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7 Best Central Vacuum System Reviews in 2020 [Updated]

Central vacuum systems are cleaning machines used to remove dirt and debris from shops, homes, schools, hospitals, and any space. Many homeowners are switching to these systems to remove dirt elements like pollen, debris, and dust from their homes. However, it’s not that easy to discover the best product for your home.

This is because there are so many tricky advertising tactics that make it challenging to choose the right system. That's why we have listed the best central vacuum systems of 2020, with their reviews in this article.

That's not all; you’ll also get to know the key factors to think of while choosing these systems to avoid any troubles.

Quick Compare of Our Top 7 Central Vacuum System

Product Image


Covers Area (Sq ft)


OVO Powerful Central Vacuum System

OVO Powerful Central Vacuum System


Prolux Central Vacuum System

Prolux Central Vacuum System


Nutone PurePower Central Vacuum System

Nutone PurePower Central Vacuum System


Electrolux QC600 Central Vacuum System

Electrolux QC600 Central Vacuum System


Allegro MU4500 Central Vacuum System

Allegro MU4500 Central Vacuum System


Ultra Clean Central Vacuum System

Ultra Clean Central Vacuum System


HP Dirt Devil Central Vacuum System

HP Dirt Devil Central Vacuum System


Best Central Vacuum Systems Review

We have picked some for review. Let’s find out all the values they bring along.

1. OVO Powerful Central Vacuum System

OVO Powerful Central Vacuum System Review

OVO is one of the best manufacturers of home cleaning devices on the market. They produce top-rated vacuum systems that are powerful, durable, efficient, and long-lasting. These vacuum systems are three times more potent than the standard portable vacuum cleaners and one of the best central vacuum systems.

Coming to the size, the machine is 30.2 inches in length, 12.5 inches in height, and 12.9 inches in width. It has a water lift of 140 inches, and the system power can go up to 700 air watts. Therefore, if you have a large home or a big building that needs complete cleaning, this machine can be your pick.

This vacuum can cover a large area of the floor surface, clean up to almost a 9000 square feet area. Besides that, the machine also has a longer life expectancy than the regular or conventional vacuum machine, which is about 20 percent more because of the inclusion of soft-start technology.

OVO central vacuum cleaner is powered by 5.7 inch 2-stage Armtek Lamb Motor which provides enough suction power to pick up anything. That’s not all; these OVO vacuums are furnished with noise-reducing technology, which allows you to tidy your home without disturbing your neighbors.

The machine possesses an integrated LED light system that alerts you of the temperature degree of the system. Also, there’s a color-based chart on it to alert you if there is a fault.

You don’t need to worry about getting disposable bags, all thanks to its hybrid filtration system. Now, you can use it with or without disposable bags, although it comes with one triple-layer disposable bag.

There’s also a 3 seconds delay system that automatically removes leftover debris from the piping network and hose.

Another main feature of this vacuum is it is compatibility with a non-dedicated 15 amps breaker; this means you don’t need to worry about getting a dedicated circuit breaker.

Highlighted Features

  • Ultra-powerful motor
  • Silent system
  • Highly durable
  • LED light system
  • Hybrid filtration system
  • Features soft start/stop technology


  • Works quietly, all thanks to its noise-reducing technology
  • Built to last long
  • Covers large floor surface of about 9000 square feet
  • Furnished with a powerful 2-stage Armtek Lamb Motor


  • It’s a bit pricey

2. Prolux Central Vacuum System

Prolux Central Vacuum System Review

If you want to replace your old central vacuum systems with a new and better one, this Prolux unit can be the best one for you. This machine has a motor that is reliable, tough, durable, and also popular in the United States and Canada.

The engine is furnished with a steel body, and it also has a scratch resistant powder coat. Prolux measures a 12 inches width, 12 inches’ height, and 38 inches’ length. This machine produces maximum power up to 150 CFM. Therefore, it can be used to cover up to 12000 square feet area.

It does not have disposable bags, it is effortless to maintain, user-friendly, and cleaning is exceptionally perfect as well. Buying this sturdy setup, you won’t have to worry about its power motor head, hose, and the head.

This vacuum system comes with a black cylindrical canister and three suction port. The canister serves as the dirt collection chamber with its view windows. You do not have to worry about clearing the unit so frequently because the chamber has a massive capacity of 5 gallons.

As an OSHA-approved and UL-certified product, Prolux vacuum is endorsed for use in rooms and buildings resided by individuals suffering from allergy caused by airborne allergens.

