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Best Spot Carpet Cleaner For Pet Stains In 2020 – Editor’s Top Picks & Ultimate Buying Guide

If you have a pet, you know all too well of the messy affair it can be. From wet paws, to illness and even urine stains from when they are puppies or kittens, carpets really do get a hard time. If you are sick of trying to keep your carpet clean and free from stains by scrubbing it with stain remover on your hands and needs then maybe it is time to invest in a spot cleaner.

Some pet stains just won’t budge, even with elbow grease whether it be mud stains or blood from another of your cats would be victims. A spot cleaner provides you with a method of cleaning a single area where the stain is rather than having to clean the entire carpet.

A spot cleaner is like a hoover, but instead of using air they utilise water and soap, the head that does look like a traditional vacuum has nubbins inside that can be used to break down the stain with the excess water being taken back into the unit. They are an excellent addition to any household and will keep your carpet looking fresher for longer.

If you aren’t sure where to start when it comes to purchasing a spot cleaner, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We have tried, tested and reviewed the 7 best spot carpet cleaners for pet stains in 2020 and even included a comprehensive buying guide to make your decision even easier.

Take a Look of Uppermost Spot Carpet Cleaner for Pet Stains

Product Image


Tank Capacity (Gallons)

Cord Length (Feet)


Bissell Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaner

Bissell Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaner Machine



BISSELL SpotClean Pet Pro Portable Carpet Cleaner, 2458

BISSELL SpotClean Pet Pro Portable Carpet Cleaner, 2458



Hoover PowerDash Pet Compact Carpet Cleaner

Hoover PowerDash Pet Compact Carpet Cleaner



Bissell SpotBot Pet handsfree Spot and Stain Portable Deep Cleaner

Bissell SpotBot Pet handsfree Spot and Stain Portable Deep Cleaner



Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner Vacuum

Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner Vacuum



BISSELL Proheat Essential Carpet Cleaner and Carpet Shampooer

BISSELL Proheat Essential Carpet Cleaner and Carpet Shampooer



Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner, Large and Portable

Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner, Large and Portable



The 7 Best Spot Carpet Cleaner For Pet Stains Reviews 

1. Bissell Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaner Machine, 86T3

Bissell Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaner Machine Review

The Bissell big green spot cleaner is a heavy-duty unit that has been designed to be used in commercial settings but is now available to the public. It is a very heavy unit, so if you are looking for a light and easily manoeuvrable spot cleaner, this isn’t it as it weighs 48 lbs. What does make the big green worth it, is its ability to clean your entire carpet. The underside of the unit features a deep cleaning system unlike other units, it means that as you push the unit along your carpet, the dirt lifter power brush works tirelessly to remove the stains.

Not only can you use the Bissell for cleaning your entire carpet, you can also use the hoover attachment to complete spot cleaning. The 6-inch spot cleaning tool delivers powerful suction to a specific area and works to remove the stain that is deeply imbedded in your carpet. If you have found a stain on your stairs, you don’t need to try and move the unit all the way up with you which could cause injury, simply extend out the suction tool to get reach your desired location. The 9-foot-long hose will make sure you can get to those difficult to reach areas.

This is a heavy-duty unit, but Bissell have worked to make users lives easier. The unit comes with two large water tanks, one that houses the clean water and one that houses the dirty water. These larger tanks mean that you don’t have to go the sink anywhere near as often as other units we have tried, but the only downside is that it does increase the weight of the unit.


  • Can be used to clean your entire carpet
  • 6 inch Spot cleaning tool
  • 9 foot long hose makes sure you can reach those harder to reach areas
  • 2 large tanks result in fewer trips to the sink
  • Heavy duty suction means you won’t have to wait long for your carpet to dry


  • The unit is exceptionally heavy and cumbersome. Some users may struggle moving it around their house and over their carpets.
  • The rollers on the underside of the unit can damage carpet if you use it too frequently

2. BISSELL SpotClean Pet Pro Portable Carpet Cleaner, 2458

BISSELL SpotClean Pet Pro Review

The Bissell spot clean is exactly what it says it is. It is a lightweight unit at only 13.2 lbs that you can easily move around your home in order to tackle those deeply embedded stains. What makes this unit stand out is how easy you can move it up and down your staircase, which is something the Bissell big green can’t do. However, you do offset this manoeuvrability with the fact that this is just a spot cleaner and not a full carpet cleaner.

The suction power of this little Bissell is excellent and really works to get rid of even the most embedded stains. The head of the vacuum has brushes located on the inside to give you a deep scrubbing action whilst the unit forces water into the affected area. These two factors cause the stain to be broken down and the remanence of it to be sucked into the unit itself.

