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Best Way To Clean Up Dog Hair On Hardwood Floors

A pet lover should know how difficult to manage pet hair, and this is just a fact of life if they allow the pet to stay with them. A dog owner has to spend much time with fur removal task because dog sheds its hair all the time which is harmful to those who has an allergy problem.

In this case of cleaning the floor where your dog loves to stay and spreads fur, which is quite time consuming and tough task of course. To remove such things from the floor, you need to mop several times daily so that you can ensure a neat and clean environment for maintaining family health.

However, a routine of pet grooming and floor cleaning can reduce this problem whatever type of dog you have. Besides these, there are some ways to keep floors free of dog hair. But if you haven’t tried them till now then it may be time to get started today so you can get rid of that unwanted pet hair.

1. Reduce Shedding: 

the elementary way to keep your hardwood floor clean of beloved dog hair is keep clean your dog that it cannot shed the fur or hair on the floor. There are a few tricks which will make the hair more manageable-

  • Feeding plenty of high protein enrich food that ensures healthy fur and less loose or damaged fur.
  • Train your dog to stay out of hardwood floor so that it cannot spread the fur.
  • Trim regularly to minimize loose hair and additional shedding.
  • Give bath to your dog regularly with proper shampoo and then brush to remove more loose fur that the dog cannot shed more on your hard wood floor.

2. Dampened Mop for Hardwood:

You can use a dampened mop to pick up the majority of fur from your hard wood floor.

A damp mop seems to a magnet when you use it to pick up pet hair.

Many people follow this easy technique in cleaning hardwood floors from dog hair without leaving any standing pools of water on the floor.

Hardwood floor mop

3. De-shedding Glove:

This is a useful tool to remove dog hair from the wood hard floor and furniture through simply rubbing over the surface. Along with, you also get a shiny dog with this glove and pick up loose hair.

​4. Using Dryer Sheets:

You can use dryer sheets on furniture, floor corners, and around pesky baseboards to get rid of dog hair. When you deal with fur covered clothing, use a slightly dampened dryer sheet. Keep in the dryer sheet for a few minutes before cleaning clothes which will help you to catch a lot of the loose fur.

5. Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaner is the easy and time-consuming tool to clean any hard floor of dog hair. When you vacuum, don’t forget to go over the hard wood floor a few times in alternating directions to pick up pet hair.

Don’t forget to empty your vacuum and check the filters otherwise it may clog hair which keeps your vacuum from running efficiently.

6. Use Of Rubber Broom:

Rubber broom is an effective tool to clean pet hair from wood or linoleum floors. If you find a lot of dog hair in your kitchen and other floors you can try a rubber broom to pick up those loose hairs. This is easy to use, fully washable and hygienic too. You can also use it to clean window, car, and boat.

7. Utilizing Humidifier:

​A humidifier is generally a great tool for us in the cold climates, but it is also helpful to get rid of pet hair. It keeps loose fur from clinging to surfaces of hard floor.

8. Effectiveness Of Microfiber duster:

Microfiber is one of the great inventions in the cleaning of dirt and hair. This wonderful tool acts as a magnet for everything – dirt, dust, and dog hair –you’ve got a pile on the hard floor and can easily vacuum or sweep. It has a flexible head so that you can bend it and clean the baseboards at the same time while cleaning the floors.

9. Brushing The dogs before vacuuming:

You should brush your dogs on a regular basis especially before vacuuming the whole house. This will help to clean the hair with other debris, and you will find your home without dog hair. You have to remember that the vacuum comes with pet hair cleaning feature on the hardwood floor and use the right hose attachments to remove pet hair.

Final Words

Many pet lovers who raise the dogs like their children want to know the best way to clean dog hair off hardwood floors. Dog hair maintenance on wood floors is not for the faint of heart.

Your consciousness toward dog hair shedding can relax some efforts in cleaning your home. There is no doubt of your love for your pet dog, but better care can make it more adorable. You can use lint rollers, tape, or a vacuum that’s made for dealing with pet hair.

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