Highlighted Features

  • OSHA and UL- approved
  • User-friendly
  • Warranty
  • Covers up to 12000 square feet area
  • Motor is scratch-resistant
  • Steel body motor
  • Chamber has 5 gallons capacity to hold dirt


  • Durable equipment
  • Powerful suction power (150 CFM)
  • It uses 3-stage filtration
  • Low maintenance


  • Costly installation

3. Nutone PurePower Central Vacuum System

Nutone PurePower Central Vacuum System Review

The PurePower is one of our unique selections on this list. Apart from being a high-quality unit, this central vacuum also features a powerful high-speed motor that is capable of providing a vacuum power of about 500 Watts.

Just like the Electrolux 4B-H403 and Prolux CV12000, the Nutone vacuum system prevents motor seizure in case of filter failure using its bypass cooling features.

The vacuum system has a floor surface coverage capability of about 4,000 square feet, which is a lot smaller than most of the other models on our list. Don’t worry, this unit possesses a self-cleaning filter that doesn’t require much maintenance, so you don’t need to stress yourself cleaning it manually.

Do you know the exciting part? All these eye-catching features are sealed into a portable carton. Besides that, If you're worried about the noise that most vacuum system produce, this is recommended for you. It has a quiet cleaning operation.

The Nutone PurePower has a concealment system that stifles the working sound to a recommendable 70dBA without expecting to introduce a noise suppressor. One of the benefits of this vacuum is its pail handle that enables the opening and discharging of the bags more relaxed.

However, the 6-gallon disposable bag needs to be cleaned every six months, which is not a big deal.

Additionally, the vacuum system comes with a mounting bracket that makes it attach to the wall easily. For simple installation, the vacuum system features a multi-direction installation instruction.

That's not all; there's more. The vacuum’s construction is furnished with metal and plastic, and these make it more durable compared to other brands on this list. It also features a scratch- and corrosion-resistant body frame.

Highlighted Features

  • Six large gallon disposable bags
  • Low noise
  • Scratch and corrosion-resistant
  • User-friendly
  • Surface coverage capability of about 4,000 square feet
  • Plastic and metal body finish
  • Powerful motor
  • Self-cleaning filter


  • Requires low maintenance
  • Highly durable, built to last long
  • Tranquil operation
  • Possesses powerful suction power


  • Small coverage area
  • Six months cleaning cycle

4. Electrolux QC600 Central Vacuum System

Electrolux QC600 Central Vacuum System Review

The Electrolux central vacuum is just perfect for any home, shop, and little living spaces; for example, apartment suites and living room. Electrolux has been a mainstream pioneer in the appliance industry for a long time. They have grown up inside the central vacuum industry in taking up the innovation and topping off the QC600 vacuum cleaner.

Sturdy and dependable, Electrolux guarantees sparkling clean and healthy indoor air, all thanks to their HEPA Microseal fresh Air Technology, which cleans your home of residue, dirt, dust particles, and allergens.

The HEPA filtration ensures 99.97% productivity with regards to expelling dirt, dust particles, and allergens down to 0.3 microns from your home while vacuuming.

This vacuum system has the capacity of cleaning floor surfaces up to 8,000 square feet with its 600 air Watts bypass motor. If you prefer a quiet running machine, this unit has a low sound unit of 72.3dB.

And this low noise level is caused by the inbuilt patented sound insulation system and sound foam within the motor cabins. Adding to that, to make this vacuum run quieter, the system also features an exhaust pipe with a muffler connection that eradicates noise.

If you don’t know which to choose between the bagless and a bagged unit, why not have both? This product is a hybrid vacuum that can be used with or without a bag.

Also, the vacuum comes with a self-cleaning HEPA filter, which is very efficient in removing dirt, dirt particles, and allergen from your home.

For safety and longevity, the QC600 features an anti-vibration mounting system that makes its installation easy and also to hold it firmly to the wall. It is guaranteed to last long.

Highlighted Features

  • Anti-vibration mount system
  • Metal body construction, highly durable
  • Self-cleaning HEPA filter
  • The hybrid unit can be used with or without a bag
  • Low noise performance
  • Covers floor surface up to 8,000 square feet


  • Easy installation
  • Eco-friendly, easy to use
  • Quiet working performance
  • Fair price


  • Low CFM
  • Slightly heavy

5. Allegro MU4500 Central Vacuum System

Allegro MU4500 Central Vacuum System Review

Allegro MU4500 Champion is one of the most powerful central vacuum systems. It doesn’t come with the champion tag for no reason. This vacuum has a powerful motor, and that's its primary selling point.

Irrespective of the water lift, this vacuum system would generate powerful suction, all thanks to its tangential bypass designs. This Tangential bypass design also allows the vacuumed air to be fully exhausted to the external surroundings.

