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How Do You Reset The Overheating Switch On a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner?

Dyson vacuum cleaners are one of the best pet hair vacuum cleaners in the world, they are a very renowned vacuum in the marketplace, however, Dyson vacuums usually do not come with a direct reset button because it is built with the most advanced technologies and a motor that can last a very long time without any trouble. It is also well known for its efficiency; however, in order to continue its effectiveness, it is important that you maintain routine changing of the filters and bags as well as timely checking and cleaning of the filters and brushes to see if they are clogged or not otherwise, the motor will get overheated and then the problems will arise.

For temporary solution what you can do is unplug and turn off your vacuum and keep it that way for the next one hour at least, that way allowing the motor to cool down before you can use it again properly. However, remember that this is just a temporary solution and just because the vacuum has cooled off might not mean the problem is gone and might not happen again because it could be happening due to a very simple internal cause.

While cleaning with your vacuum, you often find that your vacuum is shutting off unexpectedly from time to time, making weird sounds which you have not noticed before or not picking up the dirt efficiently enough, then chances are these are the primary reasons the vacuum might be doing so and with prolonged continuity of which might overheat and damage the vacuum internally, they are described below:


One of the most common reasons why your vacuum gets overheated from time to time is because your vacuum filter is clogged. The best way to make sure it does not happen is to give your vacuum filter a swift clean to wash out all the dirt and microbes every time you use the vacuum.

All you have to do is gently remove all the filters (some vacuums have one while some have two). Then wash them with cold water only, making sure never to apply any soaps, detergents or dishwashers.

Continue to wash until the water runs out clear from the filters usually requiring about 10 rinses.  

Dyson Vacuum Filter

Then just squeeze the water out or tap it out and then leave it to dry in a warm place for a day, do not microwave it or use dryers, just let it dry normally.​

Once done replace it back and you are good to go. This will solve your overheating problems, however, if it is is not possible for you maintain the cleaning of your filters on a regular basis or the filters have been clogged and damaged, you can always replace it with newer ones from online or service centers giving an instant relief from the problem.


The brush heads are always picking up hair, dirt and dust from the surface while the vacuum is running and therefore, slowly the brush gets clogged up thus making it harder from the vacuum to maintain its efficiency and have to work extra hard to draw up the dirt thus slowly affecting the motors function and overheating it.

The bristly cylinder brush inside the vacuum head is responsible for picking up the dirt and dust, which might get clogged up from time to time because of the accumulation of debris. In that case, all you need to do is access the bar and remove the accumulated debris and then press the on/off button and you are good to go.

Here is how to do you can do it:

Initially unplug and turn off the vacuum cleaner and then turn the cleaner head upside down, if you have a hammerhead or move able style head then use a screw driver and push it downwards to create a leverage to release its head. Unscrew the sole-plate using a coin to access the bar by turning it clockwise to open.

It is now free and you can check for any blockage build ups, by giving it a spin. If it does not spin freely there must be blockages so take a pair of scissors and carefully remove the hair and another blockage that has buildup in the bars and once that is done you are good to go. Reassemble the head back and replace everything as it was and power on the vacuum.


Vacuum  Bags

It is important to always change the vacuum bags when it is half filled to remove the bags and filters from jamming with debris and overheating the vacuum. Always keep extra bags so that in the case of disposal it can be replaced instantly with a newer one.

Even if you cannot change the bag when it is half filled always try to make sure that the vacuum bags are replaced without much delay as too much debris in the air bags can create excess pressure on the vacuum thus overheating the engines from time to time.

Internal Failure:

Sometimes there could be technical issues in your vacuum that could cause overheating or the motor has worn out pretty bad and therefore it is not performing as it should and your vacuum is getting overheated very easily, these causes are very rare but sometimes can exist, therefore, even after checking and removing all the debris from your vacuum, if you still find that your vacuum gets overheated very easily and makes very weird noises never heard before, contact your service provider or appliance store and get your vacuum checked and repaired and if needed get your motor replaced as prolonged usage otherwise can end up doing more and more damage to your vacuum internally.

Mainly all it requires is a bit of caring from time to time to make sure the filters or brushes are not clogged up to reduce the pressure in the vacuum motor thus maintaining its efficiency for a long time.

How to Remove Pet Hair from a Sofa or Any Fabric

Pet animal as our family and friend live aside us for removing our loneliness and giving amusement. That they can move freely, we need to share our room, bed, sofa with them at friendly attitude. Though we know that bring the pet animals up is an unhealthy thing for us especially for baby, but we love their presence so much. Their fur and unhygienic presence are the reasons of asthma, lungs bronchitis, and dry cough and so on.

