Can Roomba Clean Multiple Rooms?

When it comes to cleaning your home, the idea of running the vacuum around it can be a daunting one. But what if there was a device that you could buy that could do all the cleaning for you, without you having to be there? Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it. Well, thankfully these devices now exist, and they are called Roomba. Roomba are small robotic vacuums that clean your house, but can Roomba clean multiple rooms? Here we find out.

What Is A Roomba

What is roomba

Roomba is a brand of robotic vacuum cleaner that can clean your home without you having to be present. Unlike traditional vacuums, you don’t need to be involved in the cleaning of your home, simply press and go. You will no longer have to spend your free time of a weekend doing chores. Depending on how much you want to spend, determines the type of model that you end up with. Prices can range from a few hundred dollars all the way up to a thousand, with each model having different features and functions.

However, regardless of the money that you spend, Roombas are very good at cleaning up the mess in your home! As a standard they all come with optical sensors that help them home in on areas in your home where dirt collects, so even if you don’t want to spend $800, you still get a good little vacuum.

Base Models

If you only want to spend a few hundred dollars, then you get the base rate model. Don’t be deterred, these are excellent vacuums, especially if you live in a studio or single room apartment. The base level models all come with Roomba’s specialist optical sensors. These work with the in-built acoustic sensors that can find where dirt lingers.

They will even go to such places as under your chairs and tables to make sure they get everything. The base level models are those that you will need to physically turn on and place in the room of your choice. With the base models, you will find that it can’t easily move from room to room.

It will be the case that you need to follow it and move it around when you want to clean a different area of your home. This is why this model is preferable for people who live in a studio, as there is limited space for it to roam around in.

Middle Models

Mid range models of Roomba are Wi-Fi enabled. This will save you a lot of time and effort if you are faced with that Friday night text of ‘we’re on our way over’. All you need to do if you receive text is simply click open the Roomba app and tap start! Easy, right? What makes these mid range Roombas so good is firstly, the cost. They are a lot less than the top of the range models.

Secondly, they will also map your home! IT sounds ridiculously to think of a vacuum cleaner mapping, but when Roombas are cleaning they collect over 200,000 data points. It is these data points that it uses to map your entire house, and it isn’t just rooms. The Roomba will learn where your sofa’s are, beds and other furniture. It will learn where it can get under and where it can’t along with where there is always a collection of dirt.

This high level innovation means you get a vacuum that can move from room to room without you having to be present and looking after it. Not only will it map from room to room, it will also clean your house amazingly well, so don’t think that you are just purchasing a fad, they really are good products.

Top Of Line Models

If you believe in the saying in for a penny in for a pound, the top of the line model may well be for you. Not only can it move from room to room unaided. The quality of the clean that it gives you is far superior than other models. Not only that, if you live across two levels of your home, the Roomba is smart enough to know where the stairs are. This means that once the mapping phase is complete, its technology will make sure that it doesn’t topple down the stairs and damage itself. One of the best features of the top of line model is the automatic emptying.

We’re all busy and vacuuming is one of the last things we want to spend our time doing, so by investing in a unit that automatically empties itself, you are making sure that it is always able to do its job. The top of the line models can also be set to cleaning schedules as well as a quick clean. They are fully Wi-Fi enabled, so in the event of surprise guests, or you just want to make sure your house is extra clean when you come home, simply open the app and tap clean. It really is that easy and simple to use.

Once the cleaning cycle through your entire home (except up and down the stairs) is complete, the Roomba will return to its docking station, empty and then charge. They can navigate across huge areas and retain the maps it has built in its memory to make sure that the cleaning job is done to the highest standard.

Final Thoughts

The idea of a robot cleaning homes was almost laughable 10 years ago, but Roomba have developed their own way of doing it and produced amazing, compact vacuums that perform across all types of flooring. If you want a Roomba that you can leave alone and be sure that you are coming back to a clean home, then the middle range Roomba is the least you should consider. These are the models that have the mapping function that are able to clean multiple rooms. They retain these maps to make sure they get to all the needed areas of your home on every cleaning cycle. Roomba that can clean multiple rooms really do make your life far easier.

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