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Compare Shark Steam Mops Before Buying | Top 5 Reviewed!

Although a lot of you might argue that nothing can beat a classic wet sponge and bucket of water when it comes to cleaning your house, steam mops have made their way into our lives as very useful and time-saving tools.

What better brand to choose than Shark to get this handy steam mop for your house. You will have to choose a mop depending on what kind of floor you have and what kind of utility you desire.

Today we will get to discuss and compare Shark Steam mops so you can make the perfect purchase. There are plenty of steam mop models to choose from that will make your job of keeping your house clean much easier.

Quick Compare of Shark Steam Mops

Product Image


Cord Length (ft)

Tank Capacity


Shark Steam Pocket Mop

Shark Steam Pocket Mop Hard Floor Cleaner



Shark Steam Mop Hard Floor Cleaner

Shark Steam Mop Hard Floor Cleaner for Cleaning and Sanitizing



Shark Genius Hard Floor Cleaning System Pocket (S5003D) Steam Mop

Shark Genius Hard Floor Cleaning System Pocket (S5003D)



Shark Lift-Away Pro Steam Pocket Mop

Shark Lift-Away Pro Steam Pocket Mop (S3973D)



Shark Steam Mop

Shark Steam Mop, White/Seafoam



Reviews of the Shark Steam Mops

Shark is quite popular for making high-quality steam mops that everyone loves. One of their main benefits is that they have a wide range of products that caters to everyone's needs. Here you will get a thorough review of five of their best sellers so you can choose your dream steam mop without hesitation.

Shark Steam Mops

1. Shark Steam Pocket Mop Hard Floor Cleaner with Swivel Steering XL Water Tank (S3501)

Shark Steam Pocket Mop Review

One of the benefits that a regular mop has is that you can move around with the tool wherever without any restriction or wires holding you back. If that is a problem that you wish to avoid, this S3501 model is the one for you.

An 18 feet long cord gives you all the freedom to move around without any worry. Sometimes you can plug in the tool in one room and move on to another without any pulling of the wire.

This mop is great on any hard surface and can take out all kinds of dirt in seconds. You have all control of the steam. So you can choose to let out extra on-demand.

Steam comes out at 200 degrees F, killing almost all germs in your house. A microfiber padded surface ensures that the floor dries up quickly. As no moisture is held in places, there is no germ or mold.

Weighing just about 5 pounds, this tool can easily be carried and dragged around your house. A swivel head on this mop ensures that you can get into all nooks and crevices with ease.

Key Features

  • 18 ft long cord that you can move around with
  • Both sides of the mop can be utilized for cleaning and sanitizing
  • The steam feature can be controlled on demand
  • The swivel head makes the mop less stiff and easier to work with


  • Durable and long-lasting stand
  • Both sides are capable of cleaning and killing 99.9% germs
  • Easy to operate
  • Installation takes only a few minutes
  • Microfiber pad helps dry off the surface


  • The mop has to be unplugged to turn off
  • Creates a mess if the floor is not swept before mopping

2. Shark Steam Mop Hard Floor Cleaner for Cleaning and Sanitizing

Shark Steam Mop Hard Floor Cleaner Review

While you get more than enough steam to break down all the dirt on your floor, you do have access to extra steam. With a push of a button, you will have extra steam ready to blast off in a few seconds. This makes those stubborn stains and dirt easier to clean.

When cleaning hard floors, chemicals and toxic cleaners can do more harm than good. By using just water and heat, this device makes a cleaning concoction that is safe for you and your floors.

If you wish, you can add essential oils or shine boosters into the water in your tank. As the tool only uses water as a cleaner, you won’t get the joy of a clean smell. So this is an alternative that you could go for. The high heat also destroys any germ and bacteria on the floor.

Although plugged in and electronic, this device does not make loud noises like a vacuum cleaner. You will hear a slight buzzing noise, but it is nothing that will cause disturbance to you or your family members.

Setting up the device only takes a few minutes. After plugging in the mop, you will need to wait for just 30 seconds for the steam to come out.

Key Features

  • Steam on-demand in 30 seconds
  • Large water tank for longer cleaning time
  • Lightweight structure; easy to move around with
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy on hardwood floors; leaves no scratch


  • Best for hard floors of any material
  • Compact; easy to store and move with
  • No cleaning chemicals required
  • The tank can be removed and cleaned
  • Pads are washable


  • Pads are not long-lasting
  • Dust collects on the pad which is very hard to remove

3. Shark Genius Hard Floor Cleaning System Pocket (S5003D) Steam Mop

Shark Genius Hard Floor Cleaning System Pocket (S5003D) Steam Mop Review

Getting the pad right on your mop is crucial. If the pad is too thin and flimsy, you won't get anything cleaned. On the other hand, if the pad is too hard and thick, you risk getting stains and scratches on your floor. That is where this specially designed pad comes in handy.

Made with a gripping technology, this pad can take all the dirt and debris off of your floor without any leaving any marks on your floor. This way, you won’t have to sweep your floor before mopping, as the pad catches all the dirt without any clogging.

You get two extra pads with your purchase that you can attach to the mop. These pads can be machine washed, and hand washed as well.

When working on dirt that is harder to get off, you can use the steam blaster to target dirt and stains. This way, the steam gets into the properties and helps you remove the dirt from the core.

Starting from wiping down the floor to squeezing water out from your mop, everything can be done without you having to use your hands. With a 22 feet cord, move around freely and get your floors squeaky clean.