​During spending time with them, we forget that our clothes get their unhealthy hair which is difficult to see by bare eyes. To lead an amusing life with your beloved and adorable pet, what you should do after considering you and your family health? Definitely, you are thinking about to keep your home and yourself clean from their hair. But how? So take a look some tips to remove your pet hair from the sofa and your clothes.

Without Mechanic Help

​1. Using Rubber Glove: It is tough to clean pet hair from your favorite sofa because its hair is stuck badly and not able to be cleaned with normal cleaner. There is an easier technique in case of pet hair cleaning with the help of rubber glove.

Simply rub your gloved hand over the surface where the hair is supposed to be through circular motion, up-down, and back-forth and find the bulk of hair like yarn ball.

Applying this way, you will find your pet hair-free sofa within few minutes without taking many hazards at all.

Hair remover gloves

​2. With Sponge Mop: We all have sponge mop in the kitchen to clean the counter and stove. With the help of this, easily you can clean your sofa and your cloth too. Dampen the sponge mop and rub over the place where pet loves to stay much time, and you will get the place cleaned.

3. Sellotape Technique: If you are tensed enough about cleaning the pet hair from sofa, carpet, or bed, using sellotape can also be a good solution. There is rare home where sellotape is not available. So take the tape roll and stick the adhesive side of the tape over the fur-covered area and finally get rid of pet hair.​

4. Using Fabric Softener: You will get surprised after knowing about cleaning the pet hair by using fabric softener sheet. This sheet is to clean the dirty cloth, but now you will use it to clean pet fur from the sofa. You have to mist the surface area by fabric softener and wash it with water. Then get the sofa free from pet fur.

5. Rubbing a Balloon: Balloon is popular to all especially to school going children. This balloon is also effective in cleaning the pet hair. In this case, you have to rub the balloon over the object which tends to get the pet hair. Rubbing the balloon creates a static charge and attracts the hair from the objects. By this simple process, you will get your favorite sofa and clothes free from stubborn pet hair forever.

Mechanical Techniques

handheld vacuum

1. Vacuum Cleaner: In the market, various types of vacuum cleaners are available to clean the sofa and the pet hair. Such appliance has powerful suction and turbine tool to clean the fur from sofa, carpet, and clothes.

So spending a few money in buying such vacuum cleaner is well worth if you want to keep your home safe from pet fur ever.

2. Handy Roller: This is an inexpensive tool to remove the fur. To de-hair the entire living room such as to clean your sofa, take the handy roller and get rid of unhygienic fur.

3. Fur Remover Electric Brush: This is a quick cleaner to clean the fur from the entire home. You will get two benefits from such brush if you purchase one. The both sides have two types of bristles. One side is to clean the fur from furniture, and the other side is to brush your dog’s coat and take off the loose fur before getting stuck with your sofa and clothes.

4. Furminator: The tool is popular now in the market. It is one kind of pet hair vacuum cleaner. Buying this tool, you will find it as a powerful, efficient, and effective tool ever because it gathers all loose fur from pet body before dropping out over the furniture and fabric. So if you can use it properly on the pet, you will get the family free from fur.

To Remove the Fur from Fabric

1. Anti-Static Spray: There is available the anti-static spray in the market, in various brands, to remove pet hair from fabric. Simply spray on the fabric which is full of disgusting fur, rub with the brush and get the cleaned it easily.

2. Fabric Steamer: If your pet hair gets stuck with a woolen fabric, it’s more difficult to clean, quite impossible with a normal wash. In such case, you have to take fabric steam. Take the fabric to the steamy bathroom for a few minutes, then clean the fur with cloth’s brush. Here the steam helps the fabric dampen to bring out the fur at an easy effort.

3. Lint Roller: This is an easier tool to remove pet hair from your classy and beautiful fabric. Before wearing the cloth, use the roller thoroughly over fabric and simply get it hair free.

4. Using Clothe Dryer: Before washing the fabric which is full of fur, you need to use the cloth dryer to lose the fur because it sucks them into the dryer lint trap easily.

5. White Distilled Vinegar: During washing the fabric what’s stuck with pet hair, you can use white distilled vinegar. Because vinegar gets the fur soften and relaxed, then finally you will be able to remove them through washing.

Final Verdict

Being a pet lover and concerned about family health, you become in a fix and need to take many precautions, such as maintaining the pet clean, regular vaccination, always keep the home clean and so on. Because of improper care results in your family illness, so you must follow the above techniques to keep your home clean, and hygiene forever that family and your pet may live happily with each other.