And this means dirt and dust will be removed from your room. The surface cleaning capacity of the Allegro vacuum system is up to 6,000 square feet area.

This vacuum system has low maintenance because of its self-cleaning maintenance ability. That’s not all. There’s a high permeability microfiber filtration, which helps to remove dirt particles of 3 micrometers in size with an efficiency rate of 99.98% (that's lesser than an average human hair).

It is furnished with an all-steel construction that features a 5.7-inch two-stage blower motor for maximum vacuuming performance. Also, it comes with an airflow of 124.1 CFM and a water lift suction power of 104.8-inch.

As if that’s not enough, MU4500 has the collection capability of 5-gallon disposable bags, which allow you to use it for a long time without emptying it frequently.

The vacuum system comes with an electric carpet overhead as well as an electric hose of 35-foot long. Its kit also provides tool caddy, cleaning toolset, extension, a garage kit, house cover, and dust mop.

Highlighted Features

  • Extra accessories and tool kits
  • All-steel body construction
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Covers floor surface up to 6,000 square feet
  • Two-stage blower motor
  • Possesses 5-gallon disposable bags
  • User-friendly


  • There’s protection against corrosion perforation
  • Comes with a complete set
  • Low noise performance
  • Highly durable with heavy-duty all-steel construction


  • Very expensive (one of the most expensive on our list)
  • Most customers complained of the fragility of some of its replaceable parts

6. Ultra Clean Central Vacuum System

Ultra Clean Central Vacuum System Review

Our list of the best central vacuum systems for a home will not be complete if this product is not included. A company in Canada manufactures the vacuum cleaner, and the materials used are all high quality.

So, if you are looking for an eco-friendly vacuum system which offers powerful suction, then why not consider this Canadian Ultra Clean machine.

This vacuum system has a 41 inches height, 16 inches in width, and 15 inches in length. What’s more? The suction power of this central vacuum system is approximately 125-inch water, and the power can go up to about 500 air watts.

Its airflow is 121 CFM, current of about 13.8 amp. The working voltage is 120V. This central vacuum system is also user-friendly and easy to install. It is corrosion-resistant, thanks to its power coat finish.

The Ultra Clean vacuum system has a dual-stage bypass motor that has the surface cleaning capacity of about 7,500 square feet area, giving your home a glossy clean look free of dust particles or dirt. The engine contains a micro-fiber permanent filter, which makes it very reliable.

Also, the unit includes a unique filtration system that allows you to use either a metal receptacle or a filtration bag to collect dirt. What is more exciting about this vacuum is that you will get a free exhaust muffler when you acquire this system from the store.

The vacuum package includes a free exhaust muffler and a mounting bracket. This muffler will ensure a low noise working performance from this unit.

Highlighted Features

  • Low Voltage connection
  • Mounting bracket
  • All-steel body construction
  • Covers floor surface of about 7,500 square feet
  • User-friendly, easy to use


  • High performance
  • Excellent quality and versatile design
  • Extremely affordable


  • A bit noisy than other brands on our list

7. HP Dirt Devil Central Vacuum System

HP Dirt Devil Central Vacuum System Review

The last but not the least on the best central vacuum system reviews is the Dirt Devil by HP. HP is famous for its affordable, unique, and high-quality home appliances.

So, if you want a decent central vacuum system that is affordable, then this is the best choice for you. The motor of this system comes with overload and overheat protector, which restarts the device automatically after cooling.

This vacuum system weighs 21 pounds, measures 7 inches in height, 6.2 inches in width, and 14.5 inches in length. Thus, when compared to other standard vacuum machines, this HP vacuum is more reliable, sturdy, and durable.

Besides that, this vacuum machine has a small dirt storage capacity of one gallon—that means it is not a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner. The Dirt Devil features an all-metal body construction, which makes it a durable choice as well.

All thanks to its compact design, this vacuum system doesn't fill up space, and it is easy to install.

Also, the vacuum system features a HEPA filtration bag that completely removes dust particles, dirt, and allergens. The package includes numerous toolkits to clean different floor surfaces. These tools include; mesh tool bag, rug tool during brush, crevice tools, upholstery, etc.

Highlighted Features

  • One-gallon disposable bag
  • HEPA filtration bag
  • Compact design
  • Overheat protection
  • Additional accessories for versatile functions


  • Durable and strong construction
  • Fair price
  • Various accessories for a versatile functioning


  • Poor customer service

What Is the Best Central Vacuum System for a Multi-Unit Residential Building?

