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Best Handheld Vacuum For Pet Hair In 2021 – Our Top 11 Picks

The handheld vacuum is admirable for versatile reasons. People tend to have it; it’s truly portable, easy to use and heads for tougher or tiniest place. You can use the machine accordingly and wrap it around the suitable corner. In general, such types of device furnish required attachment and simple ways of deep clearing over the asking atmosphere.

We’d brief you about some dos and don’ts of best handheld vacuum for pet hair. To go through our individual instruction, you could reach the judgment; indeed why should you choose the handheld vacuum, the other types instead. We’d certainly discuss the drawback of such items. To know the entire details of the arena, here we go!

Comparison of Top Rated Handheld Vacuum for Pet Hair

Product Image




Black + Decker BDH2000PL, 20-volt

Black + Decker BDH2000PL, 20-volt

Black + Decker

Dyson DC44 Animal Digital Slim MK2

Dyson DC44 Animal Digital Slim MK2


Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Vacuum, 33A1

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Vacuum, 33A1


Dirt Devil SD20005RED Scorpion

Dirt Devil SD20005RED Scorpion

Dirt Devil

VonHaus 600W 2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner

VonHaus 600W 2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner


Shark Rocket Corded Hand Vac (HV292)

Shark Rocket Corded Hand Vac (HV292)


Bissell Cleanview Deluxe Corded Handheld Vacuum, 47R51

Bissell Cleanview Deluxe Corded Handheld Vacuum, 47R51


Bissell 1782 Pet Hair Eraser Cordless Hand And Car Vacuum

Bissell 1782 Pet Hair Eraser Cordless Hand And Car Vacuum





Eureka EasyClean 71B

Eureka EasyClean 71B


HoLife Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

[Upgraded Version] Handheld, HoLife Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


Quick Reviews of Best Handheld Vacuum

1. Black+Decker BDH2000PL MAX Lithium Pivot Vacuum, 20-Volt

Black+Decker BDH2000PL MAX Lithium Pivot Vacuum, 20-Volt Review

Black + Decker is the trusted vacuum cleaner brand that uses maximum level of advanced technology. You’d find here fade free suction and powerful lithium ion technology.

To generate massive power, get here pivoting nozzle. The different task of the device is its motor. Get the powerful motor to ensure superb performance.

Get the crevice tool to find out the hidden debris from the closed arena. And, there is ergonomic brush available here to pick the more pet furs and other dirt scattered on the entire surface. You can see the dirt from the translucent, but it’s highly active to protect the dust and allergens. There are a lot of stuff are available here with the beautiful box. Get the on board tool, charger base and so on with the box.

Besides, there is a higher filtration system available here. Get the 3 stages of ultimate filtration. The cyclonic technology ensures the even cleaning. Furthermore, you don’t have to think the picking of larger debris. From the grabbing the fine dust or small particles, it takes the big garbage too. Likely that, there are so many potential features are available here.


  • 3 stages of filtration with cyclonic technology
  • Lithium-ion technology for fade free suction
  • Superb on board brush to pick the more pet furs and dirt
  • Crevice tool to get the hidden dust from closed and tight area.


  • Need 4 hours of charging.

2. Dyson DC44 Animal Digital Slim MK2

Dyson DC44 Animal Digital Slim MK2 Review

The Dyson is highly demandable vacuum brand for the pet lovers. This item introduces digital motors what ensure 3 times more performance rather than other conventional engines.

Get the motorized floor tool and superb carbon fiber brush. They pick the dirt and furs evenly from the entire surface. There are additional tools available here to make the cleaning faster.

Get the 20 minutes of continuous charging and heads to any toughest or desired arena through the machine. Find here mini motorized tool what’s considered the ideal one for the pers. This cordless animal cleaner removes the dust and hairs from many areas you wish’ for instance the upholstery, furniture, carpet or anywhere. It ensures fade free and quicker suction indeed.

If you could start the boost mood, then you'd have the 8 minutes of high suction. Find here stiff nylon brush to remove the pet hairs from carpet or ground. The superb bristles of device let you take the more pet hair and their pellets. Get the detachable long cord, and after the isolation, it gets quickly adjust to the machine. Besides having the cyclonic or secured techno, you could have the particular Dyson technology.


