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Bissell Big Green VS Rug Doctor – Pet Vacuum Lab

Are you fed up of using rental services every time while cleaning the carpet? Well, no matter how alluring the rental services may sound, having your own carpet cleaner is worth every penny. If your mind is in dilemma between Bissell big green and Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3, we’ll help you give a deep insight into each one of them. So, let’s get started!

Comparisons Table of Bissell Big Green and Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3

Product Image



Weight (lbs)

Dimension (inch)


Bissell Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaner Machine

Bissell Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaner Machine



20.5 x 11 x 42.2

Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3

Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3

Rug Doctor


22.5 x 11 x 26

What makes Bissell and Rug Doctor the best?

Generally, while making a purchase people look for the brands which are most suitable. Since Bissell and Rug Doctor have made a remarkable name in the market, people look upon them foremost. From the use of high-grade materials in manufacturing to incorporating every essential feature, both these brands are worth to splurge.

Although both Bissell and Rug Doctor are poles apart, there are certain similarities between the two. The understated are the points which will showcase the parallel features of both.

Reliability of brands

When it comes to some of the most authentic brands, Bissell, and Rug Doctor both steal the show. They have not left any stone unturned to prove them the best in the market and therefore looked upon by many.


No matter out of two which carpet cleaner becomes your ultimate choice, both fall under the same price range. Their cost-effective rates which are almost similar help making them reasonably sound and perfect to make a purchase.


This is one of the most important tools to consider while buying any carpet cleaner. Since they are huge electronic devices, you never know when they would get some glitch. Both Bissell and Rug Doctor bequeath 5 years warranty to the users. It ensures that your machine would last-long and if, in case, any qualm arise the company’s warranty will cover it.


Both the carpet cleaners are designed keeping in mind the needs of users. They both have the capability to clean deeply embedded dirt and dust, stubborn stains and all the mess created by the kids and pets.


Bissell and Rug Doctor both impart every important accessory required to make the cleaning even better and feasible. You would be endowed with different tools which contribute to making your carpet as clean as possible.

So these are the major similarities between the two most trustworthy brands, Bissell and Rug Doctor. Now let us take a deep insight into the major differences between the two products. It would help us get a clearer picture of them that would influence the buying decision.

Major Different Between Bissell Big Green and Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3

The capacity of the tank

It is said that larger the size of the tank more would be its capacity to hold the water. But at the same time, large tank size would contribute to making the device heavy. Let us see which product holds what features.

Bissell Big Green:- The tank capacity of Bissell in 1.75 gallons which is comparatively smaller than many other similar devices. You would require refilling the tank again and again while working on a larger area. This will make your cleaning work more time-consuming.

Bissell Big Green

Rug Doctor:- The tank capacity of Rug Doctor is 3.75 gallons. The large size of the tank holds a lot of water and is perfect to clean big halls, rooms or lobbies in one go. However, if the area is extremely large you might need to refill one more time.

Bottom Line:- While the small-sized tank of Bissell will make it easy to maneuver anywhere to cleaning, the large size will create little difficulty. If you are having large areas to clean getting the Rug Doctor seems feasible. But if small sized rooms are your targeted areas, the carpet cleaner with small tank size will fit perfectly. So, on the basis of your working area, you might choose one.

The weight of the machine

Without any doubt, the machine which is lighter in weight will win this battle. Since a lightly weighted carpet cleaner can be maneuvered easily to every place people crave to get one. Another great advantage of a lightweight carpet cleaner is it is easy to work on the areas hard to reach. Obviously, you can’t carry a heavyweight cleaner to every corner. So let us see which one seems feasible in this context.

Bissell Big Green:- This product weighs 42 lbs. But here it needs to be mentioned that this is just the base weight of the model. The real weight is the one which comes after filling its tank with water. And since we know from the first point that the tank capacity of Bissell is lesser the weight won’t get too heavier.

Rug Doctor:- The weight of this carpet cleaner is 36 lbs. Again this is the basis weight of the device which means the actual weight will be calculated once the tank gets filled with water. As we already know that the tank capacity of Rug Doctor is larger it would attain more water. This, in turn, will elevate its weight manifolds.

Rug Doctor X3

Bottom Line:- By getting an insight to the base weight and tank capacity, it can be summarized that both of them would attain almost similar weight while working. Although Rug Doctor is light in weight, due to its larger tank capacity it will hold more water and would ultimately become as equal as the Bissell one. So, if weight is your major concern you can pick anyone out of the two.

How long is the power cord

Length of the power cord is one of the most important criteria which determine the worth of the product. A device whose power cord is lengthier is easy to work with in big rooms or lobbies. With a lengthy cord, you can enter any corner of any room without plugging and unplug the switch again and again.