Even though we all love our homes and condos to be perfect and clean, many of us additionally dislike the idea of cleaning each week. As an answer to this, recent innovations have blessed us with some easy to use and lightweight central vacuum systems.

Yet, these machines didn't prove to be robust and efficient in a big house with large floor surfaces. Therefore, to take out the issue of dragging a vacuum cleaner from one space to the other in a large room, the course for the manufacturing central vacuum installation was taken.

So, if you are looking for the best central vacuum system for multi-unit residential buildings, then read on. We've listed some of the units to suit buildings with large floor surfaces.

Prolux CV12000 Central Vacuum System

This powerful vacuum system is one of the best rated central vacuum systems available on the market for multi-unit residential buildings. It features a HEPA filter and three levels of micron rating with the capacity to cover up to 12,000 square feet area (the largest on our list).

The vacuum system is robust, sturdy, and durable with all-steel body construction. That's not all, the central vacuum comes with Armtek stage 2 power motor. These outstanding features make Prolux CV12000 the best choice for a multi-unit residential building with large spaces.

OVO Central Vacuum System

OVO is a mighty vacuum cleaner; it has a water lift of 140 inches, and power can go up to 700 air watts. This guy can clean up a floor surface of about 9000 square feet area, and it comes stacked with hardcore steel body construction, washable filters, and a two-stage engine.

The model is likewise bolstered with a soft-stop three-second delay technology to remove all the dirt, dust particles, and debris from all the remaining parts of the hose after one stops the unit.

Thanks to its heat protection feature, it doesn’t overheat even during long time cleaning. All these features are enough to cover up for cleaning multi-unit residential buildings.

What Is the Advantage of Having a Central Vacuum Cleaner?

Science has shown that the air we breathe outside is filled with dust, dirt, industrial fumes, and industrial ignitions that can be very harmful to the human body. But it’s your home where you and your family spend a more considerable amount of your time together, breathing inside air.

The air from inside your home may contain a more significant percentage of microscopic dirt particles, allergens, organic compounds, and dust mites. This is the reason why it is crucial to have a central vacuum cleaner in every household.

Some other advantages include;

  • They eliminate the recirculation of dirty and polluted air found in the living area. This ensures a healthy living atmosphere for you and your family.
  • These units provide 3-5 times more cleaning power over any portable vacuum system.
  • The central vacuum cleaner deposits all dirt and dust in the power unit outside the living area.
  • Using a central vacuum cleaner gives you access to dozen of attachments designed to clean any surface, from carpet to wood and tile floors.
  • The system saves you money by prolonging your carpet’s lifetime simply because it’s the ability to clean better.
  • These products deliver stress-free cleaning with ease of use. Most central vacuum cleaners are user-friendly; all you need to do is go through the manual to operate them.

What Is the Difference Between a Portable Vacuum Cleaner and a Central Vacuum Cleaner?

Before you shop for a vacuum cleaner, you should be aware of what you want. If you prefer to clean your house with so much ease and still get the best result, you should go for a central vacuum cleaner.

Below are some differences between a portable vacuum and a central vacuum system to help you have a clear understanding of these two vacuum cleaners.


For you to use the portable vacuum cleaner in your household, you have to carry it from place to place, and this most times is quite uncomfortable. On the other hand, central vacuum cleaner works from its site, either in the garage or any other place outside the house's living area.


The central vacuum system eradicates all forms of harmful particles, dust, and pollen in the house due to its potent motor. It can clean deep into the rugs, carpets, and every other area where it comes in contact with, while the portable vacuum cleaner most times releases the dust it takes in back into the air.

Air Quality

Due to the effective cleaning done by the central vacuum cleaner, the indoor air is purified and safe to inhale while the portable vacuum cleaners still leave some debris, pollens, and mites within the room, not wholly purifying the air.


After the successful installation of the central vacuum system, you have a warranty most times up to 6 years. This is a proper assurance that the sellers give you the value of the product you just purchased while the portable vacuum systems do not have extended warranties and may easily get packed up.

Storage Capacity

The central vacuum system has more to store the dust and dirt compared to the portable vacuum cleaners.

Central Vacuum System Installation Instructions

Congratulations on the purchase of your new central system, it will make cleaning of your house more comfortable and improve indoor air quality. One of the benefits of a central vacuum system is that it is user-friendly; you do not need the help of any technicians.

