Bissell 1154 vs 1161 Which Is The Best?

Bissell 1154 VS Bissell 1161

Owning a pet is contenting but owning a house which is full of hairs, fur and mess caused by the pet are definitely not contenting. This is the reason, why having a good pet vacuum cleaner becomes important. Although the market is flooded with numerous vacuum cleaners which claim themselves to be the best, the real quandary arises at the time of picking the most suitable one for the home. With different vacuum cleaners designed especially to take away the filth caused by pets, there comes different specifications and features as well. Let us talk about the vacuum cleaners coming from Bissell, which is one of the most renowned names in the category of pet vacuum cleaners.

Ultimate compared between Bissell 1154 vs Bissell 1161 what you should choose:

Bissell came up with different models of vacuum cleaners in the recent past which are considered as the best for making a house free from dirt. But the remarkable place which is made by Bissell 1154 and Bissell 1161 is worth commending.

Let us take a sneak peak of the major features of both the products and compare their features, specifications, and versatility in facilitating the cleaning process.

Bissell 1154

While both the vacuum cleaners are designed for hard floors the major features which have allured people for Bissell 1154 are:

  • It is a light weighted product which is compact in size and thus easy to store anywhere.
  • There is a swivel steering for a hassle-free maneuvering.
  • There is a tank at the bottom so that dirt can be emptied easily anywhere.

On the other hand, the potential features in the Bissell 1161 that manage to attract the customers are:

  • There are non-marking wheels for maneuvering. Made up of rubber they do not let your floor get damaged at any point in time.
  • One can regulate the suction pressure easily as there are digital fingertip control panels to manipulate the pressure while cleaning different parts of the house.
  • Due to the presence of extension wands, one can clean even the hard to reach places without any hassles.

There are some additional benefits of owning a canister vacuum cleaner like they are generally light in weight and therefore easy to maneuver. Other than this, one can use them for cleaning even the areas under low tables and other furniture which are otherwise hard to reach by other vacuum cleaners. Since both Bissell 1154 and Bissell 1161 are canister vacuum cleaners they give the benefit of these add-ons greatly.

Now let us take an insight into some of the major pros and cons of Bissell 1154 and 1161:

Major advantages, user get with Bissell 1154:

  • Lightweight, compact design and soft bristles at the end make the cleaning process less tiring.
  • Due to automatic rewind feature, the chord gets rewind by its own and thus creating less mess while cleaning.
  • It comes along with major cleaning accessories like dusting tool, low pile carpet tool, crevice tool as well as one telescoping extension wand to clean the high-end curtains.

While the vital benefits with Bissell 1161 are as follows:

  • The bristles attached to the vacuum cleaner are so soft that they take away even the minutest of dirt without causing any scratch to the floor.
  • The suction of the product is very powerful and can be regulated easily as per the need.
  • There is a bottom tank which collects the dust and can be later emptied easily.

The major difference which can be seen in these two products is their overall dimension and weight.

While Bissell 1154 comes with the dimensions of 13.2 x 10.7 x 8.7 in and weight 15.8 lbs, the dimension of Bissell 1161 is 13.15 x 10.67 x 8.66 in and weight much lesser than the former one that is only 9.1 lbs.

Bissell 1161

Therefore the final product can be selected seeing the preferable needs and requirements of your home. The users which splurged upon them also came up with few cons which are worth to mention here.

Disadvantages of Bissell 1154 include the following:

  • The quality of canister was not up to the mark as sometimes it gets flipped.
  • The chord of the vacuum cleaner is not very long and thus hampers the cleaning process to some extent.

Disadvantages of Bissell 1161 include the following:

  • Although it works really well on hard wood, its results in the carpet are not very great.
  • Owing to small and compact design the canister gets filled very quickly and you have to empty it quite frequently.

With these pros and cons, you must have made up your mind as for which Bissell vacuum cleaner would be your ultimate choice. Since a house with pets, most of the time remains messy only a good vacuum cleaner could resolve the problem. Since both these vacuum cleaners are loved by the users for their functionality, there didn’t remain any reason left not to ponder upon them while looking for a vacuum cleaner designed especially for the house with pets.

From hardwood, tiles to curtains and blinds, these vacuum cleaners from Bissell have proved their worth and this is the reason why they are the best in their category. Both of them came along with vital vacuum cleaner accessories which again make the cleaning process less tiring and more enjoying. These accessories help to clean even the hard to reach places and even the stubborn embedded filth's from the carpet.

Final Word: 

If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner with great features yet affordable rate then either Bissell 1154 or Bissell 1161 could be your final choice. From making the house free from pet hairs and furs to giving a lot of ease in these cleaning products are worth every penny. Do not give them a second thought and get the best out of two for your home. Enjoy a hassle-free cleaning and house free of grime, dirt, and dust.

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Bissell 1154 vs 1161
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