But there is one drawback with the long power cord. A long power cord sometimes becomes unmanageable. People could find working with them little messy as the chances of wire getting entangled go up. It also becomes difficult while storing them.

Let us see whose power cord is more feasible here.

Bissell Big Green:- The power cord of Bissell Big Green is 25 feet. This length is large enough to clean large areas without much problem.

Rug Doctor:- The power cord of Rug Doctor is 28 feet. This product comprises a long power cord which makes the cleaning process a lot easier and hassle-free.

Bottom Line:- The length of both the machines is almost similar. But when it comes to power cord even the inches get counted. And here it’s a matter of 3 feet. So, clearly here Rug Doctor wins the case. The additional 3 feet could help you reach the tight corners of the room easily. You might cover a lot more space as what you would cover with the Bissell Big Green.

Also, 3 feet difference won’t affect much the problem of the cord getting entangled in-between the two. So here Rug Doctor is the one which is better to consider.

Cleaning performance

When you thought about getting a carpet cleaner you want the device which has superb cleaning power. It must eradicate every stain from the carpet. This is the most important feature that people consider. Unless the cleaning is not powerful, the device becomes futile even if it has a lightweight or large tank. A powerful machine which can work thoroughly on the stain to make it invisible is considered the best. Let us see which product is considered more powerful.

Bissell Big Green:- The Bissell Big Green comprises double stroke technology for cleaning the carpet. It means that when the cleaner would move on the carpet it will clean while maneuvering in both the directions. The first cleaning stroke will be made when the cleaner will move forward. As the cleaner will move backward, it will make another cleaning stroke. This cleans the carpet by taking double strokes in one pass.

Rug Doctor:- The carpet cleaner from Rug Doctor is made in such a way that it endows single stroke in one pass which is while moving forward. When the machine will move backward there won’t be any cleaning stroke. Therefore, you need more passes over the stain to remove it completely. It has written even in the user manual that multiple passes are required to get rid of any stain on the carpet completely.

Bottom Line:- In the context of cleaning technology, without any doubt, Bissell Big Green gets more points. Due to its double stroke cleaning technology, the whole cleaning process gets complete in lesser time. When in one pass two strokes are made the work itself becomes quick and hassle-free. Working with Bissell Big Green will give faster results in lesser time. However, with Rug Doctor, you would require performing multiple passes over the stain to eliminate them. So, getting Bissell Big Green seems more practical.

Critical points

Now, other than performance, weight and tank capacity there are a few additional features that determine the worth of the product. To name few these are how much noise did it make, how much heat did it generate and other critical points. So let us get know-how about these important points of each Bissell Big Green and Rug Doctor.


Bissell Big Green:- This carpet cleaner from Bissell Big Green do make noise but still, it is not disturbing. Since there is double stroke technology is the device a little sound is acceptable. Also, neither the infants are going to get disturbed by the sound, nor the elders.

Rug Doctor:- This device is also noise-free. You can easily use it when the infants, elders or sick patients are in the home. The sound won’t disturb anyone while the process of carpet cleaning is undergoing.

Bottom Line:- Since both the products are almost same in this feature, both get equal points. If you are considering noise as one of the major criteria of selection you can pick any one of the product.


Bissell Big Green:- The use of powerful motor ejects a lot of heat while working. Although the need of powerful motor is essential for maximizing the cleaning, the heat that gets generated could develop a lot of sweat while working.

Rug Doctor:- This machine does not eject too much heat. You can work normally with this product.

Bottom Line:- If Bissell is becoming your ultimate choice; you need to switch on the AC for remaining sweat-free during the entire cleaning process.


Bissell Big Green:- People who have used the product often complains about it being very aggressive. We can blame the powerful motor for the same. Some have even complained of it removing the fibers of the carpet along with the dirt, dust, and stain.

Rug Doctor:- Users have complained about the product for not being very powerful for sucking. The suction is not so strong which has disappointed some of the users. It does not such the water well which in turn takes a lot of time for drying the carpet completely.

Bottom Line:- No matter how alluring Rug Doctor might sound, if the major feature of any carpet cleaner that is the suction power is not so impressive, the product is not valuable. You may bear the heat, sound, heavyweight or small tank size but if the machine is not sucking up really well, it is worthless.

Final Verdict

It’s a fact that both Bissell and Rug Doctor are valuable brands. The carpet cleaners from both are highly impressive and remarkable. Since few cons are associated with both of them the choice largely depends upon your preferences. You might compromise with weight but not with cord length. So, in the end, all that matters is the users’ satisfaction and contentment with the product.

Now that you have got a deep insight into each product, make the best choice and make let your carpet remain neat and clean always.

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