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9 Tips to Choose the Best Upright Vacuum Cleaner – Pet Vacuum Lab

Choosing the best upright vacuum cleaner is a bit confusing task since it depends on your specific cleaning needs. Some people want to clean up their pet hair from their home; on the other hand, some people who maintain HEPA filtration as the most crucial factor with a family want the home to be allergen free.

As options, you will find various types of vacuum cleaners on the market. Upright, canister, handheld, sticks, autonomous or robot vacuum cleaner you will find with different features for different cleaning purposes. An upright vacuum is one of the most popular choices for the people because of it’s easy to use and control. Besides, this is pretty effective in cleaning the carpeted areas of the home and its brush bar help to remove dirt in hard to reach areas.

How To Choose The Best Upright Vacuum Cleaner

If upright vacuum cleaner impresses you to buy, you should consider the features, usability for easy movement, and maintenance for long time use. Before buying, you can get knowledge from customer reviews and professional reports which are helpful as buying the guide. To make your decision easily in buying the best upright vacuum easier, I assemble some features which will help you.

Thinks to Consider Carefully Before Buying a Good Upright Vacuum Cleaner.

​1. Floor Type:

You have a bare floor of hardwood or solid surface, and also tensed with cleaning the floor properly. If you love to clean your home with an upright vacuum cleaner, definitely you have to know about which model is appropriate as per bare floor cleaning. So be sure of the upright vacuum cleaner with this feature before buying that it may give squeaky clean and scratch-free a piece of cake.

2. Carpet Cleaning:

Now come to the point of the carpeted floor which captures dust and dirt easily and tough to clean. In this matter of cleaning, you need a powerful vacuum cleaner like shark hv322 that can pull up all the lingering debris from the carpet strands. To clean your carpet properly, you must choose an upright cleaner as a great way to clean. Some new models of upright vacuums have recently come out with perfect cleaning the carpet along with a dirt sensor which will alert you to get that last speck of grime.

3. Noise Level During Cleaning: ​

making noise during vacuuming is an important thing to consider. No matter how trivial it seems, the noise will affect your willingness to use the appliance in cleaning. Of course, you need a vacuum which provides quiet and smooth cleaning as like miele dynamic U1. With such feature, you will find some upright vacuum cleaners that you should consider before buying a particular cleaner.

​4. Pet Hair Cleaning: 

If you a pet lover and have pets and of course shed their hair everywhere. This pet hair may cause of allergy in your family. To remove pet hair, you must use groom tool which is perhaps the only thing, but you are unable to clean sofa, furniture, and upholstery with this simple accessory. Don’t worry about this problem because a desired upright vacuum cleaner is available on the market can help you to remove any pet hair along with cleaning debris from your home. So collect a best upright vacuum after knowing about having pet hair removing the feature.

5. Easy Manageability:

Upright vacuum is the most popular choice since it is easy to use and control, store away, and much effective in cleaning the ceiling and stairs. Some model comes with easy adjustment feature of the height of your appliance’s brush roll with the cleaning areas. Get the vacuum which has lightweight that you can easily move during cleaning. Since all people love the cleaning appliance with easy manageability that they can carry everywhere to clean anything of home.

6. Filter of The Vacuum: ​

Almost every vacuum cleaner has the ability to clean surfaces and leave behind fresh air. An important matter is to filter the home air. There are a few models of upright vacuum cleaners which will ensure you of proper air filtration. Micron level filters can trap the smallest particles of dust, dirt, and allergens and surprisingly, you also find HEPA filters out there because such vacuum cleaner reduces emissions and protects persons suffering from allergies and asthma.

​7. Vacuuming Bag:

Upright vacuum cleaners are designed with bag and bagless feature. Some of them are HEPA vacuum bags, on the other hand; some vacuums come with an allergen protection feature. Those vacuums have great filters, which don’t need bags to deliver 99% filtration of dirt and dust. It is important to replace the vacuum cleaner bags after every one or two months. So you should choose the vacuum with a bag or bagless feature.

8. Switch Configuration:​

​many vacuum cleaners have a conveniently located switch that may be on the handle or someplace accessible for easy activation and turning off. Before by your desired upright vacuum cleaner, you have to consider the convenient switch that you can change frequent powering and switch off while you clean to save power.

9. Controlling Suction: ​

Knowing about Suction power that the vacuum cleaner produces will show how effective it is in cleaning the home. Moreover, the control-ability toward suction power is of greater value to consider a good quality vacuum cleaner. You must have better control over the suction power of being able to clean surfaces such as rugs, carpets, curtains, and upholstery.

For example, during cleaning curtains and blinds, you need to adjust very little suction power, and in contrast to Solid floor surfaces, you need more demanding suction power. There you must buy such an upright vacuum cleaner that you can control over the adjustment of the suction power of course.

Final Verdict: ​

If you want to buy the best upright vacuum cleaner as per your cleaning need, the discussion above will help you to analyze your specific choice. There are a wide variety of good choices out there. So you can make a list of features which are most important to you and the ones that might be considered less essential. You can also get some consumer reviews and professional advice from blog sites. This is simply a little research and finding the models which suit your budget and cleaning needs most. Hope finally you can reach your buying choice with the help of these above guidelines.

