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8 Best Steam Cleaner for Tile and Grout 2021

When you don’t clean your floor on a regular basis it looks very dirty. Especially, tiles have a bad reputation for getting dirty and when there is grout in between, the dirt becomes of another level.

Cleaning dirty grout is not as easy as cleaning tiles because of its rough and porous nature. And nothing beats a steam cleaner when it comes to cleaning stubborn stains on a surface.

So, instead of wasting countless hours scrubbing away dirt from the grout and hurting your back, better get the best steam cleaner for tile and grout and give yourself some rest.

Best Steam Cleaner For Tiles and Grout Comparison Table

Product Image


Tank Capacity (OZ)

Cord Length (Ft)


McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner

McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner



Bissell Steam Mop 1806

Bissell 1806 Steam Mop



PurSteam Steam Mop Cleaner

PurSteam ThermaPro Elite Steam Mop Cleaner



Steamfast SF-370 Canister Cleaner

Steamfast SF-370 Canister Cleaner



COSTWAY Multipurpose Steam Cleaner

COSTWAY Multipurpose Steam Cleaner



LIGHT 'N' EASY, Electronic Foor steamers for Hardwood and Tile

LIGHT 'N' EASY Steam Cleaner 7338ANW



Wagner Spraytech SteamMachine

Wagner Spraytech C900053.M SteamMachine



SIMBR Steam Cleaner

SIMBR Multipurpose Steam Cleaner



Why Steam Cleaner?

There is absolutely no need of breaking your back by scrubbing the dirty grout with an old toothbrush and end up with close to no result. The best steam cleaner for tile and grout floors will be able to make light work of any stain and grime on your floor.

A steam cleaner is able to handle all kinds of surfaces including and not limited to tile, carpets, mosaic, marble, toilets, and tubes. You can even remove the wrinkles out of clothing with it too.

Besides, steaming is one of the best ways to keep all these surfaces in tip-top shape. The extremely high heated steam produced is also able to reduce your exposure to potentially toxic chemicals and bacteria from the floor.

This keeps your home healthier by destroying major pathogens and giving you a safer living space for you and your family.

Reviews of Top 8 Best Steam Cleaner For Tile And Grout

As beneficial as they may be, a substandard steam cleaner may cause irreparable damage to your tile and grout floor. That is why we are recommending some of the best home steam cleaners for tile and grout in this article to make your life easy.

1. McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner

McCulloch MC1275 Review

For the first entry in our list, we couldn’t pick any other steam cleaner than the McCulloch MC1275. If you are looking for a very powerful home steamer with multipurpose abilities, then have a look at this amazing beast.

Let’s talk about the most impressive function first. This heavy-duty steam cleaner has a 48-ounce water tank that you can take virtually anywhere. The water reservoir rolls on caster wheels and allows the machine up to 45 minutes of steaming at a time.

Another important matter to remember is that the water is heated to over 200 degrees with this steamer, but this heat doesn’t hold after leaving the nozzle. The temperature still remains more than 100 degrees which are good enough to destroy any pathogens and clean dirt.

An important ability of this steamer is that it has a Steam Lock Switch which makes sure the steam flows continuously and consistently. Its powerful jet nozzle is able to focus on tiny places to remove even the oldest and stickiest of dirt.

The McCulloch MC1275 comes with no less than 18 accessories allowing it to stand out in today’s crowded market of steam cleaners. All these extra accessories are interchangeable, depending on the type of job you want to perform.

Opening the package, along with the MC1275 you get a steam jet nozzle, a carrying handle, 2 microfiber pads, 2 extension wands, 5 nylon utility brushes, a triangle brush, a squeegee, a brass utility brush, a water funnel, a measuring cup, and a scrub pad.


  • 18 extra attachments
  • 48-ounce water tank
  • 45 minutes of steaming
  • Lock switch for consistent steam
  • Heats to over 200 degrees Fahrenheit


  • Weighs 18 pounds
  • A little bit noisy


Now you can brush away all the pathogens and dirt stuck on your tile floor and grout with this amazing steam cleaner. It doesn’t only clean all floors inside your home but also has the ability to work great on all types of surfaces.

