes 15 minutes less and grabs the better position.

If you want a device that gets charged fast Dyson V6 could become a better choice.

HEPA filters- HEPA filters are considered the most crucial part of any vacuum cleaner. Being the best filters, they make the device worthy enough to make a purchase. If we compare the two models of Dyson under question, Dyson DC35 lacks HEPA filters although they consist of the filtration system that lasts for a lifetime.

However, its counterpart that is Dyson V6 is equipped with HEPA filters which are certified as asthma and allergy friendly system. It can easily imprison 99.97% of minute dirt and dust particles making the ambiance hygienically clean.

Clearly, Dyson V6 with HEPA filters is more potent than Dyson DC35 which comprises some other filtration system.

Accessories- Accessories are something that enhances the worthiness of any product. The more and useful accessories one gets with a device, the more is its usability. Dyson DC35 comes with four major accessories viz., crevice tool, extension wand, combination, and motorized floor tool. The floor vac attachments with a spinning brush are ideal for cleaning both the carpets and hard floors.

dyson dc35

Dyson V6, on the other hand, comprises far more accessories and attachments like a fluffy tool, direct drive cleaner head, mini motorized tool, mini soft dusting brush, combination, and crevice tool. All of them make it perfect to clean different surfaces with ease.

BOTTOM LINE: Dyson V6 consists of more accessories which makes it a better option than Dyson DC35.

Conclusion of Dyson DC35 VS V6

If we compare both the devices, we can clearly see that Dyson V6 is slightly a better version of Dyson DC35. Although the sleek and elegant design, excellent suction power and easy portability of Dyson DC35 make it commendable, lack of HEPA filters and short run time place it at the second position.

Dyson V6 price see details​

Dyson dc35 price see details

While on the other hand, Dyson V6 with additional soft roller cleaner heads to avoid scratches on the floor, the ability to pick large as well as small debris in one go makes it worth a purchase. Moreover, the presence of HEPA filters brings grandeur to the device.

So, all that you need is to consider your requirements beforehand and make the right choice. After all, it is about your home and your convenience.

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