Why Does My Dog Shed So Much Hair?

It is a natural fact that all dogs shed their hair. This prolific matter varies from dog to dog types, weather, food habit, and so on. Say German Shepherds shed year-round, but even shed-resistant dogs such as poodles often shed their hair. Weather and seasons are serious reasons when a dog sheds much and excessively. Besides, the overall health of a dog is also an issue of much hair fall.

Ways to Control Dog Shedding

It is a matter of tension when you find your dog is shedding more than the usual amount may have critical health issues. At this time you need to take steps to cure your beloved dog in reducing hair shed.​

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​Reasons Behind The Dog Shedding

Year Round Shedding: There are different types of dogs, some dogs shed a lot, and some don’t. If your healthy dog sheds a lot regularly, identify the type before and then take proper steps to get rid of such excessive shedding.

As a pet loving owner, you should know that some dogs shed all the time. Such shedding you have to take an as normal thing like part of the life. There is nothing but proper cleanliness can save your family from dogs shedding. This occurs year round and will find their hair all time on your clothes, sofa, and around the house.

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Some examples like Poodles and Yorkshire Terriers have hair shafts with longer life spans and shed not much. But Labradors and Huskies belong to a shorter hair shaft life span, and they do greater hair shedding round the year.

Shed Seasonally: During the spring season, some breeds shed their hair excessively but may also occur in the fall. Seasonal shedding happens across the whole body of the dog and appears every year on a cycle. You should not take it as a serious matter -- it’s natural and can be maintained through daily grooming with any decorating tool or rake like the furminator.

​Temperature Changes: For example, dogs like Bichons and Shih Tzus have less undercoat, so they shed less when the temperature gets unfavorable to them. Because some dogs are sensitive that they may shed their hair in low or high temperature. However, dogs like Newfoundlands and Malamutes have heavy and thick fur that they need proper temperature. And basic brushing is important for both coat types.

Health Problem: Sometimes your dog's health condition can cause shedding problem, so you need to ensure good health of your dog. According to many animal health experts, excessive shedding can occur due to skin problems, endocrine diseases, nutritional or vitamin deficiencies, and other metabolic disorders. If you doubt anything like this, don’t waste time and contact your veterinarian to identify the main reason and get rid of such shedding. So you should get regular vet visit and feed healthy food.

Allergy Problem: Excessive shedding may occur because of an allergic reaction to food habit or medication. Single ingredient in a kibble or canned food can cause hair loss as allergy problem. Sometimes shampoo and soap for dog bathing might be for hair loss if these are not suitable to them. So be careful of the products and food for your pet dog before using.

Hormones: if your dog faces any thyroid imbalances then it may be a reason of hair shedding. Most of the dogs have hypothyroidism as a common condition which is treated with medication. Like this issue, the over- or underproduction of testosterone, progesterone, and estrogen may cause much shed more than usual. Besides, the dog loses some hair during pregnancy and lactation as usually. But when you get your dog with excessive shedding, you must visit a vet.

Skin Disease: Mange, mites, dermatitis, ringworm, and bacterial or fungal infections also cause of dog hair shedding since they love to live in dog skin and damaged scalp and hair root. Proper treatment for skin condition can resolve the fur shedding issue.

Ways to control dog shedding

  • It is not possible to stop shedding completely, but proper take care and medication can minimize shedding. As the hair is dog's natural self-cooling and self-warming mechanism, the owner should be conscious about dog health. Sometimes the hair shaving of the dog helps to get back hair abnormally, but this is a bad idea because hair keeps the dog warm.
  • Routine grooming is an effective way to maintain dog health. Proper and regular brushing or combing helps to remove loose hair before shedding on the carpet, bedding, and upholstery. This also prevents from forming mats on dog's coat, which is harmful to the skin.
  • Brushing over fur coat helps to proper blood circulation naturally and produces healthy oils throughout the hair coat. This reduces heavy shedding. You will find some useful tools out there which are effective for easier brushing like Furminator that can work wonders.

Final Verdict

To all dog lovers, dog hair shedding is a disturbing thing there is no doubt. You need to clean your home properly and become tired and irritate too since the dog hair is the threat of your family health, especially during shedding season. So considering all things, you should give right treatment to your beloved dog after knowing the main reason of excessive hair shedding.


Best Way To Clean Up Dog Hair On Hardwood Floors

A pet lover should know how difficult to manage pet hair, and this is just a fact of life if they allow the pet to stay with them. A dog owner has to spend much time with fur removal task because dog sheds its hair all the time which is harmful to those who has an allergy problem.

In this case of cleaning the floor where your dog loves to stay and spreads fur, which is quite time consuming and tough task of course. To remove such things from the floor, you need to mop several times daily so that you can ensure a neat and clean environment for maintaining family health.