How To Remove Dog Hair From Clothes – Step by Step Process

For pet lovers, having a pet dog at home is bliss, however, it comes with an inconvenient package of hair flying all over the house. It is a fact to all the pet lovers that if you own a pet dog or a cat, you have to deal with their hair issues, removing their hair frequently from various places of your home, which can be infectious and allergic reactions can occur to your body if not removed. Pet hair removal can be tiresome and stressful, however, some simple and tricks and methods can be very useful in making life much easier when it comes to removing them and they are discussed below:

Dry Sheets

It can come as a surprise, but dry sheet can be useful in removing pet hair besides laundering your clothes. All you have to do is choose a dark colored sheet that is very dry or dries it otherwise, and then just lay the sheet around the affected area of clothing or furniture and rub gently and the sheet will pick up most of the hair around.

Gloves or Sponges

Pet hair can also be removed from upholstery or fabrics using dampened gloves or a sponge. With the dampened gloves, all you have to do is just take the pair of gloves, wear it and just rub the affected area of clothes or furniture with it.

The surface of the gloves will thereby create a tension with the area of the cloth and the hair or fur will stick out in masses and you can rinse it off and repeat the process again and again till you find the hair has been removed sufficiently.​

Hair remover gloves

In case you can't manage gloves take a sponge from the kitchen slightly wet it and squeeze the excess water to give it a dampened feel and roll over the probable area filled with hair and you will notice that the hair is sticking out in chunks and you can rinse it off and repeat the process several more times till you feel satisfied.

Both of the techniques are fairly similar and easy to implement and you can get the best effective results at ease and convenience.

Lint Roller

Using a lint roller to remove the pet hair from clothes or any surface is one of the most convenient ways. It is inexpensive and very easy to use. It contains sticky tapes wrapped around its body that are good enough to remove the small amount of hair that is on your clothes or fabrics that you do not require brooms or vacuums to dispose off.

all you have to do is roll the lint roller over the area that contains hair and the hair will stuck up with the roller in a mass, remove it and continue it until the sticky part does not gel with the hair anymore, change the tapes and repeat it till it is needed, however, the problem is that this handy item cannot be used to clean up the whole mess of floor area at one go it is best suited to clean the hair stuck in the clothes or fabrics.


If you do not have the access, time or patience to carry out any o the above method to remove your cloth and want to clean everything at one go when you usually get time to clean the entire house and you are not constraints on your budget, you can use the best vacuums in the world that you can find from Pet Vacuum Lab and invest your valuable money once that is worth it. There are plenty of specialized vacuums available in the market that not only removes the dirt and dust but also cleans the most stubborn of hair shredded by your pets at home.

These vacuums use the most advanced technologies available that produce powerful and consistent suction to draw out any sort of dirt, dust, and hair as well as removing any sort of allergens that can affect your body and cause severe infections or allergic reactions. These vacuums also contain the best brushes available in the market to grip the hair and dirt well enough to reduce the chance of cleaning the same place twice and giving a thorough clean on the first go.

Other Steps

Apart from the methods and tricks mentioned above to clean and remove the hair from your clothes and furniture, there are simpler tricks that you can use in case you find that your pet has shredded some more hair throughout the day after you have cleaned your house completely and that it is spring time when the allergens cause the most damage, here are some tricks you can use to quickly remove the pet hair from your fabrics, seats or desks:

  • Wet your hand and roll it over the hair containing area you will notice a ball of hair is stuck on your hand rinse it and repeat it until you are satisfied with the cleaning as the hand gets dampened, so the hair gets easily stuck with the hand and can be easily removed.
  • Inflate a balloon and rub it on your pet hair that charge the balloon surface statically and then instantly rolls it over the hair and the hair will stick up with  the balloon and you can dispose of it and repeat it again and again till you are satisfied. 
  • Use a rubber broom to remove the hair from your floor surfaces as it has static bristles that are effective against any surfaces and the hair will just jump onto the brush and can be easily disposed of.

Reduce Hair Removal Beforehand

In order to reduce your pet hair shredding:

  • You can place a clothing in an area that is out of the way from your pets.
  • You can also groom your pets regularly before cleaning your house to remove most of the hair from your pet that they would have shredded otherwise throughout the day.
  • You should also vacuum your house with the best possible pet hair vacuums that you can find at Pet Vacuum Lab, especially the carpets and furniture on a regular basis and wash your rugs and linens and other things that you feel the pets could have come in contact with.

How to Remove Dog Urine and Smell from Carpet

Blot as much as you can with towels,” he said. “Then, put a few drops of green dish detergent and a little water in the area, place a towel over it and step on it so it absorbs as much as possible.”

