ChomChom Roller – World’s Best Pet Hair Remover

Spending life with a pet- cat or dog, pet hairs are a daily fact of life. Pet hairs can be found on your couch, sofas, beds, blankets, carpets and many other places in your house. You might be using some lint removals like sticky tapes that roll or other adhesive type cleaners that can’t be used times after times.

But this time, we have something that will definitely snatch your attraction, ChomChom roller, world’s best pet hair removal that you can use over and over. Simply moving the roller back and forth on your house is enough to track and pick all the hairs spreading on your room. There is no adhesive, power source or sticky tapes needed to do the job. So it is user convenient and definitely worth giving a shot.

ChomChom Roller

Whom is this product for?

Those who are fond of choosing a permanent solution to a certain job, this ChomChom Roller is for you. No matter what pet you have, and we will be talking about it here:

Cat Owners

For cat owners, this can be a smart choice as cats love to spend their leisure on blankets, couches or on sofas. As we frequently use those items and it is kind of annoying to get a cat hair whenever you sit on them. ChomChom roller can easily pick up those hairs and keep it clean quickly.

Dog Owners

Dog owners keep their pet with them wherever they can, mostly they ride on to cars. So, to keep your car seats clean ChomChom roller can be an easy solution.

Other Users

There are some other pet owners we see nowadays, like- Rabbits, Birds, Monkeys and other small furred animals. This ChomChom Roller is good at collecting their hairs too. Even if your house members have a little bit more hair fall than regular, this one can be an exceptional solution.

Product Overview Of ChomChom

First of all, we will talk about its design, which attracted me when I took it in my hand. It has a white colored gorgeously finished body that is well shaped and feel handy when I used it. It weighs only 6.7 ounces that makes it easy to carry and for me, this is enough to choose this one over bulky vacuum pet cleaners.

ChomChom Roller Pet Hair Remover

After that, it comes about the durability of this pet hair remover. It is made of hard plastic and you can feel the premium quality while using it. The handle is perfectly molded with some grip on it. When you are finished using it you can hang to a smallholder as there is a little hole at the end of the handle.

Talking about the internals of this roller, we see some red webbings that actually attract all the furs it come across. There is a powder mixed into it that helps to do so. Moreover, the powder is like never-ending, it works like new even after using it more than 30 times. There are no adhesive or sticky things that make it reusable. It doesn’t need any electrical power source too, so it is more energy efficient than any other pet hair remover.

At the end of the overview, we will talk about the accuracy of this pet hair remover. From the feedback of the consumers, it is known that this ChomChom Roller works 85 to 90% accurately. On the other hand, it is quick and easy to use. Therefore, if you are short in time, follow these four steps: firstly, roll it in short strokes at back and forth; press the indicated catch on the handle and open the chamber; remove all the hairs and finally you have a clean surface. All these steps talk less than a couple of minutes.

Aaron Muller the founder and CEO of ChomChom roller has explain you the tricks and tips of Cleaning. 

Don’t you think it is worthy of your money yet?

Highlighted Features of ChomChom Roller

  • Best lint roller for that covers almost 7 inches large area at a time
  • It weighs only 6.7 ounces so you’ll never feel stress while carrying
  • Just press the handle to open up the hair collector
  • No need to wash it just clean it with a damp cloth
  • It is reusable and it works like new even after 30 or more usage
  • Comes with a cleaning powder inside the roller
  • It has the highest accuracy in terms of picking pet hairs


  • Most accurate pet hair cleaner from upholstery and clothes among all tools
  • Easy to use and quick to pick hairs
  • It is easy to clean out the hair collector
  • Reusable for as many times as you want
  • Comes with a sturdy structure
  • It's noiseless comparing to a vacuum or tape cleaner


  • On first use, it takes time to get hang of it
  • Back and forth rolling gets tiring if used for a long time
  • It doesn’t have agile roller head


Question: Is this roller washable?

Answer: I don’t recommend you to wash it, but you can clean it easily with a damp cloth.

Question: Can I buy it to clean my couch and cars? Will it be appropriate?

Answer: Of course, I’ve cleaned my car with this cleaner and it works finely on couches, beddings, and furniture too.

Question: Will it pick human hairs with furs?

Answer: Yes, it definitely will.

Final Verdict

No matter what you have used before for cleaning your pets’ hair, you have to agree, this one is unique in design and cleaning technology. It is noiseless and there is no need for additional accessories to make it work. You can simply pick it up and roll over the place you want to clean.

ChomChom is known as the world’s best pet hair remover because of its efficiency. It doesn’t require any power source but works more accurately than any other products in this range. If you were looking for a lifetime solution for your pet’s hair removal from your beddings, cars or furniture, go for this one without any hesitation.

Though it takes time to cope-up with this product as it requires rolling back and forth. But the performance will amaze you for sure.

ChomChom Roller - World's Best Pet Hair Remover
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ChomChom Roller - World's Best Pet Hair Remover
ChomChom is known as the world’s best pet hair remover because of its efficiency. It doesn’t require any power source but works more accurately than any other products in this range. From the feedback of the consumers, it is known that this ChomChom Roller works 85 to 90% accurately.
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