2. Bissell 1806 Steam Mop

Bissell Steam Mop 1806 Review

When you look at it, the Bissell 1806 steam mop won’t leave you unimpressed. This durable, action-packed and ready to go item has some features that the competition doesn’t offer.

A lightweight steam cleaner of only 6.2 pounds, this unit starts flowing steam within just 30 seconds of plugging in. Its onboard water tank can hold 16 ounces of water which is good enough considering its size and weight.

The highly heated steam is also able to kill 99.9% of harmful viruses and bacteria from the surface. And that too without the use of any type of harsh chemical.

This steam mop also two distinct features for steaming depending on the floor types and the dirt. The High Steam option is used for cleaning sticky stains and dirt from the grout and tile floor. Usually, these are highly resistible to steam heat.

And for everyday cleaning of the house, use the Low Steam option. Besides, you can clean sealed hardwood and laminate floors and also for a longer period of time.

One of the unique functions of the Bissell 1806 unit is its SpotBoost brush. This uniquely designed brush is used to maintain the pristine surface of your floor by removing tough and sticky messes.

Sanitization and removing stains are not the only two functions of this steam cleaner. When you run it through your house, it leaves a refreshing scent in the room that is achieved through the unit’s Spring Breeze scent discs.

Besides, its self-standing and lightweight body is easily maneuverable through the floors and under the furniture.


  • Takes 30 seconds to warm up
  • 25 feet Long Cord
  • Two-way steam control
  • 2 scented disks
  • Super lightweight and compact design


  • Automatic cord rewind are absent
  • No water filters


So, if you’re looking for a lightweight and easily maneuverable good-looking steam cleaner, then look no further than Bissell 1806 steam mop. It will remove the stickiest of stains and disinfectant your house by taking minimum setup time.

3. PurSteam ThermaPro Elite Steam Mop Cleaner

PurSteam Steam Mop Cleaner 12 in 1 for Hardwood/Tiles/Vinyl

Looking for a steam cleaner that would sanitize and clean your home with little effort and time? Then the PurSteam ThermaPro Elite is the best option for you. This steamer is capable of clearing out every dirty stain that comes in its way.

An interesting feature of this item is the unique triangular head it has that is flexible enough for reaching every area of your house. It is also capable of steam cleaning your living room, dining room, kitchen floor using only tap water. You don’t need to spend time getting pure distilled water for this machine.

Also, the ThermaPro Elite steam cleaner features a water tank of 8.5 oz or 250ml with which you can clean one entire room at a time. With no harsh chemicals in use, it is able to kill 99.9% of the germs with the heat of the steam only.

The steamer has a power cord of 16 feet with which you can reach every corner of your room. Its multifunction design also makes it safe to use on any type of surface including hardwood, ceramic, and vinyl.

Just plug in the cord, and within a matter of seconds, steam starts to produce. This makes this steamer more effective than most other steam cleaners in the market as it cleans your house, taking the least amount of time.


  • Easily maneuverable handheld design
  • Extremely lightweight and portable
  • Doesn’t need distilled water
  • Adjustable steam power
  • The triangular head provides flexibility


  • Needs regular pad washing
  • Water tank is too small


Time is more valuable today than any other period in history, and cleaning a house takes much of it from our day. The PurSteam ThermaPro can save a lot of your valuable time as it heats up really fast, even with tap water. It is a perfect eco-friendly alternative to wet mopping too.

4. Steamfast SF-370 Canister Cleaner

Steamfast SF-370 Canister Cleaner Review

For a cheaper, cleaner, and a heavy-duty steam cleaner for all practical cleaning purposes of your house, the SteamFast SF-370 is the one to look at. It has every attachment and accessories you could think of. Able to clean any flooring surfaces from tile to ceramic and even wood, this is the best return for your money.