  • Patented self-made Dyson Technology
  • The bristle to pick the more pet furs
  • 20 minutes of continuous operation and fade free suction
  • 8 minutes of powerful suction and conducive carbon brush


  • Provides only 20 minutes of suction

3. Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Vacuum, 33A1

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Vacuum, 33A1 Review

Bissell is the renowned brand to offer the vacuum; especially for pet hair. Here you some innovative items, made to remove pets furs and pellets.

Through this AMP4 gigantic motor, you could easily clean the entire surface, furniture or anywhere you desire.

It’s also better to remove the dirt from tight and tiniest space. You can consider is as the best handheld vacuum for pet hair removal.

Meet the specialized nozzle; the separately designed two rubbers nozzle attracts the pet hair evenly rather than other grabbers in the market. Find the 16’ long power cord to lug around the surface accordingly. Furthermore, you’d have no problem to clean the desired space. If youclean the bare floors then at the same time, go for the cleaning of the carpet. The automated adjusted tool helps to switch the floor to ceiling.

Users meet here the superb filtration process. It keeps the dust trapped so that no particles can come out and infect you. Through the fascinating process, you’d have certainly over anti-allergens and bad particles. Following the way, the machine takes small particles to large sizes of debris. Bissell 33A1 product is light weighted as well as a quick performer. You might wrap it around the desired place to have the operation accordingly.


  • Rubbers nozzle to attract more pet furs.
  • Reaches everywhere like car seats, upholstery or stairs
  • Multi-layer filtration process along with cyclonic technology
  • Truly portable and quick cleaner along with brush attachment


  • Tough to make the broad area coverage at a time

4. Dirt Devil SD20005RED Scorpion Corded

Dirt Devil SD20005RED Scorpion Corded Review

Dirt Devil is a beautiful brand to make the consumer friendly vacuum. Following that, it does an excellent performance. This is so light weighted and only less than 4 pounds. The beautifully designed cleaner generates immense power through 7amp driving force. The machine is only great to perform the tougher job. You can use it to grab the small particles and even if the larger messes.

The vacuum introduces renowned crevice tool to get the hidden dirt and dust from the corner and closed area. Through the 16’ cord, you could easily clean the stairs and upholstery or the zone you choose. Apart from that, it's good to clears away dust from workshop or cars. This is highly portable, and you may not have to hassle since it features a long range of cord.

The cleaner introduces a high level of filtration process so that any allergen or bad chemical may not hamper the users. There are a lot of customers out there prove their authentic reviews and ratings for the item, and it seems truly lovable to them. From grabbing the stubborn pet, furs you may head the machine into the workshop or another narrow place. Indeed, this Dirt Devil works for a versatile task, the specified instead.


  • 7 AMP power along with 16’ long cord
  • Highly portable; less than 4 pounds
  • Integrated crevice tool to seek the hidden particles
  • Easy and quicker cleaning process


  • Containing capacity is not so admirable.

5. VonHaus 600W 2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner

VonHaus 600W 2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner Review

VonHaus has produced an adjustable vacuum for the consumers. It ensures even suction power and grabs the dirt. Get the extension tube and you may utilize accordingly.

Make the device handheld to perform the desired action. There is an enormous amount of dust picking capacity; almost 1.2 liters. There you meet the natural process to refill and detachable position.

Meet the HEPA filtration process. It’s recognized and keeps the users safe from tons numbers of hazard. Furthermore, the filter is quite enough to protect the dangerous allergens and mites. Just put your command for the device and get the even clearing for an entire room. Even though it’s a handheld vacuum cleaner, but it’s able to give support for heavy tasks. For better adjustment, you’d have here the extension tube and hose adaptor.

Get here 19’ plus cord to perform the operation accordingly and warp the device around the desirable place. Moreover, there you meet the easy and straightforward cleaning benefits. Get the crevice tool to grab the covered debris from the closed area. A great brush is the best annexation for the device what ensures complete cleaning and catching the more pet furs and pellets from carpet or hard floors. The handheld vacuum is just fresh with the beautiful appearances.


  • HEPA filtration to protect harmful particles
  • Crevice and brush tool to grab furs and covered dust
  • 19’ plus cord to execute controlled operation
  • Quick and easy cleaning though the improved technology


  • Someone claims, it’s tough to use the attachment

6. Shark Rocket Corded Hand Vac (HV292)

There are some attachable ends to the suction pipe that allow you to use it for extracting your pet’s hair or keeping away dust, dirt, and allergens from your room and cars. It comes with a motorized brush technology and this is for deep cleaning your pet. The handle is well placed and it provides maximum comfort and makes cleaning enjoyable.