I particularly liked the stain trapper tool that the unit comes with. With particular messes if you add water to it and try and brush it out it can make the entire situation much worse. The stain trapper tool does just that, it cups the stain making sure it doesn’t leak and permeate even more of your carpet. The 5 foot long hose is excellent at making sure you can get to those difficult to reach areas that may not have been accessible before. This coupled with the fact that it is a very light unit means that no stain is out of reach. You don’t just have to use this on your carpet either, it can be used on certain upholstery too.


  • At 13.2 lbs it’s a very light and easy to manoeuvre unit
  • Good strong suction
  • Stain trapper tool make sure you don’t worsen the situation
  • 5ft long hose ensures you can get to those difficult to reach areas
  • Deep cleaning capability


  • You will need to empty and fill more often than other units due to the smaller tank size
  • It is not a professional carpet cleaner and can only be used for small stains

3. Hoover PowerDash Pet Compact Carpet Cleaner, Lightweight, FH50700, Blue

Hoover PowerDash Pet Compact Carpet Cleaner Review

The hoover PowerDash is one of the few spot cleaners that looks like a traditional up right vacuum cleaner. If you don’t like or are unable to get down on your hands and knee to clean up spills and stains this is a good purchase for you. It is a very light unit, so you wont need a lot of strength in order to push it across your carpet. Whilst it looks like a traditional vacuum cleaner, it does not pick up dirt like one. You will need to hoover the area first before you get the PowerDash out as it doesn’t cope well with large volumes of dirt and debris. It has been designed for removing stains and just that.

The PowerDash is more of a complete carpet cleaner rather than spot carpet cleaner, however it does the job exceptionally well. The main concern when it comes to cleaning large areas is the drying time, but PowerDash has made sure that with the heating element they have installed the carpet will be fast drying.

The dual tank system works to make sure that the clean and dirty water are kept separate, making cleaning far more efficient. Whilst it will result in more trips to the sink, the tanks are of a reasonable size for such a small and compact unit. This isn’t the best unit to be moving around up the stairs as you will find it difficult to operate and unfortunately it doesn’t have a hose and additional suction tool. This is carpet cleaner is best for when you want to clean entire rugs and carpets instead of focusing on one area, but if you have been spot cleaning for a while, this may well be a positive as it gives you the opportunity to clean all of the carpet.


  • Excellent cleaning capability
  • Light weight and easy to manoeuvre
  • Dual tank system
  • Ideal for people with mobility issues
  • Water heating system breaks down stains quickly and effectively and the powerful suction removes them into the unit


  • This is not a vacuum cleaner and should not be treated as such, it won’t suck up debris
  • It can be difficult to take apart and clean especially if you don’t have access to the correct tools

4. Bissell SpotBot Pet handsfree Spot and Stain Portable Deep Cleaner, Blue, 2117A

Bissell SpotBot Pet handsfree Spot and Stain Portable Deep Cleaner Review

If you find that you are forever juggling multiple tasks around the home and don’t have the time to sit with a spot cleaner, the Bissell SpotBot is the option for you. The handsfree spot and stain remover can be used in two modes, hands free and hands on. If you have found a spot or stain that you want to get rid of but find yourself out of time. Simply set the unit up over the stain and let it get to work. The powerful suction and preselection make sure that once you set the SpotBot down you can walk away safe in the knowledge that the stain will be gone by the time the cycle is complete.

If you don’t want to leave the SpotBot on one of its pre-set cycles and would rather help the stain along the way, you can use the vacuum tool and hose to target difficult to reach areas. The deep cleaning tool make sure that the vacuum forces warm water onto the affected area and you can use the tool to gentle scrub the dirt away. This motion breaks the dirt down and removes it from your carpet and into the hoover.

As the unit it quite small you will need to refill it more than others, but don’t let this fact put you off. Given the small size of it, it really does have some awesome cleaning power and will rid your carpet of even the most embedded stains. It does weigh a little more than other units we have reviewed, but due to its hyper mobile nature and design it is really simply to move from location to location without having to assemble it each time you need it.


  • Two hands free settings, deep clean and quick clean means you can be sure that it will get rid of the pet marks.
  • Light weight and easy to carry between rooms around your home
  • If you don’t want to use the hands-free settings, you can use it manually, which is ideal in locations such as stairs
  • No assembly or disassembly required
  • Easy to start and use straight away


  • This is for stains only; it will not pick up dirt and debris like a vacuum cleaner
  • The tank will only hold enough water for around 3 deep clean spots so you will be refilling it often if you have a large area to cover

5. Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner Vacuum, Small, Red

Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner Review

The Rug Doctor is the name that people trust when they are looking for a carpet cleaner and for good reason. This portable spot cleaner provides users with an excellent cleaner that can break down even the oldest and most embedded stains. What I particularly liked about this cleaner was the size of the tanks, whilst it did make it heavy to move around with, you aren’t filling up and emptying anywhere near as much as you are with smaller units. This saves time and energy so you can get back to cleaning those spots.