If you notice a wet spot that may have happened earlier in the day, sprinkle it with baking soda and let it sit overnight, said Annie B. Bond, green living expert and author of Clean and Green. After the patch dries overnight, spray it with distilled white vinegar and don’t be concerned if the carpet bubbles a bit while the compounds interact to clean.

Another way to use vinegar and baking soda, a staple in the green cleaning arsenal, is to mix them together in a spray bottle, said green cleaning coach Erinn Morgan, author of Picture Yourself Going Green. She suggests mixing one cup of distilled white vinegar with one cup of water and two heaping tablespoons of baking soda.

Shake it up, spray it on the carpet, let it sit for five or six minutes, then gently blot it up with a fresh cloth, she said. The mixture will stay potent for a few months, so you might want to mix up a batch and keep it on hand if you have a puppy.

Spray the stain, let it bubble up (that means it’s working) and let it sit for 10 to15 minutes before sopping it up with a rag. “Be sure to spot test first to make sure the hydrogen peroxide doesn’t discolor your carpet,” she said.

  • Using baking soda and water, combine the two ingredients in a small bowl to make a paste.
  • Apply the paste to the affected area. It’s best to use gloves to avoid any direct contact with the urine stain.
  • Next, pour enough distilled white vinegar over the area to cover the stain.
  • Using a clean towel or paper towels, press the stain to blot up any moisture.
  • Repeat steps 1 through 4 again, no more than two times.

Rinse the stained area with water and blot using a towel. If you have a hair dryer, try drying the carpet with it for a few minutes. The vinegar smell may stick around for up to a few days, but then the urine smell will disappear.

  • Grab a generous amount of cornstarch and apply it directly onto the urine stain. Use enough to cover the entire surface area.
  • After letting the corn starch sit for about 30 minutes, rinse the area with water.
  • Using a cloth towel or paper towels, press firmly to absorb any remaining water.

How To Clean and Maintain Vacuum Cleaner

Your Vacuum cleaner is one of the best investments you can make for your cleaning purposes. Since it is a precious addition to house cleaning it also needs to be kept clean to maintain a steady performance for a longer period of time and can also save you from some costly repairs in the near future. Here are some steps you can take to keep it clean and safe:

Vacuum Bag

Try to check the vacuum bags on a regular basis to see if it is completely filled or not. Always remember that if the bag is 1/3rd it might be too much for the vacuum to clean efficiently because the air needs to pass through all the collected dirt and debris and the vacuum will have to work harder to clean when the bag is full.

So it is very important to replace the bag at the right time so that the vacuum does not get overworked.

N.B: Make sure the bags are of right shape and size suitable for the model you are using.

Brush Roll

It is very common to find hair and strings wrapped around the brush rolls at all time after cleaning, so always check on your brush rolls or beater bars located at the bottom of your vacuum, that sucks up all the dirt and dust that accumulate in the bags, before or after cleaning.

Use a scissors or fingers to gently and carefully remove any strings or hair wrapped around the brush. It does not have to be spotless, just enough for the brush to suck up the dirt efficiently. Once that is done you can even clean your brush rolls with soap and water to make it extra clean and keep it germs free as it is the dirtiest spot in the vacuum and is always in contact with all sorts of dirt and dust around the house while cleaning.

Vacuum Belts

Try to check the vacuum belts from time to time for tears or damaged areas or to ensure that the belt has not slipped out of place to maintain the efficiency of your vacuum. For more information on how to replace the vacuum belt

Filter and Hose

Clean your filter vacuum often as it is designed to pick up materials that might contaminate the quality of your air indoor. You can rinse it with water and then make sure to dry it before putting it back to the vacuum.

Vacuum cleaner can pick up a lot of things during cleaning, which is big in size and can get stuck to your hose from time to time making it difficult to clean the dirt from time to time as well as making weird sounds, frequently check to see if something is stuck in the hose if so gently push with a broomstick or pulls with a hook made from bent coat hanger to dislodge it from hose o work more efficiently.


Proper maintenance of your vacuum will only help you have a machine that continues to work efficiently as it should. Keeping your vacuum clean and tidy do not require a lot of work and time.

How To Replace Vacuum Belt Step by Step Process

Vacuum cleaner nowadays is considered as one of the most important cleaning equipment for house, office and almost any place. It can be very frustrating when the vacuum belt needs to be replaced as it consumes a lot of time and money to get it repaired in a shop.

A lot of the vacuum owners are actually not aware of how simple and easy and cheaper it is to repair these belts at home. Knowing how to change a vacuum belt is a great way for the owners to save their precious time and money.