Shark Rocket Corded Hand Vac Review

You can easily carry this around and clean every inch of your room as it weighs less than 4 pounds with all the accessories and still it works more swiftly than any other vacuum in this list. On the other hand, it provides a 15-foot power cord, so you don’t have to wait for recharging your vacuum when you are in the middle of work. The cord is long and so you can clean the whole room with same suction power. It comes with a light red color on top of the dust cup and other parts are of gray color and there is no color option.

When you are using this Shark Rocket Corded Hand Vac (Hv292), there is a never you’ll see that it never loses suction. Therefore, you with a powerful suction from start to end. You can clean your stairs, all the furniture, and your car interiors. The dust you collect from there is easy to clean, you just have to press the release door at the bottom to empty the cup.


  • Long power cord allows a large area to clean
  • Versatile usage of the vacuum
  • Easy to open and clean the dust cup
  • Washable filters are costless to maintain
  • Lightweight design makes it easy to carry around
  • Blessed with never lose suction technology


  • As it is corded you can’t chase your pet for a long way to clean it up

7. Bissell Cleanview Deluxe Corded Handheld Vacuum, 47R51

Bissell is one of the most popular brands we have come across during our research. Bissell Cleanview Deluxe Corded Handheld Vacuum, 47R51 is a light-weighted vacuum cleaner with hand holding carrying options. It is powered by a 4 amp powerful motor that cleans perfectly any place you want to clean. The suction is quick and you can rely on if you are short on time but you have to clean up your room or clean up your pet.

Bissell Cleanview Deluxe Corded Handheld Vacuum Review

For comfortable carrying experience, it comes with a curved handle that has the power switch in it. This helps the user to easily control the vacuum and cleaning. It has a power cord of 18 feet long that allows you to clean a large area while getting the power from your walls. It requires 120v power to run. The suction is powerful and among all the products this one offers the strongest suction which results in better cleaning experience.

The dust cup that collects all the dust is easy to clean. You can press one button to release the cup and clean it without any issues. There is a multi-leveled filter system that reduces any kind of household allergens. Rubber nozzle in front of the vacuum is flexible. It has four different types of nozzles, contour nozzle, hose nozzle of 2 feet, hose- adapter, crevice tool and wide-mouthed nozzle. These are for various cleaning purposes that makes it versatile in use.


  • Easy to carry because of lightweight
  • Curved handle comes with the power button in it
  • Flexible rubber contour nozzle for smart cleaning
  • Easy to wash the filters if needed
  • Design of this vacuum cleaner is eye-catching
  • Dust cup is easy to clean


  • The air blowing out of the side unit seems annoying

8. Bissell 1782 Pet Hair Eraser Cordless Hand And Car Vacuum

Another Bissell product is here, it is especially for pet hair erasing and it is a cordless vacuum cleaner. You can also use this for household usage and cleaning cars. As it is cordless you can now follow your pet wherever it goes and gets your job done, erasing its hair. This Bissell 1782 Pet Hair Eraser Cordless Hand and Car Vacuum have a compact design with the great color combination. It is eye catchy and easy to use, so for new users, it is the perfect one.

Bissell 1782 Pet Hair Eraser Cordless Hand And Car Vacuum Review

The motor inside this vacuum cleaner is powerful and it is perfect for deep cleaning. It can suck all the hard dirt that is not easily removable. It comes with a crevice tool with the box, this helps you to clean any areas that are hard to reach and tightly blocked. The telescoping wand has an extended portion that allows cleaning perfectly in those areas. You will see a double filtration system inside the vacuum cleaner. This helps you to keep away large particles to suck in, that can damage the interior.

You will be getting an upholstery cleaning tool that is for cleaning soft surfaces and furniture. As it is especially for pet hair removal the motorized foot attracts more hairs to get the job done easily. The dust cup is easy to remove and you can clean it quickly. It is very helpful when you have more than one pet to extract hairs.