The mobile nature of this cleaner means that you can use it all over your home and almost on any upholstered or carpeted surface. No areas are really off reach with this unit, it just comes down to how comfortable you are using it on the stairs. The suction power is excellent and unlike other units you won’t find that it leaves the carpet soaking wet. Due to the intricate design of the brushes, the rug doctor doesn’t require heat to be used on your carpet. Whilst it doesn’t mean that the carpet is as fast drying as other units, the chances of damage from heat are far less.

One feature that I really liked about the rug doctor was the fact that you can roll it from location to location around your house. This makes it far easier to move, especially if it is full. The slim and compact design means you are able to reach all of your stairs without fear of knocking it over and spilling it everywhere. All in all, it is an excellent little cleaner!


  • Portable and lightweight makes it easy to move from room to room
  • Slim design means it will balance on a staircase
  • No heat used, so there is less chance your carpet will be damaged
  • 2 large tanks reduce the amount you need to empty and refill
  • Superb cleaning capability, even with the most troublesome of stains


  • This unit will not vacuum up debris
  • As it is a larger unit you may struggle to get it into tighter areas of your home

6. BISSELL Proheat Essential Carpet Cleaner and Carpet Shampooer, 1887

BISSELL Proheat Essential Carpet Cleaner Review

The Bissell proheat is idea for people with larger houses that regularly suffer with stains in high traffic areas. Unlike other products we have reviewed and used, the Bissells path is 11 inches, making short work of even the largest of living rooms. What makes this spot cleaner user friendly is the fact that the extension cord is 22 feet, which will reach across most rooms comfortably and save you from having to find power points every few feet.

You might be concerned that with the size of the unit you may not be able to get it to the edge of the carpet, but the manner in which the brushes are placed and the short nose makes sure that you won’t be left with a ring of dirt around the edges. The brushes work together to get right into your carpet and remove even the most embedded and ground in stains. This particular model comes with the pro heat technology that keeps the water at the same temperature throughout the cycle, making sure that all the area is cleaned and will dry quickly.

The Bissell also comes equipped with a spot cleaner which is an excellent feature if you don’t have the time to clean the entire carpet or want to remove a stain from a difficult to reach place. Whilst it can perform all the tasks you want a spot cleaner to perform, it is heavier than other alternatives, but what you get is a cleaner that continues to work and cleans effectively every time you get it out.


  • Proheat technology keeps the water at the same temperature throughout the cycle, making sure that the stains are thoroughly cleaned
  • 6 Rows of cleaning brushes makes sure your carpet will look sparkling
  • Separate tool so you can pick up odd stains
  • You can get the Bissell right up to your interior walls so you will never miss a stain
  • 11-inch path reduces the number of trips up and down your carpet


  • It is a heavier unit, so you won’t be able to move it up and down your stairs as easy as other products we have reviewed.
  • It can leave the carpet saturated if you move it over the area too quickly

7. Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner, Large and Portable, Red

Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner Review

What makes the rug doctor stand out is the amount of suction this unit has. The suction power is almost doubled over other units so you can be sure that your carpet will be dry in no time at all, as this is a big concern for a lot of people when they get the carpet professionally cleaned. The brush design in the rug doctor is one of superiority, they oscillate in such a way that they pull deep, trodden in stains out and then leave the carpet looking plush and thick without removing too many carpet fibres.

If you find that you have an area in your home that sees more action than others, it may be where the dogs come in from their walks or your cat has urinated on a few occasions, the super boost function will make sure that it will not only rid your carpet of the muck, it will also remove the odour.

Spot cleaning is also something that this professional grade cleaner can do. You don’t want to have a unit like this that doesn’t include a spot cleaner as we don’t always have the time to totally clean the carpet and some stains may well be in difficult to reach areas. The rug doctor helps you get the job done well and faster than other alternatives, one of the efficiencies saving aspects is the amount of water it can hold. The 1-gallon tank make sure your trips to the taps are limited as much as possible without adding excessive weight. All in all, it is a fantastic unit that is easy to use.


  • 1-gallon tank reduces the number of trips you need to make to the sink
  • Super Boost technology is idea for high traffic areas and particularly stubborn stains
  • Amazing suction capability, vastly reduced drying times
  • No hot water treatment so fragile carpets won’t get damaged
  • Leaves carpet feeling plush and clean without removing too many fibres


  • It is a very heavy unit that may well struggle to move up and down your stairs if you have them
  • This unit is not a vacuum cleaner so please don’t expect it to vacuum up dirt and debris as this will damage the unit

How To Use A Spot Cleaner?