This steamer operates at over 200 degrees on 1500-watts, ensuring a cleaner surface. The jet nozzle cleans any stain and bacteria with ease and is perfect for tough spots and crevices.

Although the whole of the canister cleaner is a bit small in size, it has enough space to hold lots of water, 48 ounces to be exact. So, you can easily clean multiple rooms of your house without needing to refill the tank once.

Its 15 feet power cord turns out to be really convenient when you have to clean a large room. With a decent heating time, you can also save some of your precious time. The lock-on button allows you to use the machine continuously without having to press the steam button again and again.

This product comes with two microfiber pads, a tool brush combo, and a mop head, which helps cleaning tough corners. The squeegee helps absorb lots of water after the steaming is done, so your floor can dry quickly.

SteamFast steam cleaner is able to provide you excellent performance with the necessary pressure needed to clean the toughest messes easily. From now on, you’ll be able to clean areas you were unable to clean before.


  • Powerful 1500-watt motor
  • 48-ounces of water-tank
  • Jet nozzle cleans the toughest dirt
  • Lock-on button for continuous steam
  • Sturdy design with high-quality plastic


  • The power cord could be longer
  • Item doesn’t come with a funnel


For an affordable but extremely practical steam cleaner, the SteamFast SF-370 is a great option. Its powerful motor and big water capacity are very helpful if you want a quick job of cleaning your home.

5. COSTWAY Multipurpose Steam Cleaner

COSTWAY Multipurpose Steam Cleaner Review

If you want a steam cleaner that has a cleaning power better than usual house cleaners, then the Costway Multipurpose Steam Cleaner is your pick. It gives you an efficient, comprehensive, and ultra-reliable cleaning solution which are lacking in most other steamers out there.

Multipurpose steam cleaner means that you’ll have to use it on various types of floor. And for that, you need to have multiple accessories adapted to each need. This item comes with no less than 18 versatile attachments for all the cleaning jobs you can think of.

The item has a comfortable handle and two wheels giving you optimum stability and mobility. It also has a 16-feet power cord and two alternative extension steam tubes that help you clean large areas.

Moreover, the plethora of accessories provided with this multipurpose steam cleaner makes your life easy by accommodating a multitude of cleaning jobs. With a powerful 2000-watt heating element, you can easily heat up a large amount of water to make steam.

Out of all the products suggested in this article, this steam cleaner provides the largest water tank of 51 ounces. This gives you the operation of more than 50 minutes at a time without refilling. Although, the heating takes a bit longer than other steamers.

Another unique feature is that the steam temperature that this machine is able to produce is 226.4℉, which is higher than most other steam machines in this article. This way, it can easily remove grease, dirt, and stubborn old stains with no time at all.

In addition to being one of the best steam cleaners in the market, it is also the safest one to have in a house with kids. The item is equipped with children's locks as well as automatic power off when all the water in the tank gets used up.


  • 18 versatile accessories
  • Biggest water tank capacity
  • 79 inches hose length
  • Safest design for home with kids
  • Very high steam temperature


  • Heating takes longer
  • Replacement parts unavailable


For a great cleaning and sterilizing solution with a steam cleaner, which also eliminates bad odor, there is no better alternative than COSTWAY. This is undoubtedly an ideal and affordable solution for a cleaner household.

6. LIGHT 'N' EASY Steam Cleaner 7338ANW

LIGHT 'N' EASY, Electronic Foor steamers Review

When the grout on your tile floor becomes too dirty and dark with stains all over, there is no other option other than using the best steam mop for ceramic tile and grout. And LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Steam cleaner offers you the best feature for this purpose.

The 7338ANW model features an excellent grip and flexible handle that makes it very easy to operate even for a long time. Its 360-degree swivel head is a great thing for cleaning the big areas and every corner effortlessly.

Despite having a long handle, the model is also very light, with only 4.1 lbs. This is probably the lightest steam cleaning mop in the market. The lightweight helps you clean every part of your house and move back and forth with more ease and comfort.