However, a routine of pet grooming and floor cleaning can reduce this problem whatever type of dog you have. Besides these, there are some ways to keep floors free of dog hair. But if you haven’t tried them till now then it may be time to get started today so you can get rid of that unwanted pet hair.

1. Reduce Shedding: 

the elementary way to keep your hardwood floor clean of beloved dog hair is keep clean your dog that it cannot shed the fur or hair on the floor. There are a few tricks which will make the hair more manageable-

  • Feeding plenty of high protein enrich food that ensures healthy fur and less loose or damaged fur.
  • Train your dog to stay out of hardwood floor so that it cannot spread the fur.
  • Trim regularly to minimize loose hair and additional shedding.
  • Give bath to your dog regularly with proper shampoo and then brush to remove more loose fur that the dog cannot shed more on your hard wood floor.

2. Dampened Mop for Hardwood:

You can use a dampened mop to pick up the majority of fur from your hard wood floor.

A damp mop seems to a magnet when you use it to pick up pet hair.

Many people follow this easy technique in cleaning hardwood floors from dog hair without leaving any standing pools of water on the floor.

Hardwood floor mop

3. De-shedding Glove:

This is a useful tool to remove dog hair from the wood hard floor and furniture through simply rubbing over the surface. Along with, you also get a shiny dog with this glove and pick up loose hair.

​4. Using Dryer Sheets:

You can use dryer sheets on furniture, floor corners, and around pesky baseboards to get rid of dog hair. When you deal with fur covered clothing, use a slightly dampened dryer sheet. Keep in the dryer sheet for a few minutes before cleaning clothes which will help you to catch a lot of the loose fur.

5. Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaner is the easy and time-consuming tool to clean any hard floor of dog hair. When you vacuum, don’t forget to go over the hard wood floor a few times in alternating directions to pick up pet hair.

Don’t forget to empty your vacuum and check the filters otherwise it may clog hair which keeps your vacuum from running efficiently.

6. Use Of Rubber Broom:

Rubber broom is an effective tool to clean pet hair from wood or linoleum floors. If you find a lot of dog hair in your kitchen and other floors you can try a rubber broom to pick up those loose hairs. This is easy to use, fully washable and hygienic too. You can also use it to clean window, car, and boat.

7. Utilizing Humidifier:

​A humidifier is generally a great tool for us in the cold climates, but it is also helpful to get rid of pet hair. It keeps loose fur from clinging to surfaces of hard floor.

8. Effectiveness Of Microfiber duster:

Microfiber is one of the great inventions in the cleaning of dirt and hair. This wonderful tool acts as a magnet for everything – dirt, dust, and dog hair –you’ve got a pile on the hard floor and can easily vacuum or sweep. It has a flexible head so that you can bend it and clean the baseboards at the same time while cleaning the floors.

9. Brushing The dogs before vacuuming:

You should brush your dogs on a regular basis especially before vacuuming the whole house. This will help to clean the hair with other debris, and you will find your home without dog hair. You have to remember that the vacuum comes with pet hair cleaning feature on the hardwood floor and use the right hose attachments to remove pet hair.

Final Words

Many pet lovers who raise the dogs like their children want to know the best way to clean dog hair off hardwood floors. Dog hair maintenance on wood floors is not for the faint of heart.

Your consciousness toward dog hair shedding can relax some efforts in cleaning your home. There is no doubt of your love for your pet dog, but better care can make it more adorable. You can use lint rollers, tape, or a vacuum that’s made for dealing with pet hair.

Why are Dyson Vacuum Cleaners so Successful?

The name Dyson is a well-known brand in the vacuum cleaner world. This brand has beautiful and functional design and huge popularity. The Dyson vacuums are popular among pet owners, clean lovers, and allergy sufferers because these actually work effectively to remove hairs and allergens from the air.

​Chris Lio Dyson demonstration manager what he says? Watch this video. 

This vacuum comes with bag less feature which is helpful to remove hair, debris, big and small particles from the air without changing bags frequently. Those should be the owner of the such vacuum who cannot perfectly clean the air with a regular vacuum, love their pets but wish they don’t drop so much fur anywhere.

Types of Dyson Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson produces different types of vacuum cleaners based on customer needs. These vacuum cleaners are designed with Dyson's patented Root Cyclone Technology, which provides cyclonic separation to capture dust and air particles. That’s why the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America accepts all Dyson vacuums as the eco-friendly machines.

Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson produces canister vacuum cleaner as floor tool that allows both ease of movement and powerful suction. This vacuum cleaner has two tiers of cyclones to capture microscopic particles and dust and also operates around the movement of a ball. As a clean loving consumer, you should choose this lightweight vacuum cleaner for bare floors and small spaces.

Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Dyson cordless vacuum provides a boost mode for increased suction power which is potential for both storing and charging the cleaner. It has Li-ion batteries to supply the power for vacuuming and do not fade while the machines are in use. Besides that, this machine consists of extra tools and hygienic bins to collect debris instead of bags. Such cordless vacuum cleaner is suitable for those who need a convenient option for cleaning up large surface areas at a short time.

Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Dyson produces three sizes of upright vacuum cleaners including compact, mid-size, and full-size vacuums as per consumer needs. Each of these vacuums runs on a ball instead of conventional wheels, which makes it easier to navigate on the hard floor. These Dyson vacuums are designed with a detachable instant release hose and wand, washable lifetime filters, and hygienic bins. These cleaners are useful for deep cleaning carpets and stairs with easy storage of dirt and debris.

Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

Dyson also offers handheld vacuum cleaners which ensure cleaning with 20 minutes of suction and a boost mode of six minutes. This vacuum is designed as a machine with the natural shape of a human hand and Dyson digital motor, which provides suction up to three times faster than other ordinary motors. The handheld vacuum cleaner is perfect for those who love easy, quick, and efficient cleaning the messes in small surface areas.

Reasons To Be Successful

For many reasons, the Dyson is one of the successful brands in the vacuum cleaner world. The people who love to clean with these vacuum cleaners wouldn't change their Dyson vacuums for any other brand. Why do they accept this brand as their best option for vacuuming? Let's see some reasons behind the success of Dyson vacuum cleaners.

Advanced Technology

The Dyson vacuum is designed with cone shaped cyclone which is advanced in vacuum technology. It gets all dirt and dust with high suction and spins them into small particles. After blending the particles, the cleaner sends them to cylinders where the dirt particles are taken and contained within a single detachable dust bin. Thus you need not use the bag for dirt and dust to filter out. Because Dyson’s vacuum cleaner is totally bag-less so there is no extra effort in using bags for storing the dirt and debris.

HEPA Filter

HEPA filter refers to the technology which prevents dirt and dust from the air. Surprisingly, Dyson gets this feature inside all vacuums it manufactures.

Each type of Dyson vacuum has this filter that lasts the entire life of the cleaner. The filter helps you to give the air an extra clean before returning to the room.

So with this HEPA filter, Dyson makes a successful image in cleaning the air to the general people.

Why are dyson vacuum is so successful?

Powerful Motor

The Dyson installs powerful motors to all vacuum cleaners to suck air in through its cyclone and filters effectively. Here, the cyclone is a large yellow plastic cone which points down into the dust bin, and the electric motor sucks dirty air into the top of the cyclone where it is pulled and whirled around at high speed, and finally, cleans the air. Besides that, the powerful motor runs till the cleaning done without fading up. That is why people love the Dyson vacuum is the most durable cleaner.

Cleaning Deep Dirt And Hair

This branded vacuum cleans deep dirt and hair from any shaggy cloth or carpet which clogs them. It is difficult to clean such dirt with a conventional vacuum. People can clean any dirt and fur from carpet and cloth easily with this vacuum cleaner. For this reason, the Dyson vacuum cleaner is a very useful tool for pet lovers who get dirt and fur from their pets.

Useful Structure

Dyson vacuum cleaners design with attractive body shape. The cleaner has long wand and hose that user can clean ceiling and some height from the ground. Furthermore, Dyson vacuums come with a long expandable wand which is helpful for cleaning almost any corner of the room with any floor.

Some new features are included in almost all models as an improvement over previous models like better brush roll and stiffed brush for easy carpets cleaning, and some other models get the much quieter feature. Along with these things, Dyson is able to attract consumer’s attention easily.

Final Words

Unlike most vacuum cleaners, Dyson vacuums are not for eye catching but ensure quality cleaning. Consumers choose this brand as their first choice because its futuristic design, bright accent colors, and updated technology make Dyson recognizable to all. Dyson users feel proud to tell everybody through both online and in person about how satisfied they are with their Dyson machine and how it is worth every penny.

Today Dyson makes a successful image not only for business purpose but also for full filling consumer needs. Now you may raise a question that why is Dyson vacuum cleaners so successful? Because Dyson vacuum cleaners serve fabulous performance, engineering advances and the most significantly eco-friendly feature that people fall in love with these after first use.

7 Essential Ways to Remove Dust From Air

No one wants her sweet home full of dust. It is essential to keep your home dust free since dust in the air causes asthma, sneezing, skin allergy and so on. All people especially busy women always trying to find out what little ways they need to do daily to keep the air dust free.

The dust varies in its composition and is different from one home to the next. The source of dust depends on the number of people staying at home. When anybody enters into a room and does something, he does likely to shed cells and increases the dust in that room.

Interestingly some cool ways exist which can make the air dust free in a few minutes at most. Before taking dust cleaning steps, you must know the dust sources so that you can avoid them easily. So take a look.

  • You and your family including beloved pets shed dead skin cells subconsciously. These dead skin cells turn into dust and become finer dust particles in the air.
  • Fiber is also a part of the air and pollutes the air after combining with dust in lint form. Such pollutant comes from furniture, upholstery, and clothing.
  • Pollen is powdery particles spread from plants mixed with air after combining with dust.

Essential Steps To Clean The Air

1. Regular Vacuum: Vacuum cleaner is an advanced and effective gadget to clean the dust from the surface.

A good vacuum cleaner takes dirt and traps microscopic particles in its filtering system.

So using such machine instead of a traditional broom, you can clean the dust to keep the air clean within minutes.