Follow our step by step installation guide to set up your vacuum system today. Below are some steps on how to install your central vacuum cleaner;

  • Assemble all the tools you need in installing the central vacuum cleaner, ensure to wear your safety glasses. A hacksaw would be necessary to cut your tube.
  • Ensure the front and back of the area you selected to pass the tube is free and easily accessible.
  • Be sure to put your power unit in your attached garage; if you do not have an attached garage, the basement is your next option.
  • Find a space that is relatively close to an electrical source.
  • Use a 30 feet string to simulate the hose to ensure it can go around your house.
  • Now, use an electrical stud to ensure you get the best spot to cut on the wall. Then, cut carefully to avoid hitting the wires in the wall; a drywall saw is recommended for the cutting operation.
  • If your power unit will stay in the basement, use a drill to open a hole in the floor and fix your tube on the floor.
  • Run your pipes and connect to the holes you opened.
  • Mount and connect the canister.

Things to Consider Before Purchase

You are here because you want to learn more about vacuum cleaner, mainly because you intend to get one for your household. The vacuum cleaner industry is a competitive market, and sales brochures are rife with exaggerated claims.

Surely, you would come across vague definitions, and manufacturers will use confusing performance measurements that mean nothing to you.

Below are some things you need to consider before buying a new central vacuum system;


The central vacuum system comes in two types, either with bags or bagless, either way, you will have to dispose of them both. For a large central vacuum that are bagless, it takes a more extended period to get filled up, while the central vacuum that makes use of bags would be disposed of once the container is filled up.

If you go for a vacuum cleaner that uses disposable bags, remember you have to keep purchasing bags to replace the old/used ones.


There are three major types of motors, the bypass, thru-flow, and the tangential bypass. They all have different qualities that make them outstanding.

Still, the best is the tangential motor, due to its ability to last longer and maximum work output. Electrolux QC600 has a fantastic tangential motor.


This determines the amount of power running through the vac. The best set of amps for central vacuum cleaners is between 10 – 13 amps, but most persons prefer to buy a vacuum cleaner with 12 amps.

Amperage rating helps to designate the amount of current used by the vacuum system. Although it doesn't wholly determine the suction power of your vacuum cleaner but plays a significant role.

Filtration System

With numerous types of filtration systems, most central vacuum systems have hybrid filtration while some uses mechanical filtration. No matter the type of filtration, you must ensure to clean the filter from time to time. A perfect example of a central vacuum cleaner that has hybrid filtration is the OVO 700ST.


The cleaners come in various forms, while some have metal covers, some are coated with plastic while the rest have steel covers. Whatever the case may be, do ensure to go for a protection that would be durable depending on the temperature of the area you intend to install it. This is to avoid corrosion/cracks on the body of the vac.

Water Lift

The water lift is another major factor in determining the performance of your vacuum; the higher the water lift, the better. The water lift is what makes it possible for the vacuum to lift dirt and debris from your carpets into the power unit.

Make sure you go for a vacuum with higher water lift capability. An example is the Allegro MU4500 Champion.

Air Watts

Suction × Airflow = Air Watts. Air watts helps you measure the actual cleaning power of your vac. Vacuuming correctly with higher air watts facilitates better cleaning, so make sure to avoid the lower air watts while planning on getting a Vac.


The CFM means cubic feet per minute, dramatically determines the airflow of the vacuum; it works with the water lift to ensure a higher air watt. Also, CFM is a measure of the amount of air in cubic feet moving in the Vac. So, the higher the CFM of your vacuum, the better.

Size of Your House

Do ensure to go for a vacuum that is good enough for the size of your house. Most manufacturers and sellers inform their customers of the kind of rooms suitable for the Vac.

If your home is more significant than the capacity of your vacuum system, the airflow may get reduced, and the cleaning effect will dwindle. Honeywell 4B-H803 Quiet Pro is the best for a large house.


This is one of the essential features to consider when buying a Vac. Most persons keep their vacuum systems in the garage. In contrast, others keep theirs in the basement; either way, the amount of noise produced by the vacuum system matters.

You should avoid buying a vacuum system that is noisy, especially if you intend to keep it in your basement. Beam SC375A is a noiseless vacuum system suitable for your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Central vacuum systems are an exceptionally productive, practical approach to clean your home. However, most landlords and homeowners either don’t understand them or aren’t aware of them. We need to assist you in providing some answers to the most frequently asked questions about these vacuum systems.

Q: How does a Central Vacuum System work?

Q: Is it easy to install a central vacuum system in an existing home?

Q: How frequently do I need to change the bags?

Q: How can I get new replacement bags for my vacuum system?

Q: Can I purchase only a turbine brush for my plush carpet?

Final Thoughts

After analyzing through all the products on our list, we hope you’re able to find at least one of these products that you love and can meet your needs. Make sure you use our buying guide to get the best central vacuum system for the purpose.

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