Most of the vacuum contains a flexible belt that connects the head of the rotating floor/carpet brush to the motor. Due to the regular operation of dust and dirt removal in the harshest of conditions slowly leads to the wearing down of this vacuum belt, which is not unusual, thus, degrading the performance of the vacuum.

Usually when your vacuum starts making different sounds that are not usually heard and the vacuum is not picking up the dirt properly, have a look at the bottom while the vacuum is still running and see if the brush roller is spinning properly, if so then you will understand that there is a damage to the belt and it needs to be replaced.

Here are some steps that can be taken to replace the vacuum belts easily and without much cost at all:

Step 1

Jot down the brand and the model of the vacuum that needs repairing. In case you do not have a spare belt, get it from a hardware store or a service center that fits the vacuum perfectly. Check the packaging carefully to know if the belt will fit the vacuum, as belts might look similar, however, can be too long or short or wider. You can also search for it online (e.g. Amazon) and can usually find it at less than $5.

Step 2

Once step 1 is out of the way, unplug your vacuum and turn the vacuum upside down. At the bottom, you will find a brush plate attached by few screws, clips or turn buttons (depending on the model). Unscrew them and lift off the brush plate from the vacuum. Once you lift the brush plate, inside you will find a rotating floor

brush at both ends, lift it up and slip off the belt. You may need a scissor to cut and remove the strings and hair attached to the brush after all these days of cleaning.

Step 3

After removing strings or hair, remove the belt away from the motor pulley and look for cuts, stress or signs of wear and tears or damage to the belt. If see them its time to replace the belt. Take the new belt and place one end of it on the motor pulley and stretch the other end towards the rotating brush. Then place the ends of the brush into the available slots inside and rotate the brush a few times to check its versatility. Once fitted properly, re-position the brush plates and screw the screws properly and you will be done. After that turn on the machine to check if the brush is working properly if not try the step again, hopefully, this way you can save some money and fix it yourself.

N.B: Try to check on the belt from time to time for signs of wear and tear and always keep an extra belt handy in case of a break.

How To Clean Carpet Without A Machine

This is very spectacular questions thrown by the people are any way out there how to clean carpet without a machine? The understandable reply is yes; there are tons of ways to clean your carpet deeply. If you’re a pet lover then apparently aware of that most of the time, carpet gets soapy and unhygienic with the pets’ coats and pellet and even stains. Then what to do? Here we’re to let you know the easy ways to go for the action.

Get Sponge Mop

Sponge Mop

It doesn’t matter whether you don’t have any vacuum cleaner or large attachment, but you got to clean the entire surface with use of the brush roll. This method is highly accessible to people, who don’t have the machine. Through the help of sponge mop, it’s easy to clean the carpet. Soda or chemical element like this contributes to get the surface cleaned. Besides, its bristles ensure even cleaning.

Mini Pet Brush

A turbo brush or mini pet brush is crucial to clean the carpet. Most of the time, pets love to play over the carpet, and that’s because scratch or stains are mostly visible. Through the mini brush, you’d have complete cleaning. Furthermore, it confirms grabbing the animal coats and pellets. You got to clean the entire carpet and then try to dry it out.

Apply spray

The people who don’t tend to use the machine to clears away; there is another good way to make the stuff fresh with using the spray. It holds clearing chemical and with the composition of chemical wipe out the stains over the carpet. Move the brush with bristle from the two directions and then spray over the whole targeted zone. Eventually, head to the brush, that’s for sure, you might have the complete cleaning.

Detect Spam Spot

You need to identify the spam spot and then apply the soda, or magnesium fluoride. If not direct the stains or spams spot then you can’t have the desired cleaning, only because of washing from 2 directions or the particular corner. Most of the people don’t know the rules for exact swiping that’s because dust or allergens infect.

What Rules To Follow?

To get the entire job done, you got to follow some basic regulations. It’s not just like hover over the brush and ultimately finds the area cleaned. To obey some criteria, you’d have the easy things done. There we go!

  • Don’t need to push the wand so hard for the first time
  • Begins from the corner, the middle or anomaly instead
  • Move brush for several times; instead of having only time cleaning.
  • Try to go for 2 directions but the single or centric action.
  • Take an hour at least to execute the whole operation.
  • Don’t use heavy or harmful chemical; it may infect a person

Final Judgment

Pursuing such rules and regulations, hope to get the desired swiping over the carpet. You got to remember, it doesn’t not the necessity to move the brush too early or in a forceful way. Hope you’ve got the points of how to clean carpet without vacuum. Keep touching with us and get the latest update for anything on home cleaning.

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