Regular Vacuum

2. Utilizing Air Filter And Purifier: It is essential to utilize high-quality filters if you use forced air heater and cooler for seasonal need. You should also utilize a good air purifier to clean the air.

Make sure the air purifier includes HEPA filtration and activated carbon filter systems. And you must clean and change them regularly every few months or at least every season.

3. Floor Mopping: You should mop the floors to clean after vacuuming. Use non-toxic cleaner and warm water with a dash of soap or vinegar which evaporates smell quickly. Since floor mopping ensures dust free air, you need to do it regularly.

4. Outside Dusting: After cleaning your home, you should dust outside too because this is the main source of dirt and debris. Your home-air gets dust and pollutants through air flow if your surrounding is full of pollution. So don’t forget to clean you home outside too.

5. Avoiding Carpet: Carpet is hard to maintain as it’s a great place for dust mites to live although we are comfortable walking on it. It may cause severe allergies because it clogs all type of dust, pollutants, and allergens.

You have to vacuum and clean carpet regularly which is bit tough. So installing tiles, linoleum, vinyl and the like are even more practical instead of carpet if you want the home with dust-free air.

6. Cleaning Bed sheet And Curtain: You have to change and clean your bedding's regularly. As the dust mites usually hide in bedding's, they may cause your skin itching and allergy. So you should use allergen-proof covers to get rid of such problem.

The curtains on windows and doors prevent dust and pollutants from entering into the home. That’s why you must maintain the curtains properly if you want clean air for you and family.

7. Regular Pet Cleaning: If you are a pet lover and have a pet especially dogs and cats then you must clean and groom them regularly.

That’s because they shed hair and fur all over the place where they stay.

Their furs may result in an air-dust problem in your home. You need to clean not only the sofa and carpets where they sit but also their cage or living place.

Regular pet cleaning

Final Verdict

Neat and clean makes a life healthier. Maintaining cleaning tasks for family ensures you a dust-free air at your home. Skipping clutter keeps the home tidy to minimize dust. Using toxin free products keeps the home healthier.

Another significant note is that often dust mites are tiny bugs that feed off of the dust particles. If you can remove dust, you have a better chance of killing the dust mites from your house. So follow these cool ways to remove dust from your home and enjoy a happy and healthy life.


How Do You Reset The Overheating Switch On a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner?

Dyson vacuum cleaners are one of the best pet hair vacuum cleaners in the world, they are a very renowned vacuum in the marketplace, however, Dyson vacuums usually do not come with a direct reset button because it is built with the most advanced technologies and a motor that can last a very long time without any trouble. It is also well known for its efficiency; however, in order to continue its effectiveness, it is important that you maintain routine changing of the filters and bags as well as timely checking and cleaning of the filters and brushes to see if they are clogged or not otherwise, the motor will get overheated and then the problems will arise.

For temporary solution what you can do is unplug and turn off your vacuum and keep it that way for the next one hour at least, that way allowing the motor to cool down before you can use it again properly. However, remember that this is just a temporary solution and just because the vacuum has cooled off might not mean the problem is gone and might not happen again because it could be happening due to a very simple internal cause.

While cleaning with your vacuum, you often find that your vacuum is shutting off unexpectedly from time to time, making weird sounds which you have not noticed before or not picking up the dirt efficiently enough, then chances are these are the primary reasons the vacuum might be doing so and with prolonged continuity of which might overheat and damage the vacuum internally, they are described below:


One of the most common reasons why your vacuum gets overheated from time to time is because your vacuum filter is clogged. The best way to make sure it does not happen is to give your vacuum filter a swift clean to wash out all the dirt and microbes every time you use the vacuum.

All you have to do is gently remove all the filters (some vacuums have one while some have two). Then wash them with cold water only, making sure never to apply any soaps, detergents or dishwashers.

Continue to wash until the water runs out clear from the filters usually requiring about 10 rinses.  

Dyson Vacuum Filter

Then just squeeze the water out or tap it out and then leave it to dry in a warm place for a day, do not microwave it or use dryers, just let it dry normally.​

Once done replace it back and you are good to go. This will solve your overheating problems, however, if it is is not possible for you maintain the cleaning of your filters on a regular basis or the filters have been clogged and damaged, you can always replace it with newer ones from online or service centers giving an instant relief from the problem.


The brush heads are always picking up hair, dirt and dust from the surface while the vacuum is running and therefore, slowly the brush gets clogged up thus making it harder from the vacuum to maintain its efficiency and have to work extra hard to draw up the dirt thus slowly affecting the motors function and overheating it.

The bristly cylinder brush inside the vacuum head is responsible for picking up the dirt and dust, which might get clogged up from time to time because of the accumulation of debris. In that case, all you need to do is access the bar and remove the accumulated debris and then press the on/off button and you are good to go.

Here is how to do you can do it:

Initially unplug and turn off the vacuum cleaner and then turn the cleaner head upside down, if you have a hammerhead or move able style head then use a screw driver and push it downwards to create a leverage to release its head. Unscrew the sole-plate using a coin to access the bar by turning it clockwise to open.