  • It is cordless that helps you to chase your pet when you’re erasing hairs
  • A foot that is motorized makes the suction powerful
  • Telescoping extension for cleaning hard to reach places
  • To clean soft surfaces it has upholstery tools
  • Dirt inside the container is easy to clean


  • The battery life is not so admirable


It is a wonderful hand vacuum cleaner that gives outstanding performance in every cleaning session. With a high suction power, it picks up all sizes of dirt and dust to make the place clean and tidy. The best thing about the device is the presence of lithium-ion battery which prolongs its life and holds a charge for up to 18 months. It consists of a 4-hour fast charging base.


It utilizes Smart Charge Technology which means it uses 50% less energy than its counterparts. Being 15.2 watts device, it requires maximum 16 V of energy to accomplish its task. The cyclonic action of the machine spins the dirt and sucks it so that the entire area becomes hygienically clean and safe to live. The rotating nozzles make it more alluring and worthwhile to have.

There is a washable dirt bowl that keeps the entire dander and filth inside and can be made empty anytime. It is easy to drain away the dirt from it and later wash to reuse fresh. Light in weight with 2.6 pounds and apt in dimensions with 17.2 x 5.5 x 7.8 inches, it could become your next purchase.


  • It is cordless
  • Smart Charge Technology for fast charging
  • Lithium-ion battery for long life
  • Cyclonic action to spin off all the dirt and dust completely
  • The dirt bowl is washable


  • Dust containing capacity is relatively less

10. Eureka EasyClean 71B

Eureka is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to machines and electronic devices. Eureka EasyClean 71b is no exception as it comprises most of the features which are looked upon by the users. It is a handheld device which is light in weight and can clean the space in lesser time and with fewer efforts.

Eureka EasyClean Review

The small size makes it handy and user-friendly. Being portable, you can take it anywhere to clean whether it is your room, car or any space. The powerful suction ensures that it will suck up all the dirt and dust easily. The presence of a motorized brush makes the floor as well as the carpets free form dander and filths. There is an easy to empty dust canister as well.

You get a long cord that measures around 20 feet. It helps to take the machine even in the tight corners of the room to make them clean. Featuring two powerful motors, among which one caters the need of a brush and another of suction, make it one of the best vacuum cleaners to ponder.


  • Powerful suction
  • Light in weight with 5 pounds
  • Long cord to easily accessing the spaces
  • Motorized brushes for intense cleaning
  • Multi-floor cleaning


  • Gets overheated many times
  • Plastic parts are not very durable

11. [Upgraded] Handheld HoLife Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

It is a highly useful handheld vacuum cleaner that endows a thorough cleaning with its powerful suction. There is 90 W superpower motor that ensures amazing suction that can absorb pet hairs, small particles, food residues, debris less than 0.1 microns and almost every sized dirt and dust. The cyclone suction is the feature that makes it desirable.

[Upgraded] Handheld HoLife Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

The device is equipped with a 14.8 V lithium-ion battery. Adopting the latest generation of charging technology it can charge one battery in just 45 minutes. Moreover, it protects the device from overcharging and overheating which are detrimental to battery life. Other than this, it also provides over-voltage protection to the machine.

Ensuring an all-around cleaning, you may use a HoLife vacuum cleaner in all kinds of surfaces including hard floors, carpets, sofas and much more. You will experience less noise with it which will be ≤78dB. MSDS and UL Certification cease all the doubts you might be getting for the HoLife Cordless vacuum cleaner.


  • It is quiet and efficient
  • Produces very less noise
  • Powerful suction capability
  • Filter is washable
  • Easy to empty the dust compartment


  • Suction loses in intense cleaning sessions

Things To Consider Before Buying A Handheld Vacuum

That’s for sure; you could buy the vacuum cleaner within a minute. But, how much better would it be for the making some cool stuff, you wish! Indeed, the vendors puzzle consumers to get the common device, instead of the suitable one. You can beat them easily to learn some secret issues of handheld vacuum.

Here we’d share our expertise and research how to get that and what to know for the exact cleaner. Furthermore, we’d appear some rational thoughts from the consumers wherein you could get the accurate info over the fact. Let’s explore to know the nuts and bolts of a handheld vacuum cleaner.

Check The Pet Issues

Before going to the final step of getting the handheld vacuum, someone desperately needs to figure out the pet issues. There are a lot of brands and types available who make the cleaner to perform regular stuff, instead of getting specified task. But, the all you need to have the pet-friendly vacuum. to go for the final deal, take a sharp look at some details and then you got to understand that whether it is for you or not? There should be some particular attachment to become pet-friendly.