The unit’s bottom tank is able to achieve a higher steam temperature than most other steam cleaners. Its 212°F heat is able to effectively eliminate sticky messes with almost zero effort. Besides, the LIGHT ‘N’ EASY steam cleaner takes only 20 seconds to reach its highest temperature for making steam.

You can also use tap water instead of distilled in its water tank. And speaking of the water tank, it can hold 260ml of water and can also be refilled even while you are using the steam mop, which is a great time saver indeed.

The steam cleaner has a special mop with microfiber cleaning pads designed to be super absorbent. It has a greater capacity to absorb water and grime from your floor than any other cloth.

And what’s more! This steam mop even has a sensor that delivers steam only the machine is moved and stops the steam when cleaning has ended. This feature helps the floor from getting damaged or the wooden floor from getting swelled up.


  • Unique swivel head for extra maneuverability
  • Extremely lightweight with only 4.1 lbs.
  • Makes little noise while running
  • Suitable for hard floors and carpets both
  • Microfiber sensor on the steam mop


  • Cannot be used as a handheld steamer
  • It doesn’t have manual on/off switch


The Light N Easy steam mop has been developed by a company that actually invented the first steam mop. With over 60 years of experience in making cleaning products, this model is one of their ultimate steam cleaners. Besides, its ultra-lightweights, and maneuverability are quite unbeatable.

7. Wagner Spraytech SteamMachine Multi-Purpose Home Steamer Steam Cleaner

Wagner Spraytech SteamMachine Review

A great steam cleaner has a long-running time along with a big enough water tank and Wagner Spraytech C900053.M ticks all the boxes needed for the best steam machine.

This item comes with a 40 ounce boiler tank capable of providing up to 45 minutes of continuous steaming. Its 1500W heating element can take the steam to a stunning 290-degrees Fahrenheit temperature, which is the highest in our list. It is not hard to imagine all the dirt and pathogens getting destroyed with this heat.

The steam machine’s feature doesn’t end here. It is also one of the most versatile steamers with no less than 17 accessories, including multiple attachments, brushes, and nozzles.

The plethora of different tools that the item offers you are all useful in their own way. You can use the mopping attachment as a steam mop rather than just a steam cleaner. Its accessories allow you to clean furniture such as tables, chairs, cushions, beds, and many more.

Ultimately, Wagner Spraytech is the most powerful machine offering you excellent steam power. Apart from delivering such heated steam, it is great for cleaning just about anything you can think of.


  • Produces the highest temperature steam
  • Has a 40 ounce boiler tank
  • Comes with 17 accessories
  • Continuous steam for 45 minutes
  • Usable on any type of surface


  • Plug cord is short
  • Heating takes a long time


Despite some of its minute drawbacks, the Wagner Spraytech C900053.M is one of the most powerful steamers there is. If you have the stickiest stain on your grout or kitchen space, this machine is the one to go for.

8. SIMBR Multipurpose Steam Cleaner

SIMBR Multipurpose Steam Cleaner Review

For a very flexible steam cleaner for your house floor, nothing can be better than the SIMBR Multipurpose steamer. With a big water tank and many accessories, it can cater to all of your cleaning needs.

The most important feature of this cleaning beast is steam pressure, which is 4 bar. With a 1500W Powerful machine, the item can heat the steam to a staggering 275°F. This amount of heat can easily kill any bacteria lurking on the floor. Besides, removing stains from grout is a piece of cake for SIMBR steamer.

As for the water reservoir, it can hold 1.5 liters of water at a time, although it is better to leave a portion of it empty for better results. This great reservoir of water means the machine can provide continuous steam for 45 minutes straight.

Coming to the topic of attachments, this item has 18 different attachments, including fabric nozzle, round brush, flexible extension hose, and many more. The extra-long power cord gives you 28 feet cleaning radius. Thus, you can steam clean your entire room without having to move at all.