When it comes to using a spot cleaner, it is always best to treat the stain as early as you can. The longer it is left the harder it will be to get out and the more the odour will persist. When it comes to pet stains, they can be particularly difficult to remove, especially the odour that comes with them.

Before you start treating the area, make sure you have cleared from any dirt or debris that may get stuck in the unit. It is really important to remember that these are not vacuum cleaners, so they cannot cope with the same level of dirt that they can. Once you have removed the dirt, follow the manufacturers guidelines of how to use your particular model to get the most out of it.

You may be tempted to put over and above the amount of cleaning fluid in the machine thinking that it will clean more effectively. This isn’t the case and you may well up in the situation where you can’t rid the carpet of the chemicals used to clean it and it could damage the fibres. If the first go doesn’t remove all of the stain right away, give it another go once it has dried so that the water pressure and suction can break the stain down even further.

Everyone likes using new things and you may be tempted to use the spot cleaner on a regular basis, just like your vacuum. In the beginning this may not be a bad thing as it will restore your carpet to its former glory, but you don’t want to be cleaning it all the time in this manner, especially if you have carpets that are natural fibres. The more you clean it using a spot cleaner, the more fragile they become and less plush on drying. Try and limit a full carpet clean to once a week if you can. This way you will ensure that it will be all dry next time you come to treat it.

Considerations To Make Before You Make The Purchase

Everyone’s situation is different, so by making considerations before you make the purchase you can be sure that you end up with the right spot cleaner for you. You don’t want to purchase one that doesn’t suit your needs, so thinking about how and when it will be used will help you narrow down your options.

Where Do Your Pets Spend Most of Their Time?

Do your pets have the run of the house or are they limited to living downstairs or in particular rooms? If they have the run of the house and you live over two stories, you are going to want a machine that you can easily carry up and down the stairs that will also let you clean the staircase.

You don’t want to have a unit that you can’t move without causing yourself injury. If this is the case the Rug Doctor portable spot cleaner would be the ideal unit for you. Whilst you don’t be able to clean entire carpets with it, you can easily move up and down the stairs with it, get into difficult to reach areas and clean the staircase. It cleans exceptionally well and removes even the toughest of stains and odours.

If you only have a single-story property, or your pets are limited to living downstairs then you don’t have to worry about carrying a heavy unit around the house, you can simply push it from room to room to get to those high traffic areas. The rug doctor deep carpet cleaner and the Bissell green machine are both excellent at cleaning full carpets as well as being able to provide you with spot treatments in particular areas.

As the machine will be living on one level, you won’t be restricted by the weight of it as there will be no need to carry it. Both of these units come with large tanks to reduce the number of trips you need to take to the sink, so you can get on with the cleaning and get it done faster.

If You Don’t Want A Full Sized Spot Cleaner

Full sized spot cleaners aren’t for everyone as they take up a lot of space when it comes to storing them. The Bissell SpotBot hands free is a very compact unit that is light enough to be left of a shelf until you need to get it down and use it. It is very effective on smaller stains in high traffic areas and has a deep clean feature so that you can really get into those tough trodden in messes.

What makes the spotbot so good is that you don’t need to be there when it is working, simply select what type of clean you want and then leave it to do its thing. This is also an excellent option for people that don’t have the time to treat stains and spots from their pets on a regular basis, this way you can put the unit on the stain as soon as it happens and then leave it whilst you complete other chores.

Type of Carpet

If you have a natural fibre carpet, you want to make sure that you are getting a cleaner that won’t leave your carpet soaking wet. This is particularly important for wool carpets, as if they get too wet, they can become mouldy. The rug doctors have 75% more suction than other products available on the market and don’t use heat, so they won’t damage the natural fibres. If you have synthetic carpet, you won’t need to be concerned about mould or heat treatment as they are designed to with stand water and professional cleaning.

Final Considerations

Having pets can be a messy affair, especially in high traffic areas as they are prone to leaving stains everywhere, they go, especially on wet weather days. A spot cleaner will not only reduce the amount of stains you have but will also help stop the odour from your pets stains. The quicker you get to the stain the easier it will be to remove, but make sure you follow the manufactures guidelines when you are using the machine.

The spot cleaner you get will entirely depend on your circumstances such as house size and where your pets spend their time. Consider the points we have addressed in the buyer’s guide to make sure you get the best spot cleaner for your situation and that will help you chose from the 7-best available on the market in 2020.

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