It is now free and you can check for any blockage build ups, by giving it a spin. If it does not spin freely there must be blockages so take a pair of scissors and carefully remove the hair and another blockage that has buildup in the bars and once that is done you are good to go. Reassemble the head back and replace everything as it was and power on the vacuum.


Vacuum  Bags

It is important to always change the vacuum bags when it is half filled to remove the bags and filters from jamming with debris and overheating the vacuum. Always keep extra bags so that in the case of disposal it can be replaced instantly with a newer one.

Even if you cannot change the bag when it is half filled always try to make sure that the vacuum bags are replaced without much delay as too much debris in the air bags can create excess pressure on the vacuum thus overheating the engines from time to time.

Internal Failure:

Sometimes there could be technical issues in your vacuum that could cause overheating or the motor has worn out pretty bad and therefore it is not performing as it should and your vacuum is getting overheated very easily, these causes are very rare but sometimes can exist, therefore, even after checking and removing all the debris from your vacuum, if you still find that your vacuum gets overheated very easily and makes very weird noises never heard before, contact your service provider or appliance store and get your vacuum checked and repaired and if needed get your motor replaced as prolonged usage otherwise can end up doing more and more damage to your vacuum internally.

Mainly all it requires is a bit of caring from time to time to make sure the filters or brushes are not clogged up to reduce the pressure in the vacuum motor thus maintaining its efficiency for a long time.

How to Remove Pet Hair from a Sofa or Any Fabric

Pet animal as our family and friend live aside us for removing our loneliness and giving amusement. That they can move freely, we need to share our room, bed, sofa with them at friendly attitude. Though we know that bring the pet animals up is an unhealthy thing for us especially for baby, but we love their presence so much. Their fur and unhygienic presence are the reasons of asthma, lungs bronchitis, and dry cough and so on.

​During spending time with them, we forget that our clothes get their unhealthy hair which is difficult to see by bare eyes. To lead an amusing life with your beloved and adorable pet, what you should do after considering you and your family health? Definitely, you are thinking about to keep your home and yourself clean from their hair. But how? So take a look some tips to remove your pet hair from the sofa and your clothes.

Without Mechanic Help

​1. Using Rubber Glove: It is tough to clean pet hair from your favorite sofa because its hair is stuck badly and not able to be cleaned with normal cleaner. There is an easier technique in case of pet hair cleaning with the help of rubber glove.

Simply rub your gloved hand over the surface where the hair is supposed to be through circular motion, up-down, and back-forth and find the bulk of hair like yarn ball.

Applying this way, you will find your pet hair-free sofa within few minutes without taking many hazards at all.

Hair remover gloves

​2. With Sponge Mop: We all have sponge mop in the kitchen to clean the counter and stove. With the help of this, easily you can clean your sofa and your cloth too. Dampen the sponge mop and rub over the place where pet loves to stay much time, and you will get the place cleaned.

3. Sellotape Technique: If you are tensed enough about cleaning the pet hair from sofa, carpet, or bed, using sellotape can also be a good solution. There is rare home where sellotape is not available. So take the tape roll and stick the adhesive side of the tape over the fur-covered area and finally get rid of pet hair.​

4. Using Fabric Softener: You will get surprised after knowing about cleaning the pet hair by using fabric softener sheet. This sheet is to clean the dirty cloth, but now you will use it to clean pet fur from the sofa. You have to mist the surface area by fabric softener and wash it with water. Then get the sofa free from pet fur.

5. Rubbing a Balloon: Balloon is popular to all especially to school going children. This balloon is also effective in cleaning the pet hair. In this case, you have to rub the balloon over the object which tends to get the pet hair. Rubbing the balloon creates a static charge and attracts the hair from the objects. By this simple process, you will get your favorite sofa and clothes free from stubborn pet hair forever.

Mechanical Techniques

handheld vacuum

1. Vacuum Cleaner: In the market, various types of vacuum cleaners are available to clean the sofa and the pet hair. Such appliance has powerful suction and turbine tool to clean the fur from sofa, carpet, and clothes.

So spending a few money in buying such vacuum cleaner is well worth if you want to keep your home safe from pet fur ever.

2. Handy Roller: This is an inexpensive tool to remove the fur. To de-hair the entire living room such as to clean your sofa, take the handy roller and get rid of unhygienic fur.

3. Fur Remover Electric Brush: This is a quick cleaner to clean the fur from the entire home. You will get two benefits from such brush if you purchase one. The both sides have two types of bristles. One side is to clean the fur from furniture, and the other side is to brush your dog’s coat and take off the loose fur before getting stuck with your sofa and clothes.

4. Furminator: The tool is popular now in the market. It is one kind of pet hair vacuum cleaner. Buying this tool, you will find it as a powerful, efficient, and effective tool ever because it gathers all loose fur from pet body before dropping out over the furniture and fabric. So if you can use it properly on the pet, you will get the family free from fur.