Key Features

  • Improved pad design that has better grip but does not leave marks
  • Steam can be controlled with three-speed settings
  • Direct steam blowing feature
  • Both sides of the pad can be used to clean surfaces
  • Touch-free technology cleans floor without you having to use your hands


  • Two washable pads included
  • Great for removing tough stains
  • Blows steam directly on to the floor
  • Grip pads catch all dirt
  • Works on all kinds of floors


  • Leaks a little after use
  • No quick-dry feature

4. Shark Lift-Away Pro Steam Pocket Mop (S3973D)

Shark Lift-Away Pro Steam Pocket Mop Review

When you have a steam mop with this much water holding capacity, you can clean your whole house without needing a refill. A 500 ml water tank that is placed in this S3973D model will give you more than half an hour of cleaning time.

The well-made tank does not leak or weigh too much, either. With this generous tank size, you also get 22 feet cord length. So your movement is not restricted in any way. You receive this steam mop in pieces that you can then connect. The assembly takes only a few minutes. After that, your mop is ready to use in 30 seconds.

If you don't like using your hands to detach the used mop head, this tool will get the pad out with just one click. Along with this useful dirt grip pad, you get accessories such as a garment steamer, scrubber head, and pocket cleaning tool.

By detaching the steamer hose from the machine's body, you can use the tool for any task that requires a steamer. Steam your curtains or shirts after you are done cleaning your floors. You can also use the scrubber to get stains out of tiles or harder surfaces.

Key Features

  • 2-in-1 floor and above floor cleaner with removable steamer
  • Pads can be released with the click of a button
  • Can be used to mop, dust and scrub as well
  • Controllable steam settings
  • Versatile usage
  • Lightweight and compact structure


  • Can be used for any job that requires a steamer
  • Easy to set up and use
  • The mop head can be detached without using hand
  • Mop, dust, and scrub with different speed settings
  • Weighs only 4.8 pounds


  • Cannot stand on its own, needs support
  • No on and off button

5. Shark Steam Mop, White/Seafoam

Shark Steam Mop Review

Some steam mops need a bit of pressure to get all the dirt out from your floor. With this model, you won't have to do that. The mop is designed in a way to put most of the weight on the large grip pads. So even with light pressure, you get squeaky clean floors.

Steam blasts off so hard and so hot from this tool, even hard stains and dirt like grease can be cleaned in seconds. This is the perfect mop to use in a kitchen or dining area.

You get a decent-sized water tank that fills up enough water to last about 15 minutes. High steam blast gets all germs out of the way as well as dirt, keeping your floors sanitized.

Pads that are included in this mop can be removed and washed quite easily. An upright lock feature allows you to store this mop in any place you want, no support needed. Weighing only 4.8 pounds and available in such a compact size, this tool won’t take up much closet space.

What this tool can get done with only water is truly amazing! With toxic chemical cleaners out from the shopping list and this tool available at such an unbelievable price, you sure will be saving up on a lot of cash!

Key Features

  • Large surface with dirt grip pad requires light pressure to work wonders
  • Specially designed to cut through grease
  • High steam blasting power that gets all the dirt out
  • Water tank comes in XL size and can be removed


  • Affordable
  • Works great even with light pressure
  • Great for marbled or laminated floor
  • Easy to clean water tank
  • Easy to store


  • Not the longest cord
  • Requires resting mat as the mop leaks

Steam Mop vs. Regular Mop

Steam Mop Vs. Regular Mop

With the help of a steam mop, you will be able to get the same level, if not more, of cleanliness that you would get with a regular mop. Some of the benefits that you will get are as follows.

Deep Clean

A steam mop can get all kinds of dirt, debris, and even mold out of your floor. Even dirt that has been stuck in the same place for a long time can be extracted with ease. Steam has a faster drying time, which means not only will you be cleaning out the mold, but you will also be preventing it from reoccurring.


When you use a steam cleaner, there is no other product that you need, no extra chemicals or detergents. The high penetrating power of steam is enough to give you a clean house. This makes floors much safer for children and pets by excluding all toxic chemicals.


Although you are not using any harmful chemicals, your house is kept safe and sanitized at all times. Steam has the capability of killing all germs, including salmonella.

Less Effort

With traditional mops, you have to scrub on your floors to get the surface clean. A steam mop, on the other hand, gets the job done within seconds without you having to put in any extra effort.

Do Steam Mops Clean Better than an Old School String Mop?

Not only does a steam mop clean your house with less effort needed, but the mop also cleans your house better. Steam has the capability of penetrating all the dirt and grime in your house and breaking down the particles. This makes cleaning off the dirt easier with just one swipe.

You won’t have to spend more than 5 to 10 seconds on a dirty spot to get it cleaned. While cleaning your house, steam mop also sanitizes your floors killing off all kinds of germs with the high heat steam.

Steam also dries off faster than water leaving your surface dry within minutes. This avoids germ and mold buildup. With steam mops, you don't need any toxic chemicals or cleaners. The steam on its own can deal with all types of dirt.

What Are the Best Shark Steam Mops?

Two of the steam mops that have captured our attention are the Shark Lift-Away Pro Steam Pocket Mop (S3973D) and the Shark Genius Hard Floor Cleaning System Pocket (S5003D).

The S3973D is multifunctional and can be used for a lot of things. Use it to scrub your floors, steam your curtains, and also clean your floors. Steam control allows you to adjust the speed according to the task at hand. With this tool, you are getting much more than a floor mop.

On the other hand, the S5003D is a model that has the perfect grip pad. Not too thin and not too thick, this pad is capable of getting all dirt out without you having to sweep your floor beforehand.


Shark produces great steam mops that are a great tool to have at hand. Most of the products that they manufacture are unique and extremely useful. In this Shark steam mop comparison, you get a detailed review of five of their best sellers. So choose one from the list and get mopping!

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