The SIMBR steam cleaner also has a steam lock to provide you consistent steaming without having to press the button manually. It has also got great maneuverability inside the house for its rolling wheels. You can even store some of the smaller accessories in the box attached at the back of it.


  • 275° F steam temperature
  • 1.5-liter water tank
  • 45 minutes of steaming
  • 28 feet cleaning radius
  • Accessories box attached


  • Heating takes 8 minutes
  • Large and bulky handle


All in all, for a safe and powerful chemical-free cleaning of your house, the SIMBR Multipurpose steamer comes among a few of the topmost options. Its large water tank and high steam temperature make up for the long heating.

Is Steam Cleaning Better Than Shampooing?

Shampooers are surface cleaner, which mixes warm water with soap or shampoo to make a solution. It sprays the solution onto the surface and cleans only the upper layer by scrubbing or with a rotary brush.

On the other hand, a steam cleaner provides a deeper cleaning by using superheated steam to loosen stubborn stains and dirt as well as by killing germs in the process. Besides, it is able to clean through grouts as well that a shampooer often isn’t able to do.

In fact, sometimes the solution created by the shampooer can even make the grout slick with slime from the soap. That’s why it is always better to pick a steam cleaner over a shampooer.

What Is Best Steam Cleaner

It is really difficult to give a single definition for a steam cleaner which you can call the best. But we can tell you what to look for in one if you want all your necessary cleaning purposes done.

It is one which is light in weight but has a large water tank and also must be able to steam for more than thirty minutes straight with a very high temperature. The best steamer for tile and grout should also come with lots and lots of extra attachments for multiple cleaning solutions.

If your cleaner ticks all these boxes, you might consider it as a great steamer for your home.

Things to Consider Before Purchase

Choosing a perfect steamer is not an easy task. Each steamer has some solid feature which might catch your attention. But there are other things you should keep in mind before buying one.

Here are some of the most important functions and features you must look for in such a cleaning machine for your home.

Right Attachments

You want to have a cleaner that is handy and can be useful for a number of purposes in addition to cleaning the tile and grout floor only. So, look for any additional accessories that come with the product.

One of the most important attachments is the nylon brush. This allows the steam to flow out through its center and provides the best of scrubbing power. Besides, there are many other attachments that come with a multipurpose steam cleaner. They include corner brushes, squeegees, carpet gliders, floor mops, extension hoses, to name a few.

Size and Weight

The size and weight of the machine is an important consideration to make while buying a steam cleaner. Ultimately, it is a product that needs to be dragged throughout the whole house by a person in order to clean. So, having a lightweight machine is very helpful.

Water Capacity

Time is an important asset for anyone and having a small water tank in the steamer will only kill more of your precious time than save it. A smaller water tank in a steam cleaner means that you’ll have to let the unit cool off before refilling. Then after you’ve refilled it, wait again before it gets heated.

With a bigger tank, you can clean a larger area of your floor at a time. This means you will be able to steam continuously for about an hour before having to refill the water tank.

Power and Temperature

The best steam cleaner for tiles and grout will not only make the surface look shinier but also kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria on it. However, if the temperature of the steam doesn’t reach a high enough temperature, the pathogens won’t die.

Besides, removing stubborn stains off the grout will take a considerable amount of power and heat. That is why try to buy a machine that reaches temperatures of 158 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit at the very least.

Noise Levels

It is also important to look for the cleaner, which makes the least amount of noise while cleaning. Although steam cleaners are way quieter than vacuum cleaners, still some of them also make loud noises. So, while buying, read the feature and function very carefully.

Good Warranty

For a machine like a steam cleaner, a good manufactures warranty can be invaluable. This is where the importance of reputable brands come in. Branded products usually give a good warranty and are better at after-sales customer service.

Final Words

Steam cleaners are really a wonderful multipurpose tool to clean all the surfaces of your home and office. The best steam cleaner for tile and grout comes with many accessories making it very versatile.

But since prevention is always better than cure, so remember to clean your floor regularly before heavy dirt gets to settle onto your tile and grout in the first place.

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