To Remove the Fur from Fabric

1. Anti-Static Spray: There is available the anti-static spray in the market, in various brands, to remove pet hair from fabric. Simply spray on the fabric which is full of disgusting fur, rub with the brush and get the cleaned it easily.

2. Fabric Steamer: If your pet hair gets stuck with a woolen fabric, it’s more difficult to clean, quite impossible with a normal wash. In such case, you have to take fabric steam. Take the fabric to the steamy bathroom for a few minutes, then clean the fur with cloth’s brush. Here the steam helps the fabric dampen to bring out the fur at an easy effort.

3. Lint Roller: This is an easier tool to remove pet hair from your classy and beautiful fabric. Before wearing the cloth, use the roller thoroughly over fabric and simply get it hair free.

4. Using Clothe Dryer: Before washing the fabric which is full of fur, you need to use the cloth dryer to lose the fur because it sucks them into the dryer lint trap easily.

5. White Distilled Vinegar: During washing the fabric what’s stuck with pet hair, you can use white distilled vinegar. Because vinegar gets the fur soften and relaxed, then finally you will be able to remove them through washing.

Final Verdict

Being a pet lover and concerned about family health, you become in a fix and need to take many precautions, such as maintaining the pet clean, regular vaccination, always keep the home clean and so on. Because of improper care results in your family illness, so you must follow the above techniques to keep your home clean, and hygiene forever that family and your pet may live happily with each other.

How To Remove Dog Hair From Clothes – Step by Step Process

For pet lovers, having a pet dog at home is bliss, however, it comes with an inconvenient package of hair flying all over the house. It is a fact to all the pet lovers that if you own a pet dog or a cat, you have to deal with their hair issues, removing their hair frequently from various places of your home, which can be infectious and allergic reactions can occur to your body if not removed. Pet hair removal can be tiresome and stressful, however, some simple and tricks and methods can be very useful in making life much easier when it comes to removing them and they are discussed below:

Dry Sheets

It can come as a surprise, but dry sheet can be useful in removing pet hair besides laundering your clothes. All you have to do is choose a dark colored sheet that is very dry or dries it otherwise, and then just lay the sheet around the affected area of clothing or furniture and rub gently and the sheet will pick up most of the hair around.

Gloves or Sponges

Pet hair can also be removed from upholstery or fabrics using dampened gloves or a sponge. With the dampened gloves, all you have to do is just take the pair of gloves, wear it and just rub the affected area of clothes or furniture with it.

The surface of the gloves will thereby create a tension with the area of the cloth and the hair or fur will stick out in masses and you can rinse it off and repeat the process again and again till you find the hair has been removed sufficiently.​

Hair remover gloves

In case you can't manage gloves take a sponge from the kitchen slightly wet it and squeeze the excess water to give it a dampened feel and roll over the probable area filled with hair and you will notice that the hair is sticking out in chunks and you can rinse it off and repeat the process several more times till you feel satisfied.

Both of the techniques are fairly similar and easy to implement and you can get the best effective results at ease and convenience.

Lint Roller

Using a lint roller to remove the pet hair from clothes or any surface is one of the most convenient ways. It is inexpensive and very easy to use. It contains sticky tapes wrapped around its body that are good enough to remove the small amount of hair that is on your clothes or fabrics that you do not require brooms or vacuums to dispose off.

all you have to do is roll the lint roller over the area that contains hair and the hair will stuck up with the roller in a mass, remove it and continue it until the sticky part does not gel with the hair anymore, change the tapes and repeat it till it is needed, however, the problem is that this handy item cannot be used to clean up the whole mess of floor area at one go it is best suited to clean the hair stuck in the clothes or fabrics.


If you do not have the access, time or patience to carry out any o the above method to remove your cloth and want to clean everything at one go when you usually get time to clean the entire house and you are not constraints on your budget, you can use the best vacuums in the world that you can find from Pet Vacuum Lab and invest your valuable money once that is worth it. There are plenty of specialized vacuums available in the market that not only removes the dirt and dust but also cleans the most stubborn of hair shredded by your pets at home.

These vacuums use the most advanced technologies available that produce powerful and consistent suction to draw out any sort of dirt, dust, and hair as well as removing any sort of allergens that can affect your body and cause severe infections or allergic reactions. These vacuums also contain the best brushes available in the market to grip the hair and dirt well enough to reduce the chance of cleaning the same place twice and giving a thorough clean on the first go.

Other Steps

Apart from the methods and tricks mentioned above to clean and remove the hair from your clothes and furniture, there are simpler tricks that you can use in case you find that your pet has shredded some more hair throughout the day after you have cleaned your house completely and that it is spring time when the allergens cause the most damage, here are some tricks you can use to quickly remove the pet hair from your fabrics, seats or desks:

  • Wet your hand and roll it over the hair containing area you will notice a ball of hair is stuck on your hand rinse it and repeat it until you are satisfied with the cleaning as the hand gets dampened, so the hair gets easily stuck with the hand and can be easily removed.
  • Inflate a balloon and rub it on your pet hair that charge the balloon surface statically and then instantly rolls it over the hair and the hair will stick up with  the balloon and you can dispose of it and repeat it again and again till you are satisfied. 
  • Use a rubber broom to remove the hair from your floor surfaces as it has static bristles that are effective against any surfaces and the hair will just jump onto the brush and can be easily disposed of.

