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Does a Carpet Sweeper Work Better Than a Broom on Carpet?

It is an age-old debate, carpet sweeper or broom? Which one is best? Whilst everyone has there own preferences, or special techniques to tend to there carpets needs. This article will help you to decide what product will be best for you and your carpets.

What is a Carpet Sweeper?

Carpet sweepers were first designed in 1883 and were the foundations for the design of a vacuum cleaner. Carpet sweepers are cheaper, safer and much more lightweight in comparison to vacuum cleaners. They are great for addressing little messes with ease, or giving your carpets a quick once over before visitors come round.

Most reviews state that carpet sweepers are the best option for keeping your carpet clean. They are said to supersede using a broom for lifting dirt on your carpets, as it is the easier option and offer the best results in your home.

What are the main features of a good Carpet Sweeper?

When looking to purchase a new carpet sweeper there are a few key features you should keep in mind. It is important to remember why you are purchasing the carpet sweeper, if you have pets or a busy house and how much you intend to use the product.

If you have tall shag carpets you will need to purchase a carpet sweeper with a fuller brush, this will ensure that all of the carpet gets cleaned. If you have a lot of surface area that is carpeted you may want to purchase a rechargeable carpet sweeper with a long battery life. This way you will not waste as much time when cleaning your carpets. If the sweeper is lightweight it will be much easier to tackle those hard to reach areas and negate you having to struggle to reach them with a hoover.

The main features of a good carpet sweeper are as follows –

  • A large debris container.
  • A sturdy construction.
  • Built for cleaning carpets.
  • Built in additional brushes to capture dirt.
  • That it is lightweight.
  • Foldable and easy to store.

How do you use a broom to clean carpets?


This may seem obvious, but using a broom to clean your carpets is the easiest, cheapest way to keep them clean and free of debris.  Rubber brooms are best for cleaning up hair from carpets and are favoured for houses with pets, or in salons. The standard wire broom works well on all surfaces and picks up almost all other debris with ease.

Before cleaning your carpets with a broom you should survey the floor and pick up any large pieces of debris you can see. Then using short, quick strokes you can tackle your carpets with a broom. It is best to aim all the dirt that you pick up from your carpets at hard flooring, this way it is easier to remove. Most people use a dustpan and brush to collect all of the dirt that has been picked up by the broom.

Which one is the best value?

Carpet sweepers can cost anywhere in the range of £20-£100, it is dependant on your carpets needs as to how much you should spend on one. If you have a tall, shag carpet, you will need to purchase a sweeper that has better brushes and power to lift more dirt.

Realistically a broom offers the best value for the user, as it is cheap, easy to use for all. It can lift up dirt from carpets dependant on the vigour that you use to sweep the carpets. An average, wire broom can be purchased for under £10 and can do the job well.

Which one is easier to use?

The carpet sweeper is undeniably easier to use, it can glide across your carpets and collect dirt swiftly and efficiently. There is no need to use much force; your carpets can be cleaned with ease. Using a carpet sweeper is the faster solution to cleaning your carpets; it is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre too.

When using a broom you must scrub the carpets with some force, this is dependent on the carpets you have but it is much more strenuous than using a carpet sweeper.  You must also manually collect the debris that you find, either by using a dustpan or a hoover.

Sweeper vs. Broom

Sweeper vs. Broom

After sharing a bit of background on both of these methods to clean your carpets, now it is time to decide what works best. Carpet sweepers are the easier and faster solution to cleaning your carpets. However, they are more expensive and can be difficult to store in your home.

Brooms offer a good end result and most households usually already own one so it reduces costs. Nevertheless, these can be harder for users that are less able to operate them with the force they need. They usually end up needing a hoover, or dustpan and brush, to collect the debris that has been lifted from the carpet.

Overall a carpet sweeper seems to offer all the advantages of a broom, but with added features to make it easier for you to get your carpets clean. A sweeper offers a more enjoyable way to tend to your carpets needs. The broom is still a contender, but should be used by those fit enough to lift the dirt from their carpets. It is not the best option overall and can be tough use for most users.

A carpet sweeper is the middleman, fitting in between the usage of a hoover and a broom. If you have dense, shag carpets you should consider buying a powerful hoover that could pick up dirt better and leave your carpets cleaner.

If you have standard mid-range carpets with shorter fibres, a carpet sweeper or broom would work well for you, with the sweeper being the easier option. If you have the budget, purchase a well-designed carpet sweeper that will work just as well as a vacuum cleaner. This way there will be no duplication of products that you own and you can save some money in the long term.

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