Seek for the motorized tool what’d enough to pick the large debris from the ground. Though there is no need to have the swivel technology for the handheld vacs, definitely you got to be careful about the real attachment what watch the pet issues. Hope to have the desirable pet-friendly handheld cleaner to maintain that regulation.

Technological Facts

Get to know that, before buying any vacuum, the handheld type instead, someone needs to be very careful about the techno facts. Seek the HEPA filtration process; this is highly desirable for the vacuum brands.

The filter traps the dust and allergens and make sure that no harmful particles could infect at the atmosphere. Apart from, it prevents mites so that you could get the touch of hygiene

Do you know about cyclonic technology? It offers deep cleaning over the entire surface. Besides, it ensures cleaning heavy dirt and mites from the ground and anywhere. Probably, you also know about seal technology. That is also important to keep the internal environment secured. But, some brands don’t focus the issues. So, it’s our personal suggestion to look the matter into before buying that.


You got to consider the performance. A good number of vacuum come up with cordless way then someone needs to consider that how much the running time or charging duration could be. Besides, in terms of corded vacuum, you got to notice about the cord length. If the cord is not 15' or billow ranges then never buy that one. As you know, it’s almost impossible to lug around the room with the short ranges cord.

In mid ranges vacuum usually supports for 20 to more time. Billow 20 minutes can’t be the standard mode. So definitely, you got to watch over issue; otherwise it’s impossible to complete the operation within this short time. Find the power force of the motor and its efficiency for the battery life since it’s a good indicator for the cordless handheld vacuum.


Some people think that attachment is not a great deal for the handheld cleaner, but it’s a rough notion. Required accessory is the soul of the cleaner. Unless you have them then can never be pleasured with the even cleaning. Look for crevice tool also what need to get the hidden dust from the closed area of the inner surface. Furthermore, seek the side brush as it’s the big factor for the pet because it ensures grabbing more and more their furs.

If you are a genuine pet lover then must seek the motorized tool, the attachment is specially designed for picking the hairs. Besides, the bristle is also a real fact since it’s able to clear the hair evenly rather than any other traditional brush. Following these, you got to watch some more tools to perform the operation nicely.

Additional Factors

You may not have to look over the tons of factors, some specific instead. It depends on indeed, for what you’re going to consume the item. We firmly recommend watching sharp eye some other factors besides the affairs mentioned above. Look for the steering. It’s good to built-in the swivel steering as it helps to switch the desired area quickly. For instance, you’re executing the command on carpet and need to move forward now to the bare for hard floor

It’s equally true, you don’t need a lot of attachment as the other sorts of vacuum, but we suggest checking some required items. You may need to scrutinize the containing power too. Just get to know how much dust is possible to hold with the jar. Pretty sure, you’re going to get the best one following our instruction over the tools and attachment.

Why We Recommend Handheld Vacuum

There are various lovable stuff are out there that’s because we like the types. It’s genuinely consumer oriented and packed with advanced features. Among the variety of brands and models, people tend to have it several benefits. Let’s explore the cutting pint in brief about the best hand vacuum for pet hair.

Handheld vacuum
  • The pet friendly vacuum cleaner
  • Packed with advanced and innovative features
  • Versatile attachment to execute particular task
  • Easily reachable to hard and toughest arena
  • Handily and portable with affordable expense

The Drawback

Handheld is one of the active and well-known vacuum in the market, and it’s good to head for any tight or narrow place. But, we’ve figured out some flaws what we don’t like. This is small sizes, for sure. That’s because, a bit of tough to hold the many particles at a time. But you can operate the machine with empty the tank and later refill.

We don’t like its affordability. People consume the types often claims that it’s not capable of preforming gigantic service like the corded and multi-tasking vacuum. But, in full swing, we do not agree with the proposal as people are highly fascinated with the machine because of its efficacies and reaching power to here and there. Eventually, that is lame excuses for the device; you might go for buying the best types what packed with potential features.

Final Verdict

We’ve tried utmost to put you in the safe zone for the choosing vacuum cleaner for pet hair. In truth, there are versatile facts and conditions are involved in the issue. What all you need to do, before taking the final decision, consider for what you need that. Eventually, grab the product to identify by its quality, the expense and popular instead.

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