What Is The Best Way To Get Coffee Stains Out Of Carpet?

We all are familiar with those inconvenient moments when the coffee spill off and ruin a perfect day. For instance, the morning alarm goes off and you start the day with a fresh cup of coffee. Everything seems perfect until you unexpectedly spill the coffee. Obviously, a coffee stain on the carpet wasn’t a part of your morning plan. Or maybe you’ve just opened a book to curl up when this hiccup occurs.

Coffee Stains

However, you can’t always avoid these situations in this busy lifestyle. But you certainly don’t want the spilled coffee to leave a permanent stain on the carpet, right? Don’t worry. Follow the guideline below to know how you can easily get rid of coffee stains from your carpet.

Things You Need To Remove Coffee Stains

  • Clean white dishcloth or paper towels
  • Cold and warm water
  • Dishwasher
  • Ammonia
  • Lemon juice
  • Vinegar
  • Sponge

How To Remove Fresh Coffee Stain?

1. Gently blot the stain area with the cloth or paper towel. Continue blotting until no stains transfer from the carpet to the cloth.

2. Make a carpet stain remover on your own. You can easily make this by using the supplies you already have in your house. It’ll be less expensive than commercial products. Mix a tablespoon of white vinegar and a tablespoon of the liquid dishwasher with two cups of warm water. Mix them all and stir to prepare a solution.

Again, if your coffee included sugar or cream, a normal dishwasher wouldn’t be enough. Mix one cup of enzyme laundry detergent with one cup of warm water. Or you can use a pet carpet stain cleaner instead. It's better, in fact, best at protein-based stain removing. Not only this but also it’ll prevent odors coming from the carpet in case of enzymatic stain remover.

3. Now apply the solution to a sponge. Don’t soak it, just damp it enough to make it work effectively on the stain. Rub it on the area in a circular pattern, working your way to the center of the stain.

4. Finally, rinse the spot with cool water. Use a paper towel, blot the area and soak excess moisture by firmly pressing the towel. Now let the carpet dry in the open air.


  • Always start working from the outer border of the stain to the center. It prevents further spreading of the stain.
  • Don’t scrub the carpet to avoid the damage of fibers. Also Avoid Walking on the carpet until it dries up completely after rinsing. 

How To Remove Old Coffee Stains?

The process required for removing old stains is quite similar to that of fresh stains. But it may take repeated efforts for complete removal.

Slightly wet the stained place with a small amount of warm water. This’ll loosen the dried coffee. The stain cleaner for old stain has a different combination than that of fresh stain. If your woolen carpet, you can simply mix 3 drops of mild dishwasher soap with a cup of water. Now sponge it on the stain and continue blotting it away. Blotting with a dry cloth will be followed by blotting with a wet cloth.

But if your carpet is of other material or wool blend, ammonia will work well. Mix a tablespoon of ammonia with one cup of water. First, apply it on a hidden space of the carpet to see whether it damages the color. If not, then gently blot the solution to the spot and wait for 5 minutes. Now blot it with a wet towel followed by blotting with a dry towel. Continue this until the stain is fully removed. Let it dry in the air.

​For more information watch this video from Ottawa Rug Cleaning

Carpet Materials And Coffee Stains

Depending on the type of carpet, removing stain can be easy or difficult. The longer the fiber is the harder it will be to get out the stain. Therefore, for longer fiber, you must keep an eye on the amount of liquid you pour on the stain. Also, you have to blot quite carefully. After rinsing dry the fiber completely. If necessary, use a fan.

For carpets made of wool or wool blend, ammonia-like removers can cause damage to both color and fiber. So before using, check the recommendation provided by the manufacturers. Or check by applying it on a hidden area.

The Coffee Stain Reappeared, What To Do?

This can happen for two reasons.

1. First, the original coffee stain might reach deeper than you thought. Or you might press it so hard while rubbing that the stain soaked deeply.

2. Or the liquid you used for stain removal wasn’t fully blotted out of the carpet. So later that liquid makes its way to the surface by creating a ring.

To avoid this, repeat the stain removal process again and again until you get the result. Also, dry it fully after rinsing. To blot out all the moisture, you can put a towel with a heavy matter on its top. Or you can use a fan instead of air-drying.

Can A Vacuum Cleaner Remove Coffee Stains?

Yes, of course!

All those natural methods mentioned above is enough if the stain is mild. Also, if you’re ready to give some quality time and patience to handle this, then these are OK. They are less expensive too. But very true to say, in our busy life, keeping time for stain-removing is not everyone’s headache. So they have no other choice but to adopt a quick and easy staff. And this time-saving hack is probably hidden in your nearest closet. It's a good vacuum cleaner. Just like removing wine stains, you can also remove the coffee stains from the carpet in the same way. In this situation you can use bissell or hoover carpet cleaner.

It’s also not possible to clear off the coffee immediately when you have an important meeting to attend. But the earlier you clean, the less is the chance of the stain to be permanent. So you may have to put off cleaning until later. However, you must ensure that the stains are blotted out and the carpet is completely dried up.

What Is The Best Way To Get Coffee Stains Out Of Carpet?
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What Is The Best Way To Get Coffee Stains Out Of Carpet?
you certainly don’t want the spilled coffee to leave a permanent stain on the carpet, right? Don’t worry. Follow the guideline below to know how you can easily get rid of coffee stains from your carpet.
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