Does Roomba Work On Thick Carpet?

Hands-free cleaning is something we all yearn for. Having a device by the side which is schedulable and can clean the entire house with minimum human intervention is a blessing. There are a number of companies that are using technologically advanced features to make cleaning better. However, only a few have managed to make a place in the heart of customers. No wonder, Roomba is one of them.


Whenever there is talk about technology-driven vacuum cleaners, the name of Roomba comes for sure. It has grabbed the eyes of consumers the most for endowing the top-notch class services and features. However, the major concern still lies whether Roomba works on thick carpets or not.

Does roomba work on thick carpet

As we already know, Roomba is apt for multiple surfaces. Whether there is a hard floor, carpets or rugs, it can effectively navigate due to the amazing iAdapt Navigation technology to work on them. The dirt-detect sensors find out the areas of intense and stubborn dirt to work on it effectively. But the question still remains the same- will it work on carpets which are thick?

The carpets are divided into different categories out of which the plush ones are thick, luxurious and have a soft and velvety appearance. Although they endow great comfort, they also get dirty very soon. These thick floor coverings give an aesthetic view to the floor and the entire room. However, at the same time, being the center of attraction they easily trap the dirt and get filthy.

It requires special features for a vacuum cleaner to work on thick carpets. Some of the distinct features of Roomba vacuum cleaners that make them unique and feasible for thick carpets are:

  • AeroForce 3-stage cleaning system
  • Tangle-free extractors
  • Powerful suction 

These three features bring the desired functionality and make the thick carpet as clean as ever. Wondering how? Let us take a glance at each feature one by one.

AeroForce 3-stage Cleaning System

AeroForce implies a powerful cleaning system which ensures digging out the dirtiest of the dirt and giving you a clean and tidy place. It makes use of strong force to remove the dust. The 3-stage cleaning can be divided into-

1. There is a counter-rotating tangle brush that moves through the fabric of carpets intensely and remove the deeply embedded stubborn dirt.

2. The edge-sweeping brushes then work on the edges for complete removal of filths of different sizes.

3. The entire dirt, then moves to the trash bin where it gets collected only to be thrown into the dustbin.

This 3-stage process of cleaning makes sure you get a clean carpet after every cleaning session.

Tangle-free extractors

The major problem with most of the vacuum cleaners is they take out the threads while cleaning the carpet. It reduces the quality of the upholstery. However, due to tangle-free extractors, this problem overcomes. The threads do not come out while vacuuming; making your carpet as new as it was when purchased.

Powerful suction

It is not just the powerful suction that works but the highly efficient filters as well that contributes to making the device effective for carpets. It is believed that the vacuum cleaners from Roomba remove up to 99% of the dirt, dust, and debris along with the pet hairs. Pet owners often complain of their pets’ hair remaining in the upholstery and floor even after vacuuming. However, with Roomba devices, this is not the problem as it ensures giving a pet hair free and hygienic ambiance.


With all these features encompassing, you can just sit back, relax and let your robot do the work. Roomba can easily handle not only the hard floor but the high-pile floor areas as well. They are designed especially to meet the requirements of thick carpet and make them dirt and dust free.

So yes, Roomba, being carpet-friendly actually works on them and do the needful. Neither your thick carpet will get damage nor will you feel cheated. All that you need is getting a cup of coffee and chill. Let your Roomba device rush into your floor, below furniture and all over the carpet to give a clean and tidy home.

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