Reduce Hair Removal Beforehand

In order to reduce your pet hair shredding:

  • You can place a clothing in an area that is out of the way from your pets.
  • You can also groom your pets regularly before cleaning your house to remove most of the hair from your pet that they would have shredded otherwise throughout the day.
  • You should also vacuum your house with the best possible pet hair vacuums that you can find at Pet Vacuum Lab, especially the carpets and furniture on a regular basis and wash your rugs and linens and other things that you feel the pets could have come in contact with.

How to Remove Dog Urine and Smell from Carpet

Blot as much as you can with towels,” he said. “Then, put a few drops of green dish detergent and a little water in the area, place a towel over it and step on it so it absorbs as much as possible.”

If you notice a wet spot that may have happened earlier in the day, sprinkle it with baking soda and let it sit overnight, said Annie B. Bond, green living expert and author of Clean and Green. After the patch dries overnight, spray it with distilled white vinegar and don’t be concerned if the carpet bubbles a bit while the compounds interact to clean.

Another way to use vinegar and baking soda, a staple in the green cleaning arsenal, is to mix them together in a spray bottle, said green cleaning coach Erinn Morgan, author of Picture Yourself Going Green. She suggests mixing one cup of distilled white vinegar with one cup of water and two heaping tablespoons of baking soda.

Shake it up, spray it on the carpet, let it sit for five or six minutes, then gently blot it up with a fresh cloth, she said. The mixture will stay potent for a few months, so you might want to mix up a batch and keep it on hand if you have a puppy.

Spray the stain, let it bubble up (that means it’s working) and let it sit for 10 to15 minutes before sopping it up with a rag. “Be sure to spot test first to make sure the hydrogen peroxide doesn’t discolor your carpet,” she said.

  • Using baking soda and water, combine the two ingredients in a small bowl to make a paste.
  • Apply the paste to the affected area. It’s best to use gloves to avoid any direct contact with the urine stain.
  • Next, pour enough distilled white vinegar over the area to cover the stain.
  • Using a clean towel or paper towels, press the stain to blot up any moisture.
  • Repeat steps 1 through 4 again, no more than two times.

Rinse the stained area with water and blot using a towel. If you have a hair dryer, try drying the carpet with it for a few minutes. The vinegar smell may stick around for up to a few days, but then the urine smell will disappear.

  • Grab a generous amount of cornstarch and apply it directly onto the urine stain. Use enough to cover the entire surface area.
  • After letting the corn starch sit for about 30 minutes, rinse the area with water.
  • Using a cloth towel or paper towels, press firmly to absorb any remaining water.

How To Clean and Maintain Vacuum Cleaner

Your Vacuum cleaner is one of the best investments you can make for your cleaning purposes. Since it is a precious addition to house cleaning it also needs to be kept clean to maintain a steady performance for a longer period of time and can also save you from some costly repairs in the near future. Here are some steps you can take to keep it clean and safe:

Vacuum Bag

Try to check the vacuum bags on a regular basis to see if it is completely filled or not. Always remember that if the bag is 1/3rd it might be too much for the vacuum to clean efficiently because the air needs to pass through all the collected dirt and debris and the vacuum will have to work harder to clean when the bag is full.

So it is very important to replace the bag at the right time so that the vacuum does not get overworked.

N.B: Make sure the bags are of right shape and size suitable for the model you are using.

Brush Roll

It is very common to find hair and strings wrapped around the brush rolls at all time after cleaning, so always check on your brush rolls or beater bars located at the bottom of your vacuum, that sucks up all the dirt and dust that accumulate in the bags, before or after cleaning.

Use a scissors or fingers to gently and carefully remove any strings or hair wrapped around the brush. It does not have to be spotless, just enough for the brush to suck up the dirt efficiently. Once that is done you can even clean your brush rolls with soap and water to make it extra clean and keep it germs free as it is the dirtiest spot in the vacuum and is always in contact with all sorts of dirt and dust around the house while cleaning.

Vacuum Belts

Try to check the vacuum belts from time to time for tears or damaged areas or to ensure that the belt has not slipped out of place to maintain the efficiency of your vacuum. For more information on how to replace the vacuum belt

Filter and Hose

Clean your filter vacuum often as it is designed to pick up materials that might contaminate the quality of your air indoor. You can rinse it with water and then make sure to dry it before putting it back to the vacuum.

Vacuum cleaner can pick up a lot of things during cleaning, which is big in size and can get stuck to your hose from time to time making it difficult to clean the dirt from time to time as well as making weird sounds, frequently check to see if something is stuck in the hose if so gently push with a broomstick or pulls with a hook made from bent coat hanger to dislodge it from hose o work more efficiently.


Proper maintenance of your vacuum will only help you have a machine that continues to work efficiently as it should. Keeping your vacuum clean and tidy do not require a lot of work and time.