Comparing Between Dyson DC34 vs V6 Trigger

It didn’t take much time for a neat and clean house to become the center of attraction for the people who are visiting. And this is the reason why getting a good vacuum cleaner becomes the need of time. Although numerous vacuum cleaners are present in the market with different specifications and mode of working, the one which is more user-friendly and comfortable to work with gain the maximum attention. From upright to the canister, bagged to handheld a large range of vacuum cleaners manage to grab the interest of users. People generally prefer the ones which help them clean their house completely and make it altogether free from mess.

It’s a saying that cleanliness is next to godliness and the more we make the house clean the more we gain the spirituality. Therefore, people try everything possible to make it neat and tidy. But the maximum efforts are put by the people who own pets in their home. Although, pets are really very adorable, they create a lot of mess all around due to their fallen hairs and furs. These hairs not only contribute to making the house messy, but also make it very unhygienic. If you have children in the home, making your house free from pet hairs and furs become extremely important. From a number of vacuum cleaners that claim to be the best for eradicating all sorts of dirt, dust, and filths the ones coming from Dyson attracts a lot of attention.

Since almost every vacuum cleaner from Dyson is made utilizing the advanced technology, they have become the foremost choice of the users. Here we have come up with two best handheld vacuum cleaners from Dyson that is Dyson DC34 and Dyson V6 Trigger with their potential features and major pros and cons. Take a sneak peek at the alluring specifications of both and decide which one would suit you the most.

Dyson DC34 vs V6 Trigger Which One You Should Choose?

Features of Dyson V6 Trigger:

  • It makes use of three times faster suction power as compared to the conventional motors.
  • Ergonomically designed with a compact size.
  • There are 2 tier radial cyclones for better cleaning.
  • The battery is fade free and very powerful.
  • One touch bin emptying function, making it easy to drain the dirt out.

Radial cyclone technology:

Dyson v6 trigger

This technology makes use of 2 tier radial cyclones where 15 cyclones are arranged in two tiers in such a way that they not only work in parallel to elevate the flow of air but also capture even the minutest of dust and dirt.

These features not only attract the users while buying the best vacuum cleaner for their home, but also make a perfect gift to present anyone. With its affordable price and wonderful features, it could be one preferred choice out of many. While the radial cyclone technology makes it one of the best in the category of handheld vacuum cleaners, the small and compact design adds to its overall quality.

Now let us take an insight to the major features of Dyson DC34:

  • There is root cyclone technology for complete cleaning.
  • Very powerful suction pressure to clean even the most stubborn dirt and filths in the least time possible.
  • The motor is also very powerful giving it a great suction and increasing the overall functioning.
  • There is an LED battery indicator.
  • It has a compact and user-friendly design.

Root cyclone technology:

Due to root cyclone technology the air spins throughout with high speed. With this, the centrifugal force develops and didn’t let the pores to get a clog, unlike other handheld vacuum cleaners. Since there is no bag so there is no loss of suction as well.

Dyson dc34

With these alluring features, it has managed to make a remarkable position in the heart of users. Other than these, Dyson DC34 is also one of those which helps to make the house clean in the least time possible as the suction power is really superb and one of its kind. The root cyclone technology, which does not let the dust and dirt to get clogged in the pores of the bag, adds to the life of this vacuum cleaner.

While looking for a great vacuum cleaner people also look forward to major pros and cons of the product. Since the benefits reaped out by the user could help in deciding the final choice a little know-how about them become very essential. So here we have examined the most potential advantages that Dyson V6 Trigger and Dyson DC34 encompasses. Let us get an insight into them in detail.

Major pros of Dyson V6 Trigger include the following:

  • Since the suction power can go as high as 100 AW it didn’t get the fade with time and one can use it for a longer period of time.
  • It can clean every big to the small item and is perfect for cleaning the car upholstery and foot-wells.
  • Being handheld it is designed in such a way that it didn’t stress the hand while working for a longer period of time.
  • It is light weighted and compact in design with an easy grip on the handle.

These specialties have allured the customers to a great extent and had compelled them to make a purchase. Since these are some of those features that people prefer the most, it becomes one of the best handheld vacuum cleaner to make the house free from pet hairs and mess.

Major pros of Dyson DC34 include the following:

  • Due to the powerful engine and lithium-ion battery, the suction never seizes and this helps in proper cleaning throughout.
  • It is light weighted and compact in size, making it perfect as a handheld vacuum cleaner.
  • It comes with all the essential accessories required to clean even the hard to reach places.
  • The easy bin emptying feature helps in throwing the trash without making the hands dirty.
  • Since there is a dual power mode not just the suction remains high, but also one can clean with 6 minutes of MAX mode.

If a person is getting these attractive benefits from a vacuum cleaner, there didn’t remain any reason left not to splurge upon it. And this is the sole reason why people who have pets in their home go for Dyson DC34 without giving it any second thought.

Although both Dyson V6 Trigger and Dyson DC34 are extremely wonderful in their functionality and ease of working, the only difference arises in their suction power and weight. While the engine of Dyson V6 trigger is re-engineered and fade-free in order to deliver 1.5 more power than DC34 it helps in cleaning the house more efficiently. Other than this, Dyson V6 Trigger weighs just 3.4 pounds as compared to 4.2 pounds of Dyson DC34. Since the major attribute of any handheld vacuum cleaner is their light-weightedness, Dyson V6 trigger takes all the attention by being compact in size and light weighted.

When any electrical equipment is made, a few cons came out which is generally experienced by the users after the purchase. So in order to make your option easier here, we have jotted down the major cons people ever faced while using these best pet vacuum cleaners in their home.

Cons related to Dyson V6 Trigger:

  • Some users have experienced that the battery gets discharged very soon and this leads to hampering the long cleaning sessions.
  • Sometimes the dust and filth get entangled in between the can and motor which takes a lot of time for removal.

Cons related with Dyson DC34:

  • The battery gets discharged very soon and degrades over time.
  • The power cord or the charger is very flimsy and designed very poorly.

The benefits and major advantages of Dyson V6 Trigger and Dyson DC34 are so pronounced that these minor disadvantages can be ignored to some extent. For people who are looking for a vacuum cleaner which is wonderful in quality and versatile in functionality, then one of these handheld vacuum cleaners could be their ultimate choice. With their powerful engine and superb suction, these vacuums clears have proved their worth in the long run. Although some people have faced minor issues related to them, the final outcome obtained are worth every penny.

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Final Verdict:

It’s a fact that if you are splurging upon a good vacuum cleaner then the chances of your house remaining free from dirt and dust elevate to a great extent. Therefore, making a perfect choice and getting the most suitable one becomes really important. Other than this if you have a good vacuum cleaner with a powerful engine, its chances to get spoiled easily also diminishes.

So if you are looking for the best handheld vacuum cleaner to make your house free from pet hairs, dirt and dust, then opting either Dyson V6 Trigger or Dyson DC34 could be the best choice. So choose wisely and make a smart choice.

Comparing between dyson dc34 vs v6 trigger -
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Comparing between dyson dc34 vs v6 trigger -
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