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How To Replace Vacuum Belt Step by Step Process

Vacuum cleaner nowadays is considered as one of the most important cleaning equipment for house, office and almost any place. It can be very frustrating when the vacuum belt needs to be replaced as it consumes a lot of time and money to get it repaired in a shop.

A lot of the vacuum owners are actually not aware of how simple and easy and cheaper it is to repair these belts at home. Knowing how to change a vacuum belt is a great way for the owners to save their precious time and money.

Most of the vacuum contains a flexible belt that connects the head of the rotating floor/carpet brush to the motor. Due to the regular operation of dust and dirt removal in the harshest of conditions slowly leads to the wearing down of this vacuum belt, which is not unusual, thus, degrading the performance of the vacuum.

Usually when your vacuum starts making different sounds that are not usually heard and the vacuum is not picking up the dirt properly, have a look at the bottom while the vacuum is still running and see if the brush roller is spinning properly, if so then you will understand that there is a damage to the belt and it needs to be replaced.

Here are some steps that can be taken to replace the vacuum belts easily and without much cost at all:

Step 1

Jot down the brand and the model of the vacuum that needs repairing. In case you do not have a spare belt, get it from a hardware store or a service center that fits the vacuum perfectly. Check the packaging carefully to know if the belt will fit the vacuum, as belts might look similar, however, can be too long or short or wider. You can also search for it online (e.g. Amazon) and can usually find it at less than $5.

Step 2

Once step 1 is out of the way, unplug your vacuum and turn the vacuum upside down. At the bottom, you will find a brush plate attached by few screws, clips or turn buttons (depending on the model). Unscrew them and lift off the brush plate from the vacuum. Once you lift the brush plate, inside you will find a rotating floor

brush at both ends, lift it up and slip off the belt. You may need a scissor to cut and remove the strings and hair attached to the brush after all these days of cleaning.

Step 3

After removing strings or hair, remove the belt away from the motor pulley and look for cuts, stress or signs of wear and tears or damage to the belt. If see them its time to replace the belt. Take the new belt and place one end of it on the motor pulley and stretch the other end towards the rotating brush. Then place the ends of the brush into the available slots inside and rotate the brush a few times to check its versatility. Once fitted properly, re-position the brush plates and screw the screws properly and you will be done. After that turn on the machine to check if the brush is working properly if not try the step again, hopefully, this way you can save some money and fix it yourself.

N.B: Try to check on the belt from time to time for signs of wear and tear and always keep an extra belt handy in case of a break.

How To Clean Carpet Without A Machine

This is very spectacular questions thrown by the people are any way out there how to clean carpet without a machine? The understandable reply is yes; there are tons of ways to clean your carpet deeply. If you’re a pet lover then apparently aware of that most of the time, carpet gets soapy and unhygienic with the pets’ coats and pellet and even stains. Then what to do? Here we’re to let you know the easy ways to go for the action.

Get Sponge Mop

Sponge Mop

It doesn’t matter whether you don’t have any vacuum cleaner or large attachment, but you got to clean the entire surface with use of the brush roll. This method is highly accessible to people, who don’t have the machine. Through the help of sponge mop, it’s easy to clean the carpet. Soda or chemical element like this contributes to get the surface cleaned. Besides, its bristles ensure even cleaning.

Mini Pet Brush

A turbo brush or mini pet brush is crucial to clean the carpet. Most of the time, pets love to play over the carpet, and that’s because scratch or stains are mostly visible. Through the mini brush, you’d have complete cleaning. Furthermore, it confirms grabbing the animal coats and pellets. You got to clean the entire carpet and then try to dry it out.

Apply spray

The people who don’t tend to use the machine to clears away; there is another good way to make the stuff fresh with using the spray. It holds clearing chemical and with the composition of chemical wipe out the stains over the carpet. Move the brush with bristle from the two directions and then spray over the whole targeted zone. Eventually, head to the brush, that’s for sure, you might have the complete cleaning.

Detect Spam Spot

You need to identify the spam spot and then apply the soda, or magnesium fluoride. If not direct the stains or spams spot then you can’t have the desired cleaning, only because of washing from 2 directions or the particular corner. Most of the people don’t know the rules for exact swiping that’s because dust or allergens infect.

What Rules To Follow?

To get the entire job done, you got to follow some basic regulations. It’s not just like hover over the brush and ultimately finds the area cleaned. To obey some criteria, you’d have the easy things done. There we go!

  • Don’t need to push the wand so hard for the first time
  • Begins from the corner, the middle or anomaly instead
  • Move brush for several times; instead of having only time cleaning.
  • Try to go for 2 directions but the single or centric action.
  • Take an hour at least to execute the whole operation.
  • Don’t use heavy or harmful chemical; it may infect a person

Final Judgment

Pursuing such rules and regulations, hope to get the desired swiping over the carpet. You got to remember, it doesn’t not the necessity to move the brush too early or in a forceful way. Hope you’ve got the points of how to clean carpet without vacuum. Keep touching with us and get the latest update for